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  1. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Ablett would take him to the cleaners, apart from anything else he's still too fast for Bugg.
  2. Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Geelong

    The club still expects him (Oliver) to play, but sources have indicated it is too early in the week to categorically lock him in. Chinese whispers strike again...no likely there as far as I can see. As I read it... "Oliver not categorically locked in."
  3. Every theme song will be re-done by AFL

    Would love Gilmour to do a version... ...gotta be better than the Barry Crocker version we've had for the last 40 years.
  4. Training Week Commencing 19/3

    So much for the knock on the knee as reported earlier...my reading of anatomy is the upper thigh wouldn't be bandaged if it was a knee. Despite the Gawn talk by our esteemed footy media I actually think Oliver is our most important player and would be a big loss if out.
  5. I wouldn't think so... I think we have one of the hardest lists in the AFL now, I don't think any club would find us to be bruise free with the likes of Viney, Oliver, Vince, Lewis, Jetta, Hibberd, Petracca, Harmes, Lever and more on the list. No, I think you are way off the mark.
  6. No, the players weren't concerned about lack of sleep or a couple of little injuries.. I know it doesn't suit your narrative but the issue was lack of qualified MFC support staff at the camp to look after injured players. My understanding is everything was left in the hands of the people running the camp...not how you look after your major asset I would have thought. The 1st camp was not well organised and players lost trust. We move on. Lets hope everyone learned from this, players, coaches, administrators...the proof will be in the seasons ahead.
  7. Time to move on to another pub 'america de cali'... Must be getting bored with the Shamrock by now.
  8. Every theme song will be re-done by AFL

    They just about have been and this list is out of date...
  9. Every theme song will be re-done by AFL

    I don't understand what you are talking about here. I'm talking about the 70's arrangements taken off music styles of the early 1900's being dated...not about the lyrics. I think lyrics (words) and melody are integral to the song and shouldn't be changed, the arrangements are not. I know I'm probably in the minority but those arrangements are bland to my way of thinking and should be updated. My, we are a conservative bunch. Tradition from the 70's ...reminds me of a cricket interview recently when the player (can't remember who) said he would hate to see any major changes to the format of the traditional game. He was talking the one day 50 over format. Traditional my .....
  10. Too much has been written into the timing of the article. It's not a conspiracy or a particular dig at us. I don't see the article as out of date, it's very current given the season is now upon us and the expectations on our team. Have we learned from the experience? are there any residual resentments? how will our players & FD respond when under pressure? These questions and many more will only be answered in the season/s ahead kicking off this week. Further to the timing 'Gonzo' is close to the mark, although his comment was probably in jest. Caroline has retired, she no longer works in the day to day footy media hustle, bustle & will write a weekly feature piece during the season to keep her hand in. On the cusp of season 2018 in her field of expertise this is a good a topic for her to kick off with.
  11. Injury List - Season 2018

    I'm not worried about them at all, they either make it through or they don't. Of course I hope they do get their chance. I am worried about Oliver though...would hate to go into the first game without him. It does seem like a bit of a game going on between the Scott & Goodwin all the same, neither really showing their hand at this stage and the odd bluff maybe.
  12. Every theme song will be re-done by AFL

    ..and they are really screwing grassroots footy now 'daisy'. Amazing what they have been doing to the local umpires, the ones they tell us there wouldn't be a game without and have umpires appreciation days or whatever... This AFL are a greedy bunch and they're making off with our money. ...but don't get me started.
  13. Every theme song will be re-done by AFL

    It's funny how so many want to keep the old original versions, tradition lol...well I think we were singing the song before the Ron Tudor recorded versions in the 70's. To my thinking those Fable versions have always been lame and they're hardly part of heritage, particularly ours. We haven't won a premiership since they've been around. I don't care about other clubs but it's time for a proper rehash of the Grand Old Flag...one with some balls.
  14. I think she's told the story pretty well. It's a balanced article, I've got no problems with it.
  15. Every theme song will be re-done by AFL

    They do need to be re done.... The arrangements of the theme songs are so dated. ... but I wouldn't trust the AFL to be involved, they have no idea of what constitutes music good or bad.