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  1. Preseason Training - Week commencing 11/12/17

    How great it is for us country Demons to see the names with the photos. I have never been to a training session @ only get to about 3 games so to be able to get a better idea on faces and names is great. love the lever deal but will miss JW. Go Dees
  2. Gawn back by Round 12?

    i reckon a couple of games with Myrtleford on the quite would do him no harm. (just to get him fit sorta thing)
  3. Big Max on The Footy Show

    Well (blushing) I love the show, gawd what is better than listing to Hughes(on mute)or Sam raving about how wrong was the world on the ESS. drug saga, but other than them 2 I just love it. would love to see Garry back there but that aint gunna happen, Bec is a new brush so give her time, like womens footy, jts work in progress. Would u rather watch a cooking show(bad food can give one the shiits also)or a bit of footy madness
  4. Who would you like to sponsor the club?

    Gawd if members had to drink Coopers, it would be as bad as being forced to be a Wobbles member
  5. How did you go in Burgo's quiz?

    I excelled 5.8.12 but on the rise now a 5 better start taking my time oi

    mate in the o&m albury is so packed its a case of who comes second its a joke

    Yep great for us country blokes who cant see or hear VFL games very often

    Thanks KC

    Any chance of a score check oi

    Cranky, it must be sad being a colliewobble supporter oi
  11. Who do you want to beat the most?

    Has to be the Hawks, wife,and most of 7 kids and there other halves make my life hell,, went down last year and vowed id never go to another demon/hawks game
  12. Changes v Hawthorn

    I never comment on team selection, but why did we get Frost,about time he was tried there. Pedo if fit is a must and ollie the other change, gaud only playing the dauks.
  13. Rebecca Maddern hosting The Footy Show

    I have a great idea, why not get rid of the footy show and replace it with maybe a cooking show,or even better a house reno show, could even bring on a farmer wants type show. Give me a break ok it needs a polish, maybe Rebecca can give that, me for one waits all week to get a bit of a giggle fix. And a help for the show if Billy goes to the backbench oi
  14. Garry Lyon & Bill Brownless Feud

    come up with a great new line up, reckon garry to lead with brayshaw as stooge and a 300 game veteran to spruik what ever, geez just had a brain wave why not use crawf, billy in the back ground. If it aint broke as the saying goes
  15. How did you end up following the Mighty Dees?

    I share your tears 1-Grew up in a Redleg family,my dad was involved with the club in some form but left to aid the Ashburton footy club, but our local butcher was a MCC member (a Mister Head) so he used to take me to see the Dees, and into the rooms where i looked way up to the Cordners, Roddas ect, they and others shook my hand so from a 5 or something part of my blood turned to blue and has never changed 2- Laurie Mithen springs to mind Ian McLean, John Lord , gaud where do i stop 3- My Grand daughters buying my first membership,redleg at that, thank YOU Jess, Nicole 4- 1958 g/f I say no more 5- Come on boys the years are getting away, but got a great feeling about 16/17 want to go to a g/f with my bro.