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  1. poita


    I can live with Smith over Pedersen, and Tyson should have been in weeks ago, but otherwise that's not a great result at selection. We clearly need another tall defender in the side. We were horribly exposed against Collingwood, and Port have more tall forwards than Collingwood. Clearly McDonald takes Dixon, but that presumably leaves Smith on Westhoff / Ryder and Hibberd on Marshall, neither of which is a great result for us. Ideally Frost, but even Petty, had to come in for Vince. This was also the perfect game for Garlett to come back in. Hannan has plenty of upside, but still goes missing for 3 in every 4 quarters. For all his flaws at least Garlett will make a couple of big chases and tackles each game, particularly when motivated after a lengthy VFL stretch. Oh well, it is probably all irrelevant unless the midfield plays a million times better than they did last start.
  2. poita

    Casey Demons v Coburg - VFL Round 12

    The club needs to get a bit smarter at this. Obviously you want your best players available for the senior side if possible, but it is pretty dumb to have players 23-25 on your list not playing games for multiple weeks. Having Tyson miss a week after being dropped surely set him back a fair way, and since then we have had Garlett, Pedersen and Hunt miss games whilst on the cusp of senior selection. Given how rarely you need to call on your 23rd player, I'd rather hold over a player further down the depth chart (Bugg, Wagner, Stretch, etc) and keep the better players playing regularly.
  3. poita

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    Delist: McKenna, Vandenberg, Kennedy-Harris, Johnstone, and one or both of King / Filipovic Retire: Vince Trade/Delist: Kent or Bugg Retain on short-term deals: Keilty, Balic, Smith, Pedersen, Wagner Resign on long-term deals: Brayshaw, Harmes, Jetta, McDonald That gives a minimum of seven picks across the national draft and rookie draft before further trades. I hope we can keep Tyson, but Frost would be surely looking for more opportunities. Clearly Kent has small trade value and Bugg no trade value, but I can't see the value in keeping both. Maynard is very lucky he has a contract for next year, because I can't see him getting a game unless we have a truck load of injuries. If it was up to me I would delist both ruckmen and find a decent mature age state league ruckman. King and Filipovic are light years away from being AFL ruckmen, and even then they'd be more likely to be poached by another team before Gawn retires.
  4. poita

    Dean Kent on the move... ?

    I'm more than happy to see him go. There is no doubting his ability, but due to injury and lack of application (he never plays more than two decent games in a row. I can't see how he has any bargaining power at Melbourne given his past two seasons, and would happily take a top 50 draft pick for him. I'd be interested to know where this talk of midfield time has come from - he is not within a million miles of having the endurance to play in the midfield.
  5. poita

    Watts Dropped from Port

    Says the guy who repeatedly said that Cam Pedersen would never play another AFL game.
  6. poita

    Shaun Smith: Joel can fill Lever's Role

    I didn't mind Smith's game overall, but he is clearly not a direct replacement for Lever as a genuine second tall defender. I gather he has been playing as third or fourth defender at Casey, so why the fork would you expect him to play as second defender at AFL level? I'm more than happy for him to replace Vince or Lewis on a flank, with Frost to slot in at CHB.
  7. I honestly don't understand why the same old sad sacks read this thread when they know what they are going to get each week. For what its worth I think joeboy consistently does an excellent job and I thank him for his contribution.
  8. poita

    Changes v Port

    In: Tyson, Garlett, Frost Out: Hannan, Spargo, Vince
  9. poita

    Petracca in a rut?

    Still not fit enough, still doesn't get enough possessions, still doesn't hurt teams when he does get the ball. He is possibly the most talented player on the list, but on performances he is a borderline selection at the moment. If he wins the ball within 60 metres of goal he should be having a shot, not passing sideways and backwards. Sadly De Goey has gone way past him as a player. De Goey takes the game on and backs himself in to make things happen. He looks super fit and wins the ball in important places. Petracca seems happy flitting about on the periphery.
  10. poita

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Clearly a very disappointing performance, but not the end of the world. We were poor against the Bulldogs and got away with it because of the lack of opposition. We were equally poor yesterday and got what we deserved. The timing is pretty good for us to receive a major reality check with 11 days until our next game. There were some bad trends creeping into our play that need to be eradicated and we have time to work on them. Our midfield was really poor. As in all of our bad performances there was a major disconnect between Gawn and his midfielders. I've previously thought it was Gawn at fault, but I'm not so sure about that yesterday. Jones and Viney were miles off the pace and Oliver's disposal was as bad as I've seen from him. We just didn't handle the pressure from Collingwood early and then continued to panic even when the pressure came off later in the game. Why Goodwin didn't give more (any?) centre square time to Salem, Brayshaw and Harmes is beyond me. At least Brayshaw or Harmes could have run with De Goey when he was dominating early. I commented about three minutes into the game that we would concede 20 goals and that sadly was proven correct. The Smith selection was a poor one given the role that he was asked to play, and at no stage did we look to have our match ups right. Why Lewis is allowed to play loose man in defence without plugging the hole in front of the number one forward is beyond me. He just won't put himself in danger of getting hurt. Arguably Smith should have played that role, and Frost should have played Smith's role. I'm convinced that Vince and Lewis can't play in the same side, especially not in the same part of the ground. I'm a Pedersen fan but his presence seemed to unsettle the forward line. Hogan was invisible, and McDonald was wasted on the wing in the first half. Spargo and Hannan are miles off the top level and both need a spell at Casey. Tom McDonald is an absolute star and was the only reason we got within 12 goals of Collingwood. Goodwin had another poor day yesterday. It is one thing to have the team winning when everything is going your way, but I'm yet to see Goodwin dig a plan B out of the back pocket to change the course of a match. His match ups and game plan were sadly inadequate and he never looked like stopping Collingwood's midfield dominance.
  11. poita

    Kent and vandenBerg

    Vandenberg is 26 years old with 28 games to his name, the last of which was almost two years ago. His skills are atrocious (particularly by hand) and he averages 15 possessions and 0.6 goals a game. I was amazed that he got a contract to play this season when he wasn't back training at the time. It would be such a backward step to even contemplate giving him a game either this year or next. Our young half forwards (eg Spargo, Fritsch and Hannan) are miles ahead of Vandenberg and are much younger. I can't see him playing another AFL game. Kent showed earlier this season that his best football is good enough, but between his regular injuries and his inability to keep his focus and intensity up for more than two weeks at a time, how could you possibly trust him to perform in a big game? I assume he'll be given a one year contract because we have higher priority delistings, but he would need to perform at Casey on his return.
  12. poita

    Contract Talks Start with Nev Jetta

    Surely this is the most straight forward of all our contract negotiations this year. A three year deal on reasonable money should be pretty easy for all parties to agree to. Hopefully it is done before the Port game.
  13. poita

    Peter Jackson's Replacement?

    What a load of garbage. The guy was in our 2000 grand final side, plus was a regular in the 2004 side that was on top of the ladder after 18 games. He was a very solid key defender in his best years, and lost a few years out of his prime to injury. That said, I doubt that he is the right person for this job.
  14. poita

    All Australian watch

    That fox squad is a complete w*nk. Webster, Seedsman & Pearce in the backline; three Hawthorn forwards; the entire Collingwood midfield.