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  1. willmoy

    Christian Petracca is annoying

    I'm liking to think that Trac is building like Hogan. Weight abundance in the forward crash contests, as compared to bullocking through the middle balls ups, and dishing out the handball. He will be a projectile next year, without the puppy fat, and replaced by muscle and sinew, travelling at twice the speed...........great if it all happens beautifully this year though.
  2. willmoy

    Brent Harvey says we'll lose Jesse Hogan

    I thought that Hogan's game against Footscray was a breakout game to be honest. I also think think that the way he played it was instrumental in our approach to forward entry, which really looked good from a spectacle viewpoint. The fact that this ex player who happ ens to have come from the same Club where a CHF (Carey) of the highest quality played, has not been lost on me. I would think there has been a lot of talk this week about Hogan and his more intense aggression at the ball.
  3. willmoy

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    This has been crossing my mind too, but i'm sort of feeling it might not be that bad provided we have three tall forwards in form and Brayshaw firing..........
  4. willmoy

    Umpire Report

    Was there any perceptible evenness afterwards or did we just run away with it then?
  5. willmoy

    Changes vs Geelong

    Good points. Would us throwing Smith in, if fit enough, with roving commission up the ground, instead of Hogan, who appeared very stimulated yesterday and quite happy, while outnumbered sometimes, into the bargain, solve their three tall defence obstacle?
  6. willmoy

    Umpire Report

    Is this the turning point for the year? MFC loves umpires and vice versa😊
  7. willmoy

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Predetermined result today by UMPIRES and AFL. Hawthorn and Geelong both on the same points and both beaten. Thanks AFL!!!!!!!
  8. willmoy

    Roos on Oliver

    Name the Divers on the selection Panel, and i've seen most of them play. Only one i cannot remember seeing , NOT DIVE, apart from Dill, guess who?
  9. willmoy

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Scott could be in trouble, if it was abusive........
  10. willmoy

    Demons in the Media

    Yes, can't remember exactly, but Lewis got left holding the bag, when something was said about the Media itself, with that Tiger boofhead When no one agreed with him.
  11. willmoy

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    That's a group of Crows, isn't it
  12. willmoy

    Demons in the Media

    Anyone else apart from me prefer us to be NOT in the limelight, doesn't agree with us. Not until we have credence.
  13. willmoy

    Umpire Report

    To a normal onlooker, in a normal, not coercionable, sincere competition that would be correct, but.........
  14. willmoy

    Jack Viney the Forgotten Man

    Did Woosha bar his West Coast players from wearing long sleeves but not at TWSNBN?