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  1. Umpires absolutely destroyed this game....
  2. Absolutely dangerous, lifted him off the ground and slammed him down. Mario Milano would have been proud...
  3. Loved how he (Toby) dropped the head a bit at the next contested high ball, didn't want it Toby. Heard footsteps.
  4. No...he's a liability and has been since he got there despite all the junk we get from Cameron, Ling and co... ...and they didn't lose last year PF because he was out. He's been past it for a while now, will do the mercurial still, but how easy are the Dogs moving the ball out of defence! rest my case...
  5. If he can do as well as Dunkley just did for the Dogs then he will be going ok...put pressure on try and get some ground ball but understand the oppo ruck is going to get plenty of clean hands on the ball. Try to not let him get too many to advantage. ...but it means the mids have got a lot of work ahead of them. Probably why we've gone in small, expect a lot of midfield rotations this week.
  6. I'm not going to do the numbers, but a lot of the calls were based around us going into the season with 2 fit AFL ready ruckmen which is not good planning. If King wasn't coming off the knee it would look a bit different, but he is. ...and only capable of pinch hitting, nothing more. We don't have a real option if our only ruckman goes down during the game...and by the way that is in no means a knock on Watts, he's really stood up. This is a problem with our list.
  7. Great post 'ignition'....
  8. Mason Cox has size but no football IQ 'MadAsHell'....Keilty would get smashed by any half reasonable AFL ruckman and that's not running him down it's just he would be outsized and outclassed by a player also more experienced in the position... For his own career sake I hope they give him a couple of seasons to develop, recruit the right players and allow Dec to go back and see if he can make it as a defender.
  9. This is the point I made in the original post. It's the overall composition of our list that's a problem... All the talk of not using Watts as a relief ruck following last season by Mahoney and co came to nothing after the draft trade period when it was obvious that that is exactly what he was going to be doing again this year. We drafted/traded mid size flankers and a development ruck kid.
  10. You're arguing for the sake of it 'titan'. Most other teams have better ruck coverage than us as other posters have pointed out. Minson, Hannath, Cameron, Petrie for a start. Spencer is not a protected species, Minson creamed him in the VFL GF....he has been handed the number 2 slot with no competition. My original post was about more than our current ruck problem. It's a list balance problem I believe. Apart from Max and Spence (and the 2 kids) we have no tall (in current football terms) KPP's...we have Watts at 196cm and the rest 193cm to 195cm... Despite 'titans' protestations, other clubs have coverage and can throw their KPP's into the ruck if need be. Boyd at the dogs, Roughead at the dogs, Daniher at EFC...the list goes on. They have 200cm KPP's who can give a chop out or take the role if need be. ..by the way Goody is looking for a left field solution but is hamstrung by the lack of height at the club. Pedersen at 193/194 will get absolutely flogged if we bring him in as our number 1 man. Forget what Max says, I'm not sure he raved but was backing up a teammate as you would expect. There were better options out there, some named above who would have walked into the number 2 slot. How did the great knock ruckman go against Freo, battled and he was struggling before injury on Monday night. Given our list overall, we went into this season light on in the ruck division. If you can't see that....
  11. Sorry but he will never be an option as a ruck at AFL level...his best chance really is in defence. I know they've been using him forward and in the ruck at Casey but I think they are playing him out of position...
  12. To old now...pity, he's a great player but I wouldn't be trading for him unless it was a Lewis deal or we could take him as a free agent.
  13. I think Smith could be a beauty.... Salem is better off up the ground, the rest more likely o be depth. Jeffy, not the answer long term and way too hot and cold. JKH is not quick enough for his size and will be depth at best. I would look to trade Kent to WC, would suit them beautifully...down hill skier.
  14. Petracca is the only one I rate, and he's more a mid sized forward than small.
  15. No, we don't have 2 of the premier mids in the comp.... We have been caught out, we took a punt and we've come unstuck. I don't like taking punts with list management, we are not in the position to do it. Not one 'A' grader amongst them. Hibberd close and Hunt on the way...