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  1. Missed Opportunity - ANZAC Eve Crowd

    Aside from the result last year, it was a great night and anybody who chooses not to turn up is as pizzweak as the team was on Sunday. That said, I suspect the crowd will be closer to 65K. We will lose a few off the top with Richmond 11 game members not getting entry this year, and then a few more for soft Melbourne types not turning up. Anything over 70K would be a great result in my eyes.
  2. Breaking down the 15 goals to 1

    This rubbish about str Rubbish. The structure that was planned for all summer was that Hogan and McDonald would be the talls. When McDonald went down, the structure required that the next in line (presumably Pedersen or Weideman) would fill the void. What Goodwin has done by dropping Pedersen and replacing him with a small is exactly what you are arguing against. It just shows that the guy is making things up as he goes along.
  3. Changes v Richmond

    It is amazing to me that people continue to support Bugg. Do you ever wonder why it is that he gets shots on goal? It is because his opponents don't respect him and know that he won't hurt them if he gets possessions inside 50. Far better to play 2 on 1 against Hogan, and leave Bugg free, rather than allowing Hogan to compete 1 v 1 and wasting someone on Bugg. It wasn't just his missed shots either, it is also the three-grab chest marks that prevent him from playing on quickly and the numberous ground ball fumbles.
  4. Gawn's ruck work was truly awful on Sunday. 66 hit outs, approximately none of which benefited the team. Obviously our midfield were extremely poor and didn't work nearly hard enough, but in those circumstances Max would be better dropping the ball at his feet rather than into open space. I love Max's work rate around the ground, but his goalkicking from inside 30 metres is abysmal. I find it astonishing that he hasn't tidied this up in the past three weeks.
  5. Backline Setup and Structure

    - Simon Goodwin - Senior Coach - Brendan McCartney - Player/Coach Performance Manager - Matthew Egan - Head of Player Development - Ben Mathews - Stoppage and Contest Coach - Troy Chaplin - Backline Coach - Craig Jennings - Game Analyst and Education Coordinator - Jade Rawlings - Casey Demons VFL Coach I assume all of the above names have something to do with the current state of our defence, but the buck surely stops with Goodwin & Chaplin. How hard is it for six defenders to each have an opponent and the spare, if we must have one, to provide cover against the most dangerous forward/s? It seems to me that we have a lot of coaches making things more difficult than necessary, just to justify their positions at the club. Some of the goals we conceded on Sunday were unbelievable. Players not rushing the ball through the points from a metre out, spoils directed to the goal square, everybody up in contests leaving multiple Hawks on the ground, and so on. None of these are complicated. How can seven responsible coaches not ensure that we have the basics sorted, before they go about reinventing the wheel?
  6. Changes v Richmond

    In: Pederson, Hunt, Tyson, Hannan, Stretch Out: Lever, Harmes, Bugg, Lewis, Melksham Very, very lucky: Frost, Fritsch, Neal-Bullen, Wagner, Vince Safe (for now): Hogan, Jones, Salem, Petracca, Brayshaw, Gawn, Oliver, Hibberd, Kent (can't believe I'm saying that), McDonald, Garlett, Jetta. Not playing a CHF / backup ruck is just ridiculously dumb, particularly given the way we bomb the ball forward. We don't need 3 tall defenders against Richmond, and Lever is just slightly more woeful than Frost. Tyson is a given. The others are just shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic, but Bugg has Z-grade skills and I'm sick of Melksham's one handed marking attempts. I would have dropped Lewis before his injury was announced.
  7. Shepherding the man on the mark

    Regardless of the appearance and the fairness of the tactic, ultimately it is yet another match day tactic that Goodwin has failed to combat. His inability to read the play, so to speak, on game day is astonishing.
  8. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    The problem with Goodwin is that he thinks he is the smartest person in the room. He has a plan that he is not going to change for anyone or anything, even though it is clearly broken and every other coach has worked out how to combat it. He has drawn a line through certain players, and will play others constantly, regardless of form and match ups. What were the tactics or positional moves that were made on Sunday, successful or unsuccessful? Did he do anything at all? In fact, did he even notice that Hawthorn were in control for the last 15 minutes of the first quarter, even though they were behind on the scoreboard? When the rain came, what was done differently, if anything? I'd be interested to know how much say he has had in choosing his assistant coaches, because Troy Chaplin in particular has been woeful since arriving at the club. The opposition analyst is clearly not doing his job either. The comparison with Neeld is fair enough. Neeld's teams had a tiny fraction of the talent of the current group. The fact that the current group is serving up performances that are similarly laughable is an indictment on the coach (and the players themselves). Ultimately, I don't see how Goodwin can be in charge next year if we don't play finals this year.
  9. Be Patient with Lever

    Lever is making Lumumba look like a committed, competent footballer at the moment. His lack of composure and awareness, together with his atrocious disposal, surely warrant a stint at Casey. If I didn't know better, I'd wonder if he'd actually played the game before at a decent level. Yes, our defence collectively has been woeful (with the glaring exception of Oscar McDonald), but Lever is the biggest culprit. As a loose man he has had zero impact and has offered zero support for his teammates; as a true defender he has been flogged by everyone from first gamers to D-grade hacks.
  10. Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    Amazing how often you get injured when you don't give 100%. If the other bloke is going harder than you, of course you will come off second best.
  11. Josh Wagner

    Wagner's been good, without being super. It is certainly noticeable that when his intensity drops off, even by a few percent, he looks very average, very quickly (1st half Geelong). When he is really attacking the ball and his opponent at full bore, he looks so much better (2nd half Geelong). That said, I think his decision making and disposal is questionable under real pressure, and I don't think we have seen the team under much pressure in the last two weeks. The next two weeks will be a much better test of whether he will make it.
  12. Hogan's Engine

    Jesse's work rate was extraordinary on Saturday. There are times he needs to play from the goal square, and times he needs to play up the ground. We are very lucky that he is so capable at both, however we definitely need another big body up forward when Jesse is not there.
  13. Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    In: Pedersen, Brayshaw Out: Pick from Melksham, Neal-Bullen, Fritsch, Vince, Jetta (looks injured to me) Lever and Frost both lucky, but I think we need three talls against Hawthorn. One will go for Richmond.
  14. Bomb it long!

    Quality teams with good intercept marks will destroy us if we persist with this strategy. With Hogan roaming far and wide, and Pedersen and McDonald out of the team, who exactly are the big bodies that are crashing packs and creating opportunities for the crumbers? So far we have been lucky that Taylor & Henderson at Geelong, and then Tarrant at North have been missing. Arguably Majak Daw was our best forward on the weekend. Hawthorn and Richmond will be licking their lips if we try it against them. Rance might just set a new record for marks in a couple of weeks.

    Good on Christian for turning things around, but it is a little disappointing that he had to be told these things at year end. It should have been apparent to him throughout the year that he wasn't fit enough and, if not, the coaches should have been all over him about it. Obviously injury and illness were a factor initially, but he has basically wasted the first four years of his career by just cruising along. He was very good on Saturday, particularly in the third quarter, so hopefully that level of effort becomes his new normal.