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  1. Gawn on SEN 16/11

    "...The 41-year-old Goodwin, entering his sophomore season as senior coach..." I hate this American jargon being brought into our sport. Why wouldn't they just say second? Looks like Fox Footy are trying to squeeze a little more out of this non story. The headline and article are over the top when you read what Goody's quoted as saying.

    And if not Jayden, I would go after Hibberd. Hibbo sets up so many of our plays from defence. I remember noticing in the Adelaide game how he peeled off his man and even ran away from the contest time and time again to be the free kicker once the ball was won in defence. I know others commented on his low tackling stats - it's not that he can't but he's more valuable to be allowed to use his skills. I'm not sure of the stats but it seems like no team has really tried to stop him do this so far. I would think that if you were coaching against Melbourne it would be worth having a defensive forward mind him at all times / or try to use whoever his man is to make him more accountable. The rest of the backline grows in confidence with the ball in hand knowing they can always go to him to get them out of a tight spot.
  3. Australian Under 18 Championships 2017

    Wonder if we can tempt a team (who we predict are on the slide) into trading their first round pick for next year in a similar vein to the Saints did with the Hawks last trade period - even if it involves sacrificing our first pick this year. Everyone seems to be more excited about next years draft (although often this is the talk early in the championships) but there are a number of teams that will need extra picks to land the big name players bandied around. Next year we still have the likes of Smith and Maynard to come into the side and Weid should continue to develop so could we leverage into getting two first rounders for next year in a stronger field. Thoughts?

    I heard Mason Cox only played a half in the VFL on the weekend - what is the chance he will be a late call up?
  5. Frost's Role

    Agree - Frost caused a number of errant kicks from the Giants that resulted in turnovers. Like Garlett, his defensive skills only work when the rest of the team is 'on' and playing their role - if we have everyone manned up / covered with our zone then the defenders running it out need a bit more time to assess the options and dispose of the ball. It's in these moments that Frost gets them as they don't expect someone of his size to get to them that quickly and they sh!t themselves! If he can kick a goal or two here and there and keeps up the pressure efforts then he is more valuable than the stats would say.
  6. Changes vs Essendon

    I don't have a particular liking for Frost but I think his contribution to the team is undervalued on here - there were a number of pressure efforts that don't lead to stats that he did which directly lead to turnovers - I noticed this a number of times in the first quarter. Having said that, it would make things a lot easier if he could clunk a few more marks and be a threat kicking for goal!

    Multiple draft threads but thought this fits best here. Obviously hard to pick how a player will develop when they're 17-18. It's interesting hearing that people think the likes of Curnow or Francis could develop into a tall midfielder (a la Fyfe). Thought it might be interesting to compare what people were saying about Fyfe around this time of his draft year. For those of you that remember, it was a bit of a surprise Freo taking him as early as 20 - some suggesting young ruck / forward prospects Gawn and Fitzpatrick were on their radar and of course we'd just got Tapscott at 18! From Quigley on Big Footy - http://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/2009-big-footy-official-phantom-draft-the-real-deal-selections-only-thread.649044/page-2 From AFL draft info - http://afldraftinfo.blogspot.com.au/2009/10/nat-fyfe-claremontwa-draft-profile.html It's funny reading some of his weaknesses back then knowing what he's become eg tendency to fumble, concern about ability to bulk up, does not win many possessions etc and his potential was rated as "6-8.5 out of 10" (love to see the player with potential of 9.5!)
  8. Darcy Parish

    I'm not having a go at Knightmare or this thread... but I always find it interesting comparing these write-ups to players we know down the track - who could forget Sylvia's?? This was by Knightmare in the middle of 2012: The description is of exactly the type of player we need! Does this mean it's worth trying to get a bit more out of Toumpas... or should we be a bit wary of these types of write-ups... or neither / both. I'm no expert with this but the way the game is going I like the sound of a Curnow type... although I suspect the comparisons to Stringer are equally unfounded
  9. Cameron Ling

    As crazy as it sounds, I don't think being able to "coach" in the traditional sense of the word is necessarily a high priority for afl coaches these days. You have development coaches, people who assist with the game plan, forward, back and midfield coaches, recruiting staff and scounts, fitness people etc.... the key is being able to manage people. From what we've heard, this was one of Neeld's biggest weaknesses (although admittedly he didn't have the right structures of PJ, experienced assistant's etc around him) Obviously you have to have the passion, drive, knowledge of the game etc Most of us here have no idea about who's best suited as we don't see the inner workings of the foot club or know the potential candidates personally. However, looking from the outside, given where both Ling and Kirk have come from in the early stages of their careers (as fringe players) to be premiership captains and galvanise their respective groups that were/are both seen as setting the standard for culture in the comp, they would seem to have as good a background as anyone around. For me where the likes of Buckley, Hird, Voss never had to struggle (they were always stars), Kirk and Ling had to modify their game to become greats not only at their club but in the competition. I think they would well placed to relate to all members of a playign group. From what we know, they seem to manage relationships and people very well too.
  10. Getting the right mind set

