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  1. Colin B. Flaubert

    Nathan Jones is the problem

    I think Nate was the captain we needed at the time he was appointed. For mine, from the period of 2011 through 2013, we appointed leaders on the basis of speaking well or whether they were 'part of the future going forward'. Getting the job done on the pitch and seniority in the group sometimes felt like an after thought. So when Nate was appointed captain in 2014, it was a refreshing change. Finally football results mattered rather than some pie in the sky metric or marketing considerations. And let's be brutally honest, he was the best we had. It was a case of playing the hand you have rather than the one you want. That being said, it doesn't come naturally to Nate and probably never will. Leadership is something he has to work on to be effective (and he can be serviceable). When Selwood sledged him in 2015 as the worst captain in the AFL, it was clearly a stretch but it touched on a truth that he has had to will himself into being a decent captain. Hence, if Viney can get himself right physically, he should take over from next year as sole captain. The heartbeat of the team should resemble him from now on. A good example of why comes from the same Geelong game in 2015. I won't say the treatment Jack handed out to Selwood that day was a square up for what happened to Nate but he came off three times with a blood nose during that game. Jack's immortal send off greeting? 'Why do you keep bleeding? What's wrong with you?'
  2. Colin B. Flaubert


    Do we have to listen to these overly coiffed twerps rattle on about how awesome Richmond is? Very disappointing. If we lost by 4 goals (like I thought we would at the 10 minute mark of the last), I would have just come to the conclusion that we are beaten by a much better side despite having given our all. However, while Richmond are clearly a great side and played excellently, we really dropped our heads. A huge turnaround must happen for us to even get close to September. Goody, while he needs to be supported, needs to have a think about what he is doing as well.
  3. Colin B. Flaubert


    Tonight is the best time to prove naysayers wrong. Not only are we playing the gold standard as far as opposition goes, it's in the conditions we have struggled with. Note to players: When we beat the Tiges in 2015, it was raining in patches too. We won because we didn't try to play like the Harlem Globetrotters and just got the essentials done. It annoys me that Richmond and Collingwood get to participate in these games. Most of their blokes got white feathers in the mail. Their Anzac Day uniform should have a superimposed image of Daniel Mannix on their chest.
  4. Colin B. Flaubert

    Flat Track Bullies?

    Last year of anything, we were the Brent Crosswell of AFL teams. Could hang with teams above and in our stratosphere but looked bored against teams we were expected to put away. Spud is a typical s&@¥kicker from those one horse towns around Ballarat (Bungaree, Waubra, Haddon, Smythesdale, Linton, Buninyong etc.). There are some lovely people out there but a lot of 'dueling banjos/I'll make yer squeal like a pig boi' types of there too.
  5. Colin B. Flaubert

    Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    I too would like to see the Roos finish off toweling up the Hawks but the WatchAFL app (the one for international viewers) has decided that the Lions vs Suns game is that gripping, they will make you watch it even if you want to watch North vs Hawthorn. Sterling stuff.
  6. Colin B. Flaubert

    Round 5 Non-MFC Games

    Some people still bring up bloody Diamond Jim Tilbrook on here roughly 40 years after the fact! You are being kind in your estimates.
  7. Colin B. Flaubert

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Or the usual 13 year old, internet troll response he gives when anyone has a legitimate go at him. I bet he was involved in Gamergate at some point too.
  8. Colin B. Flaubert

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I have two questions. When you say 'hanging on by a thread' are you referring to Goodwin's tenure as coach or Pro Dee's line of thinking (in that you are intimating his argument is unsustainable)? And if you are referring to Goodwin's job, with who is it 'hanging by a thread' with?
  9. Colin B. Flaubert

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Errm.... As I live in Japan, am bilingual and work as a translator, I can say categorically that I have never EVER heard 'Hari Kari' before said by a native Japanese speaker. Dialect can vary but I have yet to hear one where the pronunciation of ki becomes ka. Nor have I eaten 'steamed pastries' in my ten years here. Sounds disgusting.
  10. Colin B. Flaubert

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Not to be pedantic or trying to point score, but the actual term is hara kiri (腹切), literally translated as stomach cutting. Twas performed by Japanese imperial army soldiers upon being dishonored. Maybe that's what Goody could prescribe should the Tiges pants us?
  11. Colin B. Flaubert

    Welcome Johnnie Walker (we all need you!)

    If teams are going to be sponsored by their alcoholic drink of choice, Collingwood's sponsor would be somewhat misleading. After all Brut aftershave is usually used for an alternative purpose but they could at least use it as an angle to also score a deal with Coca-Cola Amatil.
  12. Colin B. Flaubert

    Power Clubs have Training & Social Facilities Together

    I was afraid to ask if they were the one and the same. They both seem to run the same topics into the ground but, to me at least, reading DV8's posts are slightly less akin to spending an afternoon huffing paint thinner.
  13. Colin B. Flaubert

    Power Clubs have Training & Social Facilities Together

    Having this thread reopened had brought back some memories of dee-luded's maniac rantings. Oh those were the days.
  14. Colin B. Flaubert

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Your negativity is more of the endearing Droopy Dog kind old dee. Though I could probably imagine SWYL saying something to himself like that after one of his rants about 'doing something' and 'not wanting finals but wanting a flag'. It's the shrill stuff that is grating. The posts that get on my nerves are the ones that make out that it's still 2013 and we are still putting up consistently VFL standard performances each week.