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  1. Max Walker on The Late Show!

    Was it ‘Dingoes and Dropkicks’ or ‘Alligators and Arzeholes’? Joking aside, they always said that Maxy, Bill and Greigy always appreciated the role the Twelfth Man played in giving the commentary team cult status. It showed Max never took himself too seriously.
  2. Nup. I don’t think the club is as interested in supporter charity as it was under Jimma anyway. For starters, the narrative isn’t there to run that kind of campaign. In 2010, we were told that our debt would kill us if we didn’t pay it off. PJ has stated that debt isn’t a bad thing per se. What is fatal is if you don’t have the revenue streams to pay it off. With that being said, it appears that he is looking for more sustainable cash flow. Though Foundation Heroes lives on does it not?
  3. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    In other news, I saw that Jake Lever was in Romsey this week, Uncle Bitter. You didn’t take him down to the manor for a few sneaky glasses of rough red and a jolly good flogging? Just so long as he stayed away from your Wolf Creek style dungeon.
  4. SSM postal vote

    That’s very commendable of you. In that vein, I have taught asylum applicants myself as a volunteer, and would do more work here in Japan. However, the local support organization seems to be a bit insular and seems to be running a bit of a certain agenda. While I don’t profess to be the world’s greatest contributor to the cause, it does get me very fired up when people say things about asylum seekers that are verging on plain defamatory. Especially, when I know to an extent what the real situation is on the ground. So yes, I definitely agree with you. Ranting on the internet often does do injustice to the people who are it’s intended targets when we sometimes don’t know who they are. With that, and hopefully we can dial down the aggression on both our sides, I hope we can now get back to the thread topic.
  5. SSM postal vote

    I thought that’s what you blokes specialize in (at least you did previously)? It’s good enough to cast stereotypes on the downtrodden but heaven forfend anyone say anything about you. So you are more your ‘the guys who had their way with Ned Beatty in Deliverance’ style conservative than your Pepe the Frog/Japanese anime loving/socially inept alt right type? Bully for you. Sad thing for you is that I don’t give a rats about your ‘witty’ insults. I am a left winger. While that is an insult in parts of the world where Porleen is held up as a paragon of virtue rather than the paint chip eating knucklehead she is, I welcome it.
  6. Corey Maynard

    It was early days but I remember one poster one poster, who has gone through a bit of a personal renaissance since, stating that Viv wouldn’t have been picked by as good a judge of talent as Paul Roos if he wasn’t a gun @Skuit It was a different time as we were mostly filling out the list with stop gap measures (Bernie and Don aside) so we could maintain a veneer of competitiveness. We just didn’t know who would be a game changer and who wouldn’t. I would agree @McQueen in regards to background. I was more referring to blokes who have shown a bit elsewhere in patches (in Corey’s case it has been mostly with Casey but a little with us) but haven’t been really given an opportunity yet.
  7. SSM postal vote

    I know reading isn’t your strong point. My original post wasn’t aimed at you exclusively. I know you blokes have a persecution complex so I’m sure you will continue to act like it is. My complaint is that the thread has been now hijacked by many who can’t bear they lost. By the way, I’d rather be at a protest rather than being a couch potato, thinking I’m making a difference by belching right wing effluvia online in your bathrobe while eating hotpockets.
  8. SSM postal vote

    It only got that way because we started talking about Muslims, communism and we have now moved onto school halls via stimulus funds thanks to right wing point scoring bollocks. While people do pay people smugglers, do you assume that those involved have money on tap? If that were the case, wouldn’t it make more sense to get on a plane after you have gotten over the border? Of course you will never answer these questions as you clearly have your reality packaged up for you. I suggest you now toddle off over to an SBS or ABC news thread on Facebook. I’m sure that you will find fellow travelers on there who are venting the terrible things you are thinking but can’t say in public lest you be classed as one link down the evolutionary chain.
  9. Corey Maynard

