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  1. Diabolical starts indeed. Sitting back in my Paris hotel this evening - adds an international gloss to a few additions - I decided to quickly check the stats on our quarter by quarter cumulative scores to round 10 this year. They tell the story: Q1 21.31 Q2 42.27 Q3 44.27 Q4 42.25
  2. Works both ways. Hogan and/or Gawn play and we probably would have won by more.
  3. Frost - really impressed me ANB - racking up possessions It's been so long since we had such a strong team, yet we've lost 3 in a row. The suspensions and injuries are having such a huge impact. And Collingwood have played Essendon into form.
  4. = nil all draw as the umpire would have to wait for ever for us to nominate our ruckman.
  5. Thanks for alerting us to this well-written, thought provoking article WJ.
  6. The fact that many don't 'think before they post' is one of the attractions of this site!
  7. Can someone kindly suggest a good place to park if I want to avoid the main carparks? Quite happy to walk a fair way to not be in a post-game traffic jam. Thanks.
  8. Dees taking advantage of the darkness - ground lighting very poor.
  9. Great that Warren Dean gets a mention. A superb, prodigiously talented player, who seemingly made time slow down when he had the ball. He could kick an incredible distance too. Robbie Flower and Travis Johnstone also seemed to have mastered that time slowing trick.
  10. I read the news this morning and looked down to check the logo on my red t-shirt. It said 'New Balance'. A good omen for the Dees in 2017 I reckon.
  11. Even their own sponsors can't believe it. This is from today's (3 Oct) Age newspaper.
  12. I've thought for some time that this would be a good idea. It should open up the game, reduce stoppages and hopefully decrease collision injuries. Players are so much faster now than they were in the past; 16 players would readily cover more territory than 18 in the past.
  13. Well said and most thoughtful. I'm sure that I'm in the minority, but I don't think AFL players earn enough given their generally short careers at elite level and the toll on their bodies. A far harder life running round getting smashed umpteen times per game than the dozens of AFL executives on multi-$100k salaries.
  14. According to the AFL, his departure means that there is now not a single listed player named 'John'. Thought you'd like to know.
  15. This is why I read Demonland (apart from for the occasional choice bits of Dees news). Very witty.