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  1. We could have finished them off. We didn't. Even with no ruckman. Hurry back Maxy. We need ya!
  2. Without the histrionics.... Weid MUST go back to Casey. Oscar Mc as well. We need our best footballers in. No more games on potential. That game was there for the taking. They had lead in their legs and we pizzed it away.
  3. Salo got Higgins a beauty as well with his elbow. Not sure if anyone saw that at the ground.
  4. Bloody hell. There is some vitriol in this game. I liked the end of the 2nd. Higgins was having a go at Cunnington for letting Buggy and Bernie punch the crap out of him. Dissension in the ranks I hope.
  5. Hopefully, I can get an internet connection of some sort for this game. Goldy is the issue for mine. The Bear needs to crack in hard to insure he earns what he gets. I still have bad memories of when they cleaned us up by 120 odd points in 2013. My enduring memories of that match were my wife (then girlfriend), decked out in Melbourne paraphenalia, wanting to get it off asap (lest she be spotted) and a random Norf nuff nuff giving me shif in the Starbucks after the game. Time to put those memories to bed.
  6. Will do the bloody cruit if it happens. Gil seems like an overly coiffed, insincere wheeler dealer with no connection to the man on the street. This was confirmed by Bails' account of their meeting in 'Breakfast With Bails' where he tried to play the matey matey card, was called on his crap and then was exposed as what I stated before.
  7. I think the club as a whole has to overcome two things to become a genuine contender. Firstly, the club (it's supporters, players and admin) need to be willing to endure some hardship on the current journey. That's ironic in some ways due to the flagellation we perform on ourself each winter (some for 50 years plus). That being said, there are some who think that our road to a premiership should contain no speed bumps nor emotional discomfort. People carried on like pork chops when Roosy mentioned the veil of negativity enveloping the club but he wasn't completely wrong. I view it more as a certain part of our club being coddled snowflakes. This was shown in two separate incidents: 1) when that bloke wrote into the club after we beat the Lions by 20 points telling Roosy he would rather us lose than win ugly. 2) that recent nuffy who sent back his cut up membership. As PJ said after we lost to Essendon during the 2015 preseason, 'Believe it or not, we will lose football games this year.' To refer to pro wrestling logic, it is bad business practice if two wrestlers are booked into a feud where one guy is made out to dominate all their opposition and make them look foolish. Why? Because the dominant guy will be perceived to have beaten chumps and the wins will be perceived to have been pointless to the marks (wrestling slang for true believer fans). If we win a 'bruise free' flag, what will it be worth? How could we actually appreciate it? Secondly, if we do get up to the pointy end of the ladder, we need to shed this almost apologetic attitude of making it, and that we are just there to make up numbers at worst and we might luck our way into a flag at best. I have seen Melbourne in two GFs in my life and the spin coming out of the club was 'We are happy being underdogs against our powerful opponents (who we are secretly scared of) but you never know what might happen on the big day!' No acknowledgement that we deserve to be there on our merits and we are one horse in a two horse race. We were a team that were, dare I say it, waiting to lose. We then comforted each other about the glorious future that lay ahead and that our time would come. The truth is that we should have viewed these losses as opportunities lost and as impetus to win one the following year. We need to realize, essentially, that sport is basically a meritocracy and that only the durable and determined survive.
