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  1. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to ask Brendan MaCartney a question - I asked why we were overusing handball as it was getting us into trouble. He didn't give me a particularly clear answer. I pointed out a game where Watts, Oliver & I forget who had something like 50 handballs & 20 kicks between them & pointed out this wouldn't win us many games. Again I didn't get a clear answer. All my mates have been exasperated by the same thing and at most games fans are screaming to Melbourne players to kick the friggin ball. Against Collingwood there were at least 6 centre bounces where we won the ball & then handballed it around until we turned it over. Now I notice Malthouse's comments about us "a game style that changed dramatically from running the ball to overusing it, too often during games. It seems the penny has dropped for everyone except the coaching staff & the players.
  2. Dom Tyson - Yes or No ?

    With Trade Week right around the corner, the one name that keeps getting brought up is Dom Tyson. So what do you think? Keep or Trade him? I have been arguing about Dom with several mates for a few years. They reckon he is a gun. I reckon he is a plodder. He starts on the ball & should be compared to other starting mid fielders like Treloar, Shuey, Hannaberry, Marc Murphy or Zorko. I reckon he is slow, doesn't take many marks, not a high goalkicker & only has average disposal skills, just does not often impact the game or hurt the opposition. Clearly the coaches seem to love him - what do other Demonlanders reckon ?
  3. Jones 6 Petracca 5 Garlett 4 Lewis 3 Melksham 2 Jetta 1
  4. Jake Spencer courted by other clubs

    Reliable ????? You must be kidding. I think Jake has had maybe 1 season in 8 which has been injury free
  5. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 22

    6 Jones 5 Pedersen 4 Hibberd 3 Hogan 2 Petracca 1 Melksham
  6. The Elephant in the Room

    Is how boring and predictable the game is becoming. Its becoming like a bad game of rugby union. Its mostly congested and horrible. The second half of the game against Port was boooring in the extreme. I used to watch 3 or 4 games on the weekend now I can't be bothered unless the Dees are on TV. I predict crowds will drop and less people will attend games. Then sponsors will offer less $$ and when this happens the AFL will look at the rules to minimise congestion. My teenage boys who were brought up on AFl now prefer to watch the Rugby League.
  7. Where was everyone?

    People need to remember the mid 90's when we struggled to get 15,000 when we played any Adelaide or Perth teams in Melbourne.
  8. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 18

    6 Jetta 5 Hibberd 4 Tom McDonald 3 Viney 2 Oliver 1 ANB Gawn & Garlett Unlucky to miss
  9. Nat Jones

    Well there you go - pretty much everyone disagrees with you including me in fact I think you are the pissant here & not NJ.
  10. "Yeah so you should with all your draft picks"

    The thing that has the biggest long term influence on a Club's performance is the AFL's scheduling. Teams like Collingwood, Essendon, Carlton & the Swans get a huge boost by getting more choice time "free to air " games than Clubs like Melbourne & the Dogs. This leads to more sponsorship $ & more members due to their greater exposure. This means more $$ & better facilities & makes it easier to recruit quality players.
  11. Changes vs Hawthorn

    The well reasoned response would be - we stuffed up even though we are paid a lot of $$ a year to get it right. It really pees me off when drunks in the outer can spot the obvious a month before the highly paid coaches can work it out. The use of Frost as a forward last year is a case in point & the idiocy of ignoring Cam Pedersen for several weeks probably cost us a game or 2. The fact that Bernie Vince is not a defender seems to have finally clicked & the penny about JKH will eventually drop.
  12. Lynden Dunn v Oscar McD - Interesting

    I'm sure North supporters are glad they had a selection committee that overruled Ron Barassi when he wanted to drop Blight after the drawn GF. Alan Jeans didn't do the Club any favours by trading away Ian Stewart & if St Kilda had of made Ross Lyon more accountable they might not have got rid of Luke Ball & recruited Andrew Lovett & would probably had an extra flag in their cupboard.
  13. There are lots of supporters on this site that always back every decision the coaching staff make. At the moment Jack Trengove can't get a game & while many are scratching their heads plenty are backing Goodwin & saying that Trengove is too slow & can't cut it any more. It was therefore fascinating to see Dunn come into the Collingwood team & play a very good game, keeping Hawkins quiet & making team of the week - he might have been handy when we lost to Geelong a few weeks ago. Many of us are still completely bamboozled as to why a former vice captain went from first 18 to Casey almost overnight & was replaced with Oscar McD despite being our only big bodied defender. That's why I have always been a supporter of an independent Selection Committee because 3 or 5 heads are better than 1 and coaches sometimes make monumental stuff ups. Football history is littered with coaches & Clubs that made the wrong call on players. Its very early days but I hope dumping Dunn is not one of them.
  14. Cam Pedersen

    If you can't see his value to the team well you must be blind. For the last 2 years he has been our 2nd best big bodied forward after Hogan. Whatever your views on him are if you are on the list & playing well you should be given an opportunity doesn't matter if you are Joel McDonald, James Magner, Phil Read, Chris Lamb or anyone else. When you have no back up ruckman, key defender or key forward like last week it is suicide to go into the game without some insurance.
  15. Goodwin's selection strategies

    I cannot fathom Simon Goodwin’s selections strategies so far. He seems to be picking players because he has decided that they have what it takes and ignoring previous form and Casey form. I reckon it has cost us 1 or maybe 2 games this year. Pedersen is proven at AFL level. He has been very effective in the past AND he is killing it at Casey. He is great as a back up ruck forward or defender plus it allows Watts to play forward full time as the 2nd marking option. Pedersen is a mile ahead of Tim Smith ATM. In any case why bring in Smith, drop him for a week & re select him ? For whatever reason he also kept Weideman & Hannan in 2 weeks too long despite Blind Freddy seeing that they were struggling. It doesn’t make any sense to drop Bugg & Kent as I thought they were far from our worst last week. For example Tyson sucked & Melksham looks like a protected species. JKH has done SFA in all in the pre season games & not much for Casey last week – Ben Kennedy has been the in form small forward down there. Bring back then Selection Panel with an Independent Chairman who can overrule the coach when he makes dumb decisions.