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  1. Colin B. Flaubert

    Pies Gone Past Us ??

    Exactly. Those Magpie players were there in 2010 and know what it takes to get over the line. When the red and blue print was launched, little did we know the reverberations it would cause well into the future.
  2. Colin B. Flaubert

    The Braydon Preuss Thread

    After yesterday, this seems like a much better idea. Not that Max played badly but the Eagles worked out how to play him. Having either Vardy or Lycett go with him when he floated back or forward shagged a lot of our game plan. Preuss will be a definite starter of he is willing to pay a role that necessarily isn't first ruck for 100% of game time.
  3. Colin B. Flaubert

    Pies Gone Past Us ??

    I think this whole jealousy thing sucks. If we get to the top, I'll appreciate it for what it is. I'll be happy for us and not sneering at our opposition.
  4. Colin B. Flaubert

    My grand final dilemma (carn maggots!)

    Are we talking 1970's George Romero Dawn of the Dead style zombies or 2004 Zack Snyder style zombies from the remake? With the latter at least the game will be over very quickly. I have to work so I was going to miss it either way.
  5. Colin B. Flaubert

    Say what you want, I’m proud of this club this year.

    I'm circumspect about it all. Mostly because I've been here before. Particularly late 80's/early 90's and again in the '00's. We make the finals and expect it all to happen as though it's our birthright. This loss needs to burn as much as last year's round 23 debacle against Collingwood. Because yet again, another opportunity has been missed. I appreciate the year was another step forward but I don't want to hear about 'eras of success' or how it's all before us. There's no guarantees in life and this needs to be viewed as our chance to end a 54 year old drought that we have fluffed.
  6. Colin B. Flaubert

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    Let's look at this in isolation and holistically. Holistic view: This is the fifth year in a row we have improved our win total and we now have two finals wins under our belts. We can win nearly anywhere and have shown we can gut wins out. We get Hogan (if he isn't traded) and Lever back next year which should stiffen our spine and hopefully another year's development into our team can make our ceiling go higher. However, while not as bad as years past, we do have a bad habit of drinking our own bath water and going to sleep. The biggest examples of this were against Collingwood (who officially went past us that day) and Hawthorn. We also have issues with big isolated, power forwards. Our game plan relies on ball pressure through the middle and if that falls over, Oscar is not built to wrestle with the Kennedys, Coxs and Hawkins of this world. In isolation: We have just blown a huge opportunity in the most disappointing fashion. We have allowed teams starts before but you could tell that the ball just wasn't bouncing our way and it wasn't about being over awed. Today we were rabbits in the headlights. Verdict: Next year will be an entirely different beast. Essendon started to get their act together. North have Polec and may well land Gaff. The Dogs may get Chad Wingard. There will be plenty of teams looking at finals. If we think we will get in again next year no questions then we will sh!? the bed worse than we did today. This needs to burn in our guts and we need to fight, scrap and claw every game next year to earn the right to get another shot at the opportunity we missed today.
  7. Colin B. Flaubert

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    The soft underbelly remains. Turns out Kingy wasn't wrong at all.
  8. Colin B. Flaubert

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    If only the seventies were something to reference when discussing the Demons!
  9. Colin B. Flaubert

    The Other Preliminary Final

    They will be bloody hard to stop playing like that. If we make it, and we are still in the realms of 'if', we will need to play smart footy. Tiges needed to take the sting out of that one earlier. When they started to control the pace, they could then go hard. Instead, Collingwood took their game off them.
  10. Colin B. Flaubert

    Martin Flanagan's Ode to the MFC

    Because I think things have been too slanted to the nostalgia side for too long. In some ways, I understand the reasons but the time to boost supporter spirits in dark times is not now. Even then it made some people feel complacent as they deluded themselves into thinking we were a 'great club' when we were one who hadn't won a premiership since the introduction of decimal currency.
  11. Colin B. Flaubert

    Would we take $cully back?

    From his pie and donut fund?
  12. Colin B. Flaubert

    Martin Flanagan's Ode to the MFC

    Not to crap on Martin (as he means well) but the fact the nostalgia binge and obsessing over the past ended one week into the Geelong game was a good reason why I have enjoyed this finals series from the Hawthorn game onwards. I went onto the Carlton Instagram page earlier today and one comment from their fans summed up this kind of stuff for me. They put up a photo of Harry Madden getting a rub down during the 95 finals and the poster remarked that it was a good sign of how badly they were going that they had to fall back into nostalgia to generate content. We should focus on the players this week, not the peripheral stuff.
  13. Colin B. Flaubert

    Expansion teams

    One problem I reckon the Gold Coast was plagued by was the lack of involvement from the Southport Sharks. That is a bloody legitimate football club with a brilliant history, a preestablished set of facilities and a social club that would make dee-luded cream his jeans. It is true that there are more AFL fans on the Goldy than in Blacktown. However, the expat Vics, Sandgropers and Croweaters know what an authentic footy club looks and feels like. Sadly a Gold Coast team will never get their loyalty as they mostly have teams that they support already. However, their kids who are savvy to footy, thanks to their parents, are malleable but as they can distinguish a grass roots footy club from a cheap gimmick, they too will not barrack for the Suns. Instead of trying to land the 'undecideds' and theater goers by providing a carnival atmosphere with mini trains, sausage sizzles and Coco the Clown at gate six followed by blokes passing football looking like McDonald's employees, they would have been better off establishing the Gold Coast Sharks and at least looking the part.
  14. Colin B. Flaubert

    Oliver doesn't care if you don't like him

    This is the attitude that those venting their spleens in the 'our supporter stereotype' need to take a look at.
  15. Colin B. Flaubert

    WCE Prematch from Big Footy

    If there were a comparable fairy tale, it would be Little Red Riding Hood. Mostly because the idea of them winning the flag is as horrifying as the is of an elderly woman being mauled and devoured by a wolf so it can proceed to eat her young granddaughter.