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    Misson Leaving at End of 2019

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the head coach lay out the broad picture of what he wants fitness wise? Then the fitness guy delivers the specific program that realizes the coach's vision? I got the feeling Neeld more wanted to 'punish' the playing group than get them fit. The lack of power off the mark might not have been all on Misson.
  2. Hillary Bray

    The Co-Captaincy?

    The Nate/Junior comparison is a flawed one, but the commonality between them is that people skills are/were required in resolving the problems that arose. Remember that Junior just wasn't sacked as captain. He was also delisted/forced to retire. It wasn't really a decision where both parties sat down and hammered out at resolution favorable to both. The rumor was that he was told on the flight to Adelaide to play Port that 'next week is your last game.' Charming stuff. I would have thought that the Garry Lyon in '98 solution would have worked best there: give him a year to try to get his body right but get him to consider his role as captain. It's ridiculous that CS and Cuddles didn't think about extending that courtesy to Junior. Nate will most likely move into a back pocket sooner rather than later. His body has taken a mountain of punishment propping up our 3rd world midfield from 2012-2015. A consultative approach is required here as well. The key difference here is that no one with any footy nous on this board is suggesting that Nate be put out to pasture yet.
  3. Hillary Bray

    The Bearded Jaffle

    When your main competition is Warwick Capper, it won't be hard to come across as intelligent, professional or likeable.
  4. Hillary Bray

    The Co-Captaincy?

    I will admit that he does make some points that are reasonable; mostly that society encourages over 20 males to live in perpetual adolescence. He is much better when he is made to defend his positions as his open ended interviews can become endless rambling. However, * the cult of personality that surrounds him (you can't criticize him legitimately online without an army of pimply teenage edgelords whining about how you have 'taken him out of context') * the countless clickbait videos of him 'dominating' interviewers and feminists (when really the exchanges are pretty anodyne besides the one with Cathy Newman), * his posing as the depository of all wisdom when the role of a counselor is merely to be a guide for the client to make their own decisions * and his parlaying of his academic position into financial gain make me view him critically. Anyway, back to the captaincy talk (for fear of getting banned)!
  5. Hillary Bray

    The Co-Captaincy?

    A right wing psychological professor worshipped by basement dwellers who 'destroys' every interviewer he has come across.
  6. Hillary Bray

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Would we all have been forced to get constant updates on the club website about the 2013 MFC administration and about how he was right in the end if Rangey had sponsored the club?
  7. Hillary Bray

    Dees Drawing the Logo

    Ha! They should try and draw the one we used from 2011 to 2015 if they want to challenge themselves.
  8. Hillary Bray

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Would kind of be like the federal reserve sponsoring a team!
  9. Hillary Bray

    High Flying Shaun Smith

    I could be wrong but I think the Gabba was in the process of being rebuilt at that stage. Hence the empty stand. I remember the game was broadcast. But that doesn't account for photographers.
  10. Hillary Bray

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    I was kind of like George Costanza when he decided to become 't-Bone' (and ultimately became 'Gammy'). I had gone as far as I could as Colin. There is also a journalistic reference in there if you know your muck raking.
  11. Hillary Bray

    Jack Watts video

    Sad thing is that Jack didn't dominate like Kramer!
  12. Hillary Bray

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Calling @The Riddler. This thread should be your bread and butter.
  13. Hillary Bray

    Do not believe the Hype

    Perhaps you are not familiar with some of DV8's finer work... For more information, see his thread on Don Pyke's death stare and how he could alleviate his stress by, and I paraphrase here, 'smoking a few cones'.
  14. Hillary Bray

    Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Port Adelaide

    The Lions game was also the day Neeldy proceeded to give a masterclass(?) in how to handle the media. It was so notable that it has been used in AFL media training materials since....
  15. Hillary Bray

    May Hamstring Injury Confirmed (8/2/19)

    He's still getting over Jack Riewoldt's sick burn, so I doubt he would want to show his face anyway.
  16. Hillary Bray

    Jack Watts video

    If he didn't like Neeldy, imagine him on the end of a bake from Clarko!
  17. Hillary Bray

