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  1. Colin B. Flaubert

    Laughing at the Pies.....

    At least they got that close to have that video made about them. If we had a similar parody made of our encounter with West Coast, it would be a recreation of the initial Bane/Batman fight from The Dark Knight Rises.
  2. Colin B. Flaubert

    Guy Walker - any hope

    If he does that, he can rule out a career in television and media.
  3. Colin B. Flaubert

    Guy Walker - any hope

    I suggest he change his name to Mike so he can have a fresh start in the AFL footballing industry.
  4. Colin B. Flaubert

    Demon expats

    The funny thing with baijuu is that the Chinese themselves often don't like it. It's drunk as a means of showing respect to your drinking partner by the very fact that you can keep it down. Furthermore, it's usually skalled, not sipped. Often drinking is done irresponsibly over there and is a reason why beer is drunk in refrigerated (as Uncle Humphrey's adage about 'A Hard Earned Thirst' holds true). Lived there for a year myself out in the back blocks. Great experience (though I was too immature to realize that at the time) and a real eye opener.
  5. Colin B. Flaubert

    Complacency is Dees Biggest Hurdle

    Two things: Firstly, he should have used that as part of his election campaign back in the day when he was running for the Tories. 'Vote 1 Nigel Smart: I'll walk over hot coals for you!' Secondly, before people crucify Don Pyke for Collective Minds, they should remember pre season foolishness is in the Crows' DNA.
  6. Colin B. Flaubert

    Demon expats

  7. Colin B. Flaubert

    Demon expats

    Japan in Aichi Prefecture. I get the AFL pass during the year to watch games. I avoid the ex pat bar in Nagoya as it's like that tavern Obi Wan and Luke went to find Han Solo.
  8. Colin B. Flaubert

    Complacency is Dees Biggest Hurdle

    As @Rod Grinter Riot Squad said, if any club has gotten ahead of itself based on a decent season, it would be us. Look at our '95, '99, '01 and '11 seasons for further reference. What impressed me after the preliminary final loss was that the image we got wasn't of back slapping and talk of 'how it's all before us'. It was of a devastated Angus Brayshaw crying over how they had let their captain down and Gawny talking of how a season can be wasted in a preseason in his B&F speech. If they do finally double up this year, maybe the corner has been turned culturally.
  9. Colin B. Flaubert

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    'Guess you'd better go wake him up then.'
  10. Colin B. Flaubert

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    The last bloke I heard of who called himself Zed got killed by Marsellus Wallace and got his chopper stolen.
  11. Colin B. Flaubert

    Dream Forward Line

    He was threatening someone to a trip to his Wolf Creek dungeon at the manor in another thread. I shudder to think that I may be responsible for the potential further degradation of a fellow human being by my inartful comments.
  12. Colin B. Flaubert

    Dream Forward Line

    More like as in a red hot needle jammed down your urethra.
  13. Colin B. Flaubert

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    TISM reference with a slight allusion to Colin Garland. If you know the band members, you will know that one of the vocalists was Ron Hitler Barassi. I thought that that indirect reference to the MFC should be parlayed into my natural user name: Humphrey B. Flaubert. However, as Col's early nickname at the club was Humphrey as he never talked, I added the Colin bit. I once got a private message on here once (unironically I think, it's hard to tell on the internet sometimes) asking if I was the bloke from TISM. Alas, I'm not
  14. Colin B. Flaubert

    2018 Player Reviews: # 32 Tomas Bugg

    A living example how one small decision can be a ripple that becomes a tidal wave that effects the rest of your life. Tom had spunk that was useful in doses. The 'You ready?' stuff with Johannisen I reckon won is that game before we ran onto the field as Easton Wood took his head off and replaced it with a bloody pumpkin. His team then followed suit as they spent all game trying to square up. Him shushing the Tiges cheer squad was provocative but I reckon put a bit of strut into our blokes. However, the Mills hit went beyond the pale and he never recovered. Plus if you are a forward, you need to be able to kick goals. I see him as the Blues new Jed Lamb. I just hope he has more sense than to carry on as big a peanut as Lamb did against us this year.
  15. Colin B. Flaubert

    Merry Christmas Demonlanders

    And a cheerful Feliz Navidad to you all. Sadly, I have to work today but hope you all have a great day with your families and friends.