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  1. dpositive

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Not sure that jurisdiction considers matters "less than beneficial to society" Not sure that's an adequate description of "Murphey"
  2. dpositive

    Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    Best Off Ground definitely. Reckon he'd be same today building an impressive season Hope the players hear him in their heads next week
  3. dpositive

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    I have a long standing relationship with lawyers from previous matters considers by the authorities to be less than beneficial to society. Having studied and worked in Industrial relations I have tried to redress that balance. Of course all activities have been parallel to my support for the demons so there may be some strange relationship that recognises Newtons immutable 4 th law
  4. dpositive

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Thanks Bitter. i shall do my best to contribute but fear my sporadic attendance usually results in post hoc thought usually trumped by the more astute observer. However given the new levels of trumping achieved by POTUS perhaps there is hope for me.
  5. dpositive

    The No T$ No B$ Thread

    Oh no while your summary includes most of the contributors I recognise, I am sure there are more in the audience with a reticence to step into the primal swamp that this thread inhabits. I myself have attempted to engage but my feeble efforts have received little attention. When placed against the wit or witless comments of the more erudite and reticulate, not to mention the obtuse or extreme rantings it is understandable. However it is the thread that detracts from the depressing and mundane that I found attracted me more than any other on this site. Please, please continue the eclectic and outrageous conversations. if required I will research and report banana price movements but would be much happier with wine and beer analysing, although I fear such a restricted topic would lead us all into a state of ruination
  6. dpositive

    Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    One point I have been thinking about is the crowd factor. It's often referred to as perhaps influencing umpire and player performance. last week in Brisbane Melbourne supporters were in the ascendancy and did not let up. Cheering increased from the area I was in with my mate who always is loud and attracts interest from supporters. He always encourages those around him to participate and can be critical of poor performance from players and supporters alike . He is often criticised for his forthright and loud comments but has often inspired others. in Brisbane this went to a new level and his cheering efforts were echoed by everyone around him. While the winning made it easier there was a great sense of comradeship which was enhanced by his obvious support. He encouraged those around him and it worked. Everyone clapped cheered and bought in to the Victorian cheer machine. i want to ask Saty if the players were affected by the strength of the supporters who never flagged and never faltered. Certainly Max delayed his exit and scanned the crowd taking in the adulation. This was a barracking experience which contained all the intensity and focus that I have been asking the player so to exhibit, it was an exhilarating place to be. i wont be at the game tomorrowand neither will many of the Brisbane supporters but if the players know how much last weeks efforts meant to us they will play their hearts out just as we supporters do. My mate will be there again I hope they give him the chance to build the supporters by winning from the start and staying in front. Not sure if Saty or anyone else picked any insight into players reaction to the support in Brisbane.
  7. dpositive

    URGENT PLEASE READ: Site Downtime

    Think I have current membership which is the best investment ever made. Donated last year to recognise your efforts and maintain my enjoyment of the best investment ever made. I have referenced this site as one of the best performing applications I have ever used. Happy to donate again to continue. Please provide a bsb and account number to effect transfer of small donation which is all I can afford
  8. dpositive

    Changes v The Blues

    Weids and Spargo are the future. Pedersen and Garlett are the present. Viney to take Dom who resets for the Adelaide game. And I do mean re-sets not rest.
  9. dpositive

    Post Match Discussion - Round 6

    TMac perhaps performing the role Pedersen could have done had he been selected in previous weeks. I have been saying I agree that Weiss is the future and needs to be exposed to the main game but I also think Pedersen is the older harder more developed version of him and should not languish in the two's
  10. dpositive

    Post Match Discussion - Round 6

    Not me LDvC. i have been banging on about this since Neeld. If you look at my collective quotes over the year you would see a pattern of recognising the strengths of the collective diversity. I also acknowledge the difficulty in achieving consistent maximum result. I also state constantly that that is the coaches job and performance indicator.
  11. dpositive

    Post Match Discussion - Round 6

    Players rolling in and out is a strength when they are trained consistently and know each other's skills and habits. That can and may be occurring as you say. Hooray Weiderman should be developed the same way. Don't burn him out swap him with Pedersen when the opposition and his condition require. Pedersen is an older harder body better against older harder tougher marking defenders. Weid will grow and get the strength and skill. Use of the full squad is our critical point. Selection is now more important as we don't have only a best 22!
  12. dpositive

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 6

    Definitely agree re Stretch. Did little Tuesday but wasn't alone. Got caught out often and fumbled but wasn't alone. Not well supported by those around him, no shepherding evidenced. Could do with a few weeks to adjust to pace of the game. But we need to see more team oriented play from all the team.
  13. dpositive

    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Think I agree with most of this but some dumb and lazy footy really affected the result, and mainly at critical times. still some concerns with structure, we appear static around stoppages.How do we not benefit from ruck dominance. Liked Weeds work, he is the future but he should be played against younger sides. Pederson older harder body better in the role. Hope Stretch gets another run to adjust to the pace of this level. Needs support from those around him. Leadership and total team commitment lacking. Intensity and focus need to be addressed. Perhaps training needs more intensity and team building. Hope there is some honest and hard analysis of this.
  14. dpositive

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    This for me is a better post than other thread. i again agree with most, but am more positive that we can still make it this year. We must make it this year. i reckon some serious communication needed to be had. Structure and leadership needed. Identify and rectify.
  15. dpositive

    Nathan Jones is the problem

    Sort of agree with both Druss and Pra Ha later comments. NJ is not the problem and has certainly endured with a deserved reputation when we were less than we should be now. He however has not been able to command a consistent inspirational presence and particularly not when required. i do not recognise that player in the club at the moment and maybe modern matrix management practice would recognise more than an individual.. I am not in the sack Goodwin camp yet but it is part of his job and he must be addressing this issue along with several other matters resulting in our current circumstance.