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  1. 22 minutes ago, Deemania since 56 said:

    I had a dream: we refuse to co-habitate the MCG with 'foreign', well treated teams. Our member numbers soar to unprecedented heights as a result of this new dynasty that lasts and lasts. At the five year point, we begin building our own home ground away from the 'G, merging with a floundering Richmond to build a compact yet beautiful stadium (that just fits our extensive membership on one side in luxurious comfort where every seat is a $200 view of the ground and electronic scoreboards). The stadium has no location in my dream but it does serve a plated hot meal with good cold beer to all member patrons. There are no 'corporate' luxuries, it is a people's palace with a free pie and sauce to non-members, a can of Coke or a cuppa tea/coffee. We dictate to the AFL (and they have no capacity to refuse) that all of the MFC-R games will be played there on Friday nights, only. Away games dovetail perfectly for the same privelege to be extended to the Casey team on the odd away match and they use the ground as their membership has also gone 'through the roof'. The whole place becomes football central and the Pies, the Blues, the Bombers and the Cats fold in their increasing misery. Someone telephoned ... and that was the end of the dream .... 

    You got nothing to dream about tonight "56.....

  2. 2 hours ago, poita said:

    Weideman shouldn't be playing AFL at this point based on his performances to date, so I'm happy for Smith to be taking his chance.

    The big test will come on QB when Smith will need to hold his own in the ruck against Grundy & Cox. Do we have confidence that he can fight out a nil-all draw in these contests?

    Pretty sure Grundy doesn't like it coming straight at him at pace, for that matter no one does, but when it's a big bloke not actually trying to outreach and  just compete like Mummy, apprehension pervades. Cox belongs to Max..........

  3. 32 minutes ago, Deespicable said:

    Goody deserves a lot of credit after rejigging since the Rd 5 loss.

    Among the changes since then are:

    1) removal of guys whose kicking skills are not always reliable, even at the expense of pace - Hunt, Frost - and hard workers like Bugg and eventually Wagner and Tyson.

    2) Switching our most accurate kicks back to defence - Salem and Lewis

    3) removal of our low pressure forwards - Garlett and Fritsch (the latter being sent to the wing)

    4) Major decision to go with a power forward target who is less likely to be pushed under the ball (Weid and now Smith) in preference to Bugg and Fritsch and Jeffy.

    5) Use of T-Mac in tandem with Jesse as roaming forwards that provide outlet up wings and then cutback hard to maximise their endurance skills.

    6) Return of the wings with Angus and Fritsch being tall and not as slow as Jordy and Tyson. 

    7) Going with a highly-skilled youngster in Spargo and recalling Hannan who are both way more aggressive than Jeffy.

    8 Sticking by hardworking, hardrunning types such as ANB and Harmes even when almost every Demonlander wants them out.

    And most importantly the other major structural change which is partly to do with confidence has been to reinvoke the permission to switch the ball from down back. 

    Obviously not having any significant injuries helps as well, but that's more credit to fitness staff than Goody.




    One of your best posts Deespicable. Agree with every point, and add delivery into forward 50 is being beautifully mixed up........

  4. 11 minutes ago, Beetle said:

    It was particularly enjoyable to have one of the modern day genius’ of our game in Brian Taylor commentating today.

    His astute observation in the second quarter of the courage Lever showed in leaving his man, to approach a marking contest and make a spoil, when Lever wasn’t within cooee of anyone was especially remarkable.

    Ten seconds later he tells us he “reckons” Max Gawn has been knocked out.

    This bloke is an hysterical peanut. I like a bit of charisma but Jesus Christ it’s like watching re-runs of the Benny Hill show when Taylor’s commentating!

    Beetle, he'll be straight back up to Vic Park telling Eddie and getting flabbergasted at the same time, about "have we got twenty two Phil Carmens and five Phi Manassas"........

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  5. 1 hour ago, Lord Travis said:

    And right on queue Rance has taken out another player from behind with a knee to the back of the head. What a scumbag piece of sh*t he is. Dirtiest player of the millennium behind Steven Baker.

    Yes, he's pretty good with impact to the back of the head whether the opposition is in the horizontal or vertical position..........

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Diamond_Jim said:

    Fascinating to see the Pie's publicity machine at work in relation to the Mason Cox bump.

    Yes, no one told Mason he had to stop before he killed the bloke or crippled him fo life. It was however pure momentum not pace.

    The fact being so dangerous....

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  7. Watched Sidebum tonight closely, has slowed down, but a very crafty footballer. D"wenty was cool, but has this strange habit of wanting to turn when he gets the ball.Lumberjack might go for a couple at least one anyway, but too nice to be playing for wobbles.

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  8. 51 minutes ago, DeezNuts said:

    Thanks Mono, when you think about it:

    Lever - Omac 

    Jetta - Hibberd

    Frost - Hunt

    Vince - Lewis

    Trac - Brayshaw

    Oliver - Viney

    ANB - Bugg

    Melksham - Harmes

    Fritsch - Hannan

    Garlett - Spargo

    Looks like Gawn needs a partner in crime (Pedo/Smith?)

    Gets me thinking 🤔 


  9. I'm not of the same opinion as some are on here about "playing in a rubbish team" and i would think they, Jones and Flower, would have strong contrary feelings about that themselves. In competition, as in many things in life you take your lot, and i think these blokes would be saddened to hear that some supporters use generally condescending terms to refer to something, save for score results, they wouldn't have known anything about.  

  10. 1 minute ago, Wiseblood said:

    As for the changes re: Adelaide - an 80% fit Matt Crouch with hamstring trouble doesn't worry me too much.  Our midfield is fit and firing and I have every confidence that we can run over the top of them.

    Their backline is pretty well drilled and one of the better ones we've faced in the last month, so we'll need to be on our game in terms of how we use the ball forward of the centre.  

    Other than that we should have them covered!

    Yep Wise, the last team we played that had six of their best (liberal) players out, we won by over 100 points, should be easy.....

  11. 22 hours ago, whatwhatsaywhat said:

    He’s a good player but so far is being talked up and hasn’t done much

    Was pick 5 the same year as Trac, Brayshaw, and Lever - I’d still take all of them over him

    So would have Collingwood......

  12. 1 minute ago, Ethan Tremblay said:

    Casey or Melbourne? 

    You are so mean Ethan, just when i was trying to change the subject with a bit of decorum. However you did spin in rather quickly☺️

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  13. Bernie is in our team of young players because he plays his role, only harder, and five times better than what Daisy does for Carlton.

    Old players know how to pace themselves particularly now in long seasons of intense effort. They are watchers and minders. They are opportunists and creative, and they are brave and inspiring, as well as being needed and listened to.

  14. 38 minutes ago, Deemania since 56 said:

    More deliberate kicking across shorter distances, to a man finding space - the team triangulated a little, providing two flankers for every lead - and that was tremendously difficult for Carlton's youth to keep pace with - and it provided double the options we had to receive fwd set-ups. The backline pressed on, drew Carlton fwds out and also found space about the ground; their opponents also had difficulty keeping pace, manning up and winning the ball. 

    When you're winning you always look a lot fitter, strange feeling??