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  1. willmoy

    Sam Weideman

    Good fair comments OD, looks like a goer too........
  2. willmoy

    12 Long Painful Years Finals - At Last!!

    Like to extend my appreciation to the Media, Umpires and AFL, in no particular order for getting us through to the Finals. AND SUCK ON THAT............................................
  3. willmoy

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Kent to kick four/five against his old State........
  4. willmoy

    Sam Weideman

    ...and putting it bluntly we lost our best rebounding defender, Lever, who can potentially kick better than anyone from defence straight over the square, and then drift down and pick up someone else.
  5. willmoy

    Round 22 Non MFC Games

    Maggot "free for all" this weekend. They were in their glee. Ducking and weaving. Favorite players to the fore. Little Gaz there, not giving away 50's even though 4mtrs away inside protected area. Then Danger diving at his best, pikes, back flips. Media sound so much better when you cannot listen to their drivel.
  6. willmoy

    Round 22 Non MFC Games

    Imagine how much Goody would get screwed by the "media" if he," who is below all learned coaching type people" kicked up a row about unfair maggot practices and it leaked out in a winging way to selected outlets right at the wrong time ie now.......
  7. willmoy

    Round 22 Non MFC Games

    It must be so hard to come to grips with reality when one is sooooooooo lucky to have a "Team" in the AFL.......
  8. willmoy

    Go and get Gaff!

    When he sees how well we play Sunday he won't be able to refuse.
  9. willmoy

    Round 22 Non MFC Games

    28 to 13 against Richmond. Tigers were unfazed and just went about their business. Wish our blokes did the same. Pretty hard though in our situation when they give no clear indication of impartiality for a whole game's worth........................
  10. willmoy

    Round 22 Non MFC Games

    Richmond Coach wouldn't have a real soft spot for his old Club, would he? We will find out in last five minutes.......
  11. willmoy

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    Grinter's Irish too..........to be sure, to be sure......
  12. willmoy

    Sam Weideman

    What's the team totals got to do with it?
  13. willmoy

    Sam Weideman

    So Weideman fires and the nay sayers go back to picking on O'mac i suppose.
  14. willmoy

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    Phew, and i was going into this game with no expectations and looking forward to my imminent demise with an expectant heart attack to follow after next week. Happiness is a warm gun baby, and everyone is so positive........
  15. willmoy

    Robbie's Goal of the Century

    Should have changed the B Medal to FLOWER Medal
  16. willmoy

    What is the point?

    Big D, he, (JSHC) laid the perameters for reading and acknowledging the feelings that he had. Be fair please......
  17. willmoy

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    Sorry, slightly ambiguous, thousand pardons..........
  18. willmoy

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    The cynic in me might say straight swap................ but i say, why would you want to, really???
  19. willmoy

    I'm going to Perth ... Am I crazy?

    Anyone heard down there if Viney close to being reloaded or are they waiting till after this week?
  20. willmoy

    Lyon: Dees in 8 by Default

    Taking the footy ability (i think) out of the equation, what's this guy got that i haven't, to be so successful, and have so much exposure, (code for: loves to be IN CHARGE of footy shows) and fingers in so many pies.........
  21. willmoy

    Lyon: Dees in 8 by Default

    Wasn't it the AFL coining the meaningless phrase "this final eight mightn't be decided until the last round between GWS and MFC" some ten rounds ago and there yu go............... nothing cooked mind you.
  22. willmoy


    "God knows how useless Religion is at the moment"
  23. willmoy

    Umpiring v West Coast in Perth

    Where's the Rifleman?
  24. willmoy

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Was Roos being courted by both Collingwood and TWSNBN after he hung up his wares here, as a get back on the path Coach? In fact he is still being suggested to help the lowly up off the floor as early as last week with GC..........
  25. willmoy

    Lyon: Dees in 8 by Default

    5 to 10 metre kicks used to be play on. not with these maggots