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  1. Who is going onto the Banner?

    My mum....
  2. Best MFC team in last 50 years

    Next years 2018.....go dees
  3. A very unhelpful guide to 2018

    What a fine body of actors too......
  4. Poll: Rate our Trade Period

    Like juggling raffle tickets in a cyclone....
  5. Who is going onto the Banner?

    What about one position vacant each match day for a mystery pick by all after the round (with a time limit ,of course)....
  6. I agree with the sentiments here. That said, i think that i would euphemistically like to think that next year's position, attaining a Prelim would be a big decider on who we attract for a fuller, more fruitful 2019. The draft table tickets positions might, for us next year, depend on who we have on the shortest/longest contracts at the present moment, and who we are trying to nail down longer.
  7. Poll: Rate our Trade Period

    Make no mistake, and just taking Adelaide's sookiness, and the rest of the competitions silence into account, without even including the media's weeping and gnashing and definitely not including the AFL's scrambling to check or change the rules..... WE KICKED ARSICLES
  8. Trade rumours

    When i was out fishing (in camera) with Gil and Houls, the word was that Carlton needed a hand to get up the Ladder more quickly. Looks like being a big player in this draft and will probably take a bit longer.....
  9. Trade rumours

    What about @seat61....
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Sorry, don't have icecream, but i know you can get Pollywaffles in Tasmania on Ebay.....just saying
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    O for days gone by when things went quickly awry the memories aint what the pictures paint but better not to know, i sigh......
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    I gazed into my Pink Soup and for the last couple of pages i noticed the clarity of thought. Old Bob stuck around though as is his want. A good man in the trenches. We move onwards, only faster now..........
  13. Calling all Trolls

    "Whatever mistakes"
  14. Who is going onto the Banner?

    Clarry for sure, if you want to go for players. Maybe just highlites of the year gone 2017 if not, like Clarry's goal, Viney's hit, Garletts goal, or Harmes mark...
  15. Trade rumours