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  1. I know how frowned upon evidence is on this site, but Melksham is going at 76% efficiency this year. 11th best in the team and ahead of names such as Watts, Jones, Petracca, Vince, Hunt, Garlett, Hogan, Tyson.......
  2. He's a strong mark, reliable set shot, hard tackler, aggressive and can help in the ruck. Right now, what can Weed do? How does he help us?
  3. How far off is Hibberd from VFL games? He will be a big in. Our use out of the back half still stinks. spencil for Max pedo for weed I really think Frost is best 22 in our back half
  4. Don't know much about him, but highlights made me think Could he be our Tory Dickson?
  5. That only happens when we were running forward of the ball and our poor skills turned it over leaving space and loose players ahead for Carlton. You can't attack and defend at the same time. Had nothing to do with work rate.
  6. So far off the mark it's ridiculous. They had a red hot crack. We played the better footy all day, just our skills weren't up to the game plan quite a bit, but we were harder, had the more damaging players and cleaner in close and got away with it. Gotta get those ugly wins to finish high. Job done, next!
  7. Has Wagner been doing full training the last couple weeks?
  8. If Wagner is ready, put him in! He looks like he could turn into a gun. And Kent and tyson out- smith, and for once who knows
  9. Lack Of Intensity! Deer in Headlights!
  10. Bit of Jeremy Howe about the way he moves I reckon. Hopefully that's the only Howe type movement
  11. Jetta remains best 10
  12. Melk and Hibby both play backline, Salem plays wing or mid bursts, Gus and Oliver will be huge factors if we are to play finals as Oliver is a freakish talent in congestion and Gus has Class written all over him. I don't think the 2 are competing for the same spot at all
  13. Not athletes. He was a big strong guy. Could drop 5-10kg in a couple months easy. I did my knee and lost 12kg over 6 weeks and I'm no pro athlete
  14. He was also a strong built guy and a shoulder reco means no heavy weights for a long time so you drop muscle mass very quickly. Losing 10kg is fine, but probably half of that would be mass he didn't want to lose and would be rehabbing to put back on for strength.
  15. There was a number of games last year where Jetta almost single handedly kept us in the game. He is now a top shelf small defender, and in my mind he would be the first back I pick each week. Extremely underrated