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  1. Zurich's New Ad featuring the Dees

    Don't forget. It could always be worse.
  2. Goodwin says Viney & TMac out for 6-8 Weeks

    As for Jack and Tom. It's simple. We need to simply find a way. We did it in patches last year. We need to do it again.
  3. Goodwin says Viney & TMac out for 6-8 Weeks

    You might attract the wrong type to this website with that hashtag P-Man. None of us want Stuie back with his ha-ha-larious #pedomyths hashtag!
  4. Deeluded Podcast 2018

    Will there be discussions of social clubs, the Northern Stand, manly handshakes and a passion for recruiting good ordinary players? Furthermore, how will you reproduce Deeluded's unique way of using different font types, colors and sizes to form something akin to a ransom note in a medium that relies on audio information exclusively?
  5. Brayshaw's Wisdom Teeth Extracted

    Never much fun having them out. In my case, the anesthetic didn't work the first time and I woke up. Thankfully, the cutting hadn't started. Ironically my surgeon also had qualified as a lawyer too. Judging by that, maybe he needed a thorough knowledge of the law.
  6. Sponsorship Problem?

    Here is a question. With the new female regeneration about to hit screens, where does that leave the Demonland version?
  7. Sponsorship Problem?

    He would just escape in his Tardis.
  8. Sponsorship Problem?

    I didn't realize Mark Jamar was that vindictive.
  9. Sponsorship Problem?

    I remember the day well. As an aside, does the old midnight server version of 'Ology still have any active posters? Or is Doctor Who like that last Japanese soldier who refused to believe the war was over? I think it was almost like a run on the banks with everyone moving to the new site at the first possible chance.
  10. Sponsorship Problem?

    @Biffen You would be known in the pro wrestling industry as a 'heel heat magnet'.
  11. Sponsorship Problem?

    @Cards13 Yep. That would be them. The owner was struggling health wise and those two got in his ear about taking the site off his hands. Within 10 minutes of taking over, he was on his soapbox talking about how only 'positive' discussion would be allowed and that critical posters would be banned.
  12. INFINITI announced as Major Partner

    I wouldn't have thought PJ would be that craven either. Just was curious as to where they stood with the jumper.
  13. Sponsorship Problem?

    Not named as @jnrmac but named by. RGRS was the person who first mentioned his real name on this forum as a call to arms to abandon 'Ology before the Doctor got his mitts onto it.
  14. Sponsorship Problem?

    I believe he was named by Rod Grinter Riot Squad in the fallout from 'Ology folding. I won't repeat his real name here as it might be like Beetlejuice in that if you say it enough times, he appears in your direct vicinity.
  15. Want to take a hanger on Robbo?

    Reading the thread title, my initial response was that you would have to drag him out of the pub first. Upon reading the thread, I realized you were talking about Russell Robertson.