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  1. Sponsorship Problem?

    I did suggest last year that we approach the Aust meat industry. plenty of opportunities for campaigns based on red and blue meat intake. Elite athlete diets, recipes etc. = potential visibility
  2. The Scrapping of the Bounce is Imminent

    Does that Shiraz have a cork requiring a corkscrew procedure or is it a Spalvins cap pandering to soft corkers?
  3. Having been a lifetime supporter I am used to disappointment, so I will again watch with great interest. This is a time when Hinckley will be exposed for his abilities in getting maximum performance from his players. If he does it Port may be the surprise packet. Watts performance will also expose Goody to an additional query over his judgement. Melbourne has momentum and despite the last two games failure was certainly on the improve. The list movements must continue the improvement or he will be seen as a fail. I support MFC and hope he doesn't. I want to support a successful team
  4. Seb Williams

    I do like the muscle structure that seems more advanced than his age and experience would indicate
  5. Well done to FD on our 2017 trade week

    I won't ask in 3years I will ask at the end of next season! I will match Port Adelaide and dDemons which the Watts trade has made compulsory. if Hinkley gets an increased output from Watts Motlop and Dixon to add to his team which was so narrowly defeated in the finals nd gets an improvement which our side which could not beat North nd Collingwood to play in those same final does not achieve I will be again disappointed, a condition which I have become inured to. I thought that we were entering a period that would finally benefit from utilising the skills of Watts in a team of increasingly improving diverse features, with a united and overpowering desire to win a premiership. They can do it without Watts so now need to show that. If Port deny us I will be beyond furious and demand a more comprehensive explanation from Goodwin and fellow coaches than We have received so far. Inteesting season
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    Well what a fantastic result. Something for everyone for so many different reasons. Goodwin V Hinckley now looms as an added aside to the actual game.
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    So Jack goes to Collingwood and is told Yeh we always thought you were soft. That's why we targeted you so remorselely on your debut. You are really going to have to us up with our own fans spitting on you if you don't win every game they are more feral The the Melb softxxxk supporters So off to Adelaide Yeah we would really welcome you into the club partivularly because your from Victoria. Ask Jake how we treat would treat you. Geelong where Danger says love your skills but we're looking to buy a few others and Melb have really talked you down so we'll take you cheap and you'll be treated the same way here. Back to Melb Jack says ok coach I'm ok to go, ok boys we all want the success of a flag, let's ignore the Neeld years, the rebuild, and last years failure, this is the beginning , let's all work our butts off every match all season. Jack appointed to leadership team and teammates work towards achieving his numbers while he works towards establishing some new ones. They all push each other to join ogether to use the skills of individuals to achieve joint success. Oh just woke up
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    Training and preparation should not be a cookie cutter prescription so this argument is flawed. Every player would have a different program for totally different reasons. Coaches should be communicating this and ensure that performance is elite. Its not all Jacks fault all the time. Seems Goodies given up that's his call. Hope this is not a Neeld moment. He can use it to get better results and that will be the measure Other clubs seem to think they can get better performance. Ladder results will tell.
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    Yeah well it's the right message to expect higher standards but why deliver it through one of players who can perform while leaving many others who are just as inconsistent. Watts does not lose every match on his own in fact he has often performed when others havent
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Thanks PM that's the sort of stuff I would like to see but more. There is no bad news it's all good. We will clear the air and progress.
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    This is an excellent opportunity for a coach. Jack says I want to stay. Coach says this is what I expect. Perform like this you stay. I will play you and you can show your fellow players, coaches and opposition how good you can be. Increase your value and you can choose better options later including with us. If you choose not to perform we all lose and your value goes down. I expect you to be the fittest and strongest you have ever been. We don't want you to get injured cause you were under prepared. Get training. It's gonna be a long hard and rewarding year.
  12. Paddy Ryder Trouble

    He could claim that he was under the influence of a side effect from the The whatever it took campaign and has no personal recollection or understanding of the incident. Perhaps the respected issuer of the Norm Smith medal could provide some assistance with records that supplements produce such effects
  13. Good Win? ... I don't know...

    Some great comments here. Im happy with Goodwin but agree that progress must continue. just heard on Offsiders lat year was run and spread this year pressure. We need to find our way of winnng, not just repeat what other teams are doing. Two ways 1 use the whole squad. Helps overcome the impact of injuries and adds depth. Allows us to match up against opposition by using the right balance of skills etc on any given game. 2 Be prepared with plan B Or C or D to use within a game. The use of Pedo, Watts TMac when injury forced were an indicator of how this can work successfully. We must also ensure we have a better rapport with the umpires. Both Dogs and Tigers showed that if you are not pinged for throwing or jumping in peoples back without penalty then you have a confidence to do anything. The Pies have this attribute as well as their supporters numbers intimidate the umpires to give them benefit of the doubt. Get the umpires down to training acknowledging that we do things wrong and are happy to change to meet their understandings. Treat them with respect and significance. The coach can initiate these changes and identify them as part of his progress and the clubs need to change things and improve. Go Dees
  14. Grand Final Poll

    True but showed we were good enough to. More about the North and Pies results which I suppose also showed they were poor enough to lose to everyone. Must improve consistency increase desire and desperation.
  15. Grand Final Poll

    Am trying to build up enough enthusiasm to watch let alone care about the result. i just hope the coach is watching with every player and reminds them they were good enough to beat both sides but were not able to beat North and the Pies. The boys should be humiliated and chastened no then inspired to play every second of every game next year so they and we can be interested again.