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  1. Sam is still twenty one and growing, although in a good feeder side, he will be getting lots of attention. My expectations are measured, but my hopes are high and if he is fit and mobile he will cause headaches and backaches just like Hogan......

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  2. 3 hours ago, Satyriconhome said:

    Any other questions feel free to ask, no good at describing the drills, maybe some blurry photos later if MR Demonland can post when I put them on Insta

    Notice any discernible difference between training levels/keenness at this time last year and 2019? please.... 

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  3. 21 hours ago, nosoupforme said:

    A good idea playing the enemy save Gawn for the real stuff  during the QB and if Grundy plays unleash the man mountain in Preuss so he can go right through him. Play all the kids and see if any have Cahoonas at their early stage and save our midfield from injury.

    IMO it is a waste of time as we know what we are capable of.

    I'm in the stuff 'em without Gawn camp too. Would be inclined to see Preuss have a shot at Cox's mobility whilst seeing just how fit Preuss is. Would they be playing both their bigs...not sure

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  4. 12 hours ago, Satyriconhome said:

    Of course STMJ most are self appointed genii, myself included, on footy and will spout forth on a regular basis, making sure that every reader on thr board understands their opinion is the only right one

    I know the Footy Dept read this board, but inly when they need a break from the harsh reality that is modern footy


    Except Moonie if course, he's contebt just to troll

    I'm so relieved someone intelligent reads my comments..............

  5. 33 minutes ago, Dr.D said:

    I wouldn't say KK is a great footballer. he has a lot to prove and not sure how you can call Preuss a great footballer when he played in the vfl last year as he wasnt best 22. Lewis isnt best 22 anymore and Garlett is fringe. So let's ease up on the 'great' label.

    I think there will be some really brilliant players and great footballers at Melbourne in 2020, and there won't be......