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  1. jimbo1982

    My 3 word player analysis V Bulldogs

    Winning is good
  2. jimbo1982

    Guide to the Draft

  3. jimbo1982

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    Annoying to find Telstra App not working for anyone, thought it was just me! Three goals to Watts is easing this frustration!! I'm streaming via ABC radio through Telstra app, White sounds like he's having a blinder!!
  4. jimbo1982

    Delistings/trades at end of the season

    Very strong team!! Gives hope for the future. Moves beyond the inconsistent and questionable efforts of Dawes, Howe, Toumpas. And places great faith in the future built on Viney, Salem, Hogan, Brayshaw, Petracca, Watts. I'm going to keep any eye out for the first time this 17 group of players take to the field together, and no doubt will be pleased with the scoreboard result at the final siren. There is some serious talent on our list, and serious reason to be excited for 2016 and beyond!!
  5. jimbo1982

    If we beat the Cats today I will ....

    Dreams are made of this!!!
  6. jimbo1982


    I don't know if you're told enough, but The Song, your impeccable use of GIFs is becoming an art form to behold & marvel!!!
  7. jimbo1982

    My 3 word player analysis v Stkilda

    Watts - third man up! Brayshaw - a tackling machine Toumpas - best game yet Hogan - enter the Dragon!
  8. jimbo1982

    Cam Pedersen is a good footballer

    We've called him The Fridge for a couple of seasons now because his physical impact in contests. He is now worth his weight in gold for the inspiration, goal return & marking efficiency. We are re-christening him The Golden Fridge!!
  9. jimbo1982


    I'd keep Watts, Pederson, Cross & Michie. If also add Dawes to the list to go.
  10. jimbo1982

    Sunday media 7/12/14

    Personally, love this team on paper, bring on round 1!!!
  11. jimbo1982

    Jack Trengove Support Group

    Spot on!!
  12. jimbo1982

    Team at Completion of Trading 2014

    I thought hard about it, but not for me. As tall as he is, once the ball hits the ground he loses impact. I think Spencer (and even Fitzpatrick) are more athletic. Likely this will be Jamar's final season, so in 2017 Gawn/Spencer will be my premier two (providing big Max's knee hold up).
  13. jimbo1982

    Team at Completion of Trading 2014

    Demons 2015 FB: Jetta Frost Garland (Grimes*) HB: Dunn McDonald Lumumba C: Kent (Bail*) Viney (Vince*) Salem (Toumpas*) HF: Watts Dawes Pederson FF: Howe Hogan Garlett (JKH*) Foll: Jamar (Spencer*) Jones Tyson (Cross*) Int: Vince, Cross, Spencer Emerg: Bail, Grimes, JKH, Toumpas Future: Trengove, Stretch, Barry, ND2, ND3