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  1. He has plenty of speed. Pretty good mark too.
  2. He is coming off a pretty good year, had a pretty good VFL grand final and played pretty well on the weekend. I'm not sure about having Spencer with Gawn already there and docklands is a quick surface. I just think Smith will be in the selection conversation.
  3. I think Tim smith might get a look in to replace Hogan.
  4. I read when this was first suggested that the top 6 play finals. The next 6 are competing for the last 2 spots. There was even a suggestion that the finals could be expanded in terms of teams. Like a top 10. The bottom teams get to see there sides against other low clubs to try and win some games. I like the idea compared to what is currently in place.
  5. I just had a look at the GWS list and how many picks they have which have a points value. They currently have 7 list spots available and 11picks which have a points value. All of them before our pick 69 and 6 of them between our first 2 picks. I think there are about 5 academy kids that they will want (I could be wrong on this) but it's what I heard. They could all go on the 1st 30 odd. Plus if they pick McGrath at 2. They may even go into points deficit for next year depending on bidding. Under the rules they can only use the first 7 picks for points anyway. Our picks will move up. Especially pick 69. They also have 3 or 4 more kids for next year. They may chose not to match a bid on one of the academy kids this year, and still go into deficit.
  6. Just my opinion, but I think we are the first club to get our head around the points system for draft picks. We seem to just get it done and improve our list since the points were allocated. The AFL even changed the rules because of what we did last year. Mahoney is a very good operator is is learning from Jackson.
  7. Hibberd just on trade radio confirming the Dee's.
  8. Vince's chaos ball not long after worked out well as well. 2 straight from ordinary kicks.
  9. I was told that Gawn/vince is number 7 as well.
  10. Yeah our forward line has twice as many attempts to kick goals but it's our back mans fault.
  11. There is an article in the age. He looks like he is staying
  12. I went as well and agree with all of this, which actually surprised me. I thought stretch was very good. Almost kicked a great goal, were he run 50 odd with a guy right behind him and kicked a 60m bomb. Just bounced to the wrong side. His hands and lateral speed were great. Tackles well and often. Oliver ran out the game better than I thought he was capable of. Watching him play I think they made a mistake not picking him. He is going to be awesome with fitness. Hulett surprised me more than anyone. Has strong hands and showed leadership in slowing down the play late in the game after some very good marks when we were into the wind. king was well beaten by Russian in the ruck but competed well in marking contests. Way off as a ruck but mobile, marks and kicks well.
  13. I'm surprised at how short the saints will be. They have hardly any talls in that side, especially their backline. Plus no one to go up 2nd ruck. Strange team for them.
  14. I checked. They can do it. I Heard the AFLPA state it. Also on this article.
  15. I believe that the 12 essendon players can place themselves as delisted free agents at the end of the year. I read it somewhere. This means Essendon will get nothing in return if this occurs. If even 3 or 4 players do this and say Watson and Stanton retire they will battle in 2017 as well.