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  1. I agree and refer to my previous that May made a statement we would not shirk and would not be moved. Berry does appear to have hit his head on Mays shoulder. The head is sacrosanct. The look is important. The club should now make a statement that we expect the same consistency when any of our players is hit in the head or when they are the recipient of any incident that looks bad.. We must insist that we will refer similar events to the Commission for similar action. Particularly we will look at the team we are playing next
  2. Didn't see the game but viewing the short replay here, Yes he needed to do it. Unfortunate that Berry looked up late and couldn't protect himself from immovable object and was opened up. May did not have time to avoid or anticipate what action Berry would make he prepared for the collision but did not charge or hang out and arm or elbow. We have been accused of soft football and this sort of statement is needed. We will not shirk, we will not be moved. It's why we must appeal. If Christian is going to charge on the look of things the charges will be endless. Don't bring the vibe into it.
  3. Wanted to reinforce my past, present and future aspirations for the club, players and Dland . I was a slow contributor to Dland having followed for many years
  4. Christmas seems to be a more extended event these days. The usual excesses no longer able to satisfy an insatiable desire to embrace demon success. And so I return to Demonland where dreams are manufactured and destroyed in every thread. Thanks for contributing to The enjoyment. May we all have the pleasures of our illusions converted into a more tangible result. May we have more training reports, accurate and inaccurate projections and just plain silliness to keep us appropriately diverted and allow us to enjoy the results. If the team is to take us on that successful journey we as supporters must also raise or standards. Coming from a low base I've already completed a PB
  5. Although they may support an AFL plan or a local community plan or any other plan after they are elected
  6. Jones has earned the respect for his position. He must be treated with respect. That includes not being selected if team balance or structure requires. No one should be gifted a game or expect automatic selection, we must have enough depth to allow competition every week. Jones has provided a fine example of dogged determination and resilience, he can continue as co captain and inspiration until he accepts his performance is not matching the requirements. He must be treated with dignity and gratitude and acknowledged for his total journey.
  7. Without google I am pleased you did the research that confirms the thoughts. Also that you landed in the same ambivalent spot I am trying to avoid. With the same basic premise I am prepared to still think that this might be the year it finally comes together for us.
  8. Brilliant concept. IP it. Register the brands. Sit back and collect due rewards. Of course that approach may discourage Gil etc from acting.
  9. I'm busted. As a youthful peasant, with vulgar, loutish tendencies, veering into oafish boorish and ignorant behaviour, my scepticism leading me to atheism, I gathered together with a bunch of heathen brutes to form the Plebians and wrest the Traralgon basketball title from the reigning elites. One of my esteemed number was Bernie Quinlan. Aah those were the days, short term pleasures indeed. I still recount that I played with two browlowmedalists having also played tennis with Kelvin Templeton.
  10. Well it seems to me that he should just be offered a continuing contract based on success. If we win the [censored] next year a bonus following years based on continued success or failure. No need to put a time on it. The time will be dependent on review, by both sides. i would like to see it continued for six flags in the next ten years but realise this may be unrealistic.
  11. Thanks again KC. Hope the Casey have a squad that can go beyond the performance of last years. No disrespect to last years squad which set a pretty high benchmark but improvement is demanded and needed. Your own contribution has always been fantastic and much appreciated
  12. To diverge. On a research trip to WA Beer wine food and tourist infrastructure not Dockers Eagles or Hogans, have just experienced the Albany whaling station. Only recently abandoned and restored as tourist attraction. The harpoonist is the Skipper and was able to despatch the whale with an accurate delivery under what must have been quite arduous conditions. Just made me reflect on the same philosophical metaphor. Difficult to reflect on football draw related issues as the WA media cannot report on any issues outside the overwhelming significance of the Dockers and Eagles. Fascinating
  13. A couple of things I mentioned during the season and reinforced during finals. 1. Pressure and intensity must be recognised and countered. Kicking skill is affected by both. Second, third and even fourth efforts in a passage created pressure and must be established as a natural impulse. Shepherding and creating space for a teammate to get balanced when disposing must be developed. 2. Use of the total squad. Select teams to counter opposition and release players for resting when appropriate. Lewis and Jones can be rested to recover when younger bodies can be bought in to get exposure to top level when match up allows. Support and backup for Max seems pretty obvious to keep him at his best particularly against teams with similar ruck strengh or depth Hogan is a real star who has gone through intense personal issues that would divert focus. He is almost always double teamed which shows how opposition regard him. If he is double teamed someone should be free and someone should always be at his feet. Flying against him is wasted effort. Structure with Hogan should be different than when he is not on the field so wider use of the squad must be considered on selection.
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