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  1. Eelesie

    Welcome Johnnie Walker (we all need you!)

    From the article "Johnnie Walker will also be a partner of the AFL’s founding and arguably most prestigious club, the seminal Melbourne Demons as well as a proud sponsor of Seven’s Friday night’s appointment viewing TV broadcast of the AFL." Well, they have covered their bases given that we don't get the chance on a Friday night game! But I must say I read this while having a neat green. Tasty.
  2. Eelesie


    Frawleys blow job numbers are starting to show in his knees...
  3. Eelesie

    2018 Membership Thread

    I have a reserved seat and I am unable to get there (the richmond game), is there anyway that I can "give' the reserved seat to the Club? its a concession membership so I cant onsell it through ticketmaster.
  4. Eelesie

    Gaming - we are out!

    Yep, thats profit after macine rental etc from what I can see...
  5. Eelesie

    Gaming - we are out!

    Makes a difference. Great from a social aspect but the obvious question remains - How to we supplement the revenue? Gaming & Social Revenue Collingwood – $22,887,477 Hawthorn – $19,087,366 Carlton – $18,825,869 Brisbane – $15,687,630 Essendon – $13,351,296 Melbourne – $11,641,049 Geelong – $10,537,358 Richmond – $7,180,170 Western Bulldogs – $7,061,232 Port Adelaide – $6,784,180 St Kilda – $1,934,045 Gaming Profit Collingwood – $6,037,992 Brisbane – $3,744,228 Melbourne – $3,720,679 Carlton – $3,169,884 Essendon – $2,276,154 Western Bulldogs – $1,390,994 Richmond – $942,060 St Kilda – $616,340 Port Adelaide – $301,173 Hawthorn – No costs available Geelong – no costs available Revenue without Gaming West Coast – $64,013,222 Richmond – $57,984,202 Adelaide – $54,954,790 Collingwood – $54,848,992 Essendon – $51,814,111 Hawthorn – $51,655,098 Port Adelaide – $51,123,008 Sydney – $50,837,971 Fremantle – $49,263,474 Geelong – $47,266,694 St Kilda – $46,018,621 Western Bulldogs – $44,883,240 GWS – $42,605,892 Melbourne – $40,347,662 Carlton – $39,793,007 North Melbourne – $39,717,822 Brisbane – $36,372,790 Profit/Loss without Gaming St Kilda – $4,651,074 Essendon – $2,778,032 Richmond – $2,121,238 Western Bulldogs – $252,056 North Melbourne – $242,656 Sydney – $105,186 Port Adelaide ($272,562) GWS – ($522,896) Melbourne – ($2,357,619) Carlton – ($2,502,081) Brisbane – ($6,006,218) Collingwood ($8,770,616) Hawthorn – Not available Geelong – not available.
  6. Eelesie

    Changes v North Melbourne

    Below are the teams for JLT 1 against the round 2 side that NM fielded. Those in bold in the round 2 list are those that played against us. The only ones that failed to play against us were Simpkin and Anderson, so I would hope that we can get the job done. Most of this one for us will be above the shoulders. JLT 1 v Melb B: M.Williams, R.Tarrant, R.Clarke HB: J.Macmillan, S.Thompson, S.Atley C: T.Dumont, B.Cunnington, B.Jacobs HF: B.Hartung, J.Waite, L.McDonald F: N.Hrovat, B.Brown, K.Turner Foll: T.Goldstein, S.Higgins, J.Ziebell I/C: P.Ahern, M.Daw, L.Davies-Uniacke, S.Durdin, M.Hibberd, N.Larkey, B.McKay, A.Morgan 21, G.Narrier, E.Vickers-Willis, J.Williams, C.Zurhaar Round 2 v St Kilda B: Marley Williams, Scott Thompson, Ryan Clarke HB: Jamie Macmillan, Robbie Tarrant, Ed Vickers-Willis C: Ben Jacobs, Jy Simpkin, Billy Hartung HF: Shaun Atley, Jarrad Waite, Kayne Turner F: Jack Ziebell, Ben Brown, Luke Davies-Uniacke FOLL: Todd Goldstein, Shaun Higgins, Ben Cunnington I/C: Jed Anderson, Trent Dumont, Nathan Hrovat, Luke McDonald
  7. Eelesie

    Sponsorship Problem?

    Both my missus and I recieved the AGM meeting letter and the proxy voter form in the mail about a month ago. I dont remember getting anything electronic at all though...
  8. Eelesie

    2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    all good on mine - using safari...
  9. Eelesie

    2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    Try this SWYL... http://aflliveadhochls348.ngcdn.telstra.com/aflvideo/AFLVIDEO_MELB/playlist.m3u8 iPhones don't support the flashplayer on the afl website
  10. Eelesie

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Gone from the membership cards this year... Even the mascots got a run!
  11. Eelesie

    2018 Membership

    Nope. Just a guarantee to buy one. No GF, money gone.
  12. Eelesie

    2018 Membership

    Too true, did it just then and there were very few left. Had a chat with a friend and as I am currently back at Uni full time I can get a concession membership which lessens the blow considerably. Ended up being cheaper than this year but about 70 more than last year. But I can live with it!
  13. Eelesie

    2018 Membership

    Just think that its better to go redlegs home... not much more cash for better options!
  14. Eelesie

    2018 Membership

    Had noticed that the club had released the membership details on social media so I thought that i would make sure all of the details were still right, and got a bit of a surprise. We begin 2018 as a club that has not participated in a bloody final in 12 years let alone a grand final, so I was very disappointed to see that the cost for a grand final guarantee has leapt from 80 to 229 dollars! I admit that as an interstate member I have a cheaper membership than most that would join here, but I can only manage to get to about 4 games a year. I have had the GFG attached to my membership since around 2011 - Bailey was still coach. I guess I am just frustrated that they were only too happy to take the money while the club was an absolute shambles, but get a bit of confidence into the supporters and then increase the cost by 65%. I would not be so frustrated, but I still don't know which Melbourne is going to show up on the park week in week out, and then the club says pay more than my membership for the off chance that we will make the GF. Sorry about the rant, just feel a bit exploited. Would have been better off just getting an AFL membership, can go to games for any club for the same cost and still have a shot GF tickets by nominating Melbourne as my club. My invoices FYI 2018 2017