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  1. Nicholls is umpiring, why are people so surprised...
  2. Who had the wind that quarter
  3. Doubt we had one tall who won their position tonight. Our talls got absolutely slaughtered across the ground. They all need to lift.
  4. Wonder how many smothers they are getting on the team stats for when they arnt even attempting the smother and we just kick it into them.
  5. Our talls are all pathetic tonight. Hogan, Frost, macdonalds, Hogan, Gawn, Smith. Al of them
  6. Our talls need to lift. Hogan, Smith, Gawn, Pedo all being smashed.
  7. Goodwin needs to go back to man on man. With our guys off the back of the square we are being smashed in our forward line as the guys are out numbered
  8. Surely Trengove for Kent
  9. Sounds like a loser who wants to sook and play the victim. Hope he is named and shamed. Most likely will be a guest on the footy show
  10. Channe 7 reporting Oliver threatened the Carlton supporter. Sounds to me like a sook playing the victim who can't take what he gives or wants five minutes of fame.
  11. Last 7 frees have been to the blues
  12. Jesus Christ they are getting non stop frees right now
  13. JEsus fucken Christ, pass the fucken ball
  14. Contested marks 15-4. Our talks need to lift
  15. Curnow is towelling up Joel Smith. He looks like Buddy out there.