    Very much speculative at this stage. A lot of people got their temperature rising about blokes like Viv Michie, Ben Newton and Ben Ken during the Roos era. I put Corey in that class. He COULD make it if all the cards fall his way (sufficient commitment , role to play and a lack of player in said role) but there is every chance he turns out as a project player who didn’t work out. I hope that’s not the case but I’m just being realistic.
  10. SSM postal vote

    Did you report him to special branch? He may be indoctrinating the alpacas!
  11. SSM postal vote

    You are aware that Turkey got in 3 hours during the peak of the Syrian crisis what Australia gets in one year? You are also aware that one person per head in Manus costs 140k? And that boat arrivals, the only source of Manus refugees, were found to have a 90% approval rate before ScoMo cut down avenues to appeal? (Compare that to air arrivals). Also that asylum seekers have no right to work in Australia while on bridging visas? It’s rich to complain of ‘dole bludgers’ when they aren’t even able to get a job. And receive 75% of Newstart (which was being argued to have been below the poverty line as far back as 2013)? Or that this is a thread about the Marriage Equality Survey? (That is addressed to the Tory equivalent of Moe. Larry and Shemp). Scratch that. This has been fairly emblematic of the knuckledragger conservative side of the debate. They never really wanted to talk about the crux of this issue anyway. It was always about changing the subject at such a pace and sprouting enough falsehoods or non sequiturs that it would be impossible to keep up. Once one load of irrelevant or incorrect steaming horse crap was debunked, 8 more were waiting.
  12. SSM postal vote

    So let me get this straight.... Uncle Bitter is now a Lefty? The bloke whose main contributions to the board involve banter with Biffen and Daisycutter and jokes about llamas, S&M, Romsey and getting pizzed on 15 dollar plonk is now Ho Chi Minh because he once expressed an opinion that, heaven forfend, the survey was a waste of money? You wouldn’t want children reading such blasphemy! Do you still eat Snickers’ bars? I wouldn’t if I were you. I hear that’s where the Illuminati and New World Order types hide microchips to track your movements!
  13. SSM postal vote

    I thought you Pepe the Frog/Kek worshippers didn’t like Israel because of the Rothschild/Rockefeller cabal that supposedly controls the UN and world finance? Read the Communist Manifesto or Das Kapital. I have read the latter (along with Mein Kampf because I am a snowflake who can’t bear to read opposing views) Tell me one passage that relates to sexuality (there is one I can count relating to gender in the old terms) and you may actually not be dismissed as a pompous blowhard.
  14. SSM postal vote

    Not as contemptible as you and your piggy backing of a community’s perceived no vote to prove that Christianity is more enlightened. You are like the Black Knight from Monty Python. Both arms and legs removed yet you are still going to bite us to death on this one. Look at the DSMV 5 and it’s redefinition of GID to GDD. The emphasis changed but I’m sure you will pick peanuts out of poop to prove the theories of Andrew Bolt correct. And by the way, pure Marxism revolves around economics and nothing else (though the Frankfurt school, a counter cultural subset, did rebel against cultural norms). Marxist regimes like Castro’s Cuba and Mugabe’s Zimbabwe routinely discriminated against LGBT minorities. It’s your own intellectual laziness that leads you to make banal statements like that.
  15. SSM postal vote

    Get real, Mr. ‘Transgenderism is a Mental Disorder’. Don’t you dare try to make your ‘tribe’ (who you have only a tangential connection to anyway as you are already breaking one of the Ten Commandments here by bearing false witness against your neighbor) look more ‘enlightened’ by citing certain voting numbers in order to put down someone else who you routinely vilify. But let me guess. Yasmin Abdel-Magied probably voted yes because she ‘hates Australia’? BTW, I’m still waiting for some elaboration on our debate about people seeking asylum. From memory, you told me that you didn’t care about facts but you wanted to lock people up anyway. That was actually the second most hypocritical statement you made in that exchange. You swore black and blue that your views were not motivated by religious discrimination. Yet, one thread later stated that refugees shouldn’t be allowed into Australia because of the threat of dangerous Islam. Typical right wing tough guy. Get prepared to change your AV to a picture of Tucker pulling this face as the public have worked out the scam you and your rock ape friends have tried to pull in trying to foist your faux right wing populism on the electorate.