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  1. Anyone seen training this week? Am interest in Trac's knee. He moving ok?
  2. The only thing insulting about Essendon is that they exist in the first place.
  3. @picket fenceAt this point if you're over 6'3 and played at this level it's your lucky day. Maybe they'll bring in Oscar instead as our full forward? 😉
  4. Pedo to ruck with Frost and Watts Weed for Jesse TMac on Daniher Lewis into the back half. Hiiberd plays taller this week (see below) Frosty forward (Essendon only have Daniher as a marking forward anyways) and rotating with Pedo and Wattsy forward all day. Those 3 moving up and around the ball and then back should be confusing for the Bombers.
  5. I'm not convinced about Petracca's fitness either, so he seems like a really solid option at this point.
  6. 4th in the competition for disposals AND 5th for tackles. The only other player on both top 5 tallies is Joel Selwood. The kid is a star. Once he starts getting wider recognition he'll get looked after better by the umps too.
  7. You're a much better man than me.
  8. How ridiculous is this. A player whose not on the ground (Riewoldt) gets involved with players in a melee and gets a fine! Thats fundamentally wrong. It should be a free kick and 50 to the opposition side in the game (like it is with every other interchange infringement). Being on the ground when your not supposed to is one thing, but being on the ground for the sole reason to be in a fight is just dumb.
  9. Malthouse picked Max to win the Brownlow. He's easily our most important player, especially with so many inside mids. He can get it to the outside when it's their to give, or rely on our contested players if he has to nullify. Losing him was akin to Geelong losing Dangerfield or the Eagles losing Kennedy - in that half the team is built around it.
  10. No big blokes makes our contested game style difficult to play. I'd say we trained all preseason for something we can't do anymore.
  11. Very well spotted. Riewoldt got 3 goals from gambling and not competing in the air. Instead he ran the other way. When it works it looks fantastic.
  12. The thing I've learned, that I think is the most important for the next 5 years, is that Clayton Oliver is a genuine A grader. I knew he was good but he's still played under 20 games. On what I saw him do last night he's going to be one of the best 3 players in the comp in a couple of preseasons.
  13. That's a rubbish statistic. Scott Thompson has played in a Prelim quality side since that period.
  14. 6. Lynden Dunn. His best game for the club, and loved that he's finally got rid of the moustache.
  15. I reckon they'll get done by 80 points in Adelaide next week. The Crows will destroy them.