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  1. Absolute crap. Dunn wasn't perfect but a mile ahead of Frost or Oscar even now 3 years later. Absolutely stupid decision to let him go & probably the worst one Roos made (along with being talked out of recruiting Higgins who went to North instead).
  2. There are some things we never get the full story on - the Stan Alves dumping, Darren Jolly being overlooked for Jamar etc. Dunn clearly fell out of favour with the coaching staff & they put a line through his name - he was not going to get picked again regardless. Stupid move I reckon as he had a fair bit left to offer. Howe got offered good $ by the Pies - maybe we didn't think he would be as good and as consistent as he has been at Collingwood.
  3. A very handy player - not quiet a gun.
  4. I saw Bennet play - don't think he qualifies as a "champion" - never heard him referred to as Billy. My mate used to call him NICE MAN because he never belted anyone. Anyhow I reckon Tom has a long way to go to match Neitz as a classic marking & kicking FF.
  5. Are you serious - JOSH WAGNER ?????? From what i have seen a lack of attack on the ball and opponent is one of his main problems - lacks any physical edge to his game whatsoever. Also needs to use the ball better & get more touches. Even at Casey he was solid rather than great.
  6. I'm with you. Weid has potential but has been great in 1 game & solid in maybe 3 other games - still a long, long, long way to go. Has the turning circle of the Titanic & is poor below the knees. Have a look at his ruck work in his last few games - its worse than horrible. We are all hopeful but the comments on here are silly - he is a work in progress and a million miles from being a reliable key forward.
  7. Its just footy mate not splitting the atom or planning the D day invasion. Just an instinctive tackle & a player trying to throw his tackler. Do it 3 times & you probably end up with 3 different results. Just proves that VDB is one of the best tacklers in the team & is a strong boy.
  8. Vanders' disposal in that final was poor & it is the weakest part of his game. He more than makes up for it with his aggression & ability to find the footy. It was no surprise to me that on a day when most of his teammates went missing Vanders was one of our best players.
  9. Sorry mate but either its an urban myth or you made it up.- 1966 was Alan Poore's (Waverley) second consecutive Liston Trophy, and he became the first player ever to win the award twice. Paul Ladds (Sandringham) was second with 27 votes, and Barry Ion (Yarraville) was third with 26 votes.
  10. Sorry I can't let the last comment go so I'm reneging on my "last ever post on the matter" The fact is Smith has done a total of SFA while Pedersen built a career out of hard work & being a totally selfless team player, crashing packs & working his backside off as an undersize ruckman. In 2018 he dominated at Casey & was probably our best player over the finals series. By contrast Smith did practically nothing in 2018 & very little in 2017. I watched him in the Casey finals where he was almost embarrassing, trying to take speccies, missing easy goals and being a wasted space in the ruck.
  11. Fact check - Sheedy did not win a Liston Trophy. Actually he was tied to Melbourne & trained with a the Club a few times.
  12. My last ever post on this ....... If you reckon Smith is a better forward than Pedersen I'm pretty much speechless. I suppose if he improves on his 4 senior games & racks up 80 odd matches like Pedo did you will be proved right. Anyhow at Casey in 2018 Smith played 15 games for 12 goals while Pedersen had 17 games for 32 goals.
  13. This will probably go down as one of the most meaningless debates in Demonland history. And look I am not suggesting Pedersen was any more than a journeyman battler who was approaching the end of the line. Its just that by any objective measurement, statistics, form, influence of games, goals, ability to play different roles at Casey & at Melbourne Pedo was about a 7 & Smith a 5. I watched them both closely in the Casey finals & Pederson was solid while Smith was poor so I was stunned when he was kept on the list.
  14. "Because I do" is pretty lame evidence. At least I can point to the stats that show Pedo ran rings around Smith at Casey - maybe you should check them out.
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