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  1. Things don't work that way, it's not quite so simple. Take Hogan out & you get a different spread of goal kickers. We were still getting the ball forward & as some say, we worked as a more cohesive unit without Hogan. The argument could be made that we would kick more goals. As for Weideman, our season is not totally dependant on his success or failure. Of course it would be better if he has a good season.
  2. 'tiers' none of them has locked down a senior spot & with the exception of Hunt there have only been fleeting glimpses at senior level. I think Ronnie is not far off the mark with his comments on exposed form...lets hope with another season under the belt some of the above really make a statement and push up along with 1 or 2 of the new draftees. ...by the way, I think most teams would fall away after 24 - 26. You don't get to keep serious depth, if they're not getting a game they move on.
  3. rjay

    Injury List - Season 2019

    I think this is the issue 'george'... Given the late start to training (and required surgery) and the extra long Christmas break this year I'm not overly concerned with the rehab list. The club wouldn't want to push too many at this stage. The real measure will be after the break. I would expect the injury list to drop markedly after the first week back.
  4. rjay

    Training - Monday, 10th December 2018

    Trac's not going anywhere and can't be compared to the other 2 mentioned. I know you don't see it but he has improved each season.
  5. rjay

    Supercoach: Most Expensive Players

    He's become their link man/designated kicker from defence...a lot of the footy goes through him so I'm guessing his stats are good for super coach... In real footy he's the one you tag now.
  6. rjay

    Champion Data: 6 Players in Top 100

    Seeing as we have been rated by Champion Data as having the best midfield, 2nd best defence and 5th best forward line some of these teams above us must have amazing interchange players....
  7. Can't see the similarity 'bingers'
  8. No, some of that was tanking...or conveniently bottoming out to refresh the list if you like.
  9. Thought I might post this one here as well...in regard to the Pert interview on SEN.
  10. rjay

    Gary Pert?

    I think the most interesting thing he said was that we had 3 or 4 options for the training/admin/supporter base and one of them was Yarra Park. Many on here have undersold the club by thinking that Yarra Park was the only option. This is a club now run by serious people and they are not going in without a thorough planing and options. It is also clear to me that the base we are looking at will be somewhere in or around the MCG/Laver sporting precinct. Exciting times ahead on and off field.
  11. rjay

    Tom Campbell

    The Dogs have gone with fill-in rucks the last few seasons with some cameo's from English who looks a good kid. If Campbell was so good he would have locked that spot up as his own. He rarely got a look in. I will admit he's looked good to me at times but for some reason Beveridge doesn't think he's up to it. I might defer to his better judgement, I might also defer to Taylor and our recruitment team. I take what Scott says with a grain of salt...
  12. Agree 'Fifty'...it has looked to me as though that has been the plan all along. We've basically gone in one down over the last few seasons anyway. Balic was next to a non starter, Harietia (sorry about spelling) disappeared and left us one down and there was another a year or so earlier who escapes me at the moment. Of course we might be off the mark and they will take someone next week. ...but it makes sense to take someone now if we were going to, then they get the advantage of a full preseason. I think one reason we didn't take another ruck is that we've kept a place free for any eventuality.
  13. rjay

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    The Kangas have a recruiting haul something like what Port did last season. How did they finish up? Like Port in season 2018, North will be lucky to make the 8 this coming season.
  14. rjay

    Gary Pert?

    As far as the football side of things goes, the Alan Joyce/Chris Scott model would be best...don't mess with what's already working. The training/admin/club home base is what he will be marked on. That's what he's here for...
  15. rjay

    Training - Friday 30th November, 2018

    No, no, no...whilst I think they both go way over the top on the 'Saty' bash apart from that they are both very good posters. ...and yes they do have a dip at others from time to time but just don't take it personally. Both 'Wise' & 'dazz' provide excellent information & food for thought. They've just got a bit of a blind spot, that's all. 'Sats' not totally innocent here either, he will play it a bit. I expect he will play the 'take my bat & ball home' card at some stage. That always gets traction. On the whole, I just find the nitpicking thing boring & skip over the posts that don't have much relevance to me.