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    My grand final dilemma (carn maggots!)

    The lesser of two evils, bb!
  2. Lucifer's Hero

    Finals Tickets

    I just bought my niece as a membership so I can take her to finals😃. Regarding finals ticket purchase the club email said: " We will be sending an email to members with their barcodes and full details about how to purchase finals tickets on Sunday, so as long as she has that email it will have the barcode she needs to use on it. The barcode is different to the member number, it is on the back of the card but we will confirm it via email as well. I also need to let you know that all new memberships need to be purchased by 5pm on Friday, 24 August". Clearly the club was taking no chances of repeating last years trauma of finals ticket details sent before we made it. Good move to wait till our last game. But importantly, if anyone wants to ensure a finals ticket then it is worth getting a membership. A 3-game membership will be sufficient to have member priority ticket purchase ie before the general public. Priority purchase may be important if we end up playing at a smaller ground or at the MCG vs a big member club like Rich/Coll/Hawth. Go Dees!
  3. Lucifer's Hero

    Time for Jack Viney to lead on his own?

    No. Jack has great 'bull' type/follow me into battle leadership but doesn't have the footy IQ to go with it (no offence intended). Lever has that footy IQ in spades. I would like to see Lever as co-captain with Jack. Jones won't give up the co-captaincy easily but Goodwin has made tough calls before and won't shy away from that.
  4. Lucifer's Hero

    Jordan Lewis is absolutely cooked, never pick him again

    Lever. Lewis is still the best we have for footy IQ and analysing the play during quarters. So for me he plays on and limit his games to the eastern seaboard to conserve his energy. He was mentoring Lever who is a fast learner. When Lever went out we missed his leadership down back. He has learnt plenty in the coaches box this year. He will learn more playing alongside Lewis next year. We don't have enough good leaders. Jack Viney brings his own brand of leadership. No offence to Jack but he doesn't have the subtlety and footy IQ Lever has. Tbh I would like to see Lever as co-captain (with Viney) next year to learn more from Lewis.
  5. Lucifer's Hero

    My grand final dilemma (carn maggots!)

    Eagles to stop Magpies winning their 16th flag to be equal top with Carlton and the much loathed Essendon. But the Magpies will get the benefit from the umpires. Nothing would make Gill and Ch7 happier than a Magpies premiership. Feel ill at the thought of all that FTA prime time black and white football next year.
  6. Lucifer's Hero

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    Good question. A WA poster said during the week that WCE had asked for the oval to be watered. They expected it to be slippery. It seems we didn't get the info. Like you would love to know what boots they had. They never fell over while we were slip, sliding away.
  7. Lucifer's Hero

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    Shows how bad everyone else was. Couldn't find anyone who won their position today/
  8. Lucifer's Hero

    Roosy: Goodbye to the Old Melbourne

    What also struck a chord with me was this about Peter Jackson: "I’d already said no to the Melbourne job a couple of times...At the time, Peter would’ve been with Melbourne for six months, tops...But I could already tell how much the club meant to him. You could hear it in his voice". So many people have contributed to the 'New Melbourne' but the one who had the vision and made it happen is I hope the club has a very fitting farewell for him in a few weeks.
  9. Lucifer's Hero

    The Other Preliminary Final

    Whoever wins today must stop Coll winning the GF - it will be their 16th flag equal with Ess and Carlton. Hopefully it is us but they must be stopped!
  10. Lucifer's Hero

