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    Josh Mahoney on SEN 15 October 2015

    I'll accept that GNF says it's still a possibility...
  2. willmoy


    Which Clubs are in front of C'wood in the ND Just a phone call away....
  3. willmoy


    Get stu##ed...
  4. willmoy

    Trade Radio Discussion

    Wait for it Hogan 2016....
  5. willmoy


    Does anyone know "The Rule on Restricted Free Agency" pertaining to this situation?
  6. willmoy

    Trade Radio Discussion

    Both Geelong and North Melbourne's blue and white brothers have probably two years at the most before the talking will start.
  7. Is there a connection between the competitive edge and inside knowledge that a club gains when we pick up a player from an opposing side. Take Crossy and Bernie last year and those game results against their old Clubs. Surely Melksham would be of distinct benefit as well.
  8. willmoy


    What if there is a little bird at North who wants to move?
  9. Gonna be a few more red than blue faces from this barrage of no confidence if this bloke is a good get (which I think he is)
  10. willmoy

    Slobbo's top 50

    Gerard W would feel quite at home with this bloke because he played with Manangatang under 15's
  11. willmoy

    Colin Garland

    Yes Garland's emotive statement probably says a lot about how D's backline felt they were carrying a big load together in the last 10 years. Wonder if Hawk's CHB spared a thought when he read it.
  12. Could it be that Melksham leaves Essendon and somehow has a restraint of trade case "light on" Just who would be running the " Sport in Australia " show then?
  13. willmoy

    Trade Radio Discussion

    Just bums (paying) on seats, aren't we....
  14. willmoy

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    What it does show us is how much Hogan and his management are being bothered by constant speculation and harassment from riff raff. Blokes like Ralph and Russell are not ingenuous enough to drum up their own news so they get somebody to read Demonland because they can't read. They are only "copyboys" in the jargon. They also get very peeved if their Clubs are mentioned in the same sentences as ASADA, WADA, falling asleep on the ground and running into the boundary fence on purpose, you get it....
  15. willmoy

    Brendan McCartney

    I Whoosh I had never Hird that....but I did.
  16. willmoy


    Fair cop, but can't help the year that one is born in....
  17. willmoy


    Yes, but it's getting personal!
  18. willmoy

    Who is the 'Big Fish'?

    Glad somebody loves women on this forum...
  19. willmoy

    Brendan McCartney

    By the way Macca should be pretty smart too...
  20. willmoy

    Brendan McCartney

    Not appropriate for wise heads at MFC to clarify if possible? Somebody with more info....
  21. ...and what percentage of Clubs are paying within their salary caps? Every one....
  22. Yes like Castor Oil and Senega and Ammonia combined
  23. willmoy

    The Frawley Factor

    Our day should be when Hogan gives him a bath maybe as early as next year.....
  24. willmoy

    Delistings/trades at end of the season

    I think that the Club should be able, one way or the other, to handle Melksham's exit from Essendon without to much ado...
  25. willmoy

    Delistings/trades at end of the season

    Kennedy long term pickup as player and thereafter. Impeccable pedigree. Definitely good player. Undoubtedly good person.