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  1. Good old Charlie drops a lot of marks he gets his hands to, he likes it on the lead not the contest. If you watch him, he regularly takes his eyes off the ball. For such a big man he really doesn't like to mix it up in the air when he doesn't know what's around him. I'm surprised our so called media experts, particularly some of the Port big mouths, not mentioning you Cornes or Tredrae, haven't called him on it.
  2. No such thing as an 8 point game...
  3. Just a habit from when I started on the site 'Skuit'... Not all in the world in sinister or evil and I know many look for hidden meaning. Real name, unreal name or somewhere in between. In this case just accept it for what it is. My little foible,
  4. Well 'Pates', these days all I will say is he hasn't been proven guilty of taking anything. Unfortunately I'm not in the position to say he 100% earned it...recent events in world sport make it an impossible call. That's the spin being pushed by the Hird camp, again do we know this 100% to be true??? Grant Thomas says hello...
  5. A classic case of being an athlete, not a footballer.
  6. It's the 4 week rule 'Dee', around 3 to 4 weeks out and you're still ok to go...5 to 6 would be touch and go but the 3 guys I'm talking about have had broken seasons around 10 plus weeks. Gawn got to AA level last year quoting his trouble free off season as a big reason, we can't expect the same from him after the injury and break he's had out of the game. I think he's learned enough to get back into the swing by the end of the season. What I'm getting at more so, is that you may have one player with a long term broken season but 3 is pushing it. Watts and Salem will be ok, Tyson, who knows but Jones and Viney will be pushing it so lets hope they have a few weeks before finals. That's of course if we are in the game by then.
  7. Haven't seen the game but observations from afar. If we didn't have the injury list we have and if we had a decent back up ruck option then... Gawn would be given some time at Casey to get some match fitness and form under his belt. Same with Hogan. ...and ditto for Smith. We don't have a player in the team that can come back/is good enough to deserve a spot straight up or near enough to after missing the amount of footy these guys have. If we want to run 3 of them back into form at AFL level at the same time (or if we don't have other options) then expect the results we've been getting...Carton was 4 points and that's about all it was. The last month has been poor. Kent shouldn't be playing senior footy. Watts must be close, Salem maybe another week, Viney a few off, Jones the same and Tyson the mystery. ...so out of the missing with injury we could probably only expect to see Watts back in. To sum up, we're carrying 3 guys not ready to resume AFL footy after a long layoff...lets hope they come up better next week because at the moment we are 3 down. The injured players are keys, 3 of our top 4 mids is a big whole in the team and add to that our best forward (Watts) and 2 best kicks (Watts & Salem) then you have issues. The 4x6 day breaks have also hurt... Otherwise, lets all go into meltdown.
  8. I'm looking forward to some balanced and informed posts today....(lol) In Krakow (first time in Europe) and don't have access to the game.
  9. Interesting comments 'steve'. I think Stretch has gone backwards this year but he's a young player and will be given time. JKH has had injury problems to date but he hasn't shown much to inspire at AFL level. It's a big couple of week coming up for him. He will need to be a lot cleaner with his ball handling and smarter with his decision making. The interesting part for me is that as you really value disposal. JKH has been poor in this area of his game.
  10. The reality is they were sacked/resigned because the Herald Sun found out. ....everything else from Dill is plain gibberish.
  11. Without all the facts, this seems a minor issue in the scheme of things and something that Dill deals with well (think pies). If only he were to move so quickly and concisely on the big issues facing the game.
  12. Seems a bit like Josh Kennedy to me...a skinny kid "In 2006, Kennedy showed promises that he could be a future key-position forward, having made his debut in round six. However, he struggled for ground time and form when playing at the AFL level, scoring only 5.4 from his nine games. In Carlton's VFL-affiliate, the Northern Bullants, he found it easier to show his skills with eighteen goals for the season." Lets just give him a bit of time...
  13. No assumption 'Lucifer'...the fan put hands on a player. It's a no go zone no matter if he looked like Brad Pitt.
  14. It's not incidental when you get up off your seat and plant your ugly face into the personal space of a player. All the time spiting, breathing germs and hurling personal abuse. I hope Vero have a good look at their employee and he gets a reprimand for bringing his company into disrepute.
  15. I guess we do see things differently... I thought he was a liability. He tried to work hard, ran to wrong positions, overcommitted on tackles and as usual missed a regulation set shot. At least he wasn't lazy, but he's just not a smart footballer. Admittedly I'm not a fan.