    Roosy: Goodbye to the Old Melbourne

    Great Pride and Respect from Roos for Nathan: "I’m going to buy a photo of Nathan Jones...You might know the one I’m referring to. It was taken immediately after his goal against Geelong in the last quarter two weeks ago. Fists clenched. Arms raised. Fire in his eyes. I’m going to ask Nathan to sign it and then I’m going to hang it in the TV room at home. It’ll sit alongside my premiership photo with the Swans and my medals from Fitzroy To see him now leading the team into the penultimate week of the season is incredible. It all seemed like an impossible dream a few years ago. Nathan’s goal against the Cats, Max Gawn’s celebration after the West Coast game, Neville Jetta crunching Joel Selwood … I don’t know quite how to put it all into words other than to say this group has finally wiped out the negativity around ‘old Melbourne’ and the myth about mental toughness". Love that he is including other stalwarts: Jetta and Gawn. Roos knows better than most about downtrodden clubs. He hails from Fitzroy, South Melbourne/Swans and then Demons. It is no coincidence that he resurrected the South Melbourne Bloods at Sydney: Pride in clubs history, those that have fought the battles and joy of being at the top of the game once again.
  11. Lucifer's Hero

    The Other Preliminary Final

    Is one of those guys' Ch7's CEO who midyear (when the ratings were down) said something like: "...all we need is to get Collingwood up and about..." He got his wish!! Get ready for saturation Thur/Fri/Sat night Coll games on FTA 😞
  12. Lucifer's Hero

    GAMEDAY - Preliminary Final vs Eagles

    Worried about this. Not only will they have Kennedy and Darling back they have also learnt to overcome the loss of Gaff. Last time we played them was their second game without Gaff. Like us with Lever it took them a few games to resettle the side and to again play 'their way' ie 'possession' football ala Hawks; denying opp contests with target precision kicks and controlling the game with uncontested possessions. It is how they totally thrashed Richmond early this year. Very different game today than round 22. They can neutralise our ballistic/chaos game style. We need to make every shot at goal count. Early scoreboard pressure is the only way to trouble them and to quieten the Boo crowd!
  13. Lucifer's Hero

    The Other Preliminary Final

    Coll usually play 'pressure' football ala Tigers, Demons rather than 'possession' football ala Hawks. Coll switched styles and started with 'possession' football and totally controlled the tempo. Denied Tigers the ball. Took the Tigers by surprise and before they knew it the game was over. And the Pies kicked straight early on, thus applying massive scoreboard pressure!! Qtr time scores: 5.2.32 vs 1.3.9. Half time: 10.4.64 vs 2.8.20. Tigers made changes at half time and outscored Pies in the second half - too late! Lessons for us today: Have our own surprise tactics and KICK STRAIGHT. Nothing like early scoreboard pressure. Lesson for next week (if we make it): Don't underestimate Buckley - he is very good at countering opp strengths.
  14. Lucifer's Hero

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    Tim Smith and Fritsch are the travelling emergencies.
  15. Lucifer's Hero

    GF Ballot Barcode

    What I found interesting was the disparity of fees and benefits of MCC/AFL members vs Club Members: Club members are being ripped off. Not by their clubs but by an AFL system that requires Club members to pay an exorbitant amount for finals tickets, effectively subsidising AFL and MCC members throughout the finals series. What is worse the funds from finals don't go back to the Clubs to which members belong.
  16. Lucifer's Hero

    GF Ballot Barcode

    Not sure dc. PRIORITY TWO –BALLOT Membership Types: Demon Seat Members, Red and Blue Home and Home and Away Members, MFC/MCC, Premium Members and 20+ year consecutive Members. I assumed Red and Blue Home Members were the regular memberships with no add ons so in the first two groups in the table posted above. If not you are right the odds of Priority 2 getting a ticket are lower than I presented. Hard to tell tho.
  17. Lucifer's Hero

    GF Ballot Barcode

    This is not by club but probably representative: AFL MEMBERSHIP BREAKDOWN 2018 345,079 - 11-game home membership (34%) 111,554 - Home and away membership (at least 16-17 game memberships) (11%) 121,413 - Five-game, general admission or less than 11 game membership (12%) 151,186 - Three-game membership (15%) 279,261 - Remaining membership categories: (member of a club without entry rights, AFLW member, Auskick membership, stadium member or AFL member) (28%) 1,008,494 - Total AFL members My reading is that for MFC Priotity 1 and 2 is the top two groups above (Full Members). So taking the AFL ratio of 45% of MFC 45,000 = ~ 20,000 members. Not all 20,000 would have gone into the ballot because of competing commitments, are overseas, are MCC/AFL members, prohibitive cost etc. So I would say that with last year's competing team allocation of approx 16,500 nearly all MFC Priority 1 and 2 will get a ticket - usual caveat applies: if we make it.
  18. Lucifer's Hero

