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  1. What Jack Watts would have said if the brains trust of Demonland were writing his scripts, judging by the way he is portrayed around here: "on reflection I felt that the only reason Melbourne didn't win the premiership this year was because of me, so I did the right thing by the club and left. Now that I am gone, I can confidently say that Melbourne will win the next eight premierships in a row. Also, I only came to Port Adelaide because they are the only club who would take me. Port were crap last year and will be even crapper with me there next year."
  2. Yet to debut . . .

    I'd be surprised if any of King, McKenna, Johnstone or Filipovic play senior football, this year or otherwise. It would take a horror run with injuries for any of these guys to play before their contracts expire. I think Keilty is clearly the best of the bunch, but the arrival of Lever makes it harder to see where he fits in as well.
  3. 9 Goals Straight from David Schwarz

    At the risk of derailing a very worthy thread, a fair number of those players never played together.
  4. Rare Robbie Flower Highlights

    I only caught the tail end of the great man's career, but the fact that he only won one B&F in such poor sides is quite astonishing. Forget about the lack of a Brownlow, can anybody from that era elaborate on why the MFC didn't recognise him in the B&F?
  5. Note the following story from today's HS as well: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/more-news/is-your-clubs-list-in-the-afl-premiership-sweet-spot/news-story/540bb90bc4d58552fbc5441d068cf2d3 We rank 17th for players aged 25-29, 1st for players aged 21-24. Assuming the quality is there, that would suggest we are still a couple of years away from having a critical mass of players in the sweet spot. Of course, it doesn't help that we keep trading away players from that age bracket.
  6. Colin Sylvia

    Very sad to see Col struggling. I had a lot of time for him as a Melbourne player, particularly because he was so good with supporters, especially kids. There's no excusing his behavior, but I hope he gets the help he needs.
  7. Any contribution we get from Viney in 2018 will be a bonus to my way of thinking. It's pretty clear that we stuffed his foot by letting him play too early and, Jack being Jack, he's not the person to lie down and rest for weeks on end. The medical stuff needed to put on their big boy pants and tell him to rest for the full 6 weeks, not cave in after 2. The longer Viney is off his feet through the pre season, the further he falls behind the standard that is required to perform at the elite level. I'm sure his G&D will get him to a certain point, but that is not where we need him to be.
  8. 2018 Contracts and List Details

    I find it incredible, and highly concerning, that we have so many fringe players coming out of contract next year (Balic, Bugg, Filipovic, Keilty, JKH, Kent, King, Johnstone, McKenna, Smith, Vandenberg, Wagner). Add in potential retirees and there is a good 12 - 15 players who may need to be replaced this time next year. Hopefully a few of those guys step up and earn a new contract, but surely best practice would be to spread these types of contracts out and to have delisted a few more players this year so that we could have had some rookie picks.
  9. Wow, 12 months of work by the recruiters results in us reading out the name of a midget with bad shoulders with our first pick. This ought to end well.
  10. NAB Draft - Closest the Pin

    I have no idea who we will take but, for the love of Tom Cruise, can we please stop recruiting medium sized forwards and project players (especially developing ruckmen and players from non-football backgrounds). I hope we go hard at genuine ball-winning midfielders, given that we haven't taken one since Oliver.
  11. Ty Vickery has retired.

    That deal was already suspicious. Now it has become farcical. Hopefully the AFL investigate.
  12. Ex-Demon Craig Cameron on the move again

    It goes to show how it is still more about who you know, rather than the quality of performance. Our recruiting was appalling for most of the 2000s (Molan, Bell, Smith, McLean, Sylvia, Bate as failed first round draft picks, plus the likes of Heffernan and Pickett as failed high price recruits). And Richmond was similarly a basket case during his tenure.
  13. 2018 Membership Thread

