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  1. I will be surprised if they play finals in 2018 but then again stranger things have happened...
  2. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Similar non personality to Lyon...but they're just dying to get him on air. Agree on KB, he is gold and still going strong but how much longer can he carry the station for? Einstein Frawely is being set up to take one of the available spots for certain and I notice they've got Michael Christian on in the mornings so he might be another. I just can't listen to him, like watching paint dry he's that boring.
  3. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Agree totally with this, Allen is good on golf. The 2 of them together was a vacuous few hours of radio...they should have sacked the person who came up with the idea of pairing them. Agree, that was poor form and also treating the listeners with contempt.
  4. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Just watch this space... They have been angling to get Hird on, it won't be drive time but they did a nice little softener with Mike Sheahan and Lyon using him as some kind of expert on something that slips my mind now. There was no context just an excuse to test the waters. That will be the end of SEN for me...
  5. Friday in the Sun

    Great pix 'Six'...almost as good as being there.
  6. Harley Balic is settling in nicely.

    ...absolutely spot on 'ProDee'. Many years ago I moved interstate and worked with a small group of people, a couple of whom were said to be big smokers and inhalers I started going out with a local girl who was surprised I didn't even smoke cigarettes let alone anything else. The word around town was that I was big time into it. It was a great life lesson...if you don't know, you don't know.
  7. Hiding from 'Joeboy'...
  8. Yet to debut . . .

    I think he could well end up as the understudy for Jetta...
  9. Despite good intentions of the moderators sometimes these threads read more about the pre season fitness of those posting and a critique of their writing styles than the actual training and players...
  10. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    I just don't understand your point. All clubs spend on FD but there is a cap on that spending. If you are trying to say our injury list is because we don't spend enough on the FD then I think you are way off the mark. 'Chazz' sums it up for me...
  11. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    The only pattern I can see is that Hawthorn, Sydney (early in the season), West Coast & Collingwood all had a bad run of injuries that effected their season 2017. ...and if you didn't slip in Richmond as an after thought, none of them have won a flag in the last 2 years. Do I win the prize? edit: I don't think any of these clubs will win a flag in 2018 and that makes some of them with older lists much further from a flag than they would like.
  12. Nice to see you on Demonland Gillon...
  13. I posted this a few months back and thought it worth revisiting particularly with some of the rubbish stats that have been appearing in the media today. If I'm reading his, Ben Darwin's "team work index" right then clubs like Port will really struggle in 2018. Bringing in so many players from other clubs particularly those that have been in the system for a while is a recipe for disaster. Players bring there own ways and those of the clubs they have left behind and it's hard to develop an integrated game plan in that situation. I think we have approached it well in picking off players like Lever and not taking the scattergun approach of Port and in the past Collingwood. It looks good in the media and looks like you are being really proactive, I mean mental giants in the media have Port up there as a big chance...but lets wait and see. This is a really interesting interview for anyone really interested in team sports and team building...well worth the time to have a listen.
  14. The Ox says the Dees in danger ....

    Personally I think Oliver is our most important player and have thought so since his first game.
  15. You must be a journalist 'bing'... ...a beautiful job of selective quoting.