    GF Ballot Barcode

    Hang on...where was this discussed? Allocation is supposed to be equal between competing clubs. It would be a first if prorated on membership numbers and totally unfair!
  19. Lucifer's Hero

    Umpires this week

    Nicholls, Chamberlain, Meredith Not great. Pleased about Razor. Could be worse. Let's hope Nicholls has sorted out the sliding rule!
  20. Lucifer's Hero

    Esprit de corps

    Interesting story about how trust and bonds have been built. Starting by Goodwin revealing a lot about himself to the players, similar to what Hardwick did at the beginning of last season. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-09-20/gambling-family-issues-more-goodwin-tells-all Described by Melksham thus: "For him [Goodwin] to open up like that shows a fair bit of courage, but also shows just how much he trusts the group, and so many players benefit from that...There's been a lot of other coaches and players who have got up and spoken similarly to the group. Most of us did it." Hibberd: "I feel like it's bonded us as tight as I couldn't even imagine. Guys I didn't know that well at the end of last year, I feel like I've got tight bonds with those guys now, so it's been a good year." Also interesting that Jim Plunkett (General Manager - People and Cultures) who runs the sessions sits on the bench on game days, similar to Richmonds 'mindfulness' coach. Hard as nails on field. Very human off field. Easy to see how Esprit de corps is being built.
  21. Lucifer's Hero

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    Official Smith for Fritsch: http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-09-20/preliminary-final-team The emergencies Jay Kennedy Harris, Jayden Hunt, Fritsch and Tim Smith two of whom will go to Perth
  22. Lucifer's Hero

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    ET, I love #thetradeshwhisper but I usually assume you are entertaining us. So, can you please give us a sign eg 😂 when you are humouring us or a sign when you are being serious eg 😉...
  23. Lucifer's Hero

    2018 Contracts and List Details

    Now that our List is complete I've started a new thread for 2018 Contracts etc: I've merged the 'A' Rookies with the Seniors list as 'A' Rookies can now play at AFL level from round one without the need for promotion or upgrade or relying on a Long Term Injury. If you see any changes required please let me know. If you want to know full details on any player go to: http://www.melbournefc.com.au/Team/players/senior Interesting that of 21 players that are OOC in 2018 the high priority ones for me are Petracca and Jetta. Then the McD brothers and Brayshaw. I can't see Jetta and Brayshaw going anywhere. I wouldn't like to see the McD's go but we have good coverage for them at both ends of the ground. And, I recall reading that discussions are happening with Petracca on a new contract so wouldn't be surprised if there is an announcement before too long - maybe a little Christmas present for us .
  24. Lucifer's Hero

    The Steven May Thread

    It sounds like May might have approached us: "Tom Morris said May was clearly canvassing all his options...to do your due diligence, you’ve got to meet with as many clubs as you can and clearly Melbourne is a successful club...but clearly Melbourne don‘t need him either..." https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/live-afl-trade-video-chat-with-tom-morris-steven-may-reportedly-meets-melbourne/news-story/d700a266e6022e2be5f668ccd7b72fe0 If May's manager came knocking on our door, my question, is when? If after we made/succeeded in finals, its a bit too opportunistic for me. Someone looking for easy street, perhaps? It seems to me we plan our deals a long way ahead, rather than join in a trade bidding war. Yes, we can be as opportunistic as the next but that hasn't been our style of late. So it seems more plausible the approach came from May. Imv, he doesn't give us much more than we have so I say 'thanks but no thanks, Steven.
  25. Lucifer's Hero

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    If Smith comes in, I prefer Baley to go forward for Spargo. Bayley does most things better than Spargo (sorry Charlie).