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  1. willmoy

    Lyon's Plea to Petracca: Be Like Max

    Trac is the sort of player that books are written about. His gifts will come from within him when he is ready....
  2. willmoy

    2019 Betting Odds

    Many Melbourne players will feature in Brownlow votes this coming season 2019, while obviously a kick by foot is worth more than a ball by hand, no matter who is giving it..........
  3. willmoy

    Pre-Preseason 2019 Update

    So it's the above for our Pre season Training Camp, eh? No more sh#$ hanging on us.........
  4. willmoy

    New major sponsor?

  5. Look up the Multi--Universe Book of Parallel Situations by Pan.
  6. willmoy

    New major sponsor?

    I reckon we should ask the Canadian Government to sponsor us, wouldn't cost a scent........
  7. willmoy

    Pass Mark 2019

    "Political" answer to a footy question by yourself, even in my dazed (ai "coma") state. I really think/hope you just could be right as so could i.....
  8. willmoy

    Pass Mark 2019

    Define someone, they and few please......
  9. Pretty good times and at the same time pretty bad times were the 60's. Good to survive it and live in it, but bad that a lot of good friends didn't......
  10. willmoy

    Pass Mark 2019

    Just lost 50 goals plus gimme in Hogan, Gained a full back who can play, Does a good defence beat a great offence? i dunno. Top four and see what happens with injuries..........
  11. Frosty on the forward line to take Hogan's possie. Just brush up on his .....................no nothing.
  12. ...and the rest of us don't remember the last one other than what looked like a fat little fellah with a shocking kick just kicking the ball in the last couple of minutes for a goal and a real stumble bum running with the ball, bouncing it like there was no hope of it coming back to him and looking around to see if anyone was near him. I hope to remember all of this next one.
  13. willmoy

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    Economic rationalism marches on unabated. Will probably outlast religion such that it is and significantly eat into population.....what a story..........
  14. willmoy

    What’s the go with Essendrug?

    Yes this whole feeling was brought home to me in my sons (all five) reactions to my off handed way of saying that "there was always next year". or "another year of not getting to the Big Match. There was a real passion for the Club, Players and History there that i didn't know about.
  15. willmoy

    New major sponsor?

    Gees i hope it's someone from Coll, cats, TWSNBN or WC or all of them