    I've been a Dees man all my life. Like most on here I don't know what to do with myself at the moment. Since the end of the Daniher reign it has been incredibly tough. The pain of losing burns so much... I try to come up with coping mechanisms so it doesn't hurt. I try to think "it's just a game", "the only real connection i have with the club is that i go for them - and that's only cos my dad goes for them" but it doesn't really work. The news about Mitch Clark is extremely sad. In the case of Frawley, I don't think I overrate him - he is one of the best defenders in the game, yet because he is at Melbourne he doesn't get the support from the rest of the team that he would at other clubs. Part of me doesn't blame him at all for leaving - he's has stuck it out for so long, heard the new spin from different coaches, admin staff etc his whole career.. he is a wasted talent at Melbourne. It's not as if he didn't have a crack. Since when is this approach as a supporter ok? How do you cope? You can look at the positives - Paul Roos, better player development, clearer plan, smart recruiting in off season, going to take time - will see improvement in the second half of the year etc Or you can look at the negatives - who could we beat this year? injuries, not compeditive, culture of club completely shot I tend to swing from one to the other frequently. Would love to have some tips on how everyone else gets through this.

    This isn't specifically referring to Roos but say we were able to come to a conclusion about the senior coach before the end of the season (whether it's Roos, Chocco, Eade or whoever). Could this give whoever it is (assuming they walked out on their club if they are involved elsewhere) more of an advantage than other new coaches (eg able to see behind closed doors at training / match days etc I know it is highly unlikely to play out this way as Collingwood and Richmond won't let the likes of Eade and Chocco leave their clubs mid season or just before the finals and it puts Craig in a very strange position... but I can't think of a time when a coach has been sacked so early into a season - especially given that Melbourne is almost guaranteed not to have the interview process like we have had for Bailey and Neeld - we are going after a known quantity with runs on the board. How do we use this to our advantage so that the new coach coming in does not have to coach us for a year to know exactly who to trade, delist and draft. You could say it's obvious from watching our games but different players respond differently to different coaches and so some players in line for trade / delisting may be important players under our new coach.
  12. Pozible - The way to our next senior coach

    Ok so maybe I need to stop flogging a dead horse... it's just frustrating to see one dark day after the next and not have a way to contribute to it turning around. I'm sad to see Neeld go... in the same way I was sad to see Bailey go. Maybe if given time things would have eventually turned around - we will never know. I don't see Roos as the answer to all our problems. But assuming he is interested in coaching us (a big assumption), his record speaks volumes - not merely in terms of the premiership but in his ability to create a culture that is still so strong at Sydney. Does anyone else think that Watts, Gysberts, Trengove, Blease etc would be different players if they started and played their careers at Sydney? Would Jetta, Kennedy, Richards etc would be the players they are if they had of come to Melbourne?? Roos isn't the only one to have create the Sydney culture... but he certainly had a lot to do with it. If this is a bad idea, just say so and i'll put this away. But to me it's one way of demonstrating that even if our admin and footy department are a mess, our fans and members (the only constant in a football club) are strong passionate and ready to (again) put their money on the line for the club.
  13. Dion Prestia Trade Link

    It's enough for people to be suggesting Dion Prestia... but to say Shiel as well?? If Prestia's family have some ties at the club there's a tenuous link but why the hell would Shiel want to come to us (over ANY of the other 17 clubs) and why would GWS let him go? I know we need a good news story / hope at the moment but this is ridiculous - we're only setting ourselves up to be disappointed. I'm not saying it's not worth trying but let's not get carried away!
  14. Craig under scrutiny

    Who is "the club" these days?
  15. Pozible - The way to our next senior coach

    Bates Mate - I agree. The problems go so much deeper than the coach / football department. At the same time I think to the end of the season and assuming Neeld is not there, who can give the players, supporters, potential sponsors, future board members confidence that they can turn it around. Everyone has heard the same words eg "patience" "experience differential" etc since Daniher's last years. Unless it's from the mouth of someone who has done it before (not just been in the same room) it comes across as hollow as we've been there too many times before. There are others than Roos - Clarkson? Lyon? Woosha? Scott? But I'm not sure any are looking to move. Maybe making it about more than just Roos would be smarter - but I don't think it would cut through on social media in the same way. GNF: To be honest I don't know a lot about this but I assume it's fairly easy to setup. Pozible look after the $$$ until the pledge amount is reached. Most have a good video that use to spread the word online. Maybe Russel Howcroft knows how to do that! I think it could work. But it also feels like it is the wrong time - to do this in the first half of the season or before there is an announcement that Neeld won't be there in 2014 might cause more problems (if that is possible).