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  1. Innovative Club

    You clearly have missed the euphemism as well as the marketing insight being employed here. To attract a new 'earthier' type of member/supporter/patron, the MFC, in partnership with the Bentleigh Club, have introduced an area akin to the vomitariums of Roman Coliseum days. Keeping in mind that many an overly refreshed house party attendee has staggered out to the front (or back lawn) to relieve themselves of their lunch, there obviously has been a fresh patch of lawn for said drinkers to bow towards.
  2. Embrace it

    Am bricking myself to be honest. It all feels so unreal. I was just watching highlights of the Sydney clash in 2010 and Bruce cooing about how we were 'going to be something'. I'm not sure I could take another false dawn.
  3. The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    He also is nearly about to make the Brock McLean trade salvagable as well. We nearly have gotten as much out of Pedders as Carlton did out of Brock. Sadly, Jordie, in my eyes, became the footnote in both those deals. Brock did much more for Carlton than Jordie did for us. Likewise, Pedders is doing more for us as well when compared to Gysberts' career at North.
  4. Hand in your membership

    Do they still make Jila mints?

    And somewhere Stuie silently sheds a tear, thinks of a new hashtag and accompanying wacky gif to go along with it. I'm just wrapped for the bloke. I found it interesting on Fox Footy that they mentioned that Watts (they usually mention Weed as the Bear's replacement) will be hard pressed to get back into the team, such is his form. In the end, we got there. One more win to make it official then a whole new ball game starts. One thing I was impressed with was when the Lions (make no mistake, they ARE going places and will be challenging for the top eight I would say in 2 years time) got within 7. Whoever got us to slow things down (as evidenced by Hannan's pass to Brayshaw in the last minute) needs to be commended. In years gone by, it would have been heads off and pumpkins on time. It could be said that we arsed it up against North in a tight game but we weren't defending a lead then. I was also pleased that Clarry shook Mathieson's tag. The sign of a great midfielder is the ability to do this and by the time the third came around, he was able to impose himself on the game. I don't buy that we are in September yet. We need to seal the deal next week. No ifs, buts or maybes.
  6. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    We aren't in a position to be arrogant. We need to show Brisbane respect. If we are a club that is to go anywhere, we need to be confident in our abilities yet respectful (yet not fearful) of all our opposition. When we think it will just happen, games like Essendon in round 2 last year and North in Hobart happen. The Lions want to avoid the spoon. They aren't just going to roll over.
  7. Lumumba documentary

    The Prince is a conundrum. Much of what he says carries weight (I tend to agree with his overall points on the 'Les' nickname and being annoyed at Eddie re: Goodes) but a lot of his act can be overblown (taking extended time off to mourn the death of Muhammad Ali) or baffling (claiming we were trying to limit the number of games he played so as not to trigger an extra year on his contract but also exposing him to harm re: his concussion). The nickname 'Chimp' was absolutely apalling if true and it doesn't matter if it were for a week or ten years. Those who are trying to draw equivalence between how their mates in school got called rangas and this might want to look at the historical legacy as to why people of color were compared to monkeys. I found Adam Goodes' exit from AFL absolutely heartbreaking. I could never, and will never, work out why so many viewed him as a 'despicable [censored]'. While I concur with some of Herry L's social views, I can understand why he gives people the shits.
  8. Who remembers these?

    The funny thing was that in the 'Carn the Demons' book, the fat kid with the glasses went to the footy with his Mum and bought a 'thermos of coffee and a tartan rug'. I look forward to the updated version where the parent and the kid bring a cheese platter complete with smashed av and smoked salmon.
  9. How many current and past players read/post on Demonland?

    It would make my life if I got legitimate confirmation thaw Allen Jakovich posted here.
  10. Who remembers these?

    I do. Great memories for mine as that dancing cartoon Demon appeared on TV quite a lot in those days. They were quite prescient as well in they predicted Lawrence Angwin's and Karl Norman's exploits at Carlton 15 years before the fact. The Dogs' cartoon was bog ordinary however. That looked like a barking brown pig.
  11. The Weed

    I remember after round 2 last year, some were calling it that Parish would be superior to Clarry. As for Weed, it's an interesting proposition. There have been players we have persisted with who should have been moved on earlier (Col Sylvia, Ryan Ferguson and arguably Jack Watts). There have been others who we persisted with who came good (Chip Frawley, Oscar McDonald, Max Gawn, Travis Johnstone though you could argue he belongs in the previous group). Then there were others who the call was made early on and rightfully so (Jimmy Toumpas, Lucas Cook). Where does Weed belong in this mix? I would say the second group because of the pressure he applies. It shows at least his attitude is right on game day. That being said, he needs to get his aerobic fitness levels up and he needs to hit the weights. Only the club knows if he is doing the required work on that front. I would love to see him as a version of Cam Pedersen (but with a much higher ceiling). Hogan thrived in his first two year thanks to first Dawes and then Pedo dragging a defender away and making space in the forward line. Dawes was moved on as a) he couldn't play the role of relieving forward line ruckman b) couldn't mark overhead c) could kick two goals in a game at his peak. The Bear probably has two years left in him plus he isn't much of a goal kicker (though he is a handy kick). Weed has the potential to have ALL of those shortcomings covered if he applies himself (time is on his side). If he wants that role, application will be what gets him there.
  12. Neil Craig leaving football

    I think at the presser that announced him as interim coach, he said that he could have been a bit more forceful but that's always easy to say in hindsight. I remember the Hun once said Neeld had to be counseled about his treatment of some players around the end of 2012. I wonder if Craigy was called on to do that thankless task?
  13. Neil Craig leaving football

    I think his selflessness after Neeld's sacking was immense. The horse had bolted and the best he could achieve was to insure the place didn't self immolate. He took the job on when he was given no guarantees he would have a shot at the job full time, let alone a job under a new regime. He stayed regardless even though he knew his win/loss record was going to take a considerable whack. He probably should have been more forceful with Neeld to save him from himself. That was a sticky situation and I can understand why he kept his distance (though history didn't vindicate that stance). At the end of the day, he conducted himself with the utmost dignity in 2013 and deserves our praise for it.
  14. 11 wins

    Jokes about the Gatwick, alpacas and S&M.
  15. Hahaha Classic!!!

    He forgot his tartan throw rug and thermos full of coffee. I was watching a replay of the highlights of Queens Birthday earlier today and noticed some teenagers/early 20's Demon supporters wearing bloody suits to the footy. I wondered what kind of [censored] would do that. This took the cake however (and it would certainly be a cheese cake). Why do they never zoom in on blokes like Biffo and BBO (except that time he decided to take his shirt off when we rolled the Tiges)?