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  1. Ultimate Footy 2018 Norm Smith League

    Sorry folks, I have been out of action for the past week. I will try to get the code out in the next day or so.
  2. Who plays in JLT v North Melbourne 24/2?

    We have 12 days between practice matches, so there is no reason not too play our best team in both. I certainly wouldn't be playing anybody who is not a chance to play round 1.
  3. Re: McKenna & Vandenberg, why were either of these players retained when it is crystal clear to most that they won't make it on to the field for most (all?) of the season? They are just a couple of deep fringe players clogging up the list (and the medical rooms) with their constant injuries. Far better to take a couple of rookie picks instead who might amount to something.
  4. Robbo's Club Ambassador Role.

    It's easy to stick the boots in from afar, not so easy to make useful contributions. How about nominating some people who would do a better job, like perhaps yourself? As an aside, I was near Robbo for much of the GWS game. He did a pretty good job dealing with sound issues, the poor viewing at Casey and looking after his kids.
  5. Women told to score more

    The coaches only have themselves to blame. I didn't see the debacle on Friday, but 5 goals in a game of football is rubbish and helps nobody. Even on Saturday it took Melbourne until the second half to play a style of football that gave them a decent chance of scoring. Clearly playing on AFL size grounds is not helping the scoring levels or the standard of the games so, aside from playing smaller grounds with less crowd capacity, something else has to give. If that means the use of zones so be it. I think the AFL realise that they only get one chance to get this right, or they set the women's game back a couple of generations. They need to have a product that, in time, people will pay to see. Attendances and TV viewing numbers were significantly down on the corresponding matches last year, and that is largely because the product isn't right yet.
  6. New CEO for AFL Tasmania

    Neither Burnie or Devonport have a team in the TFL any more, and still there are people who believe that Tasmania could support an AFL team.
  7. AFLW: Round 1 vs. GWS

    I've seen bits and pieces of womens football for about 15 years, since I used to work with one of the St Albans Spurs players, but Saturday was the first full game of AFLW that I have watched. Overall I really enjoyed the day and the contest. There is clearly a lot of goodwill towards making AFLW work and getting it right first time, and I hope this happens. A few thoughts: The skill level, particularly by foot, is poor. There are very few players who can hit a target 25 - 30 metres away. I thought GWS were better at this than Melbourne. Perhaps this is a consequence of bringing in so many players from other sports. Hopefully this improves markedly as the new draftees are players who have been in the sport better. Melbourne were much better around the contest than GWS and looked much better in the second half when they were prepared to move the ball forward by any means, rather than chipping the ball around. I doubt they will get a half to sort themselves out against the better teams. The gap between the best players and the rest is immense. You could immediately see the effect that losing Paxman had on Melbourne, as one of the few players who can use the ball well. I was okay with 13 goals kicked across roughly 70 minutes of play (1 every 5 minutes or so), but we clearly had the best game of the weekend. Anything less than 10 goals a game just doesn't cut it. I suspect the game would benefit from playing on smaller grounds. I don't see any reason for the competition to expand from 8 teams to 14 over the next two years. There isn't the player base, and with little or no revenue generated by either the competition or the clubs, all you are doing is creating a massive gravy train. Far better to focus on getting the fundamentals right and having the best product possible over a period of time, and then expand when this is achieved.
  8. Ultimate Footy 2018 Norm Smith League

    I'm keen to go around again. Let me know if you want me to transfer admin rights, or if you are happy for me to push the buttons. Have a think about how scoring worked last year, and whether it needs to be changed.
  9. That's why the coaching and medical staff get paid the big bucks - to make the hard calls at the right times. Letting him play was a cop-out.
  10. Maroochydore training camp

    I would have thought after the club's last pizzweak Saturday outing (ie 26 Aug 2017), they would be pretty keen to practice performing on Saturdays wherever possible. The fact that this is a training session in Queensland in February is completely irrelevant. I'm sick of this club do everything it can to upset loyal supporters by holding training sessions, practice matches and other functions during business hours. Without members and supporters, this club is nothing. The powers that be would do well to acknowledge this occasionally.
  11. Demonland Supercoach 2018 Comp

    Thanks again for your great work getting this running each year. PC Demons is back again.
  12. Sponsorship Problem?

    I was sceptical of the clubs ability to get a deal done before the start of the season, but this is a great result (assuming the dollars are okay). Well done to Peter Jackson and his staff.
  13. That's all well and good, but we have had plenty of players in the past who have looked like stars on the track (Strauss, Maric, etc), but who turned to water on game day. It is the ability to find the football in the heat of an AFL game, and then use it effectively, that sets the best apart from the rest. As others have said, at 170cm a player needs to be very good at most things and elite at the rest. Just being a decent kick is not going to cut it (see Maric again).
  14. I have absolutely no confidence that Jack will be right for round 1, and little confidence that he will make a meaningful contribution this year. This is just one delay / setback after another, some six months or so after the original injury. The club can periodically release little fluff pieces such as this story as often as it likes, to kid us into believing that all is well, but it has no credibility on this issue. As I have posted previously on other threads, this was abysmal player and injury management by the club and it will hurt us big time this year, as it hurt us big time last year.
  15. I hear this is a very big name and it has been hushed up for some time.