  8. There's only one man to determine if we are positive enough. Saty, the floor is yours.
  9. I remember this night well. It was the night I realized that Neeld had not burnt down the village to save it. He had simply burnt down the village. I have been on a roll with cliches recently but I will throw out another one... The fish rots from the head. The head however was not Mark Neeld. In this case, it was Cameron Schwab, Don McLardy and sad to say it, Jim Stynes (prior to his illness though it could be argued that he should have given the presidency up a lot earlier after he had been diagnosed). The reality is that Neeld, had he been put through a more rigorous process, would not have made it past the first set of interviews. However, as stated in a previous thread, as CS needed someone to validate his criticisms of Dean Bailey (the players didn't work hard enough, the game plan wasn't the same as those at the pointy end of the ladder, progress wasn't fast enough) as well as someone who would owe their position to him, Neeldy was chosen quick smart. This was demonstrated by the fact that no outside consultants were bought in; it was a selection panel of Don, CS, Garry and Guy Jalland. The fact that Neeld was carrying Hollywood Boulevarde's water was shown again when he sacked ALL of the previous leadership group and replaced them with green kids; kids whose careers have basically been ruined by that decision. I'm sure that it was no coincidence 5 months earlier that those previous leaders had gone on record that they wanted CS to be sacked (James Comey and Donald Trump come to mind here). Also don't given me any talk of how 'the players chose the captains'. The voting criteria insured that Neeld got the boys he wanted. The fact that a bloke like Schwab could be hired, proceed to do a woeful job and then not get sacked until the place had absolutely cratered showed that we were a boys' club. Ego, connections and standing among the playing group of 1994 were the ideal prerequisites for a job. rather than demonstrated ability or aptitude for the job you were doing. That sadly lays at Jim's and Don's door. I believe Jim was a great uniting figure during the days of Debt Demolition and Don needs to be given credit for finally calling time on that fiasco but that is the truth. Neeld unfortunately was the patsy. He paid a high price but if the club had been run like a professional organization, then Mark would have been spared a LOT of pain (besides the initial dejection of not having been selected which would not have been as great as what he may have felt after he had been mercifully sacked). Onto the other half of this equation.... Beamer was a victim of a culture where he could get away with too much. I felt sorry for Bails in that the people who should have been supporting him (the CEO and the football manager) seemed to be pizzed off that he wasn't able to succeed on the artificial timeline they had set. They also weren't overly happy they he seemed resentful that he was asked to take a hit for the club (tanking) but now didn't want to cop criticism for not keeping to their timetable for premiership success. As such, I felt Bails needed a power base in the club and the players were it. He was always a 'player's coach' but he had to be more so as the higher up's didn't have his back. At the end of the day, it should also be said that we all choose our own path and Beamer chose his. Had we had stronger leaders around the joint he and Col could have been decent foot soldiers instead of leading lights in our party boy set.
  10. Mike started with football this time unlike the Steven Febey interview. Then it was all gambling, all the time.
  11. This interview will be to Iron Mike what an unguarded pork chop is to a starving dog. Despite being able to talk about footy (after all Fox Footy is meant to broadcast a certain sport whose name escapes me now), he will most likely wander into tragedy porn and tawdry soap opera material.
  12. The thing I love is that he genuinely does put the fear of God into opposition. We haven't had that really since Balls Grinter, Steve O'Dwyer or Viney Senior (who was tough but wasn't the type who could intimidate based on a few quietly whispered words). I will always remember his comeback to Selwood in 2015 after he told Chunk he was the worst captain in the AFL: 'What's the matter? Why do you keep bleeding?' lol
  13. Nothing more satisfying than to see Richmond supporting nuffies get their hopes torn down after getting them unrealistically heightened. Well, expect seeing that happen to Essendon supporting nuffies.
  14. Well, as you may have anticipated, I don't agree. Gazza had his finger in the pie prior to 186 (albeit he didn't have an official role). He was good mates with Cuddles, CS, Jimmy and Todd Viney so it would have been naive to think that he wasn't a power broker of some description. He knew (or he should have known) EXACTLY what he was doing when he got on Triple M and ripped into the club post 186 while he was calling the Dogs vs. Eagles game at Eithad. Being good mates with CS, he would have known that he was getting the a**e and used his platform to change the focus onto the coach. He was one of the key people to talk Jimmy into sacking Bails but keeping CS on (Jimmy said as much in his book). He then proceeded (after assuring us that he wouldn't be playing favorites) to keep Schwab in exactly the same role prior to 186. This meant that three people continued to report to him from the football department, instead of the standard one, and that the only recognizable change was that Whiteboard Wednesday was given the old yeller treatment. He then proceeded to 'sack' his other mate Chris Connolly but give him a paid job as a spruiker for the Melbourne/Casey relationship. Shame there was nothing for Bails to fall back on at the club (he wasn't even allowed to wear a club tie or have the club backdrop behind him when he did his part of the presser). He then proceeded to buddy up with CS and Don and find a coach who conveniently mirrored all of CS's complaints about Bails. One who had not been psychologically profiled and had been knocked back by a few other clubs. I agree that Gazza isn't Dastardly Dick (I wonder who his Muttley would be? Purple?) out to hurt the club. In fact, I think a lot of the vitriol launched at certain people has been over the top. I do think however that when Gazza decides to shoot from the hip like he does, it would be more intellectually honest of him to take a step back and remember what it was like when he was in the hot seat. He then might take a step back before branding all and sundry as mentally brittle. Indeed, his audience isn't solely Melbourne supporters but I think the rest of his audience are being mislead if they laud Gazza as the be all and end all authority on what is wrong with the club. I don't like getting into these discussions but I think sometimes that the record does need to be set straight.
  15. Loving the Bear's work. He is getting towelled up badly at the centre bounce but that was always going to happen. It's the fact that while he may lose the hitouts, he is back in there hitting bodies and insuring that the hitout amounts to nothing. I will say I included him in the initial bracket of mind boggling acquisitions from the 2013 preseason. He has come on brilliantly since 2014 and fully deserves a new contract (and a place in the side for the rest of 2017).