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  1. 2018 Membership Thread

    The current membership figure is a lowly 16,689. (It picks up MCC memberships and the annual automatic rollovers which occurred on Oct 25). I don’t have the comparable figure for Week 4 of Oct last year. But the figures for week 3 of October in recent years were: 2017: 21,890. 2018 Shortfall at least 5,291 (24%) 2016: 19,026. 2018 Shortfall at least 2,337 2014: 17,625. 2018 Shortfall at least 936 It is reasonable to assume that it is the diehard supporters that pay up 'early'. So it would be alarming to the club that at least 24% of last year’s diehard renewals have not occurred. Equally alarming would be we are under the equivalent 2014 figure (ie after the announcement of Roos as the new coach). If 24% fewer diehard supporters have not renewed, one wonders how many of the new members that took us to 42,000 will also fall by the wayside. We can all guess the reasons for the non-renewals: Round 23 capitulation Missing finals The post round 23 communication vacuum from the club The early finals ticket brochure fiasco. (and maybe for some the handling/departure of a fan favourite) On DL we have done those to death and on here we are quite forgiving and our belief in the club and its management, while questioned at times, is very resilient. But rightly or wrongly those events hurt the club and seem enough for members to start voting with their wallets. DL posters can ridicule them and say they are not 'true supporters' but they have the right to not take out a membership if they are not happy with what the club has shown. PJ and co really have their hands full to get the disenchanted members back. I hope he has some aces up his sleeve because patience seems to have run out. If the trend doesn't reverse it will really hurt financially which we can ill afford with the ordinary fixture we have been given. It will also hurt PJ's attempts to get a front of jumper sponsor ( I believe AHG will not be renewing their sponsorship). We might be lucky to reach 40,000 for 2018. FWIW - I did my bit and signed up last week.
  2. AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    Panell is the one that gifted the bulldogs 20+ frees to about 5 in a SA game in 2016. He did something similar in a JLT game recently but can't remember the lucky recipient team. He has his favourites and we are definitely not one of them. And wasn't it Razor that paid all those dodgy 'rule of the week' free kicks against Max last year in the Saints game? We are in for a tough time next Sunday, for sure.
  3. AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    At one stage in the first qtr we had 10 inside50 to zip but couldn't put a decent score on the board. Story of our season. We have kicked 37 goals and 50 points this season. Lost easy games to Freo and Pies because of terrible kicking...season down the drain right there. So, my head says we only have ourselves to blame. But my heart goes out to the team, especially Daisy as she gets worked over week after week and gets no protection from the umpires.
  4. 2018 Membership Thread

    Agreed. For some reason our customer service has been a bit lacking this year. Lots of anecdotes throughout this thread on issues re membership packs: cards, scarves etc. Add to that DL commentary in the last few days on our website: lacking training times for the last month/yesterday's work out at Casey, lacking twitter advice of those, lacking advice of today's VFL practice game times - fair contingent of AFL players selected for it, lack of Twitter feed on said practice game (People were posting from the BH site onto DL). Not to mention the 'Get your finals tickets' fiasco last year when we didn't make the finals. I'm with you, if we make communications with the club, using its website etc good experiences they can only help keep the members we have.
  5. 2018 Membership Thread

    Some context needed. We are close to last years figure as at March 16. See dc's post below. Last years final tallly was approx 42,250, so there are still about 7,000 2017 members yet to renew. If there have been 'New' members then the 2017 members yet to renew is >than 7,000. TBH I'm surprised we haven't significantly exceeded last years tally and already pushing the 42,000 mark. The club (rightly) boasted record crowds at our games last year and for some reason we haven't converted those attendees to memberships in any significant number. On the back of last year's crowds I expected us to push close to 50,000 this year. While there is still time for that to happen, I no longer have that hope. I would imagine the club would be fairly disappointed with the conversion rate of attendees to members.
  6. Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Geelong

    Mind games or not the Cats seem primed for round 1: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-03-17/gaz-training-his-way-into-round-one-certainty "Ablett's extended two-hour session has him primed for the season opener – a fixture he has averaged 33 disposals per match in over the past six seasons..."I think his standard preparation for AFL seasons has been no practice matches and dominate round one so hopefully that continues." http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-03-16/cocky-wants-a-callup-star-cat-cockatoo-shines-in-vfl Nakia Cockatoo has put his hand up for round one after an explosive performance in Friday night's VFL practice. The 21-year-old kicked two goals and picked up 15 disposals, looking a cut above rotating between midfield and attack in a statement he's ready for Melbourne at the MCG in nine days' time. Given our players who didn't get a run at Casey yesterday because of 'niggles' (Lewis, ANB, Jones, Oliver, TMac) and those who have their first run today (Garlett, Jetta and a few others) we will be as underdone (re match practice) as Geelong will be. A 50/50 game.
  7. Caro digs up old wounds of Camp Fiasco on eve of season.

