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  1. Retro gear

    The logo should be perched upon a very expensive desk if that addition were to be made. Or at least have a whiteboard as it's background.
  2. Retro gear

    It's a wonderful hybrid of Cale, Old Dee and our traditional mascot @faultydet How it hasn't been adopted yet is beyond me. Perhaps we should add the club name in Comics Sans font?
  3. Retro gear

    Not even close. @praha should have been put on staff at the club for this effort.
  4. Robbo's Club Ambassador Role.

    Imagine the telling off we would all get if you had Robbo's job.
  5. Tilbrook and Lever

    He did like drugs, firearms, peacocks, alcohol and NFL football, the last being the one thing he and Nixon had in common. He felt Nixon almost seemed honorable compared to the Cheney neo cons. He would have shuddered at the Trump people.
  6. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Still the only millionaire I know of whose car is still strewn with Macca's boxes and take out bags.
  7. Tilbrook and Lever

    The articles he would write about the Donald would be almost gentlemanly compared to his tour de force takedown of Nixon: 'You didn't have know to who Richard Nixon was to be a victim of his ugly, Nazi spirit.'
  8. Tilbrook and Lever

    Maybe that's what the missing 18 and a half minutes on the tapes concerned? There was a reason why Hunter S. Thompson was as scathing as he was in that obituary he wrote, you know.
  9. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    I may have. By this stage of one's life, the brain starts to waver. I try to add levity to proceedings and to raise the general tenor of the cultural effluvia that gets belched out here. Being a man of letters, cheap booze and the Melbourne Football Club, I know you are on the same page. For all intensive purposes, I thought carisma was a perfectly cromulent word.
  10. The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Indeed Uncle Bitter. Reading your many witticisms and weighty proclamations on here is akin to two George Clooneys making love by candle light in a villa by Lake Como between silk sheets, such is the carisma and eloquence bursting from every word. Ignore these heathens who cast aspergers on you.
  11. Anyone else feeling sick in the guts

    Let's just change the club song to this.
  12. Un-sportsman like conduct

    I think the current rules are sufficient. No racial, homophobic or family stuff (i.e. The Murphy/Gilbert sledging and some of Will Missoni 'finer' work). Though can't be sure homophobic insults have been banned. Usually, the karma bus comes back to bite on the absolute tools. While I'm no huge fan of Collingwood, it was gratifying to see them knock off Port in the 2002 qualifying and 2003 preliminary final after Kane Cornes' carry on during the 2002 regular season.
  13. NFL

    Truish @Macca but it's kind of similar to the dilemma we Dees fans face. We have had success and it shouldn't be discounted, but it's hard to appreciate it when the highlights are all in black and white.
  14. NFL

    EAGLES BAYBEEE! I haven't shown my hand much but have been an Eagles fan since 1994 when Randall Cunningham was QB and Herschel Walker was RB. I kept an eye on them during the Donovan McNabb/Andy Reid era but only fully got back on board this year. Foles has to be the best story of the year. My heart sank when Wentz went down but how wrong I was. FLY EAGLES FLY!
  15. Jones Forward?

    Saty is a random supporter? Wash your mouth out with bleach for committing such blasphemy! He should be put on the honor boards at the club and not made to weather such wicked attacks on his character.