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  1. This will be our first game this year with 4 field umpires, correct? Looking forward to the increased pick up of old forgotten rule breaches like blocking , holding marks and pushing in the back.
  2. willmoy

    Jack Watts in 2016?

    Is it too much to expect JW's increased potency being somewhat in parallel with the whole team's improved performance. This would indicate to me that JW's future form may be read in correlation with us improving to the extent of playing in the finals this year as a penultimate step. Indeed every team member's form would need to improve and it is possible. Just finally I think with him like a lot of players with that mindset you need the like minded individuals around you, thinking, creative and having the periphery. Much more than minimum standard. You know the 90%/ 10% business.
  3. willmoy

    Around The Grounds - Round 13

    Waite not averse to staging either.
  4. willmoy

    Around The Grounds - Round 13

    Aussie rules poetry. Love it
  5. willmoy


    Yes, ok, just don't like to telegraph anything to anyone for advantage (sic)
  6. willmoy


    I didn't use the word "dropped", you did, and "eye service" is my saying. Headstrong....is yours
  7. willmoy


    I'm thinking Harmes in as well, but not at the expense of Trengove. I'm afraid to say possibly instead of Kent. Just from paying eye service to last weeks replay saw something, could be wrong but won't be the last time.
  8. willmoy

    Jack Watts in 2016?

    Funny thing is that if he keeps getting better on the same scale, his career will be Booked. Potentially that interesting....
  9. willmoy

    Michael Hibberd and Michael Hurley

    Just a point to ponder boys. Watson (alias Mr Independent) was P..d off much more than anyone else in the famous twelve so I wonder where he's going? This could be a pack of cards.
  10. willmoy

    Changes for next week v Swans

    If that's the case DC there goes my $20. roughie for the Brownlow.
  11. willmoy


    WADA is the classic "finger in the hole of the dyke" story. At the moment with corruption everywhere they are struggling. Example is any typical Russian Athlete thence any typical Russian Team. Enough, thence, The whole country. And they didn't even lose their records.
  12. willmoy

    Lumumba's future?

    Ever noticed how every time this forum starts having a go at the media, sometimes within minutes faeces start floating around the ether. WTF.
  13. willmoy

    Michael Hurley

    Proves there was something going down which took till 15th June to sort out (cure) and someone had to do something about it quick. So C7 sniffer(sleeping) dogs pulled their collective fingers out and were informed about no smoke here anymore. Big powers at play in Bomberland Some hell of reports to be read one day.
  14. willmoy

    Demons in National Women's League

    Coaches will have to get used to saying "your playing like a bunch of blokes----err, and I love it"
  15. willmoy


    The way us and them are going in opposite directions this year your liver would be forever grateful to be only playing them twice a season.
  16. willmoy


    First time this season hardly noticed or recognise the umpiring. Must have been better than usual...
  17. willmoy

    Changes for next week v Swans

    See if my thongs and shoes are still stuck up the tree on the footy ground, if you have a kick on the oval, please? Lost all my shoe gear on my last end of season footy trip to Sinners in 1967.
  18. Scenario that-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------you actually have played AFL,VFL,DVFL etc
  19. A lot of pleasant surprises this year really and more next year....
  20. willmoy

    Michael Hibberd and Michael Hurley

    "Ah the doddering's of Dodoro". We would have better negotiators on board us than Essendon. I think that Melksham is a bigger influence than some and karma think.
  21. willmoy

    Free to Air...are we becoming irrelevant

    Everyone except "Mums and Dad shareholders" wants the "arcs" kicked out of Telstra. Even their employees when one is able to talk to them know the "value of a monopoly". Another Royal Commission for Bill to get his teeth into and about time. Signed ex shareholder
  22. willmoy

    Roos on SEN, Fri Jun 10

    Lots of strings to Goody's bow. Could be some revelations to come.
  23. willmoy

    Nifty Nev Jetta

    Everything said about this bloke here is spot on. Hard contest ball getter. Demeanour to match. Deserves all possible consideration and compensation. Came through the hard times and the body language of other sides players constantly say where they hold Jetta in respect of.
  24. willmoy

    Michael Hibberd and Michael Hurley

    If we get those three including Hurley that's half their bloody backline. Amazing. Maybe they should merge with us back on the straight and narrow.
  25. willmoy

    Michael Hibberd and Michael Hurley

    Enough knives soaring around B'land at the mo.....