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  1. Sniper Sheedy takes aim at Paul Roos!

    Is this senile old coot still around? I thought the football world had collectively put him on the do not call list.
  2. The Jack Trengove is BACK Thread

    I've always been a Jack Trengove fan, so adjust for bias as necessary. I thought he was solid on Saturday, without being brilliant, which is fine given that he has barely played at this level for four years. Jack probably needs to step up a level or two to be a regular player in a full strength side, but he was miles ahead of guys like White & Wagner who have been preferred to him at various stages. Ultimately he was one of 22 who played their role, in a strong team performance. He is not a Viney who can drag a team along with him, nor a but few are. He was cool & calm in possession, did his job defensively, and didn't give me any heart palpitations. He certainly earned a second game next week, and I will be disappointed if he doesn't get it. Beyond that, he is one of a group of 8-10 players who will probably come in and out of the side as form and match ups demand. I have an in form Stretch & Brayshaw ahead of him, Vince at a similar level, and the likes of Bugg, Wagner and Vandenberg below. The likes of Harmes, Kennedy-Harris and Neal-Bullen have earned their spots on form, but could easily fall out with a couple of quiet games.
  3. Where was everyone?

    Let's be realistic here. Of our 40,000 members, how many have 11 game (or more) memberships? And how many are armchair / country / 3 game / pet members? The latter categories are not going to attend, so maybe 27K is a decent attendance on a miserable day against a club with little Melbourne support. This has long been a bugbear of mine. Report the member numbers in 11 game equivalents, then we can get a proper feel for whether our crowds are reasonable or not.
  4. Casey Demons v Essendon VFL

    He doesn't work hard enough, plain and simple. It's not about marks, kicks and goals at this stage of his career. It's about making repeat leads; hitting packs to make a contest; chasing and tackling when we don't have possession. At present, if the ball doesn't land on his chest, he is basically a witches hat.
  5. Casey Demons v Essendon VFL

    Hi KC, very much appreciate your work. Question - where do you see Liam Hulett at presently? Did some decent things last year, but seems to have regressed this year. Is he worth persisting with, or do you think he is in trouble?

    Love those changes, with the possible exception of Pedersen coming out. If our backline struggles early it would have been nice to have the option of sending Tom back, whilst not decimating the forward line when Gawn is resting. That said his form has been declining for several weeks. The other changes are great. Good luck, Jack Trengove - I hope you have a cracking game.
  7. Training -  Thursday 20th July, 2017

    Really? He's always been a poor defender. I would rather see him played up the ground, if we have to have him at all.
  8. VFL Development League - competition to finish

    Another nail in the coffin for the VFL. The sooner the Victorian based AFL clubs come up with their own reserves competition, the better. It will be sad to see some of the traditional VFL clubs disappear from view, but presumably they can field a side in their local suburban competitions.
  9. Gus Brayshaw

    Good luck this weekend Gus, hope you make it through unscathed. I'm not expecting you back in the AFL side this year, but it would be a great result if you get there.
  10. Nat Jones

    One of the worst threads I have ever seen created on this board, and that is saying something. Nathan Jones is the captain of the club and hence would know more than anyone what is expected of his players. If he says a player has done the wrong thing by the club and the players, then I have absolutely no issue with that. Nathan, more than anyone at this club, has the right balance of being tough and hard at the ball, and the man with the ball, without resorting to cheap shots like Vince did.
  11. Bernie Vince on report

    Yes, the MRP is inconsistent, but so what? If our players stop hitting blokes in the head, they will have nothing to worry about. The only reason people have their panties in a bunch is because morons like Vince & Bugg can't control themselves and instead keep throwing elbows and fists around when there is no need to do so. Bernie should take the two weeks, and spend the time working out how how he can get these acts out of his game.
  12. The treatment of Dean Kent

    It was poor form for Channel 7 to let that go to air. The guy was having a tough time, and I'm sure the last thing he wanted was for it to be screened on national television. The clubs don't have to give them access to the rooms, they choose to do so. If 7 abuse the gesture, which they have already done several times this year, don't sook when your access gets revoked.
  13. Bernie Vince on report

    Why does Bernie keep on putting himself in this position? Every single week he gives away free kicks and / or puts himself under MRP scrutiny for cheap shots that do absolute nothing for the team. There wasn't a lot in the Douglas bump, but it was done inside our forward line at a time when we had the momentum. A free kick was paid and (I'm fairly sure) Adelaide went straight up the other end and scored. The Betts hit was just so stupid. Yes, the impact was low, but what do you possibly achieve by doing it? If he gets suspended, he gets an extra week due to his bad record. The club should give him a further extra week for being a fool.

    I can understand the Stretch omission given how poor he has been the past two weeks, but how Kent survives is beyond me. A small forward who can't kick goals from 30m out directly in front, and who won't tackle is a complete liability. Smith gets a chance to do what Wagner did last week, and play a million times better than his first game. If Adelaide get on top early, I suspect Tom might end up playing in defence at some point, as we look undersized down back at present. Hopefully Max & our midfield can at least break even and give our forwards a chance.
  15. Clayton Oliver incident

    If this moron touched Oliver he should be banned from attending AFL games for a long, long time. Nothing that happened afterwards is even remotely relevant. How does Oliver know what that [censored] was carrying, or capable of doing to him? The club needs to get on the front foot about this, and make the moron accountable for his actions.