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  1. rjay

    Injury List - Season 2019

    I think this is the issue 'george'... Given the late start to training (and required surgery) and the extra long Christmas break this year I'm not overly concerned with the rehab list. The club wouldn't want to push too many at this stage. The real measure will be after the break. I would expect the injury list to drop markedly after the first week back.
  2. rjay

    Training - Monday, 10th December 2018

    Trac's not going anywhere and can't be compared to the other 2 mentioned. I know you don't see it but he has improved each season.
  3. rjay

    Supercoach: Most Expensive Players

    He's become their link man/designated kicker from defence...a lot of the footy goes through him so I'm guessing his stats are good for super coach... In real footy he's the one you tag now.
  4. rjay

    Champion Data: 6 Players in Top 100

    Seeing as we have been rated by Champion Data as having the best midfield, 2nd best defence and 5th best forward line some of these teams above us must have amazing interchange players....
  5. Can't see the similarity 'bingers'
  6. No, some of that was tanking...or conveniently bottoming out to refresh the list if you like.
  7. Thought I might post this one here as well...in regard to the Pert interview on SEN.
  8. rjay

    Gary Pert?

    I think the most interesting thing he said was that we had 3 or 4 options for the training/admin/supporter base and one of them was Yarra Park. Many on here have undersold the club by thinking that Yarra Park was the only option. This is a club now run by serious people and they are not going in without a thorough planing and options. It is also clear to me that the base we are looking at will be somewhere in or around the MCG/Laver sporting precinct. Exciting times ahead on and off field.
  9. rjay

    Tom Campbell

    The Dogs have gone with fill-in rucks the last few seasons with some cameo's from English who looks a good kid. If Campbell was so good he would have locked that spot up as his own. He rarely got a look in. I will admit he's looked good to me at times but for some reason Beveridge doesn't think he's up to it. I might defer to his better judgement, I might also defer to Taylor and our recruitment team. I take what Scott says with a grain of salt...
  10. Agree 'Fifty'...it has looked to me as though that has been the plan all along. We've basically gone in one down over the last few seasons anyway. Balic was next to a non starter, Harietia (sorry about spelling) disappeared and left us one down and there was another a year or so earlier who escapes me at the moment. Of course we might be off the mark and they will take someone next week. ...but it makes sense to take someone now if we were going to, then they get the advantage of a full preseason. I think one reason we didn't take another ruck is that we've kept a place free for any eventuality.
  11. rjay

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    The Kangas have a recruiting haul something like what Port did last season. How did they finish up? Like Port in season 2018, North will be lucky to make the 8 this coming season.
  12. rjay

    Gary Pert?

    As far as the football side of things goes, the Alan Joyce/Chris Scott model would be best...don't mess with what's already working. The training/admin/club home base is what he will be marked on. That's what he's here for...
  13. rjay

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    No, no, no...whilst I think they both go way over the top on the 'Saty' bash apart from that they are both very good posters. ...and yes they do have a dip at others from time to time but just don't take it personally. Both 'Wise' & 'dazz' provide excellent information & food for thought. They've just got a bit of a blind spot, that's all. 'Sats' not totally innocent here either, he will play it a bit. I expect he will play the 'take my bat & ball home' card at some stage. That always gets traction. On the whole, I just find the nitpicking thing boring & skip over the posts that don't have much relevance to me.
  14. rjay

