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  1. Don't like Mick at the moment, but i reckon he's spot on and i also think the first game will tell us a lot about whether he is right or not. I therefore will stick to my prediction on Port/MFC Game as being a blowout 7goal plus win for us.
  2. You going for some sort of a (most non agreeable) record DV8.....
  3. Yes, and "the cemetery is a great leveller" too......
  4. I would know very little on the Rules relating to AFLW, but i would stake my life on the fact that the AFLW Umpires know or pretend to know far less. In our Game when you see blokes perplexed, it's the speed. When you see women perplexed, it's sad.............
  5. "If you don't know i aint'a gonna tell you"
  6. I reckon i've noticed, just so far this season, an increased level of agility in Gawn, who looks at the moment to be just trying a few things out like surging to a contest and chasing. Maybe that's just a heightened level of fitness or extra effort put in, but it could be part of a program to make him much more mobile and defend against getting caught, trampled in the wash etc.
  7. This time of the year is all about maggots feeling wanted. One has to compliment how they are keeping up with the game , their liberal interpretations and no mistakes. a nice touch is that lovely first bounce and they haven't lost any hair over the break........it's all relative.
  8. To me JKH is an improver this year. He just misses jumping through to that edge of hardness in my book, and i think it's just around the corner. Good luck for the rest of his season. If i was his coach i would be making him wanted, because i know it helps.
  9. Obviously the only bloke tall enough when the lights aren't on.....
  10. Don't give 'em ideas for next time......
  11. Straight out of the Inquisitorial Bible, always maintain CONTROL....otherwise my summer residence in Imperia is in jeopardy.
  12. The word around Fox Footy and the AFL, from what i heard, is that May was supposed to stay at The GC but he decided it might be better for his family and his future that he move to MFC. They felt as though they had every right to make an example of him and he was punished.
  13. I pretty much agree with this, even though a bloke with concussion doesn't usually get up and look directly after his protagonist and start mouthing off obscenities at him, in this case May, if he's got concussion, from what i remember.... thanks Brissie Boys.
  14. The AFL were looking for someone to make an example of.....cue May DH hoped he's docked and better play bloody well to make up for it.
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