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  1. 2018 Membership Thread

    The current membership figure is a lowly 16,689. (It picks up MCC memberships and the annual automatic rollovers which occurred on Oct 25). I don’t have the comparable figure for Week 4 of Oct last year. But the figures for week 3 of October in recent years were: 2017: 21,890. 2018 Shortfall at least 5,291 (24%) 2016: 19,026. 2018 Shortfall at least 2,337 2014: 17,625. 2018 Shortfall at least 936 It is reasonable to assume that it is the diehard supporters that pay up 'early'. So it would be alarming to the club that at least 24% of last year’s diehard renewals have not occurred. Equally alarming would be we are under the equivalent 2014 figure (ie after the announcement of Roos as the new coach). If 24% fewer diehard supporters have not renewed, one wonders how many of the new members that took us to 42,000 will also fall by the wayside. We can all guess the reasons for the non-renewals: Round 23 capitulation Missing finals The post round 23 communication vacuum from the club The early finals ticket brochure fiasco. (and maybe for some the handling/departure of a fan favourite) On DL we have done those to death and on here we are quite forgiving and our belief in the club and its management, while questioned at times, is very resilient. But rightly or wrongly those events hurt the club and seem enough for members to start voting with their wallets. DL posters can ridicule them and say they are not 'true supporters' but they have the right to not take out a membership if they are not happy with what the club has shown. PJ and co really have their hands full to get the disenchanted members back. I hope he has some aces up his sleeve because patience seems to have run out. If the trend doesn't reverse it will really hurt financially which we can ill afford with the ordinary fixture we have been given. It will also hurt PJ's attempts to get a front of jumper sponsor ( I believe AHG will not be renewing their sponsorship). We might be lucky to reach 40,000 for 2018. FWIW - I did my bit and signed up last week.
  2. MFC Advent Calendar

    MFC has created an Advent Calendar. Behind each number there are highlights of the player that wears that number, with a few Chrissie tunes in the background. DEC 1: HOGAN DAY 2: JONES The Advent Calendar and each player can be followed from the twitter feed on MFC website or on their fb page. Nice touch by the club! ENJOY!
  3. 2018 Membership Thread

    A few new faces on the calendar. In: Jetta, Hunt, Garlett and TMc. Out: Tyson, Vince, Watts, Brayshaw. Rapt to see Jetta there. To go from delisting, to rookie, to AA squad is a superb achievement. A loyal servant of the club who is the best he can be and still taking on challenges to improve himself. Respect. Have been a huge fan of Hunt since I first saw him play, early in 2016, so delighted to see him on the calendar. A player who did not come in with any fanfare but has worked damn hard to cement his place in the side and now a deserving fan favourite. Edit: Forgot to mention, Petracca gets the honour of the cover page.
  4. Sponsorship Problem?

    Thanks for that info. I wonder where Essendon's 'Abyss' leagues (Ocean Pro League and Oceanic Challenger League) fits into the global heirarchy of esport leagues? I can see why the AFL wants in on this - the vast majority of people into esport are <30 age group and known to watch little FTA TV preferring to pick and choose what, when and how they watch. On-line seems the preferred medium. I suspect that group is underrepresented in the AFL spectator demographics. So in 20 years the AFL audience may shrink (relatively speaking) and clubs will compete with the likes of esports (and new 'sports' yet to be invented) for memberships and sponsors. So the AFL would be looking to tap into that age group and simultaneously extend the regional/global reach of its brand to attract bigger sponsors. I agree, clubs can easily get their fingers burnt if they can't get/keep top esport players. Those with deep pockets can withstand that but the smaller clubs may never even have the chance to get in on the action. It could be that soon (next decade) not having an esport team could disadvantage clubs seeking sponsors. And those that do have one will find it a lot easier to attract global brands as sponsors. For us, we struggle to get an Australian 'household' name sponsor and it will be even harder competing for the 'global' sponsor. The clubs with existing global brands: Emirates, Mazda, Toyota etc are in a good position. Maybe this is the opportunity to expand our relationship with Southern China Airlines (but they also sponsor Adelaide Crows who already have an esport team).
  5. Sponsorship Problem?

