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  1. Channelling 'GNF'...
  2. 6 day breaks and a ballistic game style will take their toll.
  3. ...and somehow all 4 of them missed the 50mtr penalty to Hurley. I mean you could see it on the Tele...the umpire kept blowing his whistle as play went on. What the hell were they watching???? Truth be they were so wrapped up in their own BS to worry about minor things like what was actually happening.
  4. Lake, Frawley or whoever....I think the point is not about begrudging anyone. Surely the reward is so much better if you've worked your way through and succeeded. The bond between Hodge, Mitchell and Lewis would be much stronger than with those that have come on board and whilst they add to the mix they're not the foundation of the success. The man in the mirror would look more kindly on someone like Jones if he gets the ultimate success and even if he doesn't it won't be for lack of trying.
  5. No problem with the depth but there is a quality issue at this point in time. OMac looks to be growing in the role but the last couple of weeks we haven't come up against strong KPF's. Disposal & decision making is an issue for our 3 KPD's.
  6. Yep, quads can be very tricky...missed a finals series because of one back in the day. I was being optimistic with 2 - 3.
  7. Forget the champion data stats. My eyes told me we could have done with Gawn against Collingwood, particularly in the first half...
  8. You've answered your own question...he can play forward, Martin can't/couldn't.
  9. Let's put it this way... My opinion of the current system is I hope we finish 5th this year.
  10. Also think it was JJ Melkshem tagged, not Bont. More likely someone will keep an eye on Mitchell than Priddis and I think Melk probably will go with Gaff this week.
  11. This might not be a popular view but we shouldn't get too excited about our KPD stocks just yet. I think they are moving along nicely but using our last 2 opponents as a measuring stick is folly. Neither have an established KPF.
  12. If Jones has a quad strain, as reported then he will miss this week. Quads are pretty tricky & they won't risk it, he could miss 2 - 3. Watts had a limp after the game, he would also be doubtful particularly with a long flight ahead. The way he was walking didn't look like just a bit of tightness. ...so, I guess I'm not as sure that both will play.
  13. I'm concerned King has been talking us up as a premiership threat the last few days. Don't generally rate his view...but hope he is on the money this time.
  14. ...and I'll say it again..
  15. Nichols without doubt the worst umpire in the game... Happy we don't have him tomorrow.