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  1. Lucifer's Hero

    Gary Pert?

    Pert was glowing in his comments on Goodwin and Mahoney. Pert Interview He sounded very genuine. On Goodwin: “This was a leader of the club, more than just the player group, this is someone who understands the influence that he has in a broader sense" On Mahoney: "Josh was there when Roosy (Paul Roos) come on board rolling into Simon, so he’s been the one that culturally has been a constant as our program has been developing. He’s going to play a bigger role down the track.” Pert flagged Josh would be more involved in commercial activities and oversee the Casey program. All good to broaden his experience to take the next step in his career: be it to AFL HQ or a Club CEO. I would daresay in a few years Josh will leave mfc to take that next career step. It will be an opportunity he has earnt and deserves. By then I hope we have a flag for him!
  2. Lucifer's Hero

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    SEN interview yesterday, summarised here: http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-12-04/a-great-time-to-be-a-melbourne-fan-pert “We need to build a facility where the club can get together and to create a meeting place for our members and supporters before and after games. That’s what great clubs are about." Full interview
  3. Lucifer's Hero

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    I was delightfully surprised to hear Pert say that the new facilities would have social areas for members/supporters to go before/after games. Most of us had thought this was unlikely to be included. So it narrows down the options to be somewhere around the MCG. He was instrumental in getting the dedicated areas for Pie supporters at their MCG games so he has a good idea of what is required.
  4. Lucifer's Hero

    2019 Membership

    Gary Pert just said on SEN there are 22,000 MCC members who list MFC as their club but only 50% buy an MFC membership. If Pert is even semi successful in that quest we will exceed 50,000!
  5. Lucifer's Hero

    Gary Pert?

    On face value an impressive interview. He has a clear view of his role and his priorities are to grow the club and get the new facilities in place. Seems to have worked hard to engage existing managers and stakeholders. Time will tell how it works out but if he achieves those goals, I won't get too hung up on the odd issue that might arise.
  6. Lucifer's Hero

    2019 Membership

    30,096 a 8% increase on Nov 30, 2017. I wouldn't be surprised to see this rise substantially before Christmas - we have already exceeded last year's Christmas Eve total. We are on the way to reach 50,000!
  7. Lucifer's Hero

    2017 Player Reviews: # 33 Jake Spencer

    A few smart clubs saw how WCE performed during the finals. We were one of them and zeroed in on Preuss. The media (and some clubs) didn't get it at first. It finally dawned on them that the game is changing. Some have been scrambling to find a second ruckman so a few have been thrown lifelines: Mumford, Roughead, Clarke and perhaps Spencer. A few clubs will be found wanting with just one recognised ruckman or two average ruckman. Ironically, they seem to be the clubs that ended the year at the bottom of the ladder.
  8. Lucifer's Hero

    Gary Pert?

    His job is backroom stuff and to state the obvious it is off-season. Anyway, not sure what could be said at this stage. Wait 12 months. If he takes a leaf from Jackson's songbook he will keep a low profile and let the football do the talking. So we probably won't here much at all about him or from him. Assume: no-news-is good-news.
  9. Lucifer's Hero

    2019 Membership

    28,663 Have been keenly awaiting an update! 1,053 (3.8%) up on same time last year: 27,610 on Nov 30, 2017. Thought we would have had a bigger leap on the back of the finals attendances but a good start, nonetheless.
  10. Lucifer's Hero


    A fascinating insight into how round 1 and early parts of round 2 unfolded with a behind the scenes look at the pick trades. Draft We may have been caught napping with pick trading and left it too late to get into the action. We were one of 3 or 4 clubs to not pick trade during the draft. Maybe we just didn't have enough currency early in the second round. I suspect picks 20 - 25 will be very valuable in future drafts especially if held onto until draft night: if a highly regarded player slips down the order or a club is keen on a particular player still on the board, the interested clubs will come courting!
  11. Lucifer's Hero

    AFL Draft review: Melbourne

    Jordon sounds like a real prospect: "... will provide some great outside run to the Demons with his best work done on the outskirts of the ground and delivering the ball into the forward 50. Jordon is renowned for his accuracy by foot and good decision making with ball in hand which will be beneficial to Melbourne who at times lacked composure when entering their forward half. He can often play as that link-up player who can connect passages of play and impact the contest with his high footy IQ". Still only 17 but what an asset he will be if all those attributes are developed. Imagine: Salem and Jordon with good decision making, high footy IQ and accurate kicking to our forwards. Happy days! 🙂 He may turn out to be the gem of the draft!
  12. Lucifer's Hero

    Our Tall Forwards

    Under the pss rules Mclean is effectively a Free Agent so we can rookie him up until March 2019. Or line him up as pss rookie for the 2018/2019 sign up. (We don't have a rookie spot right now but a current rookie could be promoted to the seniors list where we do have a spot). Can't help but think the last seniors spot has been left vacant for a reason, yet to unfold. It seems that Keilty will be give first shot at the role and good on him. He has worked hard and could easily see him being promoted to the seniors at some stage.
  13. Lucifer's Hero

    5th Consecutive Profit

    I was a bit surprised by this as our debt position is quite reasonable. We save interest on the $1.5m and we can always borrow again but I thought we might conserve capital for 'our $ share' of new facilities cost - which is one of the reasons we sold Leighoak.
  14. Lucifer's Hero

    5th Consecutive Profit

    Overall, it is a great result. Jackson certainly left us in a very strong position: financial, staff, sponsors and football. Hard to believe it all happened in just 5 years. I have little doubt we will continue his work and be a really strong club again.
  15. Lucifer's Hero

    2019 Contracts and List Details

    No need to delete - its a good time to clarify the player's age shown is as at the end of their contract. Thanks to all for changes. I will do them when next I update the table, which probably won't be long since the club would want to sign up a few players soon rather than later.