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  1. We have...it's called Casey Fields.
  2. You're not reading it right...doing a bit of a Robbo. We don't have any match winners over 25. Nathan is a real goer but not someone that will really turn a game on it's head, some expect him to do more than he's capable. Lewis isn't the player he was at Hawthorn, pretty good to have on board though and Bernie has been more than handy for us...None of them are match winners. My point is that when our young guys get more experience there are a few real match winners in the group who will stand up. Then if we lose the un-loseable it will be a shock rather than expected as has been. I trust the list 'Pennant', I think we've recruited well. My only reservation is if they've matured enough yet.
  3. I get why Robbo thinks this way, he has no concept of nuance. ...but surely you guys are not that beaten up by the previous incarnations to not understand development cycles. I know we don't like to hear the young list argument but how about this...all our game changing players where under 25 and most under 23. We haven't had the luxury of a Nick Reiwoldt to carry us when things get hard. Our young stars will stand up better this year and it has nothing to do with mental toughness, it's just they're a year older, more time in development and better able to meet the demands when things get hard. They did it at times last year but they were inconsistent, that's what you should expect unfortunately just don't go down the mental fragility route...that's a total croc. This is not a CS team, this is built on the back of Jackson and Roos.
  4. Disagree with this... I think most supporters would expect us to make finals this year. I most definitely expect that we will...anything less will be a fail.
  5. JLT Squad for the North game

    Yep, thank goodness the days of getting a look at the new boys (a highlight for us long sufferings) has been replaced by getting the team primed for the season ahead...
  6. I think a lot of observers think they will be a very good side but I'm not convinced they are so astute. I guess time will tell...
  7. He might in the SANFL... Port in the AFL are a long way off.
  8. St Kilda is above us... ...would anyone seriously take St Kilda's midfield ahead of ours?

    I get it's a different game, I just reckon if they can solve the ball/kicking problem it just might work. ...at the moment it doesn't.

    Surely you can see that no matter what you call it or do... The game doesn't fit on a ground that size...the kicking is too long for the ground. Other games that use this size ground either throw the ball or in the main kick it along the ground. It will never work until the kicking issue is solved. We can add more players, change the scoring, add zones... It still won't fit.

    This game will never work unless there are some serious changes made. If we are trying to sell the game then sell the essence of it and don't make up something entirely different. The games last night resembled training drills from 20+ years ago, not a game of footy. For one thing the ground is not long enough for the length of kicks, throttle back the ball somehow without it causing injury to the kicker (not sure how but...it can't be played as is on these size grounds), add more players on the ground (maybe 10 a side) and introduce the contest back into the game then maybe it could make it. ...also bring back ruck work, last touch doesn't work and tip off is a crock...

    Calling it football gives it some undeserving credibility 'Wise'... I was going to say it was a form of kick to kick but that's not right either. Lunchtime kick to kick was much more competitive when I was at school and there was always a good hanger or two. ...no, it's kind of like a straight line circle work hybrid of keepings off.

    Yep, it's kind of like basketball (end to end score) but with a lot less pressure. No real contests that make the game (AFL) what it is.

    I will be surprised if Petracca actually plays...
  15. Ollie Wines

    As good a player as Ollie is I don't see him as a priority. If we have a weakness it is a bit of outside class & that's not him. Pity we didn't pick him up when we had the chance but that horse has long bolted.