    I think the article is fair and to me it highlights the ALFPA's (interfering) role. I don't take the article as a slight on mfc or anyone at the club. On a different note - I found it amusing that the camp is (ironically) called 'I Don't Quit' (IDQ). I just hope we learnt the 'I Don't Quit' lesson some other way in the preseason so we play 120 minutes each week. Too many players switch off for too long during games and leave too much work to too few. Blink and the quarter and often the game is gone. Only time will tell if we have have embraced the 'IDQ' mindset.
  8. 2018 Membership Thread

    There are still 7,000 members from 2017 yet to renew! Hopefully, they all will but I'm not so optimistic about getting hundreds of 'New' members ie not a member in 2017, even if we do win early games. What is there to get 'New' members to part with hundreds of $ for each member of the family? Not many attractive games at the G. Some unfriendly time slots. People can get tickets to games at gate or days before the game. Can't get 'reserved' seats without buying a 'package'. The NT substitute games at the G aren't against the better teams. All in all, not a great offer to get 'New' members to sign up. We on DL dutifully pay our membership each year. I always think of mine as a donation to the club. But mfc need a lot more than us die-hards to join up and I suspect it won't be this year.
  9. 2018 Membership Thread

    We were finals contenders in 2016 and 2017 but fell short at the last hurdle. Unlike us die-hard supporters on DL' some people will want more than hope and faith before committing. Just being finals contenders won't stir many people. Win a few finals, now that is something else.
  10. Preseason Training - Week commencing 12/03/18

    Very confusing! mfc website stopped putting up training times about a month ago! Instead 'Training Times' on website refer to twitter for updates - a shame for those of us who aren't on twitter. Anyway, I searched thru the club's twitter feed and couldn't find one re training. I had thought of going but not being confident where/when it was I decided not to trek to the outskirts. According to the Age those in 'rehab' (Viney, Lewis, Jones, Oliver, ANB, TMac - who trained in runners) trained in Melbourne - assume Gosch's paddock. The rest had a 'solid hit out' at Casey this morning.https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/knock-to-knee-restricts-clayton-oliver-but-he-s-set-for-round-one-20180316-p4z4ou.html Somewhere I read that TMac was to prove his fitness at the Casey hitout today for round 1 selection, but given he was at Gosch's in runners I would imagine he won't be lining up vs Geelong.
  11. 2018 Membership Thread

    35,485 We have added about 2,100 members in the last few weeks. I would think this is from the good work the club did getting new members to sign up on Family Day and the ring-around by the players this week. Perhaps a lot of the post round 23 disgruntled members have now re-signed. I think it is the first time we have edged ahead of the figure at the equivalent time last year. We might yet break last years record!
  12. The Jack Watts in 2018 Thread

    Therein is the truth of the matter ET. We couldn't have both, so Watts had to go - the rest is window dressing!
  13. Viney update: Out for Round 1

    While, I would love to see him back I'm not fussed when he returns because we are not dependent on any one player. Its worth noting that from rounds 2 to 13 we play only 3 teams in last year's top 8. So give him all the time he needs. We need him for the second half of the season a lot more than in the first half.
  14. Preseason Training - Week commencing 12/03/18

    Trying to get a read on what the 'little niggles' are that JV refers to: "Having lost support in my foot and running differently and putting different loads through different bones, I've just got these little niggles popping up every now and then". Question: At training is he able to side-step, pivot, lunge, sprint, zig-zag running etc etc? Some insight would help understand what the lingering issues are. Thanks.
  15. Viney update: Out for Round 1

    I saw it that way as well. He appears to be over the main injuries but it seems like there are side effects in other parts of his foot: "Having lost support in my foot and running differently and putting different loads through different bones, I've just got these little niggles popping up every now and then". Little niggles could be anything from a sore big toe to ...? Whatever the niggles they are enough to limit him to training for at least 3 - 4 weeks before he steps into a match. Methinks, if it was just a case of match fitness he would be playing the Casey practice match this weekend.
  16. Injury List - Season 2018

    http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-03-15/star-dees-to-make-r1-bid-in-vfl-hitout AFL players to play match against Box Hill at Casey Fields on Saturday. "The Demons have decided to take the opportunity to get valuable game time into Jeff Garlett (rib), Neville Jetta (quad), Dom Tyson(calf niggle), James Harmes (head knock) and Dean Kent (shoulder) after interrupted pre-season programs due to injury". Sam Weideman and Joel Smith will also play for Casey. Other updates: Melbourne expects Jordan Lewis (calf) to be available for round 1. Tom McDonald will need to prove his fitness in a solid training session planned for the rest of the AFL squad at Casey Fields on Friday. Good to see that so many players are ready to take the field at some level. If they all get thru it should be a pretty good list to choose from for round 1. There will be a few unlucky players at the selection table next week.
  17. Viney update: Out for Round 1

