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  1. Colin B. Flaubert

    Ab-Fab Harmes

    When I read that thread title, all I could think of is this. I would be worried if Chopper was living like that over the off season.
  2. Colin B. Flaubert

    Lewis Giving It Everything in 2019

    I also remember Jordie mentioning that there was some stuff going on under the packs that needed to be rectified. There is a reason why Dermie made that 'gentleman's club' comment last year after the Geelong game (though his target was wrong as Bernie had never fit the mould of the Melbourne Club attending public school boy). We are so obsessed in how others view us but aren't interested in getting the job done. I always go back to our reaction to Essendon intimidation in the 2000 Grand Final and their reaction to it in the Line in the Sand game. See which response brought about a better club culture.
  3. Colin B. Flaubert

    Gary Pert?

    Were they? From my recollection, Pert was brought in after Carlton poached Greg Swann. At that time Collingwood had just made the finals in 2006 and would go onto play a preliminary final in 2007. They were hardly on their knees. What Pert did that was correct was build on the success that had proceeded him and add to the infrastructure development that had started in 2003. Remember that in 2010/2011 that Collingwood was a bloody behemoth: on and off the field. They won games, they had 70k watching them every home game, they had a sparkling set of facilities in the CBD and contacts in the corporate world that would make a 'privileged' club like ours turn the color of Kermit the Frog's armpit. Not all of that can be explained away and a proportion of that should be attributed to him. However, we shouldn't rewrite history either.
  4. Colin B. Flaubert

    Gary Pert?

    While Carlton got its big (and now dwindling) supporter base by winning flags, one of the reasons it grew is because it was the team of choice for Jewish, Greek and Italian migrants in the inner and Northern suburbs. While it's image is now related to something more dubious (i.e. Jack Elliott style corporate arrogance), it grew because it was inclusive (and it's rise coincided with televised football). Melbourne is on track to pass Sydney in population by 2050. We need to take advantage.
  5. Colin B. Flaubert

    Gary Pert?

    How Melbourne becomes more like Melbourne can take on many different faces and can be interpreted in many different ways. If it's the CS historical appreciation approach, then forget it. If it's a unique culture that builds on but reinvigorates our identity, then I'm all for it.
  6. Colin B. Flaubert

    Gary Pert?

    Hard to say as I live overseas Moonie. Usually people with experience tend to tread warily in these situations and I would expect no different from Perty. So long as he didn't announce the relaunch of Whiteboard Wednesday, I won't panic too much.
  7. Colin B. Flaubert

    Bernie’s back in the red and blue

    From the sounds of things, Bernie and (to a lesser extent) his Dad are pretty well ingrained in the club and contribute to the ethos of Esprit de Corps. I was wondering how that was going to be replaced. Great to see Bernie is hanging around and placed with the group who needs to know what the club is all about before they make the jump to more senior footy.
  8. Colin B. Flaubert

    The Ox is Excited

    I thought he was slow.
  9. Colin B. Flaubert

    Gary Pert?

    If Perty has a folder labeled 'True Blood' saved on his club issued laptop then serious questions start needing to be asked.
  10. Colin B. Flaubert


    What was it that Bernard Fanning said about Ben Lee again?
  11. Colin B. Flaubert

    Gary Pert?

    If lying if I said that that didn't come to mind as well Moonie, but I let it slide in my initial post. I also think that we are creating two exclusive categories on what Perty's visibility needs to be: unsighted or never giving us a break from his ruminations in the game ala CS. I was a bit taken aback by how much media coverage the club gave when some of our first year players signed extensions. They really didn't have any other suitors and hadn't proven themselves at our club. It seems odd that one of our most important roles has barely gotten any ink on the club website.
  12. Colin B. Flaubert

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    There was more than a touch of Chet Faker in the Dogs one. Surely they could have worked a red beard in with that motif?
  13. Colin B. Flaubert

    Gary Pert?

