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    Probably grabbed by the only drug test they conducted during the Australian Open. And how come it took so long to process? Bit fishy!!!
  2. willmoy

    Watts wants to stay but will explore free agency.

    So the Media God bless em have moved on from poor Hogan to Watts. They probably don't want him to sign now. What a joke
  3. willmoy

    2 wins in a row...

    Who do I fly with?
  4. Yes good subject this. Can't help but hike back to the play on flow and whether or not if we had more going past too, he wouldn't have had to have taken off as much to clear, or attempt to clear. It might work itself out. One thing on the negative side their forwards dropped a lot of easy marks as well as being paid some that weren't.
  5. willmoy

    Pell's health at risk...... . .

    Two really interesting articles and thanks to those who put them in for the benefit of us. I too have a personal interest in these events. With Pell, having watched the RC somewhat continuously, it's almost like, if it's not the terminology that was used on the day, he has a license to deny it being true. Take for example the word "Paedophelia" alternatively in those days was used "predisposition to homosexual activity against children"
  6. willmoy

    Essendon vs Melbourne MCG Round 2

    The way I see this situation is this. No club in this AFL Competition that condones Drug Cheats should be able to tell me, or any other Teams Supporters, how to conduct myself in support of my team. Wonder how much a full page Headline would cost in H/S or Age with this sort of a heading. It would cover us from being the patsies because no other Club this year is going to be put in this very public position of possible humiliation by capitulation and acceptance, and therefore subservience. I wouldn't be surprised if this tactic could be deliberate by the AFL and Essendon to stop any carry on for the rest of the season by anyone else including the Premier Team. This whole event needs to be looked at by people who matter, not the riff raff.
  7. willmoy

    Essendon vs Melbourne MCG Round 2

    Couldn't think of a better time to demand handing back a Brownlow if allowed into the game.
  8. willmoy

    Essendon vs Melbourne MCG Round 2

    Let alone the bloody umpires!!!
  9. willmoy


    That would have to be a Strike, wouldn't it? They thought it up.
  10. willmoy

    Angus Brayshaw's knee injury (minor strain - 4 weeks)

    "Hey Hamish number ----- is playing on you today, ok"
  11. willmoy


    If we thought the odds on appeals for Ess players was pretty lean before, well now as they say in German "pouf" ( not sure of spelling thin air, dump koff). On a sad note though its pretty disappointing how TWO sacrosanct, and as it has turned out, regimes, that I grew up with have turned out to be corrupted. The Church and Australian Football.
  12. willmoy

    We should rest Gawn, Hoges and Salem for the Dogs

    I smell a wager coming up....
  13. willmoy

    Angus Brayshaw's knee injury (minor strain - 4 weeks)

    If everyone goes around doing tackles like that all the time, there will not be anyone left to play. So I think it should be looked at by the AFL Umpires at least. Or do we wait for the farcical situation of Ablett having two cartilage operations courtesy of Waite's weight.
  14. We used to be told if we could pee over the railway line we would get a free pot after the game!
  15. Transpose the word "stage" to "shade" and we have quite a few to go and it might get better!!!
  16. willmoy

    Angus Brayshaw's knee injury (minor strain - 4 weeks)

    Yes, I too looked at that tackle, seemed very deliberate, almost as if under instruction how to execute the second part of the tackle with holding on to, while off the ground, B until he dropped.
  17. willmoy

    Saturday Talking Point: Game Day 27/2/16

    That's about the only thing he said worth listening to!!
  18. willmoy

    Saturday Talking Point: The NAB Challenge

    Thought I was listening to Eddy tonight except it was all about cats. Great to see them get rolled again. Think I will look forward to seeing them go down the ladder this year.
  19. willmoy

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    And the Media will be saying "that will shut them up for a while and stop saying truths about us all the time". But it will not shut me up you bunch of uni rejects,
  20. willmoy


    We might find after the Olympic Sports Holiday in Rio for Officials that these people get kicked out any way, because our results there from my point of view are going to be abysmal. To be frank I'm amazed Wylie and Grace are still in jobs after their performances recently.
  21. willmoy


    By the way the AFL and Media here seem to be thumbing their noses at WADA and CAS directions, it's almost as if they are looking for excuses to pre-empt walking away from the Codes. Would imagine discussions along these lines would be in pipelines to the USA rogue football codes Imagine who they would put in charge of the new Watchdog.
  22. willmoy

    Intraclub Practice Match - Friday 19th February, 2016

    He looks a nice bloke too, and I like him. Old ruckmen stick together.