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  1. De Ja Vu 2010

    I'm not ur mate
  2. De Ja Vu 2010

    We have no ruck idiot.. what do you expect..
  3. Tomas Bugg

    Godfrey was good at negating top midfielders. what's your point?
  4. Tomas Bugg

    Mate I understand he was tagging.. but if you actually watch what he does with the ball it was rubbish.
  5. Tomas Bugg

    My statement was completely objective mate.. but I can be more direct and say what I really think if you like.. eg. I don't call him Bugg I call him a spud!
  6. Tomas Bugg

    just watched the replay on TV from Monday. Pretty much all his possessions were rubbish. NOT A FAN
  7. How did you end up following the Mighty Dees?

    Was a bombers fan up until grade 5.. so until about 11 years old.. then was at grand parents house watching my cousin David Cordner play for the dees and was convinsingly told about the need to switch too the Dees.. the rest is history! My other cousin is still a bombers fan and was smart enough not to switch haha
  8. Morton or Toumpas

    Free speech you wreckon, I am all for free speech but this post is a personal attack on one of our players obviously! And like I said before is a complete discrase! And the fact this crap has been able to continue reflects very poorly on how this page is managed! Secondly I will not be coming to demonland again. Toodooloos
  9. Morton or Toumpas

    Toumpas is becoming very good, and it's a disgusting the admins of Demonland let this post stay up. they should be ashamed of themselves..
  10. Jimmy Toumpas (Coming of age)?

    Not just is the Toump coming of age, I think he has arrived.. I am a fan of his style of play.
  11. Brock McLean delisted

    Bla bla bloody bla.. if he felt so strongly about tanking why did he go to carltank. give me a break!
  12. Brock McLean delisted

    lets give him another chance... actually come to think of it.. NO CHANCE HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH

    MC = DOG
  14. Yes!!! we have a new nick name for Harry.. THE PRINCE
  15. The 2014 finals thread

    made me sick when Sydney got Tippet the fact that they got Franklin the year after shows how rigged the AFL is and to be honest I thought tonight was boring and things like this make me turn away from this sport.
  16. Goodwin's Law?

    the ice man
  17. Boomer

    I bet if he had a Sydney jumper on he wouldn't get a week no matter his past record!
  18. Sam Blease wants out

    I wreckon Blease has more upside than most of our list
  19. If anyone thinks re-signing Riley was....

    are you ten years old? because that is a very imature thing to say!
  20. If anyone thinks re-signing Riley was....

    By the way Leoncelli the poster with a fat belly.. DIdn't a North player do the same thing to give Kent a shot at goal.. I am suprised no one has mentioned that!! mistakes happen.. just like your fat belly ..
  21. If anyone thinks re-signing Riley was....

    hmm, right now as i'm writing this I am playing guitar, do you think I make mistakes of course I do.. but is that going to stop me from improving and becoming awsome.. NO WAY JACK!!! have faith he will continue to grow like a seed in the ground to a blosoming flower.. Regards Donny xo
  22. If anyone thinks re-signing Riley was....

    well said! that goes double for Luis Cypher who needs to read a book on positivity and the power of the sub consious mind to see there is always a positive in a negative..
  23. If anyone thinks re-signing Riley was....

    I think it's time for everyone to have a group hug, all our hearts beat true for the red and the blue! xo