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  1. poita

    Viney & Oliver on Track for JLT

    I'm pretty sure we were told the same things about Viney this time last year.
  2. poita

    Nietschke out for the season

    Terrible news, hopefully he can come back bigger and better next season. Why does it take three days for this news to be released? If it was an open session there would be posts on Demonland within a couple of minutes. What if it was a big name player, eg Tom Mitchell at Hawthorn? This club has to get much, much better at keeping members informed.
  3. poita

    The Co-Captaincy?

    If the powers that be decide that Jones is not the best person to be captain, I'll be disappointed but so be it if it brings us closer to a premiership. There is no way he won't be firmly in best 22 at year end, even though this seems to be the prevailing view around here. That said, I firmly disagree that Viney, either outright or as co-captain, is the answer. The guy has barely played in the past year and a half, and should be allowed to get his body right. We know he'll lead with a title or without, but it is more important that he is playing at the highest level possible. If Gawn or McDonald are added to the mix, that is fine with me.
  4. poita

    AFLW on the main board

    When I go the home page I see most recent posts in all forums, so isn't the real issue where your bookmark points? I'd be happy for AFLW to be in the main board, particularly at this time of the year when we are starved of actual games to talk about.
  5. poita

    Casey vs The U18s

    Pretty good result for the MFC - you don't really want players on the fringe of AFL selection having a bye that early in the season, so it will be good to have a game for them to play that week.
  6. poita

    MFC Family Fun Night - 13/2/19 @ 4:30pm

    I welcome anything the club does to promote itself in the Casey region, but once again they ignore the fact that most of their members work. They would get a much better response holding this event on the weekend.
  7. poita

    Demonland Supercoach 2019 Comp

    Thank you for organising again. My team is PC Demons, coach = Peter.
  8. poita

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    So another comparison website a la Energy Watch & iSelect? Compare the Market, and we have to become the Melbourne Meerkats?
  9. poita

    AFLX Revamped

    If it is for kids, why are they playing on a Friday night? Surely it would be better on a Saturday afternoon / evening. Also, who's excited to see what Patrick Dangerfield wears as he enters the stadium? https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-02-08/bring-on-the-bling-open-dress-code-for-aflx-stars
  10. poita

    Tickets for the JLT Series

    10,000 at Casey??? Does that include people stuck in their cars because the approach roads and car park can't handle more than 500 cars?
  11. poita

    Jack Watts video

    I know we have a 24 hour news cycle and way too many wannabe journalists trying to eke out a living, but this obsession that society has with being offended by every little thing that is said and done by consenting adults in private simply astounds me. Jack is a silly boy for letting himself be filmed but beyond that, who cares? He is enjoying himself, in the off season, out of the country and no laws have been broken. Port are entitled to be disgruntled about the impact on their image, but Koch is the last person who can complain about having private acts splashed across the media - he has made a career out of doing it to others. Yes, Jack is a supremely talented footballer who may look back on his career as a waste, but that is his cross to bear. He has been paid extremely well to do something he enjoys for over a decade, has lived a life that most of us can only dream of, and has plenty of options post-football. Good luck to him.
  12. poita

    AFLW: Rd 1 vs Fremantle

    I didn't see yesterday's game, but have seen this side play plenty of times previously. It sounds as though we are still 100% focused on playing attacking, free flowing football, which is good to watch and fine to a point, but you need to be able to lock the game down at times. You really should win being 2+ goals in front at 3 quarter time in AFLW. I'm really unconvinced about Stinear as a coach, and his ability to manage the flow of games. I was amazed at the lack of height amongst our draftees this year, and clearly the ongoing issues with our defence haven't improved through natural development either. It sounds as though disposal hasn't improved either, but this will be an issue for most sides beyond the top 5-6 players.
  13. poita

    AFLW: Rd 1 vs Fremantle

    Only the AFL would think it good practice to run the flagship female competition of a winter sport in the hottest part of the day through the hottest part of the year. Whilst some of the players would be considered elite athletes, a number are very young or in lesser condition. Surely there are OH&S issues in play here. I was at Casey Fields for a kids clinic a couple of weeks ago on a mid-20s day and it was seriously hot there. There is no shade and most likely no breeze. It will be a furnace on Sunday. Good luck to the players and those who are keen enough to attend.
  14. It is really disappointing that the club can't keep its members informed on events such as this. Was the game promoted at all? A decent match report is also not too much to ask for. Hopefully the standard of coverage lifts before the season commences. Thank you as always to members who report impartially on training sessions and practice matches.
  15. poita

    AFLX Revamped

    Note to Gil & fellow nuffies: if I didn't have any interest in watching my own team play (and win) AFLX last year, why would I have any more interest in watching this ugly, red-headed bastard stepson of a concept? Wow, even more publicity for the already dangerously over-exposed Dangerfield and Betts! Broadly speaking I understand the idea behind having a version of the game that requires less space, less players and less physicality, but the execution of the idea has been so bad it has no chance of ever gaining acceptance. And only the AFL (and perhaps Cricket Australia) would cannibalise their own product by running it at the same time as they are trying to get publicity and sponsors for AFLW.