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  1. Quote from the phantom wiki...hope this helps 'puntkick'. "There are times when the Phantom leaves his jungle home and travels as an ordinary man." When he does, he wears a fedora, a trench coat, and sunglasses, and is known as "Mr. Walker". References to "Mr. Walker" are traditionally accompanied by a footnote saying "For 'The Ghost Who Walks'"
  2. Casey Demons 2018

    If they're relying on development league players to build their list 'norm' then the resurrection will be short lived. Hardly a benefit...
  3. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    So now Rodney Hogg is gone.... The last one out with any personality please turn off the lights.
  4. 2018's 'breakout' player

    2 greatest to legends ever to pull on a boot, Barassi & Whitten were persistent umpire whingers... I'm happy for him to have this weakness if it's his only flaw. ...but yeah, he could do with buttoning it up and concentrating on more important things. The game moves a bit too fast these days.
  5. I agree with you 'old dee', you have be something really special if you are short in AFL terms. From the little I've seen of Spargo, he just might be that. His kicking and hands are quite a step up from Kennedy for a start and he's not another Collingwood reject which has to count for something. ...but as you say, time will tell.
  6. I'm happy for them to count kicks and handballs too 'old dee', they can also give us the average age of the list etc. Anything past that is all crystal balls to me...
  7. AFLX is coming (the X makes it sound cool)

    So 'binman', if the FD had their way do you really think AFLX would be part of the mix? I think the problem here is it takes players away from best practice preparation for the season ahead.
  8. Gawn on SEN 16/11

    Yep, and no AFL clubs do a bootcamp...
  9. Gawn on SEN 16/11

    Agree... All good/great clubs have their line in the sand moments (usually a few, not just one). Hopefully this is one of ours and it builds stronger relationships.
  10. I think they are overrated...but then again I don't trust the champion data stats on things like this.
  11. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Have a bland response...no real personality with young Jack but he is one of Hutchies boys. I found Finey very entertaining and next to Bartlett the best thing on SEN, but each to there own. Fine's gone and I reckon Bartlett is in the waiting room & on his way out. Turf has probably saved him for the time being.
  12. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Now Mark Fine has gone... I thought he was the only decent footy analyst they had and Finey's final siren was a classic. Plus Sam McLure is in for the 6 to 7 slot. It's getting very vanilla...
  13. AFLX is coming (the X makes it sound cool)

    It's probably time they did what was right for the club...
  14. Nuggets' Music Video's

    This one has had over 1.5 Billion YouTube views... I remember when music was for listening, for a song this makes better viewing than listening and I think you can see why it had so many views.
  15. The mirror with the smoke was a reflection on our perception here from what was coming out of the club at the time. The story was that we needed a 3 year program (this is what 'Willmoy' was referring to) to build the team to AFL standard fitness levels and whilst I don't doubt that was correct, it was never going to happen and it was never going to be the great hope we held out for. The list wasn't anywhere near good enough and neither was the coach or FD and the turnover meant there could be no consistency in getting the training loads right across the board. With some stability, Misson has been able to do his job. Bringing in some quality players at different stages in the development cycle who have been in good systems also helps. It spreads the load.