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  1. Hudson & Commetti in commentry with special comments by Scott Lucas boundary rider Mark Fine...
  2. Interesting comments... He has been named in the bests the first 2 games at Casey. It seems he has been moved through half back during games and his composure has been a bonus. Might have been handy last week against Freo... How about we give him a little bit longer before writing him off.
  3. Will be good to get some games into him 'dazzle', would be very handy now if he were up and about.
  4. He is far from a proven AFL level player. A 2 club player who hasn't established himself as a regular at either club by the age of 30... Not knocking him, he is a good depth player who somehow seems to become a better AFL player the more games he doesn't play. An outdated concept from when the game was a part time affair and the players had a few snags and a beer after training on Thursday night.
  5. That's pretty poor as some of the local comps now have it from all games...surely the VFL should be ahead of the game but more and more it appears to be a tired competition. I know this won't be popular but maybe it's time for the AFL to cut ties and work out a true 2nd tier competition to reflect the AFL season.
  6. Apparently trained well and playing... As I've said elsewhere, we don't need to be worried about Martin playing or not playing. We play what they put up with what we put up and we win or lose. We can't be reliant on other teams injuries and I will be happier to not see these type of posts going forward. Our team should be able to stand up to what any other side puts on the field and that's where I see us now.
  7. No, like it or not Watts has been streets ahead of him. He might not get the taps as a 2nd ruck but he gives us more of an advantage around the ground and when forward hits the scoreboard more than Pedders. His only value now is as backup and he won't be carried into a game as insurance, that's a waste of a position.
  8. I think Rowe is about to have a delayed concussion....
  9. Who gave Carlton a Friday night game? what a disgrace.... ...not only that they've made a mockery of it by resting players.
  10. I'm not sure it does 'steve'... The numbers say we are playing a high possession game. Any team that plays that game style struggles in the wet. Hope it's dry.
  11. I hope he's fit and plays... We are beyond needing oppo injuries to get a win.
  12. Is it compulsory for all players to be a member 'Chaser'?
  13. Misson said Col Garland (knee), Max Gawn (hamstring), Joel Smith (shoulder) and Josh Wagner (thumb) had all recently undergone surgery and had started their rehab. I think we need a new doctor and elite whatever..... Can't tell the difference between a shoulder and a thumb. Think it's a typo, Misson said he was back training/rehab and ahead of time so my guess is thumb.
  14. One thing I can guarantee... Although they seem to have set a precedent here, if a Melbourne player does the same thing they will get weeks.
  15. Tony Sheahan???? mmmmm....seems to be trying to make a name for himself.