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  1. When he has conceded more goals then any other backmen including 6 last night then yes, yes I do.
  2. Then next year when our rucks are all fit, the rule will be removed
  3. http://m.melbournefc.com.au/news/2017-03-16/mcdonald-around-mark-for-top-defenders
  4. Just saw an article saying Tom McDonald has conceded more goals to a direct opponent then any other player in the league since 2013. Guy needs a run in the twos to learn some accountability and to stop harping on to the media about how his one of the games premier backmen
  5. Kid is cooked. Will be surprised if he makes it after this. Long term health comes first.
  6. Bugg 5 goals and 35 touches will probably come straight back in
  7. Don't know about you guys but right now I would prefer Frawley in our backline over Brayshaw in the VFL...
  8. Pick #1 to St Kilda?
  9. Probably a fumble or a turn over
  10. So it's a no brainer to bring him in for the Weeds
  11. Trengove in for Tyson
  12. His also kicked more goals then Weiderman has in the past two games in just a quarter of footy
  13. Pederson already given more output of one goal and 9 disposals in a quarter then Weiderman could give over two full matches. Must change.
  14. Good to see Pederson getting the same amount of touches and more goals in 1 quarter of footy then Weiderman was able to get in 2 weeks of footy.
  15. I want to see more Petracca as a midfielder. It's time to stop fuckinhg around and make the move