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  1. If we lose today I'll do some serious Footloose dancing!
  2. The coaches speech when Hoges and Weid are playing together for the first time....
  3. All the teams that beat us at Etihad beat us by doing one thing... run and spread + switching across the ground from half back. If you look at the amount of times the ball for example was in our forward line about 30 m out towards the pocket and the Saints won possession...they got on their bikes and switched the play to the opposite side of the ground as they knew their leg speed would beat us every time. The Doggies did it time after time last year when we lost by 100+ So whilst we go chasing the players across the ground one or two Saints ran back towards the goal, one peeled off at their half forward line as the link man and one kept floating towards goal...usually we ended up as a one on two and we were caught in the middle. Oh and another thing... It didn't help that our corridor centric mentality made us centre the ball with a risky 30m kick rather than kick down the line to a contest. How many times have we witnessed it over the years? For the love of God MFC coaching staff...direct your players NOT TO KICK INTO THE CORRIDOR AT ETIHAD PAST HALF BACK - GO DOWN THE LINE!!
  4. Can't see where he would fit with us but would fit in with the excess of medium sized players that Collingwood have picked up over the past 2 years. If he was delisted then what about a rookie listing?
  5. Thanks for that crunching tackle against the Crows a couple years ago Dawsey but it's time to move on. I won't repeat what I said about him whilst watching the game yesterday but needless to say it wasn't kind.
  6. Ahh Beijing. Where in 2004 I shanked a drop punt in Tiananmen Square and falconed an unsuspecting Chinese national. Next thing you know a white Tarago full of Chinese army soldiers wanted to know what happened. Needless to say kick to kick isn't appreciated in China as much as it is here. Got my footy back though!
  7. Agreed. Keep the traditional jumper for QB.
  8. Not that the money's important....
  9. Same here Pipes. Love my MCC membership and up until this year was getting very good use out of it. Always signed up as an MCC/MFC member. How could I not!
  10. Is Dank / Saty the real Keyser Soze?
  11. Draw a salary or create a legacy...it's your call MFC.
  12. After the disaster that was bringing Brayshaw back into the team last wee, I'm prepared to wait it out. Brayshaw & Lumumba...who else saw that last Thursday and went..."huh?"
  13. Just make the side panels blue and the MFC logo red, would look even better...can someone make a mockup?
  14. Goodwin + Melksham + Fresh Start + Walk Up Start in our defence (For Dunn or Garland) = A very very good pickup.
  15. Would be nice to see 100,000 sets of moneybags come late September 2018