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  1. 2018's 'breakout' player

    We've just been waiting for his numbers to rise but it hasn't happened. Across half back he could float around and get cheap kicks but he needs to be a mid, and rack up 25 consistently. Hopefully as we improve he will rise with the squad.
  2. 2018's 'breakout' player

    I was thinking Fritsch might take Hannans spot and we might not see much of him. He's pretty neat both feet. Not penetrating, but tidy and skillful, and most importantly makes good decisions
  3. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    He can't kick.....
  4. Trade rumours

    Would Crameri or T.Menzel be able to assist our forward line? Both free
  5. Steven Motlop

    Hard to beat? If those two are on the field they just lost a heap of tackles per game. If you spoke to most Melbourne and Geelong supporters they would say Watts and Motlop would make it very hard to win
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    Yep, and then 5 years from now every loss will be because of Goodwins development. How about, the next top 10 pick that doesn't win a Brownlow is because he saw Wattsy joking and laughing after a [censored] poor effort and bad loss and thought "that's what afl players do"
  7. Farewell Jack Watts

    And Watts has been a superstar! Not selected in the pre season comp, and dropped twice through the year of a team that finished 9th. Gun. Two first rounders surely
  8. Sam Gibson

    Geez, to think Dees supporters are harsh on Bernies disposal, imagine if we had Ziebells horrible hack kicks he goes with 100% of the time. Terrible footballer
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    How can you sit here from the outside and honestly think you know more about what a player contributes than what those inside the club do? Goodwin clearly doesn't like his attitude and application, and either do 90% of supporters every time we lose. If the club thinks it's the best thing, them go for it. My opinion is that a player who chooses when he will bring intensity, is cancerous on a young up and coming group trying to built culture and habits. How can a young kid see Watts getting games and not trying and think this is acceptable?
  10. Changes v Brisbane

    Out- Wagner In- Frost Petracca plays just forward to support Weed.
  11. Changes vs North Melbourne

    Ruckless? Daw was good in the ruck today. He would dominate Watts/McDonald
  12. Changes v Adelaide

    Another week? I'm happy to leave him in for the next decade
  13. Changes v Sydney Swans

    Geez their either really really making JKH, Kent, Kennedy knock the door down or Goody has no interest in any of them. Strange as JKH has been in his best ever form, just got an extension and can't get a look
  14. James Harmes - Rising Star

    Could he become a mid? Doesn't do enough to be just a forward for me long term. Contributing every week, but not big games
  15. Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    No it wasn't. Ball had left his platform hand before he hit it. That's a throw