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  1. Colin B. Flaubert

    Brent Harvey says we'll lose Jesse Hogan

    They have a novel online marketing strategy do SEN. Did it kick in when Hutchy took over? Broadcast opinion pieces or stream of consciousness ramblings then post an article on your website promoting said opinions or ramblings as hard news (albeit sports news). It ensures that you can set the agenda for that day to a limited degree, constantly generate content (which is key for SEO) and promote yourself while supposedly 'informing' the public. Does any other information organ of there do this? It's genius but nine types of unethical. Thank god they only run a sports radio station.
  2. Colin B. Flaubert

    Mr Jones

    This is a tough one. Whatever happens with Nate as he moves into his twilight has to be handled with sensitivity while maintaining the club's integrity and sticking to its long term goals. Clearly we have gotten a LOT better with transitioning blokes off the list since PJ came on board and I hope that this happens when Nate's time inevitably comes.
  3. Colin B. Flaubert

    Last chance for Kennedy-Harris?

    In for another week of the key to getting a game is being a competitor. His job shouldn't be to get 40 touches. That's what we have Clarry and Gus for. If he gets blokes thinking twice when taking their time to size to their options, then keep him in.
  4. Colin B. Flaubert


    Next week will be the acid test. If we give a good account of ourselves (not even necessarily win), then I reckon we are on our way to September. We stink the joint up and we are a 40/60 proposition at best. The Doggies, like Freo, are playing a skeleton team right now. No Bont or Libba are really testing them. However, you can only play the opposition in front of you, and I was impressed after half time.
  5. Colin B. Flaubert

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    Perhaps you might want to seek out 'Reading with Phonics' before posting again.
  6. Colin B. Flaubert

    Andre Gianfagna

    Please do your next training report using that persona.
  7. Colin B. Flaubert

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    Matty Knights wasn't necessarily a bad coach but he was always going to struggle to live up to expectation in the shadow of Sheedy. He just wasn't 'Essendon enough' for their supporters (similar to how we carried on pre PJ about people bleeding red and blue) not experienced enough to take the scrutiny on board that was to come his way. I think PJ also put his foot in it by talking about only getting people from 'backgrounds of success' but then getting someone with the background I mentioned. The best coach I reckon for them at the time would have been Neale Daniher. He knew the place, knew how to coach and especially knew how to weather criticism.
  8. Colin B. Flaubert

    Demons in the Media

    Now that does take me back. Demon Radio takes me back to some of my fondest memories of the Daniher years.
  9. Colin B. Flaubert

    What the Fritsch

    Has he gotten a Rising Star nomination yet or is he too old for one?
  10. Colin B. Flaubert


    One of the more frustrating games I have watched but we got the chocolates. Not overly surprised about the shocking conversion however. I recently went for a 16 km run in 80% humidity and it felt like I had been sprayed with a bloody hose I was that sweaty. I proceeded with a cold shower and a lay down for 30 minutes. What would have I felt like had I been playing a contact sport? The good thing is that our defense was an improvement and that was what was promised. Too often we have been told one thing and gotten the opposite. Goody seems to have learnt that selection based on unwavering principle was also dooming him. Good to see Frost and Jeffy back. Should Frost keep his head like he did against Freo then he should have a spot.
  11. Colin B. Flaubert

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    Confidence in front of the sticks is the issue. We are cracking in. However, we are like a racehorse sweating up in the starters gates.
  12. Colin B. Flaubert

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    I see images of Immortan Joe's speech to the starving masses at his compound in the early scenes of Mad Max when I think of that.
  13. Colin B. Flaubert

    If we lose to Freo....

    The answer is simple... The bloke who had the door closed on him in this scene will be pretty similar to how we will all feel should we lose.
  14. Colin B. Flaubert

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    I think this time around is a fairly different set of circumstances to PJ's appointment. At the time of 148, we seriously had called the priest in to perform last rites (an ironic analogy to use for a mostly Protestant elite club). The CEO that the club had gone all in on after 186 (it really did come down to a choice of CS and Bails) could no longer be taken seriously as a mouthpiece of the club. The coach was clearly in over his head and players were looking for life rafts. The financial losses we would have made that year would have been breathtaking had we not reached out to HQ for help. The patient was going to die on the operating table had we not moved fast. We really had no option but to accept PJ as there aren't a great load of willing candidates available. History showed he was an excellent candidate but he was very much Winston Wolf from Pulp Fiction. I could even imagine him giving that comeback to uncooperative staff members that Harvey Keitel gave John Travolta when he asked for him to be more polite. That he hung around for 5 years has been a plus but also remember that he was only signed on for six months initially too (hence the Winston Wolf comparison). That was how urgently he was appointed. The good thing this time around is that we have had time to think. So there is time to be a little circumspect about things.
  15. Colin B. Flaubert

    New CEO - Gary Pert

    Clearly by the end what was being promised on the field was not what was being delivered. Every year the promise was that they would finish top four when we all knew they weren't even close to that. I already mentioned the stuff with the Rat Pack earlier. The great thing with PJ was that while he never undersold us, he never went off the deep end either by overselling us (in the early days he was downright brutal in his assessment of us). I think that's an example Perty should follow. No MFCSS here. I think the appointment can work. Just trying to look at things dispassionately.