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  1. I was at the official team photo day. Dom arrived with ice strapped on his calf. so report that he did it on Saturday a bit rich.
  2. Fenceology Predicts the ladder

    And Simon Badloss will throw is hands in the air and yell "Why of why did I sack JACK WATTS"
  3. Port Closer than Dees to a Flag says Jack Watts

    and he will walk the talk!
  4. STABBING IN THE DARK by Whispering Jack

    you have more confidence than me Mach5. King and Filipovic at best are back up ruckmen for Gawn. OMac may prove to be a good forward, Weideman may make it but will never be a back up ruckman. Someone mobile like Hayes could develop into a taller forward/ruckman for when Pedo retires, and play in the same side as Gawn. I really think this is an area where we are lacking. We still do not have much size over 195cm, as a lot of sides have. Ben Brown, two metre Peter and others still cause us problems . I would love to have a good tall floating forward that would give us that same pressure.
  5. STABBING IN THE DARK by Whispering Jack

    by not selecting a player like Sam Hayes we may have missed the opportunity to find a replacement for Pedersen in 2019. Someone who would compliment Gawn and give us that tall to monster opposition backs.
  6. Will Jack Watts make us pay thread?

    big chance that may never happen!
  7. Well said LH. You beat me to it. Only thing we differ on is I think it was a sneaky dig at the coach. Amazing two players who wanted to stay say similar comments.
  8. STABBING IN THE DARK by Whispering Jack

    I think we should be looking for some tall players. We always seem to get monstered by tall marking forwards like ben brown and we lack that same pressure. Other than big Maxxy, King and Filipovic we have no body around 200cm. Jack was our next tallest at 196cm and of course Simon Goodwin ( or should I say Simon Badloss) sacked him. I would think we would be looking at Sam Hayes or Charlie Ballard, or even Connor Ballanden if we can wrestle him from the Lions.
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    I appreciate your view even though I don't agree. however your comment about "New boy:" is poor form. I have been on this forum since before 2010 and read most items . I have not posted much because I haven't bothered because there is far too many Il informed comments. But This particular topic is very close to my heart.
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    I am not being rude. I am stating fact. Adelaide want our first pick this year. Whether it is 6 or 10 will not sway the crows. they want our first pick plus more.
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    Think about it . pick 10 or pick 6 . Adelaide are going to get that plus one more pick . at present they are asking for pick 10 and our first pick for 2018. If we exchange pick 10 for pick 6, then we virtually give Jack to the filth for nothing. please do some research before posting
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    Finally some facts. Dont forget Jack averaged 15 disposals over his whole career. This of course included his first year as a 17 year old when he averaged 9. It is also fact that he played in a crappy team that did not very often honour his leads due to poor skills and other reasons. A lot on here are clouded by their own il informed dislike of Jacks footy. Have a read of jack Watts on Wikipedia to see the real facts.
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    We will never know but with Woey and Powell in the team we might have got to the GF. Travis was 27 when we traded him and got pick 14. was that Grimes. Travis played three years at Brisbane and averaged 20 touches a game.
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    This was also a bad decision by our club. Did it improve our club , no it did not. Travis went on to play some good games at Brisbane. You are right in saying it did not split our club, but it is also true that Travis was not as popular as Jack Watts. I will also say that taking a good player out of our side at that time made little difference as we were not that good. At present we have the potential to go places and can ill afford to lose a tall player of Jacks quality.
  15. Farewell Jack Watts

    I don't really need to answer your dig at me but I will. I am 67 years old and have been following the Dees since I was 4 years old when my mother knitted me a red and blue jumper. I attended the 1958 grand final. the only one we lost in the late fifties and have not seen us win a flag since I was 14. If you can remember 2000, we moved on shane wowodin (Bad spelling) and traded powell to Stkilda. I believe that was wrong. You are right getting rid of James Mac was stupid. Have a look at the vote at the top of this discussion at least 75% of Melbourne supporters want Jack to stay at our club. That my friend will split the club mark my words