    This isn't about sponsorships per se http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/essendon-bombers-buy-australian-esports-team-abyss-20171207-h00vmw.html but over time it may have a big impact on the inherent viability of AFL clubs. Once the esports outfit starts to wear the AFL club colours, in this case Essendon, the exposure its sponsors get will greatly overshadow that from AFL games, members etc. Sponsors will be knocking their door down to get on board. In the meantime the small clubs struggle to get sponsors. Forgive me a moment of cyncism (and jealousy) but the rich clubs will get richer and the poor ones... Hope we get a FOJ sponsor soon - one that will stick with us for the long haul.
  6. Finals 2018? Mick McGuane thinks so.

    For scientific usage, true. In general usage 'quantum leap': a sudden large increase or advance. I think we are looking for the same thing.
  7. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    Oscar doesn't need to take on the 'gorilla' FF. They are quickly becoming extinct. The last few 'gorilla's (Buddy, Kennedy, Hawkins) will be gone in a few years. The new breed FF is tall and lanky (Daniher, Brown, Moore, Hipwood etc) with great overhead reach. Smarts will be just as important as braun. And Oscar is growing in both areas and is now starting his 4th year. He will be a fine addition to our defence. He doesn't need to be a star - consistently do the job asked of him will do.
  8. Finals 2018? Mick McGuane thinks so.

    McGuane's prediction for us to make finals is a no brainer! Incremental improvement will happen from our talent, another preseason and increased experience of young guys in their 4th+ year. So the proverbial 'drover's dog' can get us into the finals. Simply scraping into the finals won't be enough to call the year a success, imv - as I said a 'drover's dog' will get us there. We need to achieve a quantum improvement and finish in or just outside the 4 and win at least one final. I hear people talk injuries. Yes, teams need luck with injury to win the GF but they aren't an excuse for not making the quantum improvement into the finals next year as we have an excellent top 30 which gives us plenty of depth. The want by players will determine how far we go.
  9. 2018 Membership Thread

    Hope it isn't so, od. If we make finals for next 5 years, play off in a few prelims and not get to nor win the big dance then we can all go to AA to get over our addiction and memberships be damned. Couldn't bear another rebuild...
  10. 2018 Membership Thread

    Judging by comments here on DL quite a few were 'holding off' their renewals due to disappointment at season's end, hence the early poor numbers. But some have commented they have since signed up anyway! Extrapolate that over the whole membership base and it adds up. Have often thought being a Demon supporter is like an addiction...we keep going back for more regardless of the hangover and a membership is part of the deal... Hopefully, we will be rewarded before too long.
  11. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    I had the same impression of Trac. He only needs to look at Oliver and see the difference one preseason can make. Sounds like Oliver and Brayshaw are becoming really tough cookies! Like it!
  12. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    So we have our new 'link' player to roam between the 50m arcs! Salem is the best placed to now play that role. He will help reduce the loss of silkiness going i50 from our old #4. Salem is not as big but I reckon he can be just as deadly delivering the ball inside 50. Has terrific footy IQ, reads the play well, good decision maker and has reasonable speed, not to mention a terrific left boot. Can launch from outside 50 too. Cool as a cucumber.
  13. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    I certainly wasn't suggesting that Trac be talked up! My comment/question was related to his actual fitness and endurance not the 'puff type pieces' that are written around this time. After all he does that himself - last preseason he declared he wanted to be a Hall of Famer! So yes the fewer 'puff pieces' the better. I would rather he let his football do the talking. I'm hoping Petracca can make big advances in his preseason work, like Oliver last year. Petracca certainly has talent to burn but needs to show more consistency; in games and week to week. Doesn't need to star or win games off his own boot - his consistency and endurance will be huge for us... Thanks to @DeeSpencer and @Satyriconhome for reporting back that he is doing fine.
  14. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    Thanks DeeSpencer - very much appreciated. That is a great effort for TomMc to win the 2km given he is recovering from double ankle surgery. On a different note - there have been a few articles about various players who have come back in great nick or being talked up. I haven't heard Petracca's name mentioned. Does he look like he has improved his fitness/tank - that was his challenge for this pre season - so just wondering if you've noticed how he is going on that.
  15. MFC Advent Calendar

