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  1. Do we get to play them again? I hope bloody so.
  2. Bring back the Bear!!! JKH looked all at sea. Kent needs to come back.
  3. We have got some work to do. Our issues relate to finishing these days. 38 inside fifties should have resulted in a 4 goal lead going into half time. Effort is fine. We need the killer instinct.
  4. I am concerned. 3rd week in a row we were in a winning position and we can't seal the deal. For those who have been talking about 'who will be a part of our future', I hope you have paid the price for that type of thinking. We need to win games NOW. Nothing is guaranteed as our present shows us.
  5. Like the intent, need to finish off. I love the ANZAC game but it's always called by the two most preppy knobs on 7: Hame or Baz.
  6. It's the Brad Miller argument again. Some people have VERY short memories. Why we need the Bear is that we need that serviceable, bullocking forward who (now more than ever) can pinch hit in the ruck. Pedo isn't the one to put the cherry on the sundae. He is the bloke sticking his arze out to let our crumbers find an avenue into goal, jumping into packs so our mids can get repeat entries into 50 and he is the bloke who has the build to ruck in the forward fifty (though Jack has been manful). Leigh Brown played that role masterfully for Collingwood, Ox did it after he came back from his knee recos and the Bear plays it pretty well for us too now. Brad Miller did the same thing in the late 00's/early 10's but some were saying that he wasn't part of our next premiership 22 (I am sad to say but since Goody took over some are spouting this 'putting the cart before the horse' rhetoric again). He was thus delisted. We were then left with Jack Watts who wasn't ready yet to be a leading forward (and has since revealed himself to be a good third forward). Without that big body there, it dented his already fragile confidence. We now have two potential star forwards in the Weid (who still is speculative at best at the moment) and Jesse (who has shown his wares on a more regular basis). Jesse is a finisher and won't want to play the workhorse role for too long. Weid is a colt at best and is nowhere near physically ready. We need someone to play that role until Jess and Weid can control the forward line on their own.
  7. I will judge the decision on this season's body of work. Some people need to grow into the captaincy. Though I too will admit his form has been patchy to say the least.
  8. This and last week were a pretty good assessment of where we are at. Put bluntly, the issue is not really effort or mental resilience. People will complain about the third and I hear them. That being said, if we just think teams will lie down and submit to our inherent dominance then we will fully deserve to lose every single time. Freo were always going to fight (though perhaps not to the extent we let them). We fought back pretty damn well in the last. That would NOT have happened in years past (though that is a pretty low bar to set). Our issues pertain to polish and, in Goody's case, team selection. Weid may be a great player but the 'play the kids at all costs' was put to bed I thought permanently during the Roos era. Weid should not be out there at the moment. His first few games were impressive but now he is like a rabbit in the headlights. Send him to Casey for a spell. We could and should have been 4 goals up in the first. Scoreboard pressure is a wonderful thing and had we put the foot on the throat early, we may have demoralized them to an extent that they couldn't come back. Sadly, too many opportunities missed then and I believe that hurt us later on. Positives were: Spencil: I thought Sandilands beat him but I wasn't worried that it would be a humiliation at any stage. I actually felt comfortable with him in there. Watts: He is steady more than spectacular these days. Very much a Jack Gunston or Paul Hudson at the Western Bulldogs type. Chips in with 2 to 3 goals consistently and in soccer terms, he is the guy who takes the corner to set up team mates to score. Clarry: The kid has amazing vision. Excellent game to watch. Bitter pill to swallow when we lost. Next week, it's the Toigs. Hopefully, this can act as a spur to get us back over .500 again.
  9. Finished I would suggest is him not being able to perform what bought him to be the big dance. He got 25 possies today after surgery (albeit on a toe nail). He gets 13 possessions today and we can have a conversation. Otherwise, no.
  10. If this result is what it takes, then that is disappointing. The kid had a decent start to his career. He has had a taste. Don't bloody completely stuff his confidence now by playing him when he clearly isn't ready. If the mantra is to give people games when they deserve it, sadly, Weid doesn't. It's not a whipping boy thing. It's just the facts. The club realized Oscar Mc needed some time at Casey as he wasn't ready. The same call has to be made with Weid.
  11. I agree with you on a lot Dazzle. Can't agree with this. This is emotion speaking and not rationality.
  12. Great game to watch. However, this is a reality check for us. We have work to do. Spencer played fairly well. I liked Watts' game. Jeffy was great too. However, Weid needs to go back to Casey to develop. Bring in Pedo to team up with Hoges next week.
  13. Heads=Off. Turnips= On.
  14. Started to clean things up a bit at the end of the 2nd quarter. Need to keep our heads and not replace them with turnips. If that happens, we win.
  15. Silly, silly stuff. If he wants more time to take in music festivals and life in Perth then I say let him do so for an extra week. I would be filthy if I were Jack Watts right now. He copped all kinds of shif for coming back in bad shape. He turned things around and put in a lionhearted effort yesterday. If Jesse were to come straight back in now, it would send a horribly contradictory message.