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  1. 2 hours ago, old dee said:

    Got what I asked for, he created a contest and while not the greatest game ever he was good enough to keep the defence honest and should play next week.


    Good fair comments OD, looks like a goer too........

  2. On 8/18/2018 at 11:12 AM, deanox said:


    @Lord TravisThis is 100% game plan. The @spirit of norm smith has nailed it. 

    There are really good statistics for shot accuracy showing the zones which are high percentage. We know Goodwin is fascinated by this because he started the "diamind defense" last year, which was a structure that conceded low percentage shots (45m+ from goal and shots from the flanks), in order to defend the "high accuracy zone" immediately in front of opposition goal.

    In addition, we have identified that if we score a goal it resets to neutral contest in our strongest formation (centre bounce) but if we miss the shot, we hand them the ball in our weakest formation (defending opposition transition from defense to attack).

    Although we've abandoned the diamond defense this year, our new implementation of this strategy has focused on our attack instead. We have looked to gain possession of the ball in the "high accuracy" zone in our forward line.

    This worked very successfully in the first half of the season, where we're had very high goal conversion ratios. It came to a screaching halt against Port, who countered this tactic by ignoring the bank carrier at our HF, and stacked the "high accuracy" zone in their D50 and picked off all our forward entries when we're tried to pass it. We didnt adapt that night and take better options. 

    We have improved/adapted in this area since, by taking more lower percentage shots, but this has resulted in a decrease in our goal kicking accuracy. The other flow on from this is we are exposing ourselves to more counter attacks from our defense, which were don't defend well. 


    This is a balance our players need to find: when to follow team rules, and when to have a shot. They will find that balance better with experience; we are still relatively young. 

    We saw against Sydney we got the worst of both worlds.  Our attempts to kick to the high accuracy zone were cut off by Alir and our low percentage shots went out of bounds on the full or didn't make the distance. Hopefully we can execute better this week.

    ...and putting it bluntly we lost our best rebounding defender, Lever, who can potentially kick better than anyone from defence straight over the square, and then drift down and pick up someone else. 

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  3. Maggot "free for all" this weekend. They were in their glee. Ducking and weaving. Favorite players to the fore. Little Gaz there, not giving away 50's even though 4mtrs away inside protected area. Then Danger diving at his best, pikes, back flips. Media sound so much better when you cannot listen to their drivel.

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  4. 4 hours ago, Dee Zephyr said:

    I guess we all see things differently, God Bless these Bombers fans on their footy page. Not even on Demonland do I believe we would stoop to ‘bin juice’ delusional levels if there was such a huge discrepancy in our favour.

    ‘See, I don’t think the umps were kind at all. I don’t think they paid us a single free that wasn’t a blatant free. On the other side I reckon they didn’t pay a couple of genuine ones against Richmond that cost us 3 goals at least’.


    It must be so hard to come to grips with reality when one is sooooooooo lucky to have a "Team" in the AFL.......

  5. 28 to 13 against Richmond. Tigers were unfazed and just went about their business. Wish our blokes did the same. Pretty hard though in our situation when they give no clear indication of impartiality for a whole game's worth........................

  6. 1 hour ago, TGR said:

    First, Wallet watches every game of AFL football every week, and has every right to put his light on things.  He was one of the first last year to rule-out Adelaide early in 2018 when they were red-hot.  Roosy for memory, was one of the first to rate Richmond in 2017.

    Second, I actually agree with Goody, in that the 17 games within a kick speaks volumes.  Wallet and Lyon (8 by default) is average commentary in my view.  I won't be slitting my wrists unlike the simpletons, if we don't make it.


    For those clowns here that raise Rod Grinter, just shows you how empty and inept some 'contributors' are here.  The Fraser Annings of Demonland.

    Grinter's Irish too..........to be sure,  to be sure......

  7. On 8/12/2018 at 10:03 PM, Big Demon said:

    You should give the Hawks a go pal they are generally thereabouts, no idea where their forum is but go find it and don’t let the Demonland door hit you on the ass on the way out.


    Big D, he, (JSHC) laid the perameters for reading and acknowledging the feelings that he had. Be fair please...... 

  8. 5 hours ago, Redleg said:

    We know what Garry was trying to say, but it was a stupid comment.

    ATM we are in the 8 because we have more wins and/or percentage than the teams below us. The same as it has always been.

    I didn’t know you shouldn’t play finals if you beat the wrong teams.

    Taking the footy ability (i think) out of the equation, what's this guy got that i haven't, to be so successful, and have so much exposure, (code for: loves to be IN CHARGE of footy shows) and fingers in so many pies.........

  9. 31 minutes ago, Clintosaurus said:

    As much as Garry might not like it, we will still be in the 8 AFTER Round 23 if the following 4 happen, even without us winning another game:

    - Adelaide beat North

    - Collingwood beat Port

    - Richmond beat Essendon

    - Port lose to Essendon

    All eminently possible. Most of what is happening makes the AFL happy as they don't want the 8 decided before Round 23.

    Obviously win this week and we are pretty much there.

    Wasn't it the AFL coining the meaningless phrase "this final eight mightn't  be decided until the last round between GWS and MFC"

    some ten rounds ago and there yu go............... nothing cooked mind you.


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  10. 45 minutes ago, praha said:

    You're confusing reality with faith. We know the Melbourne Football Club exists. All faith is blind because faith has a prerequisite that you don't know what, when, how or why something may happen. Proof of God is irrelevant. Faith in anything is blind and there is nothing wrong with having faith. It's not the existence of the club you have faith in. I dare say faith in a club is more futile than faith in God, because there's no potential of those expectations of God leading to disappointment. Having faith in a club like Melbourne sets you up for disappointment because there is a higher level of expectation and standards. No one is expecting God's existence to suddenly be proven. 

    "God knows how useless Religion is at the moment"

  11. Was Roos  being courted by both Collingwood and TWSNBN after he hung up his wares here, as a get back on the path Coach? 
    In fact he is still being suggested to help the lowly up off the floor as early as last week with GC..........

  12. 42 minutes ago, RedButMostlyBlue said:

    I don't pay much mind to Gary nowadays, but he's right. We don't perform on the big stage, which is evidenced by the fact that we have failed in every game that has been billed as a big moment against a top 8 side. A 'mini final' if you will. Sure, the games have been close, but we don't do any of the things we should. I was at the game yesterday, and watching the Swans kick to each other all day in open space, was beyond infuriating. Those aren't 'lessons', or a team on the cusp.

    We got on stage, saw the bright lights and froze while a garbage Swans team (that got beaten by the suns) took control, because we let them and they know, as does everyone in the league, that they're always a chance against the Dees.

    We're not a big moment club. Yet. As Goody puts it. Let's hope the boys work it out before we have to rebuild (ie we miss our window).

    5 to 10 metre kicks used to be play on. not with these maggots

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