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  1. The Harley Balic Thread

    An ambitious opening ambit! They selected him @ pick #38 ie late 2nd round/low 3rd round, has played a handful of games in two years and has application issues. Hard to argue he is worth a pick better than around #40. If mfc agree to more than what Freo gave up for him we have rocks in our heads. He is no Hibberd or Melksham to go for a mid/late 20 pick.
  2. Do you really think Jack is the only senior player that is recalcitrant from time to time? That he is the only senior player that has his activities questioned by the club? Yet such senior players don't have negative public comments made by the club let alone a negative public narrative run on them over a whole season. It is that that I find inconsistent and therefore distasteful.
  3. I fully expect that all players meet standards but I also expect they be treated equally at least in public. 99% of the public dialogue from the club about Jack this year has been on the negative side. Even when Jack has played a really good game he has rarely received public praise or recognition. Other players at the club or in the AFL don't get talked about by their club in this way on a regular basis. I find it disappointing that our club chooses a negative narrative on one of our own. They know the media will lap up every negative comment about Jack, yet they feed it. Why I don't know.
  4. Jones: "...That's probably why we tend to come down harder on him, because he's a more senior player." I'm glad someone finally admitted the club is harder on Jack than it is others. That has long be a suspicion of mine. Among the harsh public talk about Jack by Coach, Captains and even young players there has rarely been a positive word/encouragement to go with it. Makes me wonder if Jack has become the whipping boy inside the club as well? Very said if so.
  5. The Harley Balic Thread

    Probably just a 'real' rumour ie its true that a club has inquired but doesn't eventuate. There are probably dozens of those made by each club every year - most inquiries go nowhere.
  6. The Harley Balic Thread

    Mentioned as a hypothetical perhaps but where has MFC's interest been noted or reported?
  7. The Jake Stringer Thread

    It seems the AFL have quietly dumped their '3 strikes and out for 6 weeks rule'. At best it looks like out for 2 or 3 weeks or not at all... And has anyone noticed the a whole range of non-injury reasons for players of a number of clubs missing a few games here and there. ...maybe they stop target testing some players after 2 strikes...
  8. The Harley Balic Thread

    The Age is reporting we are interested in Harley: "Melbourne are believed to have shown interest in Fremantle youngster Harley Balic, who is eyeing a move to a Victorian club after two seasons with the Dockers. The 20-year-old spent extended periods on leave from Fremantle this year as he dealt with personal issues. The Demons are remaining tight-lipped on the matter". Who knows how accurate that is! Demons are saying nothing (and I like that). I don't usually try and imagine trades but if the report is true might we trade Kent for him?
  9. Article of Koch's expectation of players

    Koch may play quite a price for his rant. Appears Hinkley wants to be released from his contract. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/sport/afl/afl-finals-ken-hinkley-wants-out-of-port-adelaide/news-story/b0cfb3e1f1d9ec8afcd75b5f70122a18 It may become a matter for the AFL to resolve and Hinkley to GCS is probably the AFL's only chance of getting GCS off the road to ruin. If it suits them they will make sure he gets there and won't let Port sue him for breach of contract.
  10. On Thursday 9 November 2pm - List Lodgement (2) happens so more players will become available as Delisted Free Agents.
  11. 2017 Player Reviews: # 8 Heritier Lumumba

    A good time to close thread, perhaps...
  12. The Andrew Gaff thread

    Agreed. Plus (career averages): - Doesn't defend nor put pressure on the ball carrier: 1% things (.86 per game). tackles (1.8 per game). contested possessions ( 6 of 25 per game). - Doesn't help the team score: i50 (3.6 per game). goals (.35 per game). goal assists (.52 per game) clearances (2 per game) - Doesn't show signs of being able to defend up forward or in the mid. - Hasn't impacted in finals. In summary, he is not an impact player either offensively nor defensively. Admittedly, he had a good year when he made AA in 2015 but hasn't shown a lot since. I know stats aren't everything but over a long period they do tell a story. Based on his stats and DL's penchant for aggressive, go in hard players, he would become the new DL whipping boy! Being able to run and once a Dees supporter isn't enough to gain my vote.
  13. Can only be Watts. Or ironically, Salem! I think the club knows that bb, which is why I doubt they will be traded. And for mine none of the prospective names being thrown around on DL are such reliable kicks at goal under pressure.
  14. AFL Finals - Week 2

    I stopped watching at qtr time after the duckers had 3 dubious free kicks: Selwood faked a hit on the head (resulted in a goal). Dangerfield who dived forward (kicked a point) and another to him for some unknown reason (goal). Even the commentators were saying umpires should pay what they see and not what they think happens to champions. Meanwhile, at the other end Taylor (and sometimes Touy) were blocking Buddy or manhandling him eons before the ball got near them and at one stage Taylor got the free because Buddy jostled him out of the way. Buddy got no protection whatsoever from the umpires. The die was cast in the first 20 minutes and the terrible umpiring gave Geelong all the momentum and the quarter time lead. The final score suggests Sydney were outplayed and outcoached so didn't deserve to win. But that doesn't overcome the umpires' favouritism for certain players and noticeable lack of that for others.
  15. As I said I think it is rubbish and a media beat up based on a random Waldron tweet!