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  1. The best way to watch the replay of this game is just to watch all our goals and forget that Richmond won... http://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/2017-04-26/rd-5-all-the-goals Some of the goals were awesome: - Watts' shimmy and spin and left foot delivery to Salem who goaled - Petracca bullocking through Melksham to hit Jeffy in the forward 50... gold! - Salem's quick hands to Hunt who was coming through at full pace to goal from 50 - Then Clarry's monster double hard ball gets to give to Jeffy for another goal from 50
  2. yeah the "see ball, get ball" is the main thing i notice. He just keeps going and going at it. There was a goal on Monday where he extracted it from the middle only to follow up and extract it again and give off to someone who goaled (or passed off to someone inside 50, can't remember)
  3. Was it Frost or TMac who flipped Riewoldt at the end? Would love to see footage of that
  4. on a positive, how good were Frost's chase-downs?
  5. I'm amazed there was no mention by the commentary team. He took his eyes off the ball and went for the player
  6. I had no qualms about it being called a goal.
  7. At first i was "proud of the effort" given what we've seen in passed years and what circumstances we had to deal with in the second half... then I remembered we kicked 19 BEHINDS!!!
  8. you forgot to mention his best stat... 1 tap-out
  9. and for the previous 10 years before that?
  10. I thought the whole idea of having channels 7 and 71 was to show a different view for things like this. The thing I hate the most is the megawall or whatever its called. That's exactly what we want access to the whole time!!! not just at the breaks. It's absolutely useless.
  11. Maxy was on AFL 360 backing Clarry to go back to back with another 35+ touch game.
  12. Just watched Max promote Reach on AFL 360 and got a bit emotional when they showed the footage of Jim giving Max his jumper. Jim came and presented to us back when I was in middle school and it really had an effect on me. He was a great man.
  13. It makes me feel sick seeing all this "comeback" garbage in the media after Essendon's win...
  14. Yep i liked the consistency last night. If it makes players try more to keep the ball in play then i guess it's a good thing. The Bernie one was tough, but that might have been given on reputation. If this keeps up I'm assuming Tommy Mac and Bernie will get pinged heaps this year.
  15. If Gawn wins the Brownlow it will be an acceptance speech to end all acceptance speeches...