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  1. rolly

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Every chance it could end up as the steak knives in the lever trade which again, does not seem adequate
  2. rolly

    Farewell Jack Watts

    http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-10-11/trade-wrap-rivals-set-to-swoop-on-smith article says we will accept pick 29 for Watts Does not seem like enough
  3. rolly

    Off season injury list

    Mitch kings recovery from a knee reco seems not to warrant a mention.
  4. rolly

    Delisted Free Agency

    not sure if it'a been brought up elsewhere, but we were real heavy into jack hannath who ended up going to fremantle but has since been delisted. would be interested to see if we are still interested or if we feel like we dodged a bullet
  5. rolly

    Sam Weideman and Liam Hulett

    Any word why the weed man didn't play last week?
  6. rolly

    2016 Contracts

    Terlich, grimes; cant see them playing next year Lumumba can't seem to get on the track but might see the writing on the wall and fall on his sword. Especially if we get hibberd Matt jones is an interesting one though, seemed to be best 22 at the start of the year and has played consistantly since we picked him up
  7. rolly

    Training - Wednesday 11th May, 2016

    Any group meetings finished with a round of applause? If ANB or Newton was coming in then surely they would be worth a clap
  8. rolly

    Changes for next week?

    If viney head knock r urns out to be an issue then ANB should replace him, otherwise no change needed.
  9. rolly

    Changes v Gold Coast

    Harmes counting his lucky stars but seems the rype that will bounce back stronger if only to prove a point
  10. rolly

    Changes v Gold Coast

    Harmes counting his lucky stars but seems the rype that will bounce back stronger if only to prove a point
  11. rolly

    Changes v Gold Coast

    Didn't see the game, only going off the vfl thread, but it sounds like neal-bullen or michie could come in for harmes. Both have have had extremely strong starts to the season in the vfl and their efforst should be rewarded after harmes had an off day. Stretch for hunt. Hunt looks alright but had a bit of an off game and stretch has had had a few good games and deserves his chance. Viv michie could come in but who he would replace i am not sure
  12. rolly

    Where does Chris Dawes fit in all this?

    Pedersen is a significantly better overhead mark which he uses to great effect especially down back. It seems like every week he clunks a big pack mark at the top of our defensive goal square. Pederden also provides much more service in the ruck than dawes and over the last 12 months put some good form together (injuries not withstanding)
  13. Melksham on a bank flank would free up salem to play higher up the ground. I don't have the stats handy but when he delivers the ball inside 50 things seem to happen.
  14. rolly

    Training - Wednesday 20 April, 2016

    Spencer is very limited as a ruckman but could be useful as a poor mans mumford. Always seemed to have taken some angry pills but the difference he is not alone anymore. For mine, this is why frost is important to our team. What defender wouldn't "hear footsteps" under a high ball with frost, kent, hogan and harmes ready to clean them up
  15. rolly

    Changes v Richmond

    The forward pressure that frost provides should not be underestimated. Alot of the time even if the opponent get rid of the ball he is able to take them to ground or otherwise disrupt the flow of play.