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  1. This Dangerous

    NAB Challenge 2 - Melbourne v Geelong

    Agree 100%. I've come to the conclusion Spencer is the Anti-Jamar. Jamar offers nothing around the ground but will win hitouts. Spencer will chase everything on the ground and then lose every hitout. He was effectively beaten by a Shaun Hampson/Orren Stephenson combo. Against a talented ruckman he'd be little more than a step ladder with wavy arms. Much as we may like Spencer's gutsy endeavour, there's no point in a ruckman who's no good in the ruck.
  2. This Dangerous


    My new favourite player. It's the combination of short height, horrible kicking action & quiet confidence. If some 187 cm kid on the rookie list said he'd be happy to play on a resting ruck man you'd think he was delusional. With Georgiou, it's just a fact.
  3. This Dangerous

    Riley's LTI list replacement?

    I say give Georgiou a crack. He's the height of a midfielder (188cm) and happy to defend against "a small, tall or resting ruckman”. The kids got moxy.
  4. This Dangerous

    2013 Player Review - # 27 Tom Gillies

    I wouldn't be surprised if Tom Gillies is actually a method actor doing some sort of Joaquin Phoenix "I'm Still Here" style project on the MFC. There will probably be a movie about it. Years from now people will forget Tom Gillies: Innadequate Footballer and only know Tom Gillies: Comedic Genius.
  5. This Dangerous

    Casey Scorpions v Werribee Tigers - VFL First Semi Final

    Tom Gillies just isn't good at things.
  6. This Dangerous

    Jack Fitzpatrick

    http://i1351.photobucket.com/albums/p785/thisdangerous/Melbourne%20Demons%20Pics/SupermanFitzpatricksmaller_zps99c7594c.jpg It's where I keep any Melbourne Demons based pics I photoshop (crudely).
  7. This Dangerous

    Jack Fitzpatrick

    It's hyperbolic, but what the hell:
  8. This Dangerous


    Daniel Nicholson had 17 disposals, 4 clearances, 6 marks and 11 tackles. I say we leave the kid in the guts.
  9. This Dangerous

    AFL Women's Game

    Chelsea Randall throws herself at the football like a predator. I'd happily pay money to watch her and her ilk play again. The kid's a jet.
  10. This Dangerous

    Pre-match Women's League? Thoughts ...

    I'm 100% behind this. The fact that there are professional and semi-professional options for female athletes in basketball, soccer, netball, etc shows that the AFL has a lot of catching up to do. I would love to see an athlete of the calibre of Lauren Jackson or Sally Pearson play Aussie Rules. And it will happen. This is just the first step.
  11. This Dangerous

    Clash Jumper - Bring back the royal blue

    A modified version of our current one. Edit: Picture restored as moved into different album
  12. This Dangerous

    No rights

    Anyone else concerned this arrangement will see us spending a lot more time at Ethihad?
  13. This Dangerous

    Jason Taylor in a fight on AIS Europe tour?

  14. This Dangerous

    Mark Jamar

    When Jamar handballed a shot at goal to another player who was under pressure, I couldn't even use use words. I just kind of roared loud and incoherently. Scared the hell out of my children. Thanks Mark Jamar.
  15. This Dangerous


    Jeez, imagine if Casey had that line up in the postseason rather than the pre-season.