    I was thinking the same thing. I can't be bothered going thru the 'Jack Viney Foot' threads but I recall confident predictions by the club/Jack, that he would be on the training track (not just in rehab) pre Xmas; then early/mid Jan; then late Jan/early feb; then ready to play a JLT game; then ready to play round 1; revised now ready to play round 3 (maybe). Posters who think there have been no setbacks and this was always the plan should go and read those threads. I know that things change and progress is unpredictable but the constant revisions makes them look like they have no idea or they are leading us on or both. The club/Jack could simply say '...its a work in progress...' without a time line attached.
  18. AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    Not meaning to correct - I posted the WO venue just in case readers headed off to Casey. At least it is on 7mate.
  19. AFLW: Rnd 7 V W Bulldogs @ Whitten Oval

    Definitely game of the year - two in form teams and everything at stake. BTW the game is at Whitten Oval. Live on FTA: '7mate' at 7pm
  20. Ask Goody

    I agree but the vast majority of the players at the end of the 2017 season ie what Goodwin refers to as their 'first footy heartache' have been their for a number of years and certainly thru the 2016/2017 heartaches that we supporters endured in that time. Lets hope they have learnt their lesson to not listen to the external noise (about finals and 'elite' talent etc) and instead knuckle down and fight to get respect and success and reward us long suffering supporters.
  21. Ask Goody

    Spot on Rocky. I think 'straight bat' has become Goodwin's om - not necessarily a bad thing but it gets a bit boring touting out the same sort of stuff. Here is an article which rehashes major events of last 6 months. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-03-14/day-from-hell-spurs-goodwin-to-greater-heights Interestingly, about round 23 he says: "Goodwin describes the brutal end to the season as this group of Demons' first footy heartache..." WOW! I can think of a few 'footy heartaches' for success starved supporters with this group of players! Have to wonder what makes the guys tick when they miss finals in 2016, then in 2017 lose to bottom teams (Freo, North x 2), let games slip from their grasp (Geelong, Richmond, Hawthorn) and not feel 'footy heartache'. Goodwin: "It's what you actually do. As a playing group, and as a coach, that's what we want to go and do. We don't want to talk too much." Couldn't agree more - talking time is over! It is time to deliver!

    I cant get behind the paywall but the headline contradicts the quoted text which says: The AFL has joined ASADA in fighting a Freedom of Information request made by a member of the public seeking access to doping control forms Why would the AFL side with ASADA to fight release of info and at the same time threaten to spilt from ASADA if info is released. Is there something in the article that explains the apparent contradiction? If not pretty dumb of the HS to run with it. Anyway, who is the AFL supposedly threatening? It is up to the courts to decide what to released. A confused and not very logical person wrote that headline - Robbo perhaps?
  23. AFLW: The Run Home

    Not liking our chances of a GF berth: Our poor % means we are effectively two games behind the leaders who have a relatively easy run home. I don't see the Bulldogs being toppled with their huge %'age. A big, big win vs Lions this Friday could get us back in the running. But then the Bulldogs await - who will do anything to keep us out of the GF. So to end up top 2 we need to win all three games and either the Bulldogs or Lions to drop two (or we beat them by huge margins). Or rely on either GWS or Pies to beat either or both teams. While not impossible I just don't see that happening. Sadly, I think our season is over and it is very annoying that we gave it up by big losses to two average teams: Freo and Pies.
  24. AFLW: The Run Home

    Ladder after round 6. Basically any of the top 5 teams can make the GF (if I have the logic right). From the Top - If: Bulldogs win - in GF at Home Demons win - in GF at Home Crows win can dislodge loser of Bulldogs vs Demons and into GF as they have extra points for drawn game GWS win can dislodge loser of Bulldogs vs Demons and go into GF as they have extra points for drawn game Both Crows and GWS win the one with the higher % will go into the GF Lions win go into the GF if Crows lose and their % is better than loser of Demons vs Bulldogs. (This is the only scenario in which our % counts). We must win next week! Or we rely on Lions to beat GWS (by just a small margin) and Pies to beat Crows. We might look back and rue the game we lost badly to Freo after having the proverbial 'unassailable lead' at the end of the first quarter Again we hold our destiny in our own hands! Go Dees! Thanks to @dl4ethere is another outcome - a draw with Bulldogs will see both teams into the GF
  25. AFLW: Rnd 6 v Carlton @ Ikon Park

    Quite right. There aren't many win/lose combos next week when our %age will come into play - see the 'Run Home' thread after the siren.