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  1. It's not so much the Tyson haters, but it's the fact that of his first 7-8 disposals, only a couple hit the target... that was the feeling i got at the game, and while watching the replay the commentators made a point of it too EDIT: I'm not saying he's terrible and needs to be dropped, there's a lot he does well for the team, but there are a lot of turnover possessions he has.
  2. The best part about him and Frost getting the ball into the forward line is they gain 10-20 metres on the run first then send it long. It's often caught out defenders who are trying to block the leads.
  3. I reckon channel 7 called away the guys supporting him for a quick moment to get that shot Just moments later when they showed him again you could see people behind him. And the shots were obviously from different times because I believe one of them he had a sling and the other he didn't... I'm tipping he was in extra pain at the thought of his comeback being over... Or maybe he is like me and 2 shots of morphine didn't do anything to stop the pain (not great when you have a kidney stone)
  4. Not sure whether you were upstairs or downstairs but it was a great atmosphere downstairs when he kicked it. We were still in it! If only he could have done that at the start... I had him in the first goal kicker sweeps..
  5. Pretty sure I've seen him hit the cheer squad target a few times too
  6. yeah i heard that from Watts during that post game live video... I'm trying to work it out
  7. I'm amazed at how gunbarrel straight his kicking for goal is... I love it
  8. Spine tingling.... I love watching the crowd around the wing. They all start standing up when they realise what is about to happen. What a moment it was!
  9. Another of the Fahour family was GM of a Victorian Sports association for a while...
  10. The thing that irks me about Houli giving him a reference is he is obviously ignoring the fact that Fahour has already been reported (earlier this year?) and also back in 2012 (?) he jumped the fence and attacked a spectator.... hardly a good character
  11. David King this afternoon again said the Dees haven't gotten ahead of themselves. He blamed the 3 x 6 day breaks and our players looking tired. He also said don't jump off the dees just yet.
  12. Yes the Northern League boss said he was offered the automatic 2 match ban by the umpires who saw the act, then when the the guys in charge saw the footage they withdrew the offer of 2 matches and sent him straight to the tribunal
  13. My problem with Jones' one was they claimed he braced for impact.. look to me like he leant into it.. Doesn't make a difference than he happened to get the ball with his feet at the same time.
  14. c'mon now this comment is ridiculous... He'll cop the full brunt of the northern leagues tribunal