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  1. willmoy

    Free Kick Differential 2017-2018

    If TWSNBN"s game is anything to go by from now on i'm going to refrain from orchestrated hate sessions.....
  2. willmoy

    Tom McDonald - Ready to Re-sign?

    Too hot to handle, eh?......
  3. Keep the lid shut........
  4. willmoy

    Post Match Discussion - Round 6

    Concrete and grass don't mix..... at least they haven't got razor blades growing in the fences....
  5. willmoy

    Sloane, Gaff, Lynch and/or 2MtrPeter

    Big Head problem at Port.......my opinion.
  6. willmoy

    Jake Melksham

    Your not a lone Dimmy...... Shows you how much they knew....Ha Ha My opinion for a while is well known. Now i will add that he, Melksham is a leader in waiting. His analysis is measured and rational.
  7. willmoy

    Post Match Discussion - Round 6

    I think, and i also think that they think, that their Home Ground is their biggest problem. Same goes for St Kilda....
  8. willmoy

    Come on optimists, sell me hope

    That's on my calendar too........
  9. Yep, what he did was good, the way he went about it was, to me, reminiscent of Ron Wearmouth.
  10. willmoy

    Post Match Discussion - Round 6

    My "lid is definitely on" after a win like that. Just wondering if the crowd left before the game because i couldn't see anyone there during.
  11. willmoy

    It's D-Day already for the Dees

    Ok, i'll say it once. I reckon Petracca will play. An anonymous source to me, who would know, whispered it.......
  12. willmoy

    Lever Quits Social Media

    Yep, our players are the best, the rest are not, and the umpires are the exception............
  13. willmoy

    Petracca to miss Essendon Game

    You're not taking notice of what's been going on in Washington???
  14. willmoy

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 6

    We either win by 5 to 7 goals or the free kicks total is close to 30 to five in their favour. Cannot be both.........
  15. willmoy

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 6

    I've got a clue but not a lot of dough!!!!
  16. willmoy

    Brendan McCartney - Demoted to the bench

    To be honest when i was serving like that, i didn't head into a huddle either but that was a while ago.......
  17. willmoy

    Brendan McCartney - Demoted to the bench

    ...take his f@#$en smile with him. On the subject at hand, McCartney did appear to have a great rapport with Kent on the bench after he came off and i liked it.....
  18. willmoy

    It's D-Day already for the Dees

    That's not North Ballarat and Brisbane Bears, is it??
  19. willmoy

    It's D-Day already for the Dees

    My age and my patience keep telling me i should be grateful for small mercies.
  20. willmoy

    It's D-Day already for the Dees

    Anyone taking into account the seemingly ubiquitous statistic of how young and inexperienced our band of merry men is? They might have quite a few games, but the experience is not together...
  21. willmoy

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Noticed any perceptible time limit differential on how long the mark has to be held for? If we aint worthy Carlton and TWSNBN are less worthy more.......not.Q's English..............let's see.
  22. willmoy

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    It's fine to do the little things better than the next side, but these little things have to be done within the rules, or else someone is getting an unfair advantage which brings unfair results. To be honest i thought our work rate in the first half at least was the equal to, if not more intense than, theirs We have streamlined scoring doubts. We could put two more Umpires in the field (get rid of useless runners, etc) to pick up non handballs,illegal disposals and any other cheating behind play, without much fuss.
  23. willmoy

    Taking out the fend-off

    Your comments are so true. You do not have to even slow down the footage either, to understand their entire thought process. The operation goes : drop the ball in the tackle, either that or throw it as quick as possible in disguise of a handball, then, the next person shovels it along to someone else who is further towards space, same again as necessary, then when in space revert to quick handball to finally a kick for goal. Voila....... The other point is that this strategy is highly visible to alert Umpires and not just their pals.....
  24. willmoy

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    "Richmond" The word originates from the French derivative meaning "well off people", that's why they are so arrogant. There you are.....