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  1. Unfortunately 'McQueen', the umpires don't seem to pay these. Howe was always blocked in his run at the ball when playing deep, that's why he could never get a kick there. It might not be overt but non the less defenders are very skilled at taking away an advantage. Body strength and positioning are key. I know nothing about Ryan, just making an observation from the highlights, which were all big marks, getting a run at the pack. He will take the odd one same as Jeremy but he will need a few more tricks than that. He's from your neck of the woods, what's his ground ball skill like? is he smart around goal like Betts? does he apply defensive pressure? Is he very quick? does he involve his teammates? is he a good field kick?
  2. Best MFC team in last 50 years

    Good work 'Big Carl'... Just off the top of my head I would have Neitz at CHB, Hardeman on a flank and Wight at FB... Jako moves into FF, needs to be the pea...
  3. I'm sure we're across this, but he won't get that space to get a running jump at AFL level. It's why Howe couldn't make it as a forward and had to go back... Would like to see what else he offers at ground level.
  4. Trade rumours

    Can't argue with that... I think all clubs do now, look at the last 2 premiers...
  5. Trade rumours

    Our list issues will be fixed by the natural development & growth of the talent on our list currently. I think with the addition of Lever we have a top 4 team for 2018...the competition has levelled off now and we're as good a chance as any to take the prize. Saying we've made no real progress since 2006 is a croc...
  6. Josh Schache

    I think with Weed & Tmac we are well covered...and who says we're not into Lynch for next year if Jesse heads home. We will have cap space and picks to burn to cover if it happens... Weed hits the ball up hard and tackles, why do we need a soft lead up forward? He's more likely to make it than Schache
  7. Trade rumours

    There isn't one I would be interested in really... None of them fixes a problem we have. Only 2 quality players have changed hands so far this trade period and we have one of them.
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    That's true & for those worried about carrying over part of Jack's salary, the Tiges still pay some of Lids. It's not so unusual...nor is it the end of the world.
  9. Trade rumours

    I don't miss the lies...
  10. Trade rumours

  11. Trade rumours

    Is Kyle Langford worth a look? haven't seen much of EFC but showed a bit when I have. Maybe opportunity drying up a bit with the influx of new players.
  12. Jake Stringer

    They don't anymore...and it's a reason they won the flag. Yarran burnt them, was a risk and a very poor bet. Well known before the Tiges took him. With Balme on board they now make well considered decisions. They were safe and solid for years, backing in an average list with holes a mile wide. Then they took a risk, gamble approach and came unstuck. Last off season along came Balme, they looked at their list and made considered decisions based on what they needed. They didn't take any risks, although any recruiting decision will always have an element of risk (not a gamble as you're suggesting) and got the players to strengthen their list. I think we've done similar the last 2 off seasons with Hibberd and Lever. Why the need to gamble, and why inferences of "alter Boys". It has nothing to do with what we are about now.
  13. Mahoney, get away

    This looks pretty right 'Mach'. If we have lose Watts then this type of deal works for me...
  14. Trade rumours

    You are forgetting the most important part of the formula '11'... If it benefits us it is spot on if it benefits another club it is plain wrong. In this case the Motlop compensation is an outrage..
  15. Trade rumours

    At least Frawley had runs on the board. He was an AA and whether we chose to believe it or not, a quality KPD...