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  1. Changes v Brisbane

    No problem. hence my comment that I reckon he's "doing ok" which was referenced to Goodwin , not Watts but maybe poorly expressed. I'm happy to wait and see what the coach does and agree with him coz I have no fn idea and about as much as everyone else. My comment on intensity, skill sets etc displayed in Hobart and Collingwood viewed by me still apply,. Just trying to support our team and every player not make totally negative comments about one of our players.
  2. Changes v Brisbane

    Well I was at Hobart on what was a disastrous day. I clearly recall Watts launching through a pack in the middle of the ground and should have been given the mark but of course wasn't given. The play I think resulted in a goal to us. A goal in the goal square to Hogan was created by Watts contesting and tapping it down through the three North defenders surrounding him almost on to Jesse boot. He maybe didn't/doesn't get to five in a quarter but I don't reckon that makes him less effective. And "intensity"FFS I guess he showed no intensity running from backline to take that goal against Collingwood, oh and getting back to take the mark in the back line not long after. Spare me Jack plays a different style of game than Viney. We need them both. Goodwin played with plenty of players with different skill sets and attributes. As coach he needs to make sure they are all included as appropriate when needed. I reckon he is doing ok despite the grief caused by the Hobart wind . The loss there was certainly not Jacks fault, apart from a short kick to Hogan which did not result in a score when he probably could have kicked with the wind from 55 and scored himself. Only Jack and Goodie know what he is or is not doing but we are unlikely to hear from either of them.
  3. Hahaha Classic!!!

    Standards seem to have dropped. Pleased that Others have identified the lack of a good wine to wash the repast down. Was an adopted practice to spend time preparing the afternoon tea with a secret ingredient in order to divert attention away from the constant loss. We renewed the practice at Tassie where we created rolls including local products.Bruny Island cheese, Evansford smoked wallaby salami, pickled walnuts from Ross and a Deloraine chutney. We of course committed the cardinal sin of not having the Gluewien in the thermos. We were fortunate that the Swiss army pocket knife was approved by security who appreciated that it would not only be used to divide the rolls amongst the masses but would come in handy for slashing wrists if required. We refused the later course as mentioned earlier we forgot the wine. Lucky.
  4. Jack Watts (again)

    Sort of agree scarlett watts does play a role rather than a dominator. i think he contributes more than negates A bad Watts day is better than most other players bet days i hope we can rest in him in twos. But we must bet the saints
  5. Casey Demons v Northern Blues

    What Didn't play well?????? the team won I see and he was in it Watts does not not win any game by himself but by crickey he improves any teams performance i hope that Goody can incite the team to win without him tomorrow This is a crucial game
  6. Well I certainly hope that Goody and the coaching team know what they are doing we must beat saints and if we can do so without Watts great if we lose well it's getting close to crunch time
  7. Jack Watts (again)

    Well I don't know sure as hell hope that Goodwin and the coaching team know what they ate doing Watts is an effective player even on his worst day. He plays a laconic but sometimes (rarely) dominant style He is still among the best statistical performers in the current game He my be surplus to our winning requirements against Saints. I hope so.
  8. Casey Demons v Northern Blues

    Was Salem playing as desired by the coach with more intensity? Perhaps out to show these lesser players at reserves level that he is tougher than them? Perhaps he merely applied AFL intensity to this game? Was this merely a tragic error of time space location?

    Fine as long as he is correctly introduced as previous winner, Brownlow medalist, premiership player , coach of the team that kept no records of a drug regime. its a good thing others are keeping records.

    Unfortunately we can never know if he was or if the drugs made him do it
  11. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    We can and should win all three and hit the finals series with confidence that we can beat all teams above us. North and GWS we did not adjust our structures and style to use the wind. This was disturbing as with little effort we could have won both and not have the current pressure. To be in a situation where a final round of us or pies to get in would be the worst outcome as AFL, umpires and crowds would conspire to get them up at our expense. The Adelaide match showed what is possible, just need to get the players heads right. I reject any issues of a young side being tired at the end of season. I'm old and tired but can still put in for one game of squash a week. I get over it by managing activity, these guys are full time professionals with masses of support. Select the players who understand what success will do for club and them personally and are desperate for success. If they don't know tell them. I have said it before and in past seasons players should be exhausted at the end of this game having put every ounce of energy into a win. If they don't recover we have a replacement in the squad. Our injuries during the year showed we were able to win without Max Hogan Lewis vince. No one single player is indispensable, they all need each other. I can only hope that that was the structure and method that led to North and GWS losses. GO DEES
  12. Changes vs St Kilda

    Plenty of Snow could affect crowd Saints supporters love the stuff.
  13. Jack Watts (again)

    I also watch Watts when at the game and disagree. He always runs to a somewhere and usually this is a space where he then has time and most importantly balance to distribute the ball. He often does this at pace and does not avoid a contact if an opponent also gets to that space. He perhaps does not run to contests but rather runs to where the action will be. That he is often ignored by his teammates or that they do not have the skill or often time to deliver it to him is a significant factor in his performance. I don't bElieve he ever plays without intent. But perhaps some with less ability do not know what that intention is or was. I used to see Watts get the ball and instinctively go to give it off but in that time their was never any teammate with the ability to be where he thought they should be. I see that improving and the structures and playing complement has improved. We still have some way to go but there have been matches this year when Watts has been sublime, not due to his efforts but due to those around him using him or the space he created. Watts is often maligned as being non competitive but you do not create as many goals as he does without being at the contest. He cannot be at every contest but the more his teammates put him in the better he and the team go.
  14. Changes for GWS

    I would agree but being at the game can only say his was not the only very poor performance in such an apparently important match. Trengove also contributed some useful moments as did others. What he lacked was the "impact" play but again he was not the only one who failed in that. There were a number of players who cost us goals and every player would be dropped if the criteria applied to JT was universal. JT should not be the scapegoat nor should his career be defined on this game. But he may miss this game due to structures and the roles that are needed for this weeks competitors
  15. Match Review Panel Farce

    What are the bookmakers saying about him being rubbed out. Its their money on the line and that will influence the AFL