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  1. I do believe we agree on this. Read my last two sentences
  2. Just watched him on 360 and while he didn't say what led up to it there was clearly something that did. The way that Viney went after Cripps too suggest that it had been building. Lewis's response suggests that he knows that he did something stupid but he's not remorseful. Interesting. Guess we will never know the lead up. Can't excuse Lewis. He was dumb enough to get sucked in.
  3. Just saw Adelaide have signed a sponsor agreement with china southern. Can they sponsor two clubs or have we lost them?
  4. I know. I fall for it every time
  5. Funny.....went to the last page of a josh Kelly thread and was expecting people to be discussing.....well......josh Kelly
  6. Gotta say. After seeing the clash jumpers on the boys today at training it doesn't look that bad. I do mean the white one. I don't hate it. There I've said it
  7. Even hearing him on the news last night was like listening to a different person. Perhaps a number of factors last year weighed heavily on him. Hope it bodes for a huge year
  8. Noticed that too. Speaks volumes. Who was his manager?
  9. A few thoughts. Don't hate it but it could be sooooo much better with a bit of thought. Glad they dropped the city scape from the training jumper but don't like that it has the acorn design but I guess this is what they are plugging and there needs to be consistency. Good brand recognition should be based around this. Of all the new items I quite like the training tank and think I will pick one up
  10. Remember watching him get monstered so badly by Goldstein one night he resorted to just giving away free kicks as he had nothing else. Yes goldy was at his peak but this ones a big no for me.
  11. Wouldn't the fact that they have brought in mayne and wells as free agents completely obliterated any chance of getting compo for brown?
  12. Maybe the Hawks planned to use Lewis as the bait for o'meara and when he says yeah I will move on but screw you im going to Dee's. Hawks plans thrown into disarray and tell him that will not honour that trade but by this time the damage is done and now they are forced to do the right thing by Lewis
  13. AFL have already stated there is no restriction on what Brie can do with pick 19 within the rules obviously
  14. Some compelling and consistent reading there. No question we will know exactly what we are getting. I'm in
  15. They can have one of Dunn, Garland, Dawes, Newton, or Michie.