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  1. jane02

    Upcoming Podcasts: Brad Green & Aaron Davey

    I’m loving these great interviews. Well done. I can’t wait to tune in. They were both past favourites of mine ❤️💙
  2. jane02

    Ollie Wines

    What could have been .....sigh
  3. No Ethan - that wasn't us. But how romantic of you❤️
  4. Great interview. In 2013 whilst travelling around Europe it had not yet been announced that Paul Roo's was definitely taking up the coaching job with us. It was still very much speculation. I visited every church in every city we visited and prayed, lit candles, said hail Mary's, threw holy water around etc, etc. I had scabs on my knees for weeks from all of my kneeling on the cold stone floors but my prayers were soon answered. I am also not a religious person nor am I a Catholic. Thank you Paul Roos. God bless.
  5. jane02

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    I feel your pain. I have only just started being civil again to my husband after he insisted putting the replay on as soon as we got home after the game. I told him that I would never forgive him. I am one to hold a grudge so I probably won't.
  6. jane02

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 12

    6. T McDonald 5. Oliver 4. Jetta 3. Gawn 2. Fritsch 1. J Smith
  7. jane02

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Thanks for that. Makes me feel better. He’s a pretty good guy most of the time but his choice is football teams is not ideal. He won’t be seeing the nice side of me any time soon.
  8. jane02

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 12

    Agree. I am going to sleep on it.
  9. jane02

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    I'm so upset about this loss. I had a feeling within the first 10 minutes that we were going to be outrun and out classed today. In fact I have been nervous about this game all week. I don't know what else to say except any hopes we had of being there at the pointy end of September have gone up in smoke. My husband has come home and put the replay on so I think I might just go to bed and hope I wake up in the morning feeling better. Nothing like rubbing a bit of salt in the wound.
  10. jane02

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Can’t stand it that that spud Cox has kicked 4 goals.
  11. jane02

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    I’ve just lost my appetite
  12. jane02

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    10 free kicks to 3. Fair dinkum
  13. jane02

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    I’m so nervous. I am comfort eating.
  14. jane02

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    What a mess up. I just lined up for 40 minutes to get into gate 3. What idiot decided to not open the gates until 1.30pm when there is an event scheduled for 2pm.
  15. jane02

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Uncle - I am quite the lady at the football so I will not be lowering myself to the standards of those around me. These blokes are OK at work and whilst they started off a bit cocky and obnoxious at the QB game last year, they were soon quietened by watching the Dees destroy them in the last quarter. I am hoping for victory again today. Go Dees