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  1. rjay

    Box Hill Hawks v Casey Demons - Round 20

    Lockhart is a very good footballer.
  2. rjay

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    No 'Lucifer', you changed the goal posts. Lets not quibble about a year or so...we don't have the quality of other clubs in that age bracket, the prime years for an AFL footballer. Only a fan with rose coloured glasses would say different. ...and that added to games played (lack of experience) is the major reason we struggle to put away quality opposition.
  3. rjay

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    Ok, we're talking about 25 to 29 yo. Teams around our mark or higher. Tiges, Cotchin 28, Martin 27, Rance 28, Riewoldt 29 EFC, Hurley 28, Hooker 29, Heppell 26, Zahar 28 WC, Gaff 26, McGovern 26, NikNat 28, Shuey 28, Darling 26 GWS, Davis 27, Cameron 25, Ward, 28, Scully 27 Sydney, Hana 27, Parker 25, Rampe 28 Kennedy 30 during the season... Cats, on the way out but a couple who turned 30 recently Hawkins and Selwood. Danger 28, Duncan 27 Port have a few around 30/31 (Ryder, Gray, Boak, the Hoff) interesting looking at their list but I think they are gone if they don't make it this year... Point proven...these teams have players streets ahead of our list in this age group. We have been playing catch up since the disaster of the CS administration. Once the likes of Oliver, Trac and Brashaw get up around the 24/25yo 100 game mark we will be a very consistently good team and the talk of mental fragility will be put to bed. Edit: forgot the Hawks Smith 26, Gunston 26, Mitchell 25, McEvoy 29, Bruest 27, Stratton 29, Frawley 29
  4. rjay

    Sam Weideman

    If it's a team rule not to then they can take all the responsibility they like but will find themselves at Casey. Don't shoot the messenger...I don't necessarily agree with this but it's what's happening.
  5. rjay

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    It's most definitely not...if you're talking quality we're way off.
  6. rjay

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    It's not the age of the list so much as the age of the potential match winners/champions. Out of that list Gawn is probably the only one that could take the team with him. Our other A graders to potential champions are all under 25, most on the 22 and under list. That's the important thing for all to understand...it's not about average age it's about where players sit on the age scale.
  7. rjay

    Hell NO... blues and the priority draft pick

    Honestly.... If we don't make finals this year then we should be the first club in line to get a priority pick as we've been the longest without a finals appearance. Many of the so called experts seem to be wanting to base the pick on this criteria. I mean Carlton should get one because they haven't played finals for 5 years, or so they say. Boomer Harvey reckons a club should get one if they have been out of finals for 4 years. We're owed 2 and make that 3 if we miss this year...for those struggling with the maths (me included) I think that works out at 12 years /4 Or maybe it should be an extra pick for each year past the 4. Not sure of my sums here but in that case would we be owed 7 priority picks + another one if we miss this year.
  8. Let me go with this on Friday rather than Sunday night. Spargo can't stick a tackle and that concerns me with the size of some of the Eagles defenders...their skipper in particular. But I think Melk will probably take him in a defensive forward role similar to what he did with Rance...
  9. rjay

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    They both had a solid core of experienced players though. We didn't... I can understand why we added Lewis and think it was a good move. Having said that I think the end is pretty much near for him now, can't see much value in him playing on past this season.
  10. rjay

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    Not really 'TGR'... Succesful club, probably the greatest coach in modern times. Nothing ironic. As for moving players on and us taking Lewis. He didn't empty them all out, they still have plenty of experience to draw on. We had no Premiership experience on our list, adding one was a good move I would have thought. How long he holds his spot and the length of his contract is another matter but I don't think you could argue the merits of bringing him into the club.
  11. rjay

    Umpiring v West Coast in Perth

    At least we don't have Nichols...
  12. rjay

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    That's the point... Well said 'bing'...
  13. rjay

    Sam Weideman

    83 games and 5 years...yep, they look close. Still don't get the Tarzan reference????
  14. rjay

