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  1. poita

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 22

    That moment when your team is facing a must win game in hostile surroundings and you see the half forward line that they have come up with.
  2. poita

    Ex MFC players at another club

    A fit Scully would be great now, but I don't blame him for leaving. Martin & Thompson are the two that I really regretted seeing leave.
  3. poita

    Sam Weideman

    If we don't think we can play finals, by all means play Weideman for the next two weeks. He is not even close to AFL standard at present, so a decent reality check might be the best thing to spur him to put in a massive pre season. He needs to get fitter, stronger, tougher, smarter - the whole lot. If we think finals are achievable, and I think this week is very winnable, then Goodwin needs to finds the 22 most in form, seasoned footballers he has this week. If that means playing a small forward line so be it. If he wants to replace Hogan with another tall, Weideman's inability to provide a genuine physical contest makes him a liability against good sides.
  4. poita

    Dan Hannaberry

    I'm not sure that Hannebery was ever the right fit for our midfield, but I am glad to hear that the club is actively seeking ready made midfielders in this trade / draft period. We have badly neglected the midfield over the past couple of years, and our depth is severely lacking in this area. Gaff would be a great get and I hope there are other free agents on our hit list as well.
  5. poita

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    Yep, and there is a fair chance that the same thing will happen with Gawn too given that Goodwin seems determined to run him into the ground.
  6. poita

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 21

    Go Pedo! I reckon he is in to give Max a chop out, as much as to replace Smith. Bernie may just have played his last game with Hibberd to return soon - even more so if Hunt plays well. JKH very lucky.
  7. poita

    Casey Demons v Sandringham - Round 19

    KC, always appreciate your reports. What are your thoughts as to the effect of the removal of the VFL reserves on the development of players like Filipovic? It seems as though he may have benefited from playing a full game in the ruck in the reserves each week, rather than a few minutes here and there in the seniors. I'm of the view that Melbourne needs an experienced backup from Gawn, which makes it even harder to develop young rucks.
  8. poita

    Buddy Domination

    I don't recall Franklin ever kicking big bags of goals against Melbourne. He is generally good for 3 - 4, but our losing streaks against Hawthorn & Sydney have been more about being flogged in the midfield. Win the midfield, fill the space in front of Franklin to stop his leads and we win the game.
  9. poita

    Demon Dash Mick

    Is Demon Dash really the best idea we can come up with? Some tubby bloke plods along behind a flashing light and when he comes up short they give away the prize any way. At least there was some skill involved in Hogan's Heroes.
  10. poita

    Dees who may be gone in 2019

    My thoughts: Vince, Balic (retired) King, Filipovic, McKenna, Johnstone, (delisted) Bugg / Kent / JKH - can't see the need for all three to stay, and one may be enough in honesty. Wouldn't be surprised to see Kent look elsewhere. JKH presumably most likely to get another year given current state of affairs. Pedersen - another one year deal. He provides valuable depth in a number of positions. Frost / Tyson - both contracted and both stay. I hope we've made it clear to both that they are required players long term. T.Smith / Weideman - I don't rate either of them, but I expect Smith to get another one year deal. The heat will be on Weideman if he is still at Casey this time next year. Keilty - happy to see him get another year. Vandenberg - presumably will get another year, but he's just depth for me. Maynard - very, very fortunate to have a contract for next year. Otherwise a clear delist. We should be looking at 1-2 free agents, 4 draft picks and 2-3 rookie selections. I would be happy to play 38 + 6 rookies next year, as opposed to 40 + 4 this year.
  11. poita

    Jordan Roughhead

    I'd be happy to delist both King & Filipovic and draft the best state league ruckman available with a late pick. If a guy like Roughead is available in the pre season draft or as a delisted free agent on low wages, I'm not opposed to that idea either. Let's face it, the chances of Max making it through both 2018 and 2019 without some sort of injury are almost nil - we have been lucky so far this year, but we are kidding ourselves if we think we have any sort of viable backup plan.
  12. poita

    Rd 20: AFL Team of the Week

    I'm comfortable with Hogan being selected given that a number of the big name forwards had quiet weeks - 22 disposals, 10 marks and 4 goals is a huge game for a key forward, notwithstanding the quality of opposition. The omission of Oliver is laughable.
  13. poita

    Last chance for Kennedy-Harris?

    He has had a few weeks now to settle in and adjust to the pace of the game, and he is still miles short of what is expected. His first year was pretty good, but I can't see how he has improved over the last four years. A few nice things each week doesn't cut it when they are accompanied by a number of miskicks, decision making errors and his lack of pace and size. And we have plenty of others who can play a similar role with more upside - I'd rather Hannan was tried on the wing - at least he can run and take an overhead mark.
  14. poita

    vanders: The Return

    Good on him for making it back to the top level, but his disposal simply isn't good enough for him to be anything other than depth in a good side. A bit sad really, because he does have some very handy characteristics.
  15. poita

    Harley Balic Retires

    Good luck to Harley for the future and I hope he finds what he is looking for, but I find the whole episode fairly puzzling. We gave up nothing for him, and the opportunity cost was minimal, so we are not greatly disadvantaged other than using a list spot on someone who didn't want to be here. But who at the club did due diligence on the guy when recruiting him? Clearly he had issues during his time at Freo, and similar issues have arisen at Melbourne. Different scenario obviously, but a year earlier we drafted McKenna who was always injured at GWS and has barely left the medical room at Melbourne. Before that we recruited Lumumba and all his baggage. Ditto Clark. Are we still so needy and grateful for attention that we draft anyone who comes our way? What makes us think that we can fix the issues that other clubs can't?