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  1. Could he become a mid? Doesn't do enough to be just a forward for me long term. Contributing every week, but not big games
  2. No it wasn't. Ball had left his platform hand before he hit it. That's a throw
  3. Think Melksham deserves some credit. He was real good, got a lot of it and used it well. He's not a backmen, but running round the middle he can play a big role
  4. Petracca in the midfield..... Beast loved how on a few occasions Frost had the ball and just looked at Walker and ran around him, knowing he had no chance of even touching him.
  5. It was on fox replayed last night and this morning
  6. Big thumbs up to Goodwin in this game. Obviously running Bernie on Sloane worked great, but the little things turned the game. Tmac up fwd caught Adelaide of guard, 2 quick goals. Petracca extended minutes in the guts in the second half doesn't happen by fluke, and he was as big as anyone in turning the game. Nullifying Jenkins completely. Great job i must say, I think we got a great run with the umpires last night. I guess when your cracking in first and harder decisions go your way but there was a heap of calls and non calls that went out way
  7. Didn't Wagner play round 1 without any NAB games?
  8. We must be doing one heck of a job carrying the bloke. Averaging 26 touches at 68% and 354 metres gained. Imagine if he found form! Brownlow!
  9. I know how frowned upon evidence is on this site, but Melksham is going at 76% efficiency this year. 11th best in the team and ahead of names such as Watts, Jones, Petracca, Vince, Hunt, Garlett, Hogan, Tyson.......
  10. He's a strong mark, reliable set shot, hard tackler, aggressive and can help in the ruck. Right now, what can Weed do? How does he help us?
  11. How far off is Hibberd from VFL games? He will be a big in. Our use out of the back half still stinks. spencil for Max pedo for weed I really think Frost is best 22 in our back half
  12. Don't know much about him, but highlights made me think Could he be our Tory Dickson?
  13. That only happens when we were running forward of the ball and our poor skills turned it over leaving space and loose players ahead for Carlton. You can't attack and defend at the same time. Had nothing to do with work rate.
  14. So far off the mark it's ridiculous. They had a red hot crack. We played the better footy all day, just our skills weren't up to the game plan quite a bit, but we were harder, had the more damaging players and cleaner in close and got away with it. Gotta get those ugly wins to finish high. Job done, next!