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  1. Daisy, I have always liked the idea of a conference type setup. But as soon as you go into relegation you start to lose supporters. Why not just go for top 4 in each conference. which makes a final 8 between them.
  2. To quote our COACH. We do not live in the past. Our players are making their present and future. THE PAST IS IRRELEVANT! End of Story. Here endeth the lesson.
  3. Remember Lucifer. More supporters mean more members that associate mediocrity as a good thing.
  4. I cant believe that when we get an injury or someone with poor form. I never even think of Trenners as a replacement. A young Trenners I thought was better than Dangerfield. Now he is not even in Dangers shadow. It would be great to see him don the Red & Blue again, but only if form warrants it