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  1. Lots of guys played well today and played an Etihad style of game today. Therefore Goodwin was as influencial as a 23 man. But what gets lost in every game and for the last too many years is the the progression and now influence of our Caprian Jones. He is now a complete player. Great decision maker, great skills, gets the ball consistently week in week out. He is an AA grade player. The work he had done on his game is MASSIVE. In now good times and in extremely bad times he continues to perform and is so much better now he has good support around him. when others have floundered he has excelled due to dedication. He deserves to lift the cup for what he does now and for what did in an environment that killed more talented individuals
  2. Demonsterative

    If Hawthorn get Mitchell & O'Meara then ...

    Not sure why Lewis is part of the plan to get a Big Fish FA next year. He was in his last year of a contract with the Hawks and they didn't need to offer him another contract past his current contract. Therefore they could get their FA at the end of 2017 and have Lewis paying for them in the 2017 season proper. Its a conspiricy theory that does not add up.
  3. Demonsterative


    Frawley was played in his last year to up his compensation. No doubt about that..... No point dropping him to Casey as pick 3 would not have come our way. No amount of 'party line' comments to club training boundary riders will change this fact. Roos comments and selection were designed to up his value, albeit in a position that was not his own and had nothing to do with the future of the club as he was gone 1 year prior to leaving. Delusions regarding conversations and delusions of grandeur regarding relationships with players are I play here. I prescribe a large dose of anti psychotics to fix your problem Saty.
  4. Demonsterative

    A Christmas present for Max Gawn

    A Premiership
  5. If Harmes, Bugg, Kennedy, Vanders are considered 'best 22' Trenners after a full pre season is certainly best 22. It's a matter of how much his injuries have taken away for him.
  6. Demonsterative


    Clarko using the media to stop the dissent from supporters. We offered up Lewis but he denied us. Seriously love how the Hawks stuffed this up. Two club legends gone due to a TOTAL mis management from the most proffessional club in recent times. Welcome Jordan to the MFC.
  7. Demonsterative

    FA & Trade Whispers

    I agree R2G, I love the passion and the efforts of Saty.... Just not his need to defend every negative post on aplayer. I forget the name of the poster who stupidly made the comment that Jeffy stop trying after his contract renewal. Dumb! But over kill is tiresome
  8. Demonsterative

    FA & Trade Whispers

    If Jeff Garlett blamed his lack of form on his team mates lack of good ball movement into the forward line and coaches for asking him to step out of a forward pocket and play different roles when the season was basically over to a supporter/club member, he should be seriously line managed. Im not saying all Saty's post are not worthy, but his bias and need to champion every player by backing it up with a 'quote' from players who know to give supporters 'the party line quotes/conversations' is over stating his knowledge.
  9. Demonsterative

    FA & Trade Whispers

    Like everything, in the right doses. Now it's boring
  10. Demonsterative

    FA & Trade Whispers

    I'm not trolling, I barely post now days. It's frustrating how you believe you feel the need to champion every player on the MFC list, then tell everyone your conversations with the players. By your own admission you are not friends with the players, so therefore the depth of your conversations and validity is not worth the keyboard your writing on. HINT - poeple are tried of hearing about your conversations with the players. Try to keep em to yourself....
  11. Demonsterative

    FA & Trade Whispers

    Seriously Saty......... I have no words and its already been said. You need to understand what real friendship is and means...
  12. Demonsterative

    Brisbane gets priority pick

    Bottom clubs don't need a PP, they need to pay their list accordingly. Clubs being forced to lay 95 to 100% of the salary cap is bullshitte. Spuds get paid too much like Dawes and Clark a few years back. the lions are in the exact same position. Over paying players coz the rules say they pay 100% If the Lions had the money they could potentially land a big fish and keep Rockliff and Handley. Or off load these guys for their market value and get compensated well. Until the AFL allows clubs to pay players their worth instead of over paying them as they need to reach a financial target, PP are in play. Give me a 2 nd round PP. As MFC supporters we should sympathise their position. Footy ain't fun being that shitte.....
  13. Demonsterative

    Jarryd Lyons

    Could mean Goodwin is creating depth with Del and Thompson while getting value out of Grimes and others In trades. It seems the club is confident it can bring in good talent given It's recent good recruiting from 3 rd picks.
  14. If Melksaham and Hibberd make us a better team I could not give a rats. They are clean now and deserve respect if they perform. Too much morality on here and I would guess thtat most on here have sucked on a doobie or taken other dugs. If DL took a drug test on posters here, I'd say see you in two years. Seriously hope Saty is a massive drug user and DL take a drug testing policy. Some serious delusions of granduer over stating his knowledge and relationship with our playing group
  15. Demonsterative


    He did and he was right. By not going about it, and by stating the absolute obvious.