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  1. Paul Amy‏ @PaulAmy375 Mentioned last night that Darcy Fritsch, brother of Bayley, is training with Casey Demons. Former Dandenong Stingray Jack Harmes, brother of James, is also training at Casey. Meanwhile James and Tom Freeman are among the many returning Demons players.
  2. you are right mate, i wasn't factoring in b rookies
  3. Now the draft is finished, it finalises the Lever trade
  4. we have 1 spot available, if you have 40 on your senior list, you can only have 4 rookies, looks like we will go with 39pl & 5rl
  5. Casey players not needed unless we have injuries Werridee MFC B. Jetta, May, Lever HB. Salem, O.McDonald, Hibberd C. Jones, Oliver, Harmes HF. Hannan, Weideman, Melksham F. Fritsch, T.McDonald, Petracca FOL. Gawn, Brayshaw, Viney IC. vandenBerg, Neal-Bullen, Kolodjashnij, Spargo Carry Over Player - Lewis Casey B. Hore, Petty, Keilty HB. J.Wagner, Frost, Stretch C. Jordan, Maynard, Hunt HF. JKH, T.Smith, Baker F. Garlett, J.Smith, Bradtke FOL. Preuss, Sparrow, C.Wagner IC. Bedford, Neitschke, Chandler, Walker
  6. Trengove wasn't jettisoned to Port, why on earth would he want to stay at Casey when he had a chance to be on AFL list at Port.
  7. Carl Lewis got busted for banned stimulants and his country hid it so he could compete in the Olympics, Lewis was a fraud
  8. You can't be serious, some of our supporters are getting far to ahead of themselves
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