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  1. That smelled of round 2, 2016 effort. It's rare that I get too worked up but I can tell the difference between an effort where we are cracking in but not getting the breaks and an effort where we are playing like head wobblers. I got bloody dirty at what I was seeing. However, we got over the line and that is what matters. The bye comes at a good time for us as we need to have our heads on straight for the Magpies. Positives: Nate Jones: he played a great captain's game. Stood up when it mattered. Cam Pedersen: One thing I love about him is that he is one of the few we have who never takes the head off and replaces it with a turnip. Even when it seemed we were trying our best to recreate the footballing equivalent of Fawlty Towers, he was hitting targets and presenting. Mitch Hannan: Not overly prolific but takes advantage of the opportunities he is given. Should retain his spot as a medium sized forward when Jesse comes back. Jeff Garlett: Near textbook small forward's game. Negatives: O-Mac: Everytime he seemed to get to the ball, I would say 'he's not ready'. I don't back away from this. Decision making for a defender needs serious work. Tommy Bugg: Why is he being played forward? Needs some serious time with a goal kicking coach. Consistency of effort: For a full half of football, we were playing like deadset muppets. A combo of the Suns running out of puff and us deciding to put in a half decent effort got us over the line.
  2. Hahahahahaha! They played the Suns club song. Brilliant.
  3. We have pulled that out of our arze... I don't back away from my comments yet.
  4. This is Essendon Round 2 2016 level of effort. You just know they came out with big heads and are deservedly paying the price.
  5. And now the worst f***ing set shot for goal at Melbourne. Why do you taunt me MFC?
  6. Game over kids.
  7. I don't think laziness is the issue in regards to cracking in and getting the ball. It's just dumb football that is our undoing as well as laziness in regards to disposal (personified by Tom McDonald and that woeful handball in the first quarter).
  8. Wasn't the point of this game to get fans up in the top end? This would be a turn off if anything.
  9. We are kidding ourselves. I hate overreactions but we are nowhere near a finals side.
  10. We could have finished them off. We didn't. Even with no ruckman. Hurry back Maxy. We need ya!
  11. Without the histrionics.... Weid MUST go back to Casey. Oscar Mc as well. We need our best footballers in. No more games on potential. That game was there for the taking. They had lead in their legs and we pizzed it away.
  12. Salo got Higgins a beauty as well with his elbow. Not sure if anyone saw that at the ground.
  13. Bloody hell. There is some vitriol in this game. I liked the end of the 2nd. Higgins was having a go at Cunnington for letting Buggy and Bernie punch the crap out of him. Dissension in the ranks I hope.
  14. Hopefully, I can get an internet connection of some sort for this game. Goldy is the issue for mine. The Bear needs to crack in hard to insure he earns what he gets. I still have bad memories of when they cleaned us up by 120 odd points in 2013. My enduring memories of that match were my wife (then girlfriend), decked out in Melbourne paraphenalia, wanting to get it off asap (lest she be spotted) and a random Norf nuff nuff giving me shif in the Starbucks after the game. Time to put those memories to bed.
  15. Will do the bloody cruit if it happens. Gil seems like an overly coiffed, insincere wheeler dealer with no connection to the man on the street. This was confirmed by Bails' account of their meeting in 'Breakfast With Bails' where he tried to play the matey matey card, was called on his crap and then was exposed as what I stated before.