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  1. Greg Denham also 'smells a rat' North desperately want Kelly from GWS. Consider this: they are second bottom on %, Lions are on the rise and could win another game or two. If not, the last game is Lions vs North. It could become the clincher for North to get the wooden spoon. They tank again with playing kids and putting other players in for surgery. Then they can offer GWS (pick 1 + whatever) and if GWS balk Kelly can walk into the preseason draft and North get him for zip. So the wooden spoon gives North a huge upper hand in a deal with GWS for Kelly! Scott is cunning and has form when it comes to using selection to manipulate the result he wants - remember 2015 round 23 when he tanked to get a home final instead of facing Adelaide in Adelaide. Yes, tanking is alive and well but as Denham said it is now called 'list mangement'.
  2. At risk of being unpatriotic to the demon cause and wanting Greene suspended, I thought it was the forearm that slid up to Rance's chin and Rance milked it for all it was worth. His staging was as obvious as Dangerfield's on Friday night. If Greene is suspended Rance should get a fine for staging. Maybe Rance should get a fine regardless.
  3. I actually wanted WCE to win to make it harder for the drug cheating club to make the 8. Now we have to rely on the bulldogs beating them next week and even then they may still get there as they have an easy run. And WCE will be easier to beat than Ess in a final! Ess simply do not deserve to make the finals because of all the concessions the AFL gave them after bringing the game into dispute. Note: my gripe is against Ess and the AFL, not the suspended players - they did their time.
  4. Great pic 'markc'! Out of interest which player does your family sponsor? It must be a real thrill for your kids to have a player they have a special connection with.
  5. The hubris on this thread is a laugh: If Richmond win today, they are equal third with a (potentially % boosting) game vs GCS next week. That will all but guarantee them a position in the 8. The Dees on the other hand will end the round 7th with a nail biting game each week to hold a position in the 8. We are not over the line and it may come down to the last game of the season for us as other teams in the running (Port, WCE, Ess and WB) have an 'easier' draw. Cool the jets folks, one week at a time...
  6. A big factor in Port's wins has been Robbie Gray. He has averaged 2.4 goals per game. And he has had some big hauls of 4+ goals in some games. His tally yesterday: 0 goals, 0 points!!! He did play on the ball for some of the game. But him going scoreless was huge for us. He is Port's danger player and the difference between winning and losing. Our defence, especially Jetta and Hibberd did a superb job of keeping him on a leash when he was down there.
  7. That is a weird plan! They have a better chance of beating Ess today than us next week: We almost beat them in Tassie last year when Goldstein was BOG and is now struggling where ever he plays. We took it up to them a few months ago and even North supporters say they won because they had a 19th player on their side who was dressed in yellow. I would love that to be Scott's plan and watch it backfire spectacularly when we thrash them. We are no longer someone's 'bunny'!
  8. Anyone else wondering if North are tanking? They have rested/dropped Zeibell/Goldstein. Now Tarrant is 'injured' in the warm up and a debutante is coming in. I find the gifting a game to Ess nauseating.
  9. A very nice Jack highlights video: A bit surprised his goal earlier this year vs Geelong (@1.40 minute mark of video) wasn't nominated for GOTW. He got the ball to spill free from danger, made a great second effort to get back behind the ball then made a very slick one handed pick up and goaled from about 70mts. I still tear up at his superb goal on QB vs Pies a few months ago - that may become the defining image of his career. In every way have a great day , Jack!
  10. And I don't think anyone has a problem with it if it is one of the smaller interstate team. The problem is the carte blanche Geelong want to play all their finals at SS regardless of who the opp is. Supporters of Vic team and probably Adelaide/Sydney/Port, who have good sized memberships and members who will take an hour flight, will want to see their team in a final. Its at times like this I think it is great for Eddie to use his pulpit to protect the interests of all teams.
  11. Good call bb! You must have been eavesdropping! Thankfully, Eddie has slammed it. A few weeks ago, Scott went so far to say Clubs should decide where their in season Home games should be played. That would be nice for all of us but then he added 'locking out fans should not be factored in! Yeah, so he gets 11 games at SS with a 95% parochial crowd. I just can't get over the sense of entitlement of some teams. Geelong, Essendon and Carlton are the worst in the league.
  12. Well, Danger should get a fine for staging! So, when is 'diving' not 'diving'? Saying it was cleaver tactics is skirting round the issue for a protected species. If the AFL want to stamp out staging and diving, then penalise the big names like Rance and Danger, instead of allowing kids like Oliver to be pilloried in the press for far less!
  13. The latest: This weeks changes: Stretch signed up for 2 more years. T Smith signed up for 1 more year. Note: Smith's contract extension is as a Rookie. Of the 2017 OOC I would expect Vince, King, Van d, Frost (if he wants it) and ANB to be signed up before too long. Just leaves Kennedy, Trengove, Pedersen, Spencer and Hulett as unsigned. Then some decisions on the rookies who may all be kept for another year. Interesting trade period coming up. If my predictions are right, we won't have OOC players with 'trade currency'. So, unless we trade out recently signed players (which I doubt) we will be trading picks to get the players we have been linked with.
  14. Wonder if being 'greeted warmly by his teammates' when given the ok to join the main group at training is a sign Jack v will play. Edit: Some good side to side running in this video It seems he has a few more things to tick off tomorrow but gee he sounds confident... Here's hoping!
  15. Very fair and insightful comments.