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  1. AFL Finals Week 3 - Prelims

    The irony of GWS is that they don't know how to play this ground. They are always 25 metres short in the midfield zone positioning. And because they AFL doesn't want to be embarrassed by their lack of supporters they'll get so few games scheduled at the G. It's going to be a real issue for them.
  2. Does Max Gawn work for the AFL?

    I therefore assume you support the right of our brave and proud LGBT soldiers and military personnel to marry whomever they see fit?
  3. Does Max Gawn work for the AFL?

    Everything is a political/social issue. So let's do away with: Anzac Day, Indigenous Round, the Woman's AFL entirely, the Pride match, Multicultural round, our Indigenous mascot, Melbourne's reconciliation plan, and the AFL's respect and responsibility policy. That would really make the game better wouldn't it?
  4. AFL Finals - Week 2

    14,000. Lowest final attendance in 100 years. Slow clap for the AFL. Nailed it. ☹️
  5. AFL Finals - Week 1

    Wow. Isn't that what the rule about lifting your arm up and drawing high contact was brought in for? Wasnt a great night for headquarters. 3rd umpire looked inconsistent, ruck rules are a joke that isn't funny anymore, and then that high free makes a mockery of recent rule changes brought in to stop that.
  6. AFL Finals - Week 1

    I'd like Essendon to get beaten by something in the 186 range.
  7. So what did you learn Saty? Aside from being disappointed do they feel they know where some answers lie?
  8. Nathan Jones Media Conference

    Well that's true. The how and why is what makes me angry. Can you tell I hate Essendon 😂
  9. Nathan Jones Media Conference

    You've got to be f*cking joking? Essendon got the softest AFL sponsored ride I've ever seen the year. Their draw was laughably easy. And as angry as I am at the MFC right now I'd never want to support a club that is still in denial about what happened like Essendon are. You can trot out James Hird on Grand Final day and all anyone will think is 'oh look, a convicted drug cheat that failed to admit his clear abuse of the system, and the bodies of the young men he was charged with caring for'. I won't be giving Essendon a [censored] thing. I despise that club. I hope Sydney beat them by 200 points. They don't deserve to be there.
  10. But this is the thing - we don't move forward together. They call us 'members' as it's more engaging than saying sponsors (which is reserved for businesses), but ultimately all we are is small scale sponsors. I can't do the preseason work. I can't encourage the players to play with more skill, or discipline, or composure. They have to do it, and I have to decide if it's worthy of my contribution. Sadly I'm not that discerning. I can't help but contribute, and the logic of not contributing to the club now (as opposed to any other stage in the last 12 years) seems flawed. And on the concept of the club addressing anything at the moment I actually hope they don't. I don't judge them by their words. No one should. I'm tired of the PR spin. We've moved beyond that.
  11. No more or less than any other club. Hawthorn talk about being the 'family' club but Jordan Lewis jokes about owing Hodgey and Roughy bottles of Grange, and they always talk about wine and expensive food. I don't think it matters if you win. If the players do what is expected I prefer to be disconnected from them. I'm a 39 year old man for god's sake. Do I wanna grab a burger with Clayton Oliver? I wouldn't wish that on either of us. The only thing that connects us is the history of the footy club, and I like it that way.
  12. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    It's FAKE NEWS.
  13. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    Such logic. Surely you're at the wrong website today? 😉
  14. Soft Underbelly MUST become extinct.

    You're totally right about the gender comment and I apologise. There's nothing wrong with being upset BUT there is something seriously wrong with acting like a child and manufacturing narratives around misinformation (which my original comment was in refernece too). One could genuinely argue that it's mentally unhealthy.
  15. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    That's the spirit. ☹️