    I think the reason is that the appointment was: a) an unexpected one. I was of the impression that we were going to go with an internal appointment and I wasn't Robinson Crusoe there. b) colored by Pert's departure from Collingwood in that he was the highest profile person to be roadkill from Eddie's review. c) made one year out after he left Collingwood. While some mention, and quite fairly I might add, that PJ left Essendon under a slight cloud, he had also had two years out of the game. It seems Pert has jumped from one job pretty much after he left his last one. Are his batteries fully recharged and have the lessons of how things ended at Collingwood sunk in? To have a promotional photo of him on the site and maybe a comment about him coming to the club would do a little bit in making the appointment more benign. It's not club destroying stuff and whether it pays off or not remains to be seen but having him becoming the CEO equivalent of Doctor Claw from Inspector Gadget makes the appointment something the club doesn't seem to want to draw attention to. I think doing what I said should be a straightforward practice. That being said, Perty is in a difficult situation as it can be difficult to ascertain how much exposure is too much. I think PJ got the mix 100% right with how exposed he was as it was usually when he was required. When he arrived, he needed to be front and centre as we had no real leadership with credibility who could speak for the club. As time passed and the focus moved from backroom machinations to what went on on the field, the team was best served by Roosy in that role. I expect that Perty will be marginally more visible come the start of 2019. He can't be anymore inconspicuous.
  14. Colin B. Flaubert

    Crystal Ball 2019: Predictions for next season

    Melbourne to finish 6th with constant questions about our forward line set up. Preuss' acquisition to be questioned and Hogan's departure overly scrutinized before the team puts in a decent mid-season patch of form as players settle into their new roles. Gus Brayshaw to win the B&F after playing 22 games. The 'Is Goodwin the right guy?' will be bumped several times by one of the usual suspects after a down patch in form. May consolidates himself as a leadership group candidate in 2019 with an elite season as full back as our resident gorilla tamer. Chopper Harmes gets the kudos he deserves as a genuine shutdown player.
  15. Colin B. Flaubert

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    I believe that Santiago in 'The Old Man And The Sea' was a bare knuckle boxer was he not? I also think that the fact that a) there is a nearly 15 year age gap between the two and b) that Horn had just fought Terrence Crawford might have had a bit to do why the fight was as lopsided as it was.
  16. Colin B. Flaubert

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    I found this little assortment on Reddit @daisycutter Apparently they are hipster AFL logos.
  17. Colin B. Flaubert

    Gary Pert?

    I hope that this is Perty realizing he needs to keep a low profile this time. While clearly not as high profile as Ed, he was a very visible and interventionist CEO at Collingwood. This clearly cost him to some extent. To that end, I understand why we haven't heard boo from him. However, a staff photo on the Melbourne website wearing a red and blue tie would be reassuring.
  18. I was faced with a similar choice. My job is usually Monday to Friday but I was required to work Grand Final Saturday this year. I unfortunately let the cat out of the bag by asking about whether I would have to work on the 29th (also my birthday) thus robbing me of the chance of pulling an 'unexpected' sickie. If we advance to that part of the year, I won't be as unprepared.
  19. Colin B. Flaubert

    Demons are the team to beat in 2019: Champion Data

    As Jerry Seinfeld says at the end of this clip...
  20. Colin B. Flaubert

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    I have heard through the grapevine that Goody will not be referred to as 'the employee' in the terms of agreement but as 'the right guy'.
  21. Colin B. Flaubert

    Peak Petracca

    I think the player he should be aspiring to be is Jordan De Goey. We have plenty of blokes we can shuffle through the midfield on a longer term basis than Tracc. I would love for him to be that mid sized forward who can tear a game apart with a sustained ten minute burst of magic. That's not to say he needs to only try for ten minutes. He should give it all the entire game but the forward line presents less chances to a bloke in his position.
  22. Colin B. Flaubert


    I hope that those curious enough to check into the main site thanks to that shout out don't venture into the NO T$ NO BS thread.
  23. Colin B. Flaubert


    I wonder if @Satyriconhome managed to have a word...
  24. Colin B. Flaubert

    5th Consecutive Profit

    This is the last echo of the PJ era. Pert now needs to earn his salary. I hope he is up to it as he is stepping into some very big shoes.
  25. Colin B. Flaubert

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Sure you weren't handling PR for the Tories, Biff? I believe your next posting in that capacity should be Beaudesert or Ipswich.