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  1. Casey Demons v Coburg

    Can anyone tell me what maynards disposal is like? Does he use it well? Pace? Get the feeling he will debut soon and would like to get an idea of what to expect.
  2. Casey Demons v Coburg

    For those that know I'm really interested in maynards progress. He's getting plenty of it each week but what's his disposal like?
  3. Changes v Collingwood

    Great summary. Thanks
  4. Changes v Collingwood

    Due to a family event I only was able to watch second half of the game from a distance but when I did glance across I thought I saw o Mac do some good things. Many here suggesting he should be dropped. Can someone give me a bit of a summation of his game?
  5. Lynden Dunn v Oscar McD - Interesting

    Stole my thunder re st kilda game. Agree that was the moment I knew it was over. There will be games that will make him look good because the flow of play will assist but for the most part the way the game is played now doesn't suit him.
  6. Changes vs Hawthorn

    Top 10 in the b and f last year. Coaches seem to like him
  7. Changes vs Hawthorn

    Should never have been dropped in the first place. Has too many runs on the board at senior level for mine. Would provide far more pressure than JKH
  8. MRP for Hogan and Lewis

    I do believe we agree on this. Read my last two sentences
  9. MRP for Hogan and Lewis

    Just watched him on 360 and while he didn't say what led up to it there was clearly something that did. The way that Viney went after Cripps too suggest that it had been building. Lewis's response suggests that he knows that he did something stupid but he's not remorseful. Interesting. Guess we will never know the lead up. Can't excuse Lewis. He was dumb enough to get sucked in.
  10. iSelect - new BOJ sponsor

    Just saw Adelaide have signed a sponsor agreement with china southern. Can they sponsor two clubs or have we lost them?
  11. Josh Kelly

    I know. I fall for it every time
  12. Josh Kelly

    Funny.....went to the last page of a josh Kelly thread and was expecting people to be discussing.....well......josh Kelly
  13. 2017 Clash Guernsey

    Gotta say. After seeing the clash jumpers on the boys today at training it doesn't look that bad. I do mean the white one. I don't hate it. There I've said it
  14. Training - Wednesday 30th November, 2016

    Even hearing him on the news last night was like listening to a different person. Perhaps a number of factors last year weighed heavily on him. Hope it bodes for a huge year
  15. 2016 Player Review - # 8 Heritier Lumumba

    Noticed that too. Speaks volumes. Who was his manager?