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  1. I think attitude is bloody key in creating football culture. I remember before GWS's inaugural match in 2012, Channel 7 filmed Sheeds' pre match address. It was fairly stock standard stuff but his parting line (upon learning it's significance) had resonance: 'DON'T LET ANYONE EVER DOMINATE YOU!' I originally thought it was sports cliche 101 but I learned later on that it related to what he had drummed into the players that pre-season. Knowing that pantsings were on the way that year and that he was there to set up a strong foundation culture, Sheeds knew it was imperative for his boys to get whatever they could out of every game (even when the scores were mostly lopsided). That meant never EVER dropping your head, giving whatever form of resistance one could and to make things as uncomfortable as possible for the opposition. Against seasoned competitors, it might have been brushed aside fairly ruthlessly, but ultimate defeat came about in the eyes of the group came when you gave up the ghost and didn't bite back in the slightest (like a certain team we all know from late 2011 to 2013). Was it any surprise that those early Giants teams were criticized over their chirpiness as they 'hadn't achieved anything' by the moral arbiters of the league? Said moral arbiters missed the point of why they were doing it in the first place. I view sledging and getting in the face of the enemy as bloody essential to the type of competitive attitude that the truly great teams have. The early 00's Lions teams were masters of it. Hawthorn in the late 80's (and their most recent dynasty) had their opponents beaten before they ran out due to the fear of God they put into those opposite. There are lines that can't be crossed (racial, family, misogynistic and homophobic slurs are no no's) and acts that can be just dumb and anti social (Tom Bugg anyone?). That being said there are times where sometimes you need to step over the line. Point in case: Our reaction to Essendon aggression in the 2000 GF vs. Hawthorn's in the Line in the Sand game. With the richest prize in the game on the line, we let Dean Wallis and Michael Long beat the crap out of our kids while we sat around playing pocket pool. The result of this indifference was that no one took us seriously from that point on as a legitimate flag threat even though we were consistently in the finals. People knew any type of vigor or pressure thrown on us would see us fold faster than Superman on laundry day. Hawthorn couldn't even make the finals in 2004 but when Mark Johnson sling tackled a 20 year old Robbie Campbell, the Hawks were all over those smug p####s like stink on a monkey. Of course, some will say 'But they got thrashed as soon as the brawl finished!' True but they were always going to get beaten badly. Next game vs. Hawthorn however, a seed had been planted in Essendon's mind. They didn't dare try their usual rot because they knew it wouldn't be tolerated. Playing with more trepidation, they beat the Hawks by 3 points before Hawthorn established their own era of domination over Essendon. It also was the first spark of the unsociable Hawks who would eventually dominate the league. We until recently have lived with the tag 'Nice men who play nice football' Robert Walls came up with the line in 2005 and I hate to admit, it was devastatingly accurate. I would rather us get up in the faces of the Carlton's and Collingwood's of this world rather than us be viewed as the 'bruise free' joke we were. We avoid that tag by being absolutely and uncompromisingly competitive in ALL aspects of the game without it being counterproductive. Sometimes I wonder if some people here preferred that we were seen as good blokes by media types (who will pot us regardless) rather than be respected because of what we have achieved on the scoreboard. P.S. I can think of two times last game where Nibbler got in the face of the opposition. Once on a holding the ball decision in the centre and another after he had tackled a bloke over the boundary line.
  2. Plus, he is a sledger extraordinaire. If he drags anyone down, it's London to a brick he will give them a Jack Viney style bollocking to let them know how big a mug of concrete they need to drink.
  3. Remember also that we got blokes like Riggers, McDonald (Anthony) and Cell at the age of 24 and all had respectable careers.
  4. So much so that Beamer, as part of the leadership group, went to Don to have CS fired prior to 186? If he loved him so much, Beamer didn't return the love. I think Beamer has grown up a lot since 2012. That being said, he didn't bathe himself in glory in 2011. I always used Riv as a positive benchmark when looking back to that year. Riv was clearly unhappy with the team's direction but he sucked it up, did what was asked and did his best. When free agency rolled along, no one got the slightest bit angry at him. As Beamer said during the interview, it happened and there's not much anyone can do about it now.
  5. Very reassuring performance. We are playing excellent transition football. You could tell Port were coming and just needed the slightest amount of blood in the water to really get a run on. We saw this and started chip kicking, milking the clock and ensuring the ball remained in our forward 50. I knew that we just had to weather the storm and then we would get the goals that would break their back. Never once did I think they would roll over us. Pig Hibberd is a clear BOG for mine. Clarry gets a tip of the cap as well but sometimes I would like to see him kick with a bit more purpose. I understand he is usually extricating it from a pack but when he puts his mind to it, he can be devastating when kicking to a target. Now the next question is how we beat Norf. This is as good a chance as any we have had. While I like Plugger McDonald forward (not just because of his gun barrel straight goal shooting but also the smart decisions he makes there), we may need to throw him onto Ben Brown. Goldy may remain in the twos. None of the good ordinary types who terrorized us for years are there. Let's kick on boys!
  6. Enjoyed that. I have a belief now that our boys will do the right thing. A lot of the flakiness of years gone by has disappeared. I won't say that it's gone forever but I could see what we were doing in the last quarter. We were controlling the tempo while they had all the initiative.
  7. He's still pizzed at Maxy for thumping his crap ball up away when we played Collingwood.
  8. Still need to lower the eyes a bit for mine. But I like the pressure and the intent thus far. Would like a bit more reward for effort from the umps!
  9. To be fair @praha he is getting space. You can bloody tell he has been out for four weeks when he gets the ball though.
  10. What's that crap on the ball?
  11. Seeing those white unis.... I am having flashbacks to round 1 2013!
  12. The pessimistic Demon in me will make an appearance here but I'm not sure how much we will get out of our ins. Jack and Salo especially. They might be slightly underdone. That being said, Hoges and Gawny are getting their mojo back. With Jeffy, Jack and Hoges in, we have our first choice forward line in (with the surprising addition of Plugger McDonald in there). Finally, I get to see my boy Jack Trengove back! So happy for the kid. He might be out of the side in two weeks (ala Grimesy last year) but at least we are less likely to die wondering now. Oh and... GO YOU MIGHTY DEMONS!
  13. I thought you were out in the Western suburbs?
  14. He was pretty tongue in cheek the entire interview.