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  1. BIG JIM

    Ideas to better the club

    Play finals football again and stuff the rest of that rubbish
  2. BIG JIM

    HL's Interview

    To hear no bull dust from a player is refreshing and to hear Harry say our training is on par with collingwood gives me great confidence that were on the right track and it will come down to players ability rather then having an excuse for not being as fit as other teams. Exciting times ahead.
  3. BIG JIM

    Zac Jones

    Ok what I can tell you is that Zac is in love with playing for Sydney and that the family were over the moon with how john longmire took Zak under his wing and went over and above to make zacks parents very welcome. They are very happy with the club and I would not hold my breath about Zac coming to the MFC. Let's just say we as a club were very lazy when it came to Zac. Hope this helps
  4. BIG JIM

    How do you see the 2015 team?

    I would never ever question grimes now that he is giving away the captaincy he is a really good football player if he just spends time on nothing but his own game. He is a very driven young man that will IMO lift his game in 2015
  5. BIG JIM

    The Nathan Jones Contract

    I talk to his dad all the time at the football and there is no chance Nathan will leave the club.
  6. BIG JIM

    THE ROAD TO ROUND 1, 2015

    I would think Newton will be ahead of all the new draft guys as he has been in the system for a few pre seasons. The best thing would be to see both the high draft picks come in and earn there chance like Salem and JKH and I'm sure that's how Roos will do it again. Let's hope they have good pre seasons and really put there hands up for a start in round 1. We must remember these kids are NOT our saviours in 2015. They need time it's toumpass and watts who need to really stand up next year. GO DEES
  7. BIG JIM

    AFL National Draft 2014 Picks 2 & 3

    yeah I know mate it's just shocking news and I have been looking forward to this draft so much.
  8. BIG JIM

    AFL National Draft 2014 Picks 2 & 3

    im feeling so sad about Phil Hughes that I'm not even close to party time tonight. I will still be happy to see some young kids get there chance to play for the red and blue.
  9. BIG JIM

    RIP Phillip Hughes

    Just wanted say how shattered I am for the Hughes family and we lost a young man way to soon. RIP Phillip you were taken way to soon.
  10. I'm also very excited to see the pick 40&53 as our team are great at picking out good players around this mark like JKH last year. Who are you guys thinking ?
  11. I was looking forward to paddy and the hulk but we do need midfield talent.
  12. BIG JIM

    AFL National Draft 2014 Picks 2 & 3

    i would be very angry if we let one of them two slip through.
  13. BIG JIM

    AFL National Draft 2014 Picks 2 & 3

    3AW saying there not sure if Melbourne will take both mids? We might go tall f$$$ that
  14. BIG JIM

    AFL National Draft 2014 Picks 2 & 3

    The saints don't want to miss there chance at a power forward. That's why they offers captain nick 2 more years to train up his replacement. They know big boys don't just come along every year.