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  1. Pelchen made a name for himself on the back of the Hawthorn list, one that Dermott vehemently disputes. He screwed the St Kilda list before moving on, probably has as much to do or more than Lyon with their current predicament. Whilst the words are nice I wouldn't place a lot of faith in what he says. He's certainly conned a lot in believing he is some kind of list expert.
  2. rjay

    Sam Weideman

    A bit cranky this morning 'Franky'.... His turning circle is ok for a big man, he's pretty good below his knees and he won't need to do a whole lot of ruck work. He is a work in progress and progressing quite well I would think. Not a million miles off but still some work to do.
  3. rjay

    Impact of rule changes

    Back in the good old days we used to use the umpire as a shield to break a tag. When the ump bounces the ball and moves back there is a space between him and the ball, the plan was for the ruck to tap to a mid moving through that space. All those who used to complain about Jamar tapping short, well this was a similar tactic they were trying to pull off. Notice I said trying, not necessarily working and of course the opposition would be trying something similar.
  4. rjay

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    It was more the interrupted seasons rather than pre seasons that cost us with these 2 'binman'... Both were pretty good when they got on the ground. Viney only played 7 home & away games. So long as we don't miss key players again this year I'm not as fussed as some with preseason. Apart from Hannan it doesn't seem like anyone else has been off legs...
  5. rjay

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    Why annoyed 'Dr'? I could understand concerned but it's not like the club or players are responsible. Or, is that how you see it? Who are you annoyed with?
  6. rjay

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    Instead you get rolling speculation. I can't see an upside in this at all. It was ok for Carlton as it gave them a quick get out with Bolton if they realised he couldn't really coach.
  7. rjay

    King: Oliver better than Cripps & Bont

    Bin used before 'bin', but what the hell why not again...
  8. rjay

    King: Oliver better than Cripps & Bont

    Let me bag him a bit now... Kingy was late to the party with Oliver, it took him until last season to get it and then he really got on the bandwagon. Don't mind Kingy but I think he likes to make the big statement a lot...the law of averages says he will get one right every now and then. As for this subject, all 3 are great players. Happy to have Oliver and unlike Kingy I like others on here could see it from his first game. With 2 good shoulders the sky's the limit.
  9. rjay

    AFLX Revamped

    Tommy's next...
  10. rjay

    Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Port Adelaide

    Not disrespecting them...but an ageing list. I think the window has closed for them. Predicting this will be Kenny's last year at Port.
  11. rjay

    Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Port Adelaide

    I'd rather forget the other stuff... Clayton's debut, wow....I knew we had a star on our hands. After all the dark days of drafts gone past we got this one right, it was obvious in that first game.
  12. rjay

    AFLX Revamped

    I wouldn't be surprised if both pulled out. TMac - Toe May - Hamstring tightness Well, I guess I can live in hope.
  13. rjay

    Jack Watts video

    Give it a break mate...yep, Lewis is not my favourite player either but he did more last season than Jack did at Port. ...by the way I would rather have had Jack's replacement (Fritsch) out there than both of them.
  14. rjay

    AFLX Revamped

    Looks like Steve & Dill have been busy today hitting the like button. There is no way they get 3,000plus legitimate likes... Looking at the AFL Facebook post last night it was hard to find a positive comment (I think I found one) on AFLX most far from complimentary.
  15. Go for your life, but it doesn't address the issue at hand and I don't see where I've bemoaned Burgo's being gone either. The spin is you are picking and choosing bits & pieces of posters and making up the mythical poster. A lot on here would like to see a bit more from the club. Is there really anything wrong with that?