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  1. Pick 6 for a (soon to be) 27 year old who has never played 20 games in a season. Heaven help us. How on earth does May have greater value than Lobb?
  2. poita

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    You are the biggest suck job, sycophant on this board. You're not Glen Bartlett are you, backing in his employees? Please enlighten me as to why we included pick 65 in the deal, and how pick 6 has any value to us if it is going straight to GC. We would have been better having 11 and 19, and sending 11 to GC.
  3. Hogan is gone. We will get May and Kolodjashnij in return and that is it. Mahoney has the backbone of a sea gooseberry when it comes to trade week. If they are sensible they will try to get something for Frost to at get us another pick in the 30-40 range.
  4. poita

    Rating Josh Mahoney

    I like Mahoney overall, he has a firm, steady hand and has done a good job of bringing all of our football people together. That said, some of his list management work has been very ordinary. How can you let it get to a point where you have nine empty spots on the list with one day remaining in the trade period and no early draft picks to top up with? I've said for two years we haven't turned over the list enough - now we've done three years of pruning in one hit and we'll be running deep into the rookie draft looking for replacements.
  5. A bunch of middle aged white blokes trying to pretend that what they are doing is more important than curing cancer and ending world wars, whilst displaying their non-existent personalities.
  6. poita

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    My first and only contribution to this ridiculous thread: I want Hogan to stay, not interested in May. If Freo are truly out, then I'm ecstatic. Hopefully no bridges between player and club have been burnt in this debacle.
  7. poita

    The Day the Contract Died

    The conduct of Beams and (Tim) Kelly has been disgraceful. In other cases (eg Shiel & Hogan) it is a combination of the players seemingly wanting out, and the clubs wanting to maximise compensation before players become eligible for free agency. I agree that the players will only have themselves to blame if the rules are tightened, but I can't see this happening. The AFL love anything that puts the game on the front page of the papers over the off season.
  8. poita

    Rumour File

    Beams seems like exactly the sort of person that good sides are trying to avoid like the plague. Good player obviously, but comes with a huge amount of baggage.
  9. Gold Coast will have to replace half of their list by the end of trade week, so are looking for a heap of picks in the middle of the draft. As said above, Brisbane need points for academy kids, but there is also a thought that they need another decent pick for Lachie Neale.
  10. poita

    2018 Player Reviews: # 31 Bayley Fritsch

    Seriously good young player. I much prefer to see him playing half forward / wing rather than in defence, but there is no harm in developing his defensive game as well. I still think there are issues with he and Hannan in the same forward line, and he is a long way ahead of Hannan at present.
  11. The issue is that we didn't make enough list changes at the end of 2016 and 2017, which has culminated in a mass cull this year. To not take any rookies last year was inexcusable, as was having just two draft picks in 2016. I said at the start of this year that we would probably have ten list changes, and at this stage there could be another eight next year (Lewis, Kennedy-Harris, Maynard, T.Smith, Keilty, and Garlett plus any trades).
  12. poita

    Rumour File

    He'd want to be on absolute bottom dollar, because he makes Jeff Garlett looks like a competitive beast by comparison.
  13. poita

    2018 Player Reviews: # 32 Tomas Bugg

    I much preferred Bugg as a pesky tagger in his early years at the club, as opposed to the permanent forward role he played over the past two seasons. Either way his poor kicking prevented him from getting a regular game at AFL level, but he was a consistent contributor at VFL level. I could understand if he is a bit miffed that the likes of Garlett and Maynard continue at the club whilst he is out the door.
  14. poita

    2018 Player Reviews: # 35 Oskar Baker

    There is a lot of hype from Melbourne fans over a guy who was a late draft pick and who has only played 15 VFL games. Hopefully he can have a big pre season and push for games in the early part of next year.
  15. poita

    2018 Player Reviews: # 34 Mitch King

    The writing was on the wall when he was dropped from the Casey side, and I'm glad the club cut its losses at year end. There is no point keeping project players around on the off chance they might come good in five years time.