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  1. Didn't think it was funny that Jonno and Reiwoldt thought it was funny though.......

    29 minutes ago, dees189227 said:

    Well if angus tackles like that every game. I will be happy. But it was nice to see a melbourne win. To hear Jb say melbourne are premiers is something I look forward to hearing those words. 


  2. 17 minutes ago, Soidee said:

    Please stick to the title of thread!  Nice to hear what’s happening at this Camp, not all the self indulgent drivel.

    Nothing happening at the Camp, and it's always good to plan vertical integration..........

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  3. Yep, they would never think about coming up and playing all to themselves on Daintree Oval, which is used for nothing else, because of too many crocs and snakes roaming around. Plenty of guns here to protect them though, because they have weekend celebratory shoot offs. A far more sane area of FNQ...... 

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