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  1. Game Of Thrones thread

    Can't wait for Arya v The Mountain...I think we got a taste with the sparring recently. Then maybe she will finish her list with Cersie
  2. @Macca, just noticed that Chuck Loeb passed away recently... A bit of a shock really, was looking for something else and a piece in memory came up...
  3. You Ready for Tommy Bugg?

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder...
  4. You Ready for Tommy Bugg?

    Funny, but I never considered Bugg a walk up start in the first place. He's not best 22 and has always been a depth player to my thinking. What's changed?
  5. Brandon Matera

    He's older than I thought so to me he would be in competition with Garlett for the small forward role. Can play when tuned in but have the years and culture at GCS done him in... I think he would be an upgrade on BenKen 'Wise', but... I would probably pass.
  6. All Australian: Which Dees Deserve a Nod?

    I think Oliver should make the 22 but won't... He is our Selwood/Dangerfield, we would struggle without him in the team.
  7. Max Gawn

    Max is using his opposite arm to block, as someone has stated it must be "rule of the week". He needs to adjust and the coaches should have sorted it out on the run. Whether the decision is right or wrong, this was what was happening and it was easy to see on the TV. No point Max arguing &/or not competing, he needs to adapt to the interpretation. I think this game will be a good learning experience for Max if he takes it onboard and he will be better for it from here on but only if he stops the umpire blame and gets on with it. I'm happy for the club to get clarification during the week but that's no help during a game. Adapt and get on with it boys.
  8. Jesse Hogan's Return

    Tony Sheahan, great source lol. Looking to make a name for himself but in the enormous shadow cast by his old man.
  9. They've dropped off recently though 'Jnr' and that's why the results haven't been so good.
  10. The Jake Lever Thread

    Yes, he would be more than handy. Understatement... I can't see Frost being in the future plans apart from being a depth player or maybe trade value. O-Mac does have some upside though.
  11. Changes vs St Kilda

    Well the first half anyway...according to the Plapp report.
  12. Gus Brayshaw

    There's a big difference. Yes of course he could still get concussed at VFL level as he has been, sometimes it's plain bad luck. However at AFL level the speed and intensity of the game is that much greater and require a quicker reaction time so it follows the chances of a concussion would be higher. He's going to have to be exposed at the level again at some time, I guess the question is should it be now or should we leave it a bit longer.
  13. Changes vs St Kilda

    Having argued against bringing in Brayshaw too early (I think he needs more games at Casey) it seems he might be in the squad and a good chance to play on Sunday. No source, only reading between the lines when his father was interviewed on SEN this morning.
  14. Jesse Hogan's Return

    A clubs not built around one player...if he wan't out then get the best deal and move on. I'm over the whole thing of the sky falling in if a player leaves, we are in a much better position now and the compensation for Hogan may well be worth it. If he's here next year we're going back into the cycle of will he stay or will he go, unless he extends his contract further.
  15. Sandringham v Casey Demons

    Um...the thrust of all that I was saying is give Brayshaw some time...