    DAY 4: ? Its afternoon and no sign of a number 4...I wonder if the production people somehow forgot that some players are no longer at the club and the club is now uncertain what to do... If they skip Watts, they also need to skip Trengove, Garland etc. But they were part of the club for 2017 so there is some basis for letting them have their day. I also like Demonland's idea to use clips of the AFLW players that wear the number. Hopefully, there is a video up soon showcasing someone wearing #4.
  16. Preseason Training - Week commencing 4/12/17

    Looks like Jesse is ready to go. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-12-04/-hogan-in-super-nick-and-set-for-beast-mode and is working on some tricks like "... a focus on improving his functional strength, with a particular emphasis on being able to push off big opponents and create separation in marking contests." And is working on his 'body language' which I assume means not to show his frustrations on the field (to teammates or umpires) and stay aware of where the ball and his opp is . Those things will go along way to making him a better player. Lets hope it his year.
  17. Not the Youngest/Least Experienced Anymore ...

    I agree, 14 of our squad have played less than 10 games, leaving 30 who will make up our playing group each week especially in the first half of the year. I did a calc to exclude the 14 from the Age/Experience which effectively gives us the' playing group' or an approximation of the best 22. Average Age: 25 years Average Experience: 64 games To give a bit more insight and remove the bias from the 'average' of players like Vince, Lewis and Jones at one end and Weideman at the other I looked at the Median (ie the midpoint of the group): Median Age: 24 Median Experience: 46 The only way to really compare is to do the same thing for each club (can't be bothered...) so hard for people to draw conclusions compared to the other clubs listed. We now have a core group around 25 years of age who will be in the 50 to 150 game experience. It is many a year since we have had more than a handful of players in that core group. We are well placed to have an extended period of success. How far up the ladder that is, well who knows. On a side note, I can't wait to see Hogan, Oliver, Petracca, Brayshaw and Salem play together. With their various injury woes over the last 3 years I doubt they have played more than a handful of games together. If they click then it will be great watching.
  18. 2018 Contracts and List Details

    Now that our List is complete I've started a new thread for 2018 Contracts etc: I've merged the 'A' Rookies with the Seniors list as 'A' Rookies can now play at AFL level from round one without the need for promotion or upgrade or relying on a Long Term Injury. If you see any changes required please let me know. If you want to know full details on any player go to: http://www.melbournefc.com.au/Team/players/senior Interesting that of 21 players that are OOC in 2018 the high priority ones for me are Petracca and Jetta. Then the McD brothers and Brayshaw. I can't see Jetta and Brayshaw going anywhere. I wouldn't like to see the McD's go but we have good coverage for them at both ends of the ground. And, I recall reading that discussions are happening with Petracca on a new contract so wouldn't be surprised if there is an announcement before too long - maybe a little Christmas present for us .
  19. 2018 Contracts and List Details

    https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/the-age-and-experience-ladder-for-2018-where-your-club-sits/news-story/ec1626ea2a37e51263bd10b9084fc31d They have the Dees Total List Average Age as the 9th oldest on 24 years and 12th on Average Experience on 56.5 years. As noted in my post above I don't think the Average for the list is the best measure - I prefer the Median for the likely playing group. Nonetheless the article gives a reasonable indication where we sit approximately vs other teams.
  20. Lewis to train with the Backline

