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  1. Hampton 22

    Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    Hope he becomes a champion, but with just 11 disposals yesterday, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fritsch gets a rest.
  2. Hampton 22

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    Well ahead on the ladder of all the traditional clubs - that is the pre-1925 VFL clubs. Have to get your pleasure where you can.
  3. Hampton 22

    Round 2 Non MFC games

    I genuinely wonder why McCartin seems to cop about one hundredth of the criticism that Jack Watts got - and Watts was a considerably better player.
  4. Hampton 22

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    53 years of valuable lessons.
  5. Good point D11. However, at the beginning of the respective years, few would say that those two teams had no chance whatsoever of winning a flag. No one for the past decade would have even entertained a sliver of hope that the Dees could win one - until now (maybe).
  6. Hampton 22

    2 ideas to make the club money

    1 winning games 2 winning more games to make the finals
  7. Hampton 22

    2018 Membership Thread

    ‘Noting less will suffice’ sadly sums up the expectations of we long-suffering Dees supporters.
  8. Hampton 22

    Best MFC team in last 50 years

    Nice post. This should keep us going through summer. Need to find a spot for Shane Woewodin, 2000 Brownlow medallist.
  9. Hampton 22

    Trade rumours

    Excellent work. We just need to get Toumpas involved in all this and some trade that results in Cameron Ling no longer haunting the TV commentary.
  10. Hampton 22

    Changes versus Collingwood

    I agree with you about Watts. However, listening to the odd response by the coach in the post-match media conference to a question about how Watts went at Casey makes me think he was none too pleased.
  11. Hampton 22


    Two observations. As woeful as our performance was, one small positive was that we matched GWS on the scoreboard after the first quarter. Secondly, Melbourne seems to have struggled forever with windy venues. We are always disadvantaged kicking into the wind, but rarely kick a bagful with it.
  12. Hampton 22

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Plus we have to put up with high pitched squealing nonsense from Ling.
  13. Hampton 22

    How's everyone coping?

    I'm also having the curious experience of noticing blokes seemingly play much better on the replay than during the match itself. At the MCG I thought ANB was ordinary until Sunday night on the replay when he popped up everywhere. Similarly, Cam Pedersen lifted his game from poor to ok come replay time.
  14. Hampton 22

    AFL Round 16 - Non MFC Games 2017

    Unduly rough play. One week reduced to nothing, cause they're playing Melbourne next week.
  15. Hampton 22

    Interim Captain

    Old McDonald He's got the form.