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  1. jane02

    2018 Player Reviews: # 4 James Harmes

    Fast becoming one of my favourite players. Even got my dog a new jumper this year and it was a unanimous in my household to put number 4 on his back. ❤️💙
  2. jane02

    2018 Player Reviews: # 14 Michael Hibberd

    Felt much more comfortable with MH back in defence after returning from injury. We immediately looked a much better team. Heres to an injury free season for 2019.
  3. jane02

    2018 Player Reviews: # 23 Bernie Vince

    I’m going to miss Bernie 😓
  4. jane02

    Demonland Thanks for Season 2018

    Thanks to all involved. I especially enjoy the podcasts plus all the serious and not so serious topics that seem to make their way to the forums each week. Keep up the good work and looking forward to 2019.
  5. jane02

    My grand final dilemma (carn maggots!)

    Believe it or not I actually feel sorry for my husband. He was very gracious in defeat. I know if it had happened to Melbourne, I would still be lying in fetal position wailing on the ground. He is a much better loser than I would be. I can say the WCE supporters near me were obnoxious.
  6. jane02

    Grand final Gameday

    Really annoys me seeing Howe out there.
  7. jane02

    Grand final Gameday

    I can honestly say I have a zero care factor about this game. Already had beer spilt on my boots from the drunkin hoons where I am sitting. Wish the Demons were playing.
  8. jane02

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Agree. I don’t want to keep him if his heart is not in it. We have seen how that’s turned out in the past.
  9. jane02

    Grand final Gameday

    I’m sitting outside gate 1 waiting for my husband to meet me here. So many Pies supporters - I feel dirty. Joffa and the gang on their way over the footbridge chanting ‘Collingwood’. Got my antiseptic hand wash ready. Just walked past Andrew Gaff who looked surprisingly cheerful. No where near as big a bloke as I thought he would be. Its going to be a long afternoon....
  10. jane02

    My grand final dilemma (carn maggots!)

    It is really hard to get excited. I feel bad for a couple of people that I know who are Collingwood supporters and cannot get a seat. I wish I could give my ticket to one of them but my husband wants to take me and that is that. I have only ever been to one other GF and that was Pies vs Geelong which they lost. My most vivid memory of that day was Meatloaf😯. Not sure if the Black Eyed Peas will be any better... The things we do for love. I just wish the boot was on the other foot and I was going to see the Dees play in a GF - then I would be beyond excited.
  11. I am warming to this idea. We need some big bodied tough guys and May fits the bill. Lets get him.
  12. Poor bloke has had a tough year with the death of his father and taking over the responsibility of running the family business from a distance. It would be a tremendous loss to lose him but sometimes when you are being pulled in two direction you have to make these difficult decisions. I sincerely hope he stays but would understand if he want to be closer to home.
  13. jane02

    Grand Final Nearest Pin Comp

    Collingwood by 23 NS: Steele Sidebottom FG: De Goey
  14. I have it on good authority that our coach and one of our senior players had drinks/dinner with May last night.
  15. jane02

    Some Filth Humour

    Loving these - more please 😀