    That is correct. When he took the 1yr contract he was told he may have Casey time to give developing players game experience and he was ok with that. Re some other posts in this thread on Lewis and Vince. They are over 30, past their best and slowing down. Our youngsters have yet to reach that critical 5 pre-seasons mark, that is generally considered when full AFL conditioning is reached. So imv Lewis and Vince still have an important role - to keep the opp honest and 'protect' the youngsters from snipers and man-handlers - opp will be out to work over our young stars next year. (Hopefully Lewis, Vince et al can do that without suspensions). It is not something Jones does often and he turns 30 in January so his days are numbered (if age is the criteria for a mid fielder). imv neither Vince or Lewis are in our bottom six and until they are I'm happy to see them on the ground. And they aren't the worst 'butchers' of the ball in the team. We still need their experience in all facets of the game not just possessions and kicks etc.
  21. Lewis to train with the Backline

    A lot of our defenders were found out 'out the back'. It is an unfortunate feature of our 'zone defence'. Hopefully we become more practiced at it and players are in the right positions at the right time. Then Lewis' (or Bernie's, or Jones') lack of speed in defence won't hurt us so much. I think the 'set up' of the defenders Lewis referred to is as much about set-up for kick-ins. How many times last year did the ball go straight to the opposition or the opposition got it on the ground and sent it straight back to goals. Set-up for boundary throw-ins in the back half is an issue. It hurt us a lot in the back half when Max couldn't jump and our small players were in the wrong place. A fit Max would help. Finally, I hope the set-ups behind the ball at centre bounces get some work as we were badly caught out with that plan in the back half of the season. So, for mine the issue of 'set-up' in defence and marshalling the players is broader and more important than Lewis' or others (slowing) speed. And fortunately it is being addressed.
  22. Lewis to train with the Backline

    Quote: "...Lewis said the Demons had identified the need for an experienced head in defence...one of the gaps was a little bit of leadership down back..." That suggests that Hibberd and Jetta while outstanding, very experienced players and in the AA squad/team, they aren't so rated on the leadership side of things. That is a shame since we have such an inexperienced back line and we don't have Lewis on field for too much longer. A job for Lever in a few years - to become the leader "...who could set up the backline and marshall the defenders..." Alas...we could do with a few more 'marshalls' in other parts of the field.
  23. Preseason Training - Week commencing 27/11/17

    Ernest, hope this gives some reassurance: "...Melbourne's coaching staff took the opportunity to teach and work with him on his technique when approaching contests...Brayshaw was predisposed to leading with his head and they have been trying to alter his approach to ensure he leads more with his body to absorb the contact coming his way..." http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-07-18/demon-angus-brayshaw-to-return-in-vfl-after-concussions I know there are no guarantees. But the kid clearly wants to play and it seems he and his family have weighed up the risks. So, I would love to see him fulfill his potential.
  24. MFC Fourth Consecutive Profit

    http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-11-23/melbourne-makes-fourth-consecutive-profit Key Stats: Profit of $1.3m Debt reduced by $1.3m to $4.1m (Was $8.1m when Barlett and Jackson arrived) Revenue up by $2.m over 2016 ie 9% “A key factor in the financial result was the support of members. A Club record 42,233 signed up for the 2017 season, with the Club also breaking its attendance record with over 830,000 people watching the team play this year – an increase of more than 146,000 from 2016. An incredible turnaround in 4 years to go from a financial basket case to one that is financially stable, thanks primarily to Jackson. Fair to say In-Jackson-We-Trust
  25. Preseason Training - Week commencing 27/11/17

    I've noticed that Angus hasn't worn his helmet yet at training. (Paraphrasing). His mum, Debra was just on SEN saying he hasn't yet decided yet whether to wear it in 2018. It sounded like she would get a bit of emotional comfort if he did. She then said Angus was managed very cautiously with baby steps and he had to meet certain targets before the next step and at times it seemed doctors were too cautious. He had a lot of tests done and there is no evidence that there were any problems when he came back to play. She said he is now 100% and sounded very confident. Given the distress she went thru during the year it was fantastic to hear her sound so positive about him and his game. Gus had a fabulous 1st year then year two and three marred with injuries. He will now have four preseasons and with a bit of luck on the injury front 2018 could be his breakout year!