    Peak Petracca

    Sorry 'DV8', but Max can take credit for this himself... The club didn't need to apply pressure, it was Max who said he was after Goldies spot as the AA ruckman. He set his goals & achieved them, well done Max.
  15. Maybe opinion is the wrong word, maybe not.. My point is that they chose the stats and the weighting of those stats. It's not an exact science. Someone else may find a different set of figures and weighting is more representative. They sometimes overreach with their conclusions but it makes for an interesting debate and they are obviously refining the process each year. I think your original post 'pro' on the rolling 40 games is a case in point, pretty sure that's how they did it in the past but have moved on and refined it. This is the point I was getting at...not everything is based on the raw numbers. The stats they chose and weighting are generated by their experts not raw numbers. It's still an opinion based business, in their case what they think is most important in the outcome of games or positions played. They (CD) do put out their conclusions and use the media to push their profile. The media presentation is usually their (CD) representation of the data in press releases and they have their people talking about it on as many shows as possible. Good for business. Our game is a very difficult one to boil down to just a set of raw data...much easier for other games like Cricket & Baseball. Whilst like you I don't agree with the post you were originally quoting 'Brenno', that champion data is garbage, I think they do bring some really interesting information to the table and create some good debate/arguments...I don't totally buy into what they have to say either, raw data or not it's not above reproach.
  16. That's not quite true. Yes they base their output on stats. ...but it's the stats they use & the assumptions made based on those stats that can be argued with. If it was pure stats then they would just release the stats sheet (the raw numbers) & let us draw our own conclusions. They don't, they give their opinion. It's not infallible & is arguable.
  17. rjay

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    Adelaide knocked on his door before he chose us...so long as the club look after him he's not going anywhere.
  18. rjay


    Often it seems they get a photo op with a celeb in a jumper then off they go (the celeb)... At least she seemed to be involved a bit more than that, hanging around having chat with the coach and others.
  19. rjay

    2019 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    Our first round pick will probably be pick 18 in 2019, I don't see us getting another top 10 pick for a while 'Lord'...let alone 2.
  20. rjay

    Tom Campbell

    Ok, let me try and 2nd guess where the club are at with this. With the development league now gone it's harder to have excess ruck stocks on the list. I believe with the extra spot we still have on the list to fill the club have planned to leave it open for a ruck if needed later. WC are in a different position because the WAFL I'm pretty sure still has a reserves comp. They can afford to carry and develop more ruck stocks. Bradtke is in development and this must be at Casey not in the minor leagues so with him and Pruess there wasn't a current spot available. If anyone takes the time to remember back a few years, having the extra ruck hampered the development of Gawn. We had Jamar in the AFL team and they couldn't figure what to do with Max and big Spencer. In the end they stupidly tried to make Max a KPF/relief ruck at Casey. It was obvious to me even back then that Gawn was the far better prospect and he should have been developed as such. Given the restrictions of list size and the disappearing development league, I think our list is as well balanced as any team in the AFL currently. I think you are jumping at shadows. Injuries do come and we will deal with them but no club can cover every eventuality.
  21. rjay

    Our Tall Forwards

    His form at AFL level had dropped off considerably in 2018, he really struggled at the level. Despite the romance of 2017, it was time for Pedders....
  22. If you listen to the audio in the background of the highlights I'm pretty sure his teammates were calling him 'Nieta'... Looks like this one might stick 'Redleg'. Lets hope he can live up to the name and pick 53...
  23. rjay

    Our Tall Forwards

    Come on 'Pro', we need to have some reason to justify not picking Curnow. To make us feel better. "He's really not that good"...nah, the kid can play. Their 2 best players Cripps and potentially Curnow were draft steals in the teens. I think if Weid keeps improving as we expect then the Curnow talk will fade away. The Oliver and Weideman draft will be seen as a masterstroke. The Oliver part has already paid off.
  24. rjay

    Our Tall Forwards

    Yes, it's what I've said on many occasions you don't draft for needs you trade for them and that's exactly what we did. There were no talls available at our picks that we rated, if you want to believe that translated into us drafting needs go ahead and please yourself. Taylor is always going to put the best spin on it. I can guarantee you we took best available.
  25. rjay

    Our Tall Forwards

    We obviously didn't rate him... We've gone with best available and he wasn't it according to our recruiting team. Would you prefer we draft for needs again & end up with the list we had under the previous administration? That approach got us Lucas Cook at pick 12 because we missed Lynch who was taken the pick before.