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  1. Looks to me gets him upper chest, chin whiplashes into the upper shoulder.
  2. Absolute joke of a decision. He clearly hip and shoulders the bloke in the chest, his chin is whiplashed into the top of his shoulder. May doesn’t leave the ground, bends his knees & braces for impact. Challenge
  3. Let’s not forget how long it took for Lever to find his feet in our back line. I’ll reserve judgement until at least a month of footy.
  4. I couldn’t see any hindrance throughout the first half.
  5. Viney looks like a bull at the gates out there. One bit of play he tackled a bloke, pried the footy from his grasp & bollocked his way through 3 guys before he got the clearance. Can’t wait to see him unleashed in round 1. 😈
  6. Freo have been absolutely desperate for a key forward .. we DID have leverage before we came out and admitted we're happy for him to go home and we need the deal to get done for May... Amateurish
  7. I reckon this is one more pick perhaps 20 or a player away from being a good deal. If this is it.. I won't be overly happy.
  8. Listening to SEN & they have put the question out to all journalists across the country to confirm the story about hogan .. & so far no one knows anything. They can’t even reach Basil Zemplaris who originally reported the story.. Something is seriously fishy about this...
  9. Jungle drums beating louder and louder .. blokes on DL who have unequivocally stated he wasn't going anywhere have to realise that you can never say never.. It's going to be an interesting month ahead.
  10. https://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/jesse-hogan-has-already-agreed-to-fremantle-deal-report/news-story/771978e959756b6212da4a3af3f1a9f9 Now he's apparently agreed to go to Freo .. How do these media outlets get approval to run with these headlines.
  11. Lose my absolute [censored].. Then lose my absolute mind scrambling to get my hands on tickets for the big dance.
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