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  1. I just watched two replays of games I missed watching live. Incidentally, they were probably our two most exhilarating wins of the year. That was a good old fashioned arm wrestle. Some will say that it was our 'guts, determination and will to win' that got us over the line. I disagree. We seemed cool, calm and collected. Moving the ball forward for that final thrust forward, there was real purpose. The second that goal was kicked, it was straight back to bottle play up. Next week, it's the Swannies. I finally get my internet connection back so I can watch it from siren to siren.
  2. Jeez, he's doing well to be getting three votes in such a tough game at his age!
  3. I hope we are past those days. The key selection criteria in most cases for players to get a senior game is if they have 'kicked the door down'. Jack may not have done that but his form and past output justify giving him a chance.
  4. Marginally more for Freo but his best footy was clearly at Melbourne. That's what makes him a Demon.
  5. I don't think this has to be a selection made because of supporter sentiment. If Jack has the runs on the board in the VFL, why can't he be a player worthy of selection?
  6. I think the Wiz did an interview with Robbo (as in Russell, not Slobbo) and admitted he regretted leaving. He also said that while he played marginally more games with the Shockers, he considers himself a Demon.
  7. Indeed. This won't work every week. Send a tweet to Joel Selwood or Luke Hodge and they will square up later. Just out of the umpire's view. And then they will get on with the game.
  8. As I said previously, you know it's eating him alive that the club no longer comes to him asking for advice. The Hollywood Boulevarde/MCC old school tie coalition will be VERY chirpy should the wheels come off this rebuild. PJ basically purged them all (besides Todd Viney, the only one who has been part of a premiership winning club). There will be resentment from the fact that PJ didn't rate what they were doing and didn't accept that they 'loved the club' as a good enough reason to be retained. If the wheels start to wobble, look out if the Gaz man gets behind a microphone.
  9. By this stage, you would have been sure to have seen the Dustin Martin, Nathan Fyfe and Josh Kelly threads by now. Also general 'whinge' threads about the state the club is in and whose fault it was are also well down. Not that the former wasn't warranted!
  10. I am slightly leaning towards dropping ANB. He has been more than decent but we DO need Max back. Imagine what we could actually do if we were winning the hit outs. I don't agree with dropping Jordie for a 'rest'. You could see how badly we missed him during the weeks he was out.
  11. I think their reaction to it went a long way to them losing the game. When I saw Easton Wood carry on before the bounce the way he did, I sensed we were in for a big day. A simple 'good one, d###head' in Buggy's direction would have sufficed but he wanted to start WW3. I am loving this new edge to be honest. Some on here denounce the 'line in the sand' game, Leigh Matthews, Dipper and Hawthorn's 'thuggery' but part of their mystique is that they often had their opposition beaten before they stepped out on the field. Opposition players mentally disintegrated under the sledging, scragging, and hits dished out by those Hawk players. Dipper openly admitted that they would actively tell the opposition that they would 'get' them. He also has 5 premiership medals at home too.
  12. I read it as that most of the time he is rubbish but is overrated by Demonlanders.
  13. Long may it continue. Pedo is showing why he was retained instead of Dawes. He can play ruck in a pinch. He can mark overhead. And he can also play the bullocking forward role Dawesy used to play. No way he gets dropped next week. The only difference between now and next week is that he rucks in the forward line and when Gawny needs a breather.
  14. The Tyson comment still contained a barb. Not too much has changed I see.
  15. Today it was hands around ankles time.... FOR THEM!