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  1. Lee poached by Doggies

    Seem to care enough to contribute to the thread. However incorrect your posts are
  2. Mahoney, get away

    Melksham trade ended up being pick 30 in that draft who Essendon picked up Mason Redman with. But you're right! Look who was picked 3 picks later, M. Hibberd! Could've had Hibberd a year earlier in the draft!!!!!!
  3. Farewell Jack Watts

    Most recent example would be Hamish Harlett last year. Off the top of my head I can think of Brayshaw and Rischitelli from Brisbane who were offered up for Fevola. Both left BL after their contracts ended for close to 0 on their own terms.

    Yeah fair call. I was just going on the form we've shown in the last couple of weeks vs the form they've showed. I feel like that Port game we got the jump on them in first quarter and they just went into their shells. It felt like they were the better team after. Had they kicked a couple of their missed set shots it would've been a different story. But like you said, we'll never know...

    To be honest, I don't even care. I just feel broken at the moment. I keep telling myself that we would've been thrashed by port adelaide in the first week anyway. Even if we were, it feels like I've been robbed of the opportunity to lose in the first week. Life goes on, this will not be the be all and end all. But, at the moment, I'm not sure I can watch a football game for a while.
  6. Roll Call of Retiring Champions

    Not sure if this is tongue in cheek but I'll bite. Col Garland has a contract till the end of next year. Can't really see him retiring since he did not retire/move clubs where he wasn't getting any game.
  7. Manuka v GWS

    GWS actually have a really good record in Canberra. Haven't lost a game in the last 5 games I've seen them play here (record could be longer) and the some of the teams were no slouches. Still give us a good chance and it should be a good game!
  8. I salute Jack Watts

    In fairness to Scully I don't begrudge him for what he said to Jimmy. Doesn't mean I won't boo him everytime he touches the ball (which is a fair bit these days, it was far more fun when he wasn't good).
  9. Post Match Discussion - Round 17

    It was midway through the season right after we come off a bye... Claiming that I was unsupported by evidence backed up by no evidence.... hmmm... Sure it's not ideal but every team has challenges throughout the season. Not one team would have an ideal run throughout the whole year and I can guarantee you that we certainly do not have the worst draw. Imagine having to travel every second week.
  10. Post Match Discussion - Round 17

    TBH our supporters sound like a bunch of princesses complaining about a 6 day break. I'm glad I haven't heard Goodwin whinge about this. This is a professional sport, if we can't get the team motivated and ready after a 6 day break then we don't deserve to be playing finals. I really didn't like the quote that we played 4 games in 18 days. The eagles did the same thing in rounds 1-4 this year March 26 to April 13, travelled twice to Melbourne in that time but you don't hear them complaining. Collingwood also did it this year round 5-8 April 25 - May 13. I remember Buckley complaining about 5 day break between Anzac day their next game and thinking he should suck it up. Our supporters need to do the same. Also find it surprising why the same supporters don't quote that we had a two week break before the run and why we weren't rusty from the all the time off! Stats can also be quoted to go the other way.
  11. Zak Jones

    Salem signed up a couple of weeks ago
  12. Post Match Discussion - Round 17

    I guess you'll be coming up with the 1 mill per year the NT sponsorship covers. We're not a big club and still need the money. We would've lost in Melbourne anyway did not have the cattle on the field.
  13. Tommy Bugg on report

    He seemed remorseful in his interview, his reaction to me looks like he knew it was a bloody stupid thing to do. Guessing he will cop 6 weeks. It will be interesting to see how he responds to his holiday.
  14. Tommy Bugg on report

    He definitely wasn't strutting around. You could see he let the sydney players push him around after it. It looks like he regrets it and it had a big weighting on the rest of his game.
  15. GAMEDAY - Round 15

    Hunt forward will be interesting