    I buy an 11 game reserved seat membership each year. The money I have saved over the past 17 years of no forking out for a higher membership level far outweighs the cost of buying a GF ticket on the black market. Why anybody would pay for a guaranteed GF ticket for a club that hasn't played finals for 11 years is beyond me, but each to their own. I really dislike the idea of the club bleeding loyal supporters dry when it keeps on wasting money on boneheaded decisions such as paying players to pay for other clubs (Watts), or to not even play at all (Garland, Lumumba).
  14. Top 10 individual seasons last 30 years

    Sorry, but Woewodin was absolutely elite in 2000. Yes, it was a deep midfield, but he was definitely the star performer. Best & fairest winner in a GF team, to say nothing of the Brownlow. Even before the Brownlow was awarded, it was a disgrace that he was not All Australian - the Brownlow only emphasised it. There is far more to impact than mere disposals.
  15. Hannah Mouncey

    This is a generation that has never been told no, therefore individuals think they can do whatever they want, just because they feel like it. Hence the attitude of "Sure I have 99% of the physical characteristics of a man, but I feel like a woman, therefore I should be able to play football in the women's league". There's plenty of things I would have liked to have done in my life, but wasn't able to because of rules and regulations that serve to protect the greater good.
  16. 2017 Player Reviews: # 45 Declan Keilty

    The reports from Casey were promising this year, but the arrival of Lever makes it harder to see where Keilty fits into the picture. Hopefully he can continue to improve and put pressure on the likes of Frost & the McDonalds.
  17. 2017 Player Reviews: # 47 Lachlan Filipovic

    I still don't understand why we have two developing ruckmen on our list. Even if, on the minuscule chance we unearth a star, they will still be behind Gawn in the queue.
  18. 2017 Player Reviews: # 48 Corey Maynard

    Our midfield depth is a real issue, so Maynard is sure to get chances if his Casey form is good enough. At 26 I thought the 2 year contract extension was a little generous, but it does get him out of sequence with all the others whose contracts expire next year.
  19. Trade for pick 66 is fair. A one year contract is also fair. Well done to the club for at least getting one deal right this year.
  20. Port the big winners in Trade Week?

    For Port to be premiership contenders, those three guys don't need to be stars, they just need to play their role. There is enough top end talent on that list already, but they dropped off towards the bottom of their best 22. These additions help significantly in that respect. Watts will be probably the number 5 forward in their setup, compared to number 3 at Melbourne. That is a big difference. Ditto Motlop - best small forward at Geelong, but behind Wingard & Gray at Port. I would expect both to thrive in that environment. Rockliff is a very good player, and one I would have liked us to target given he would have cost us nothing (other than room in the salary cap. Like any team they need to have their best players on the park, but I would expect them to be right in the mix.
  21. Farewell Jack Watts

    How much of Jack's salary are we paying for him to play at Port Adelaide? This whole situation stinks.
  22. Farewell Colin Garland

    Garland on one leg playing out his career at Casey next season would probably still have more value than any of the bottom 10 players on our list. I can only assume we are keen to move on players in the key 26 -29 age bracket so we can continue to bleat about how we are the youngest and least experienced team in the competition, thereby buying the coach more time to get his act together.
  23. 2017 Player Reviews: # 44 Joel Smith

    He has plenty of good physical characteristics, not sure about the football characteristics just yet. Unfortunately he had so many injuries this year, that it is almost a wasted year of development, despite the (brief) taste of AFL football. I do wonder where he fits into a defence that contains Lever, Frost, McDonald, Hibberd & Jetta.
  24. 2017 Player Reviews: # 43 James Harmes

    I don't mind Harmes as a player, but the gap between his best and worst is still far too great. He becomes a regular when we lose a few players to injury / suspension, but our progress as a club will be obvious when he plays only when his form justifies it. He's not really a young, up-and-coming player any more, but hopefully he can find some consistency.
  25. 2017 Player Reviews: # 42 Josh Wagner

    Not a fan from his first year, but Wagner's lack of development this year was bitterly disappointing for a 23 year old in his second year in the system. He has been given plenty of opportunities, but he is still poor defensively and his skills are ordinary with or without pressure. He would need to take a major step forward next year to get a new contract.