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  1. Same, Frosty has the tank and the wheels to be a match for Buddy, its only Buddy's footy craft and experience that will tell in this one. If Frost gets the jump on him early and frustrates him I reckon we will do well...
  2. I think its the weekly/monthly direct debit amount option... so 6 months @ 20.84 = 125.04
  3. Would be pretty confident that they would be able to allocate tickets prior to general public sales. The info below is from the website and website lists the conditions: Grand Final Guarantee Legends, Trident and Redlegs members have guaranteed access to purchase a Grand Final ticket if Melbourne is competing, as part of their membership package. Demon Seats, MFC/MCC and Red and Blue Members can guarantee access to purchase finals tickets and a Grand Final ticket, should the Demons make it in 2017, by purchasing the Grand Final Guarantee add on with their membership. Full Price Dedicated Demon GF Guarantee Adult $125 $20.84 GF Guarantee Concession $80 $13.34 GF Guarantee Junior $40 $6.67 GF Guarantee Country $80 $13.34 If you are a demon seat home member, it would be 50 bucks cheaper to upgrade to a redlegs home membership rather than take out a GFG.
  4. Exactly right LH, been attached to my membership (Country, in Tassie) every year since I first added it. its been $80 pretty much the entire time I've had it. Think its about 100 if you are in Vic.
  5. GF guarantee... Got it in a rush of blood when bailey was coach , and dedicated demon payments ensured that it stayed there! An annual donation to the club up until now with any luck!
  6. Aaannnnddd bookmarked. Good on you DC...
  7. Jones in the centre!
  8. 40956 MEMBERS SIGNED UP FOR 2017 44 away!
  9. Polygamy - The lifestyle that gets us over 40k! Poor grammar on my part!
  10. Just signed up the missus so another one down!
  11. Pederson should come in. Lacked a big target. I know he might not be long term but would have helped anchor the forward line today and freed up watts to a extent. But definite thumbs up to pencil.
  12. Thats what I meant, want him to get the best out of his opportunity, was similar for Maxy trying to play out from Jamars shadow...
  13. Liked this one!
  14. 38946 MEMBERS SIGNED UP FOR 2017 Slow and steady now... boost for home game hopefully. So close now!
  15. 38848 MEMBERS SIGNED UP FOR 2017