    Jack Watts video

    While I have made some comments on this, thinking about it last night made me angry. In particular, about one a series of events before Jack was traded. My recollections of the time were of Jack fronting the media (at press events no other player would have organized for them outside the auspices of the club) shooting us his sad puppy dog look and insisting that he didn't want to leave when 'success was around the corner'. There was the whinging about how the club 'didn't want good kicks in the team' and his Dad complaining 'how he was being crucified' (Jack surely could have knocked that comment on the head if he wanted to). Finally, there was him coming out to say that he chose Port over us as he thought they were the better team (as if the decision was solely in his hands). Instead of playing the media game with Paul Connors (don't tell me that camera crew at Tullamarine was there by chance and just randomly ran into Jack), he could have shown the AFL industry that he had taken on board the feedback given. He could have stated while he was disappointed with the decision, it was a kick in the bum and that he was hellbent on proving us wrong. That he was handing the reins of Skwosh over to his 2IC for a few years and he was going to get the most out of what he had left of his career. That he was going to hit the track early and try his best to win over his new teammates. Sadly, it seems that nothing has sunk in. In fact, it seems that his party boy lifestyle has now been laid bare (we heard rumblings but it was never confirmed like this). The week before he was traded showed me that he seems to have a sense of entitlement that has shaped his career. I wonder how blokes like Daniel Cross, James Magner and Chris Dawes would have felt seeing this? Were they given the chance to plead their case on national TV to keep their spot on the list? They mostly were disappointed but accepted it and then moved on. They mostly got that no one is entitled to a spot, this is something that has yet to dawn on Jack yet it seems. I felt sorry for Jack in how he was handled in his debut season. However, the 'it's everyone else's fault but mine' line has had no currency since 2015. He has to frigging grow up.
  18. Hillary Bray

    Jack Watts video

    I'm bloody glad that the club has stronger standards these days than some on here. When the 'beer snake' incident occurred in 2013 and Howey got booted from the G, I was told by one of the posters on here that our culture was no worse than any other club in the league. When Gergiou and Terlich were photographed in their ha-halarious Rolf Harris and school girl get up, there was the predictable talk of how it wasn't a 'hanging offence'. All the while both players were being excoriated in the media by Roosy and never played another game for the club. When Beamer, Col (God rest his soul) and Luke Tapscott decided that it was a good idea to get photos taken with bikies at a Vegas pool party, we got the usual calls of 'they weren't breaking the law.' The joint hasn't turned into a 12 step meeting but don't people find it odd that since the famed Swans 'no d***heads policy' made its way to Melbourne, our form has turned around? It's not a coincidence that players who exercise good judgement in their every day lives tend to have discipline in their preparation and also make good decisions on field?
  19. Hillary Bray

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    He looks like Rocky Dennis from the 80's movie 'Mask' with a gym body.
  20. Hillary Bray

    Jack Watts video

    With every day that passes, the decision to trade Jack is looking wiser. The man has gone fully fledged Wolf of Wall Street.
  21. Hillary Bray

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    I thought maybe you were upset with the quality of US Secretaries of State since Colin Powell.
  22. Hillary Bray

    Hunt Set to Reset

    I think that if we are going to take that next step, it will be because some of our blokes who have regressed get back to what they were. Jayden and Jeffy are exhibit A and B on that front. Jayden especially could be one of the line breakers we need (along with Kolo).
  23. Hillary Bray

    Meet Steven May

    A bit like ours, it depends on which version. That cleaner version with the rounded off monogram they wore from 1998 onwards seemed a bit artificial for mine. As for ours, our current strips are perfect. The red and blue from the late 80's to mid 90's and the royal blue for an occasional nostalgia trip.
  24. Hillary Bray

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    Maybe as a reflection of the crap that did eventually come, you should change your AV to Randy Marsh in that episode of South Park when he did that poo that was more than 100 courics which lifted him 8 feet in the air?
  25. Hillary Bray

    Shadow Sparrow

    I'm not sure the club has become a chapter of the temperance society per se, but it's more a case of 'there's a time and a place'. Maxy and Bernie have both been known to enjoy a beer. However, it's usually in moderation and not at places like the 'G on Boxing Day (while making a giant beer snake) or with bikies at pool parties in Vegas.