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  1. Guide to the Draft

    I reckon he's more Rory Sloane than Rory Sloane.
  2. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    Mick Ablett must not do much list analysis before he runs with these suggestions. In an earlier show after we had brought in Lever he said that, given we love Lever so much, Oscar Claravino would be a good pick up as a similar player. Now he's got us taking a ruckman to play at Casey for the next 8 years behind Gawn?
  3. Stewart Crameri to the Dees?

    Based on the fact he's had 5 seasons at AFL level where he's kicked over 30 goals in a season - numbers that Harmes and Bugg could only dream of. Put him in a training singlet and you'll be drooling over him in no time.
  4. Stewart Crameri to the Dees?

    When fit, Crameri's a better player than Harmes and Bugg, who were regulars. He'd also have Kent and vandenBerg covered. Melksham and ANB's form was pretty solid. He'd probably compete with Hannan for a spot. I like Hannan, and am hopeful with a full pre-season he can be involved in games for longer. Hannan's also a heck of a lot quicker when it hits the deck. I see the forward line as something like: Petracca, McDonald, Melksham Garlett, Hogan, Hannan But you never have everyone available and form dips, so I'd be very happy to rookie Crameri.
  5. Sam Gibson

    Smart pick up by Adelaide. They lose a bit of run with Brodie Smith's injury and Charlie Cameron's likely departure, and give up nothing to secure a capable wingman who provides quality depth and insurance in case anything goes wrong with a David Mackay etc while in their premiership window.
  6. Mahoney, get away

    Up in the air? You're kidding? Kelly went at 2 and Bontempelli at 4. They are 300 game elite bona fide A+ stars. Our Football Dept, recruiters, scouts all farked up enormously thinking that pick 2 was worth more bundled into a deal for Dom Tyson than seeing the potential in those kids. Tyson and Salem are just good ordinary footballers. And to say "we would have taken Billings" just further proves how wrong the FD got it. We would have got Hunt without the trade as we had pick 58 before the trade and took Hunt at 57, so take him out of your equation.
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    Yep, 31 is an absolute stinker if we are still paying half his salary. The only way 31 was justifiable was if Port were taking on all the $500k.
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    It all comes down to the salary. If we are not paying a cent of his salary, pick 31 is all we could have hoped for. We shot ourselves in the foot having him on $500k a year. No wonder he was so comfortable. It makes you wonder how much our spuds are getting paid when we don't have a bona fide star and Port can have Gray, Boak, Dixon, Hartlett, Wines, Wingard, Ryder, Rockliff and Motlop all on big money. Wow.
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    Thank you for sharing. I'd suggest Port are giving up a fair bit in that trade. I assume Melbourne must be paying a fair chunk of his salary to get it over the line.

    We had pick 58 before the Kelly trade and ended up with 57, where we took Hunt. So we were always getting Hunt. The Tyson trade was a shocker.

    The Pick 35 sh1ts me. With compo it will go to 37 or 38. Just speculative crap. For us to cough up two first rounders we had to make the Crows find us something in the Top 25. The soft Roos trading mantra of "win/win" and good blokeing yourself lives on.
  12. Mahoney, get away

    Great thread, Deespencer. So many sycophants on here say "I'll back the Football Department on this one" and "Mahoney has a great record". They must not watch Josh Kelly & Matt Crouch play. We are a middle of the road side. The recruiting and trading can only have been just average. Unfortunately it all dates back to Roos' hippy, meditation style of "win-win" trading. I can't wait to start seeing the win out of the Salem and Tyson trade. "Oh but we got Jayden Hunt out of that trade". No. We had pick 58 before we traded the farm to GWS, and got pick 57 back which we took Hunt with. So we'd have got Hunt anyway if we hadn't traded pick 2. I wish the club had told Adelaide to get [censored] today, and told them come back to us when they've found a way to turn pick 35 into pick 25 for us.

    But the bigger hole in the list is that we have no midfield class, pace or depth. Tom McDonald has to play forward to accommodate Lever. Tall defenders are hardly a gap in the list. They're there. I don't see any midfielders that can break away from a stoppage, evade, bounce and hit Hogan lace out. The midfield lacks pace and kicking skill. Lewis, Vince and Jones are approaching the end. Bradshaw is no certainty. It is absurd to trade 2 first round picks when we lack skill and pace through the middle AND the player has nominated us.

    We'd get him for free? Or we'd have to use pick 10 in the Draft? Treloar was 2 first rounders and a 2nd rounder back. However, Collingwood's first rounders were something like 6 and 8? Melbourne's are going to be 10 and 12-14 (hopefully). Lever is a Key Position Player, harder to find than midfielders.

    Because, by even the most conservative estimates, we've offered him 4 years at $750k, which is an A Grade salary. Adelaide are quite rightly saying - you've made Lever one of the highest paid 22 year olds in the game - we've developed him beautifully - you're going to get 200 games out of him - your '17 and '18 first round picks aren't particularly special. 10 & 12 are hardly rolled gold top 5 picks.