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  1. zeldacat

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    Missed the training session and read through all the notes - looking good. Anyone attend training notice Jayden Hunt? Seems to be very quiet and not amongst it with the boys socially either? Get the impression he's not feeling the love? Injuries?
  2. zeldacat

    Play of the Year - 2018

    I have two in particular: EF: Neville Jetta's game on Dangerwood - pulled his pants down SF: Gunston hitting the post running into goal. We kick out and take it down our end for a goal with BT's commentary, "can't believe it, can't believe it, can't believe it, can not believe it" Look on Clarkson's face. So happy to eliminate that filth
  3. zeldacat

    Caroline Wilson banned from Demon function

    Speaking of Caro, what I did find interesting that Eddie McGuire praised everyone in the past for the current great success of Collingwood including the football department and admin, made a poinr of naming everyone of significance except Gary Pert. Am I reading too much into this that it became toxic - did he leave on his terms? Maybe due diligence by Bartlett and MFC not thorough enough.
  4. zeldacat

    Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    It's one thing to put in a pitiful performance but to turn around at the end of the game and have a chit chat and carry on and a bum tap with players for the opposition who have just pulled your pants down....again....for the last 10yrs..is a disgrace. Get off the ground and sort out this [censored] with your teammates and coaches and fair dinkum don't hold back with your honesty and disgust with each other. This is [censored]. Enough of these insipid games.
  5. zeldacat

    Post Match Discussion - Round 1

    It amazes me how me, the novice supporter in me can see Geelong's game plan to always pass, kick, tap (throw!) out to space to allow a runner come through to carry the ball. We continue with this handballing in tight - which Geelong never do - and we get caught. I thought last year we would've learnt to keep a man down (not go up for the marking contest) and always have someone at the front of the pack for the crumb - but no, we still don't do this and that is a real frustration that teams continue to have a player at the ball drop in front to carry the ball. And our crap kicking skills to position too - too many high floaters. Disappointing that we haven't fixed this in the off season. Will be disappointed for another hour or so, and then move on. Ugh!
  6. zeldacat

    The 2017 Membership Thread

    I would love to know the membership figures right now in comparison to what they were this time last year. Particularly what's gone on in the past week with Lever/without Watts.
  7. zeldacat

    Membership Renewal - Customise My Card

    Out of curiosity, what would our membership numbers be right now compared to last year? Anyone know? I've always had a Jack Watts card, so disappointed I wont be able to get this again this year.
  8. zeldacat


    Not happy he's gone home. Would hope the club doc has been called to pay him a visit.
  9. zeldacat

    Mark Basics [edit: resurrected from 2013]

    If there is one thing (one of many!) that I want the club to focus on over the summer with every player is their decision and DISPOSAL efficiency. Every kick, handball, mark, tap, tackle, shepherd, bullock, bumps ...counts. Every single one. You turn the ball over, you get told about it (by your teammates, your coaches and your fans!) Enough of the crap skills, time to teach the younger players to be elite for the next 5-10 years.
  10. zeldacat


    Agree. I also think Stretch was unlucky not to get a free kick - I thought Thomas' spoil was too front on - he had his back to the ball.
  11. zeldacat

    Post match Discussion "Fire away"

    I cannot understand how we can still after so many seasons still look slow. I want to know what is going on in our fitness department. Why do we still look so slow in our run and carry.
  12. zeldacat

    2015 Player Review - # 4 Jack Watts

    I've seen an improvement in JW this year likely that's a Brendan McCartney influence. I'd like to see him finish his contract out next year and the pressure will be on him just as much as BMcC to get this young team going.
  13. zeldacat

    Post Match Discussion - Round 21

    I seriously want to question just a couple of things...(i) WTF is our fitness coach doing? We have been slow and sluggish for the past 10 years - absolutely no improvement here (ii) Who is responsible for our kicking skills? If you cannot kick the ball (as opposed to 50 handpasses!) to your teammate and hit him on the chest, what the hell are you doing and who is pulling these players up at training, saying "not good enough" go back and do it again. Even Roos said that Hawthorn pride themselves on making sure that every player in that side is 100% committed to the perfect kick, pass, tackle or tap is spot on EVERY SINGLE TIME (iii) enough of the loopy up and under kicks that give the oppo time to get to the contest...(iv) if you take the play inside the corridor and your inside 50 FFS kick for goal, do not handpass on or "backwards".... I'm getting tired of the same mistakes year on year. What's the solution?
  14. zeldacat

    Let's cut to the chase... Who is gone!

    I also want to see a complete overhaul of our line coaches and in particular Dave Misson. He has been with us since the end of 2011 and our players are still the slowest and have no speed whatsoever. We cannot run out games. For three years we have not made any progress with the endurance of our players. Fitness puts less pressure on your skills and good skills put less pressure on your endurance- FFS hit a target. Time for a big change.
  15. zeldacat

    MFC's Virgin Australia Film Festival Video

    Great video and makes me very proud of my club. Just hearing Sydney's words at the end, "it's awesome, it's awesome" says everything about our club, our players, our game and involvement of our supporters. A memory young Sydney will remember forever. Love it.