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  1. dpositive

    New major sponsor?

    Audi sponsor Mt Hotham!
  2. dpositive

    Casey Demons: 2019

    Thanks again KC. Hope the Casey have a squad that can go beyond the performance of last years. No disrespect to last years squad which set a pretty high benchmark but improvement is demanded and needed. Your own contribution has always been fantastic and much appreciated
  3. dpositive

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    To diverge. On a research trip to WA Beer wine food and tourist infrastructure not Dockers Eagles or Hogans, have just experienced the Albany whaling station. Only recently abandoned and restored as tourist attraction. The harpoonist is the Skipper and was able to despatch the whale with an accurate delivery under what must have been quite arduous conditions. Just made me reflect on the same philosophical metaphor. Difficult to reflect on football draw related issues as the WA media cannot report on any issues outside the overwhelming significance of the Dockers and Eagles. Fascinating
  4. dpositive

    Must address in pre-season

    A couple of things I mentioned during the season and reinforced during finals. 1. Pressure and intensity must be recognised and countered. Kicking skill is affected by both. Second, third and even fourth efforts in a passage created pressure and must be established as a natural impulse. Shepherding and creating space for a teammate to get balanced when disposing must be developed. 2. Use of the total squad. Select teams to counter opposition and release players for resting when appropriate. Lewis and Jones can be rested to recover when younger bodies can be bought in to get exposure to top level when match up allows. Support and backup for Max seems pretty obvious to keep him at his best particularly against teams with similar ruck strengh or depth Hogan is a real star who has gone through intense personal issues that would divert focus. He is almost always double teamed which shows how opposition regard him. If he is double teamed someone should be free and someone should always be at his feet. Flying against him is wasted effort. Structure with Hogan should be different than when he is not on the field so wider use of the squad must be considered on selection.
  5. dpositive

    Demonland Thanks for Season 2018

    Fantastic site. I am pleased to recommend it to any supporters I meet as it is not only a great source of information but contains some of the best humour you will find anywhere. Professionally and tirelessly run. I have found it the most reliable system I have ever used. It has been a companion and vital information provider when I have been in remote and overseas locations. When I have attended marches or been able to get a full media cover of the Demons I often struggle to keep up with Demonland but always find it worthwhile. Don't have to contribute often as it is such a transparent array of emotions. Keep up the great work. Happy to maintain membership of the most cost effective communication I have seen.
  6. dpositive

    Burgo finishing up with the Dees

    Didn't know personally but saw the outcomes of his efforts. Thankless task always done professionally and with genuine emotion and interest of those that I saw. Displayed passion that I hope is real and he can continue his allegiance. Having endured the lows it would be great if he also enjoyed the future highs. wish him well and hope that the time at the Demons has added to his skills experience and helped him progress in work and life.
  7. dpositive

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    Commentators enthuse about the Chaos game of Doggies Tigers and Dees. The fairy tale win after long period out of favour. We may have been beaten by mathematics. The Chaos theory magic number is 4.669. Played 4+ finals to get to preliminary. Needed strange attractor to create pert urban centres. Can someone analyse the chains of handpass or kicks which may have impacted on patterns? I am hopeful that we have broken the finals pattern of single flag winners as we prepare for a sustained period of dominance with a settled group of young players who can create a new dynasty. Its up to the coaching team led by Hardwick to inspire the playing group with this mathematical certitude.
  8. dpositive

    GAMEDAY - Semi Final

    On the way after ministering to my ailing father. His recovery and condition are now secure. All positive for a successful day. Am hoping players slept better than I an Goodwin has them cherry ripe GO DEES
  9. dpositive

    Would we take $cully back?

    Offer a performance based contract with huge penalties if not met. Then don't pick him so he does not meet them. As he is pursued through the courts you say bad luck but fortunately you had large payments from previous club that can cover these costs. yeah/NAH
  10. dpositive

    Training - Tuesday 11th September, 2018

    Any sign of Pedersen?
  11. dpositive

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Semi Final

    Always good news to announce the next generation. Make em demons by showing the passion for the dees. Success at the right time will help.
  12. dpositive

    Changes v Hawthorn - Semi Final

    Haven't seen any mention of Pedersen. i would consider his older harder body more value than the lighter Spargo who is a beauty but can be rested for future. Pedo can play forward or back to relieve Weds or Fritsch who are younger and lighter.
  13. dpositive

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    I would be inclined to bring in Pedersen perhaps to rest Spargo or Frisch against the heavier Hawks. Both S and F are fantastic and our future so don't cook them this finals series. Pedo has shown plenty of vigour and should be told to join Vanders Viney ANB in hitting hard with full force.