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  1. Die Hard Demon

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    Dangerous against gold coast in a 100 point win? my grandma would’ve be dangerous in that game. Garlett laid ZERO tackles last week.. His defensive efforts were almost non existent. IMO last week was his last game in the red & blue.
  2. Die Hard Demon

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Alarmingly I feel like our ability to defend the MCG is becoming worse. IMO that comes down to 2 possible issues. 1. The game plan does not work on large grounds. AND/OR 2. We're unable / not fit enough to execute the game plan. We lost to the Saints at the G ffs ... something is clearly not working.
  3. Die Hard Demon

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    I thought the last round capitulation to Collingwood in 2017 was a wake up call.......? I think we just have to accept that this team is and always will be mentally soft.
  4. Die Hard Demon

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    Report suggests they got the injury early, won't require surgery and expect him to be back for the 2019 season .. So realistically he will only miss 2 more games.
  5. Die Hard Demon

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    There's no doubt how disappointing this is .. Jesse had put his best foot forward this year after a horror 2017. Feel for the guy.
  6. Die Hard Demon

    We need to laugh sometimes!

    All we can really do at this point is laugh. funny stuff 😂
  7. Die Hard Demon

    Trade HOGAN

    time will tell
  8. Die Hard Demon

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    Out: Garlett, Spargo, Hunt In: Bugg, Melksham, Hibberd Bugg has been incredibly consistent for Casey. Deserves a call-up. Unlike Garlett, knows how to lay a tackle.
  9. Die Hard Demon

    Trade HOGAN

    Hogan will always be limited by his attitudinal problems. And what I mean is that he's a big sook who will never change. We should trade him now whilst he still has some value. And funnily enough I feel the Heeney mark of the year will add to Hogans problems. Watching replays of Heeney standing on his head will just make him regress further into his shell.
  10. Die Hard Demon


    ridiculous post .. last time i checked, it took 22 players to win a game of footy. As far as i'm concerned there were a plethora of passengers yesterday. We are never going to be a good side if we continue to rely on the Jones' to win games of footy off their own boot. TBH he looked exhausted because he was one of the few that was throwing himself at the footy during the first 3 quarters.
  11. Die Hard Demon


    There are too many players that rely on the Oliver's, the Jones', the Brayshaw's, the Gawn's of this world to get the team over the line in crunch games.. Garlett – 21 disposals, 2 goals, 3 behinds, 4 tackles against Gold Coast .. And this week? 10 disposals, 1 goal, 1 behind, ZERO tackles... Thats just one example of a typical down hill skier – we had lots of them on the weekend. We simply just do not have the buy in from all 22 players out there in crunch games to be a successful side. We are NOT less talented than the top sides. We are NOT too young. We do have too many mentally weak players who just expect the "guns" to drag the team over the line in the crunch games. Until we get a 22 player buy in on a weekly basis like the Richmonds of this comp.. We will ALWAYS be middle of the road.
  12. Die Hard Demon


    Garlett can go and get [censored] !! ZERO tackles for a small forward is the reason why we will never be a successful side. I never want to see him in the red & blue again. useless
  13. Die Hard Demon

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    My mistake, he has been poor for 2 weeks. I do still believe even in his "good games" he needs to work on his 2nd and 3rd efforts and what he does when he doesn't get the footy.
  14. Die Hard Demon

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    Understandably there will be some people rushing to Hogan's defense. However I tend to agree with Dr. D – Hogan has been very poor for at least a month now. (if he's carrying an injury then simply DO NOT play him) otherwise assuming he's at full fitness, his current form is simply not good enough to warrant a spot in our side. If we are to ever go deep in September, we need 22 players to be playing their role. No i'm not saying hogan needs to be kicking bags of goals every week. I'm saying similar to guys like Reiwoldt, if Hogan is not kicking goals we need him to be doing the things that go unnoticed. The 1 percenters. Tackling, running and putting the opposition under pressure. Bringing the ball to ground if he can't take a mark then going hard at the next contest, then the next and the next. I rarely if EVER see a second or god forbid a third effort from Hogan. And like I said, if he can't get to the contests through injury he simply shouldn't be playing, and like Dr. D says, play someone who will compete and that is Pederson.
  15. Die Hard Demon

    GAMEDAY - Round 19

    This game has an uncanny resemblance to the last game against collingwood in 2017. Playing for our season & playing like a bunch of [censored]. Look like we’ve shat our pants... missed tackles, missed handballs, dropped marks, poor disposals.. The only reason we’re in this is cause adelaide are playing very poorly.