    Wallace Calls Out Goody

    When we get all this noise from the experts and the experts on here I always remember what Blight said at the start of the season. Looks like he was pretty right to me. It's relevant to the discussion on Goody, the players and their mental weaknesses as some like to call. It's all "fugazi"... Too many pushed expectations too soon, we are so close but not quite there. We may well make finals but we're a way off yet and despite wanting us to be contenders we're just not ready. I'm comfortable with where we're at, yes I would like to see us in the top 4 giving it a shake but key injuries along with the list profile made it highly unlikely. This is why we're not quite there yet...I know many won't want to hear it. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2018/03/06/dees-will-struggle-to-make-the-eight-again-blight/
  15. rjay

    Sam Weideman

    He lays a strong tackle for a start. He's nothing like the others you've mentioned. He hits the pack hard and is not afraid of getting his hands dirty. As for stepping up now, he's the best option we've got. He will give it his best shot and that's all we can ask even though you would like to seem him morph into the 2nd coming of Carey overnight. I see similarities with Kennedy of the Eagle variety, I think he could get there. Again, unrealistic to expect that level yet.
  16. rjay

    Sam Weideman

    That's a pretty harsh comment on a kid who's body is only starting to grow to meet the demands of AFL footy. Hardly yet built like Tarzan. He's been willing if not always able. I haven't seen him putting in the short steps and not having a go. At 21 he has time on his side. I jokingly refer to Jenkins of the Adelaide variety as Jane ('Nasher' doesn't like me doing it), partly because of the alliteration... but he's had years in the system and is built like a brick.... ...just he seems to like playing the small forward role.
  17. rjay

    Go and get Gaff!

    I think you are talking about Heppell...
  18. rjay

    Sam Weideman

    ...and he kicked 4 in a tight game against the dogs. 6 against the Hawks last year...so... Spent more time in the ruck. Played a lot of footy in inclement conditions where you might even struggle to get a kick. Look, we're in a time where no one is kicking the big bags of goals. There's no Frosty Miller or Freddie Cook around these days, that time has passed us by. It's not the measure of a player now. Weid will fill a role and do it better than anyone else we've got at present. His time has come. Like it or not we need to know if he can step up in a big game and it might as well be now because if he can't then there's no point us being in finals just to make up the numbers. Better to have good intel coming into the trade/draft period. Hogan, Lever and Viney leave a big hole in our structure. As an aside, remember how Boyd was at the Dogs??? Couldn't catch a cold then suddenly turned it around at the end of 2016. You just never know.
  19. rjay

    In Game Influencers

    Come on 'Wise' you're getting sucked back into the pack here. He's 22 yo and has barely played 50 games... Despite what others think I reckon he's tracking ok at the moment. Whether he becomes X-factor or not he will still be a very good player. Just a little aside, I believe part of our game plan is to set the ball up close in to goal. There are a number of occasions where I would prefer Trac to have a ping from around 50 but he does the team thing.
  20. rjay

    Sam Weideman

    There you go... You see I think he does provide a genuine physical contest. What I would like to see him do more of is hold his grabs. Time at AFL now will tell us if he's a keeper or not. Has to come in...
  21. rjay

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    Wish I shared your faith 'P-man'...
  22. rjay

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    Would be ok if we had some decent small forwards. We're struggling here and it's one reason our forward efficiency isn't great. Definitely no Pedo, but I think Weid has to come in to take the 2nd ruck role... Max has been cooked for a few weeks now and he needs a good rest during the game. If Tommy was our only key forward he wouldn't be able to give a chop out and I wouldn't like to see Harmes having to do it again.
  23. rjay

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    No, for all is great service etc. Pedders has shown he is not quite right as an AFL level player/forward. Had his time in the sun last year when Max went down and seems to play his best footy as a running ruck a position not open at the moment. Time for Weid to step up.
  24. rjay

    Dan Hannaberry

    Is 'goodwindees' 'GNF'????
  25. Who do we have in the team that can do that? Salem, the other dedicated kicker would give you the same Lewis result. Maybe Pedders...if Hunt was fit then him. As far as playing on and grabbing some metres? Again Hunt if fit or Frost...with either of those who knows were it would end up. In both scenarios it would have been Hibberd if he was there but he wasn't.