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    Agree Pates except for the last para, as in a tight game i couldn't think of anyone i would rather have kicking for goal. That said, i do not want us to start a game tentatively like that again for the rest of the year..........
  2. willmoy


    Because maggots have a sixth sense when they are near wood...
  3. willmoy

    Umpire Report

    ...and in the second quarter they got to choose what angle to goal they wanted....
  4. willmoy

    Umpire Report

    Umpired like they had been spoken to. You could tell before the bounce that there had been a relaxation of the 50. Have to agree apart from the little (i couldn't hold myself (err animosity) back any longer towards the end)
  5. willmoy

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    "He's jolly well not getting a fair go" says i.............
  6. willmoy

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    He's probably wondering why he's bothering to play at all given the treatment he's been receiving from the maggots.
  7. willmoy

    Is Hogan In Trouble?

    I thought his arm was touched?
  8. willmoy

    Umpire Report

    ....and the Red Seas parted and all the 50 metre penalties were washed away, and the word was Gils, and it came to pass that it was all Tosh afterall.......except for us, Hmmm....
  9. willmoy


    ........the pr#$%k next door.....
  10. willmoy


    Noticed that training inside now in tracksuits and tops with sleeves, must get pretty hot out TWSNBN land....
  11. willmoy

    Round 16 Non - MFC Games

    I actually saw, in last night's game, a contest where four players, two from each side went up in a marking contest, and a good young player by the name of TIm Mc Cartin took a great mark and i think he kicked a goal. The thing that attracted my attention most, was that i think they all tried to mark, not one player in that contest tried to spoil. Wasn't that lovely and did anyone else notice?
  12. willmoy

    Game against Freo - umpiring

    So is that fatty and baldy together again.The indomitable duo, Batman and Robin, Bonny and Clyde, Donald and Kim. The public should pay more here, for the Comedy than the Game. Dare we think this might come to pass before year's end, that people might turn up for a laugh, like a Greek Play in an Amphitheatre.....i wonder
  13. willmoy

    Changes v Fremantle

    I hope someone tells them it's going to be 32 Degrees on the day. Because i think they will come out of the blocks ok, but the final 20mtrs is a drag...
  14. willmoy

    Goodwin Presser (4/7)

    Gees, no one believes that sort of stuff, do they........
  15. willmoy

    Goodwin Presser (4/7)

    ...and of course it would never depend on who your coaching?
  16. My kids come home when they want something..........
  17. willmoy

    Cyril Rioli

    There's a lot of good players around that never got a chance to play at the highest level. Some players get to pick where they want to play, some don't care as long as they play, and some don't get a choice. It's all relative
  18. willmoy

    How Lever's absence is hurting the Demons

    Seventeen Clubs couldn't get their Defenders back to their Lines quick enough to start punching people...............when he was running out of defence.
  19. willmoy

    Lewis on AFL360

    Lewis can look after himself quite well me thinks, and he wouldn't have signed up otherwise. He is always very measured and smart on Fox, and is surrounded by fools and imbeciles. He and the other leaders at MFC are guiding this group through a minefield of Media flogs and smartarses that wander around in the ether trying to kick good people and make money and slouch reputations out of it. I'm trying not to, but i think from here on, it doesn't really matter who we play, more than how we play that is the crunch.Right up to the end, whenever it is.........
  20. willmoy

    Media Report

    Sorry Chazz, you highlighted this in the next post........
  21. willmoy

    Media Report

    Look Chazz it does make sense to me. That said the answer is probably in Goody's head. To me , i would argue if our forwards get a fair go, we are going to score enough to win off those i50 opportunities. The other alt is to pass around more before the i50, a la Cats.
  22. willmoy

    Umpire Report

    All in favour of not having or paying Umpires, and Captains make decisions, based purely on integrity......
  23. willmoy


    There was such a lot of sadness for the coach of St Kilda on Fox (does have a plumb posse there with bucky) during the week. Almost as if something had to be done, and so it came to pass.............
  24. willmoy

    Steele Escapes Penalty for Gut Punch

    Yes, instead they just give them a Brownlow, (couple of million bucks) and the same bloke was at it again this weekend gone.