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  1. Bring Back Barassi

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    We all know our run home is tough, but really we are presented with a huge opportunity imagine for for a moment us winning all 4... how would we be looking to play a grand final THIS YEAR
  2. Bring Back Barassi

    Changes v Brisbane

    Wagner out forever
  3. Bring Back Barassi

    Well done to FD on our 2017 trade week

    This i am am really pleased we have picked up Lever. That he is a gun is not in dispute. The Watts eviction was probably necessary too. The problem is that we are now known as the patsys of the league, no poker face whatsoever
  4. Bring Back Barassi

    Trade rumours

    Lever did all the work... he fell in our lap. I would not be patting our guys on the back for getting it done. Joe the goose if there ever was one
  5. Bring Back Barassi

    Trade rumours

    As it unfolded, Crows were keen to get the Gibbs deal done. They knew they were going to lose Lever and needed the picks. They had the player, we had the picks, could have done the deal for 10 and 27 if we held out. No other clubs had a look in.
  6. Bring Back Barassi

    Trade rumours

    Not to mention the absolute ridiculoussness of telling the whole world we desperately wanted to offload Watts. No finesse or elegance in negotiating skills whatsoever
  7. Bring Back Barassi

    Trade rumours

    Come on, Lever nominated us, he was more or less wearing the red and blue, we held all the aces, were in the absolute box seat and then we folded like little girls. Weak.
  8. Bring Back Barassi

    Trade rumours

    Carlton bent the Crows over. If we had held out on the Lever deal we could have done the same. Unfortunately we think its a good idea to get trades done early rather than get a good deal
  9. Bring Back Barassi

    Trade rumours

    Dream on... he is probably just scouting around to see if anyone wants to pay unders or get overs on any last minute deals
  10. Bring Back Barassi

    Port the big winners in Trade Week?

    There is a lot of noise about Port being the big winners in Trade Week, picking up Motlop, Watts and Rockliff, while only letting go Trengove, Impey and pick 31. Some have gone as far as to say they should be premiership favourites as a result. Lets just look at this for a moment ... Motlop ... inconsistent at best, played 2 good finals when his career was on the line, apart from that lucky to be selected Rockliff... sure, had a good season, racked up possessions, but hey, who competed with him from his own midfield ? The jury is well and truly out on him Watts, well I won't go there I have my doubts on Port, wouldn't be surprised to see them go backwards in 2018.
  11. Bring Back Barassi

    Josh Schache

    we could probably pick up Shack for 31, but seeing Mahoney is involved we will have to pay overs.
  12. Bring Back Barassi

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Can't understand why people think poor old Wattsy will be so much better at another club. His disposal and smarts will most likely be carried over, as will his softness and lack of hunger for the contest
  13. Bring Back Barassi


    Either way, we could have played it smarter, stood firm to the end of trade week at least, instead of just collapsing.Hey, dont get me wrong, doing the deal was imperative, just the way it was played was weak and we could have gotten him for less im sure
  14. Bring Back Barassi


    Luke Ball said he would not play for any club other than Collingwood, and if anyone picked him he would sit out the season. From memory i think he got picked at 30, Saints got nothing
  15. Bring Back Barassi


    Mahoneys negotiating skills are particularly poor. He was in a commanding position in this trade, Lever could have gone to the draft Luke Ball style and Crows would have gotten nothing. If he stood firm on 10 + 27 they would have had no choice but to capitulate. Likewise, telegraphing to the world that we didnt want Watts devalued his currency significantly. Obviously the guys know what they are doing when it comes to talent and footy, they just need a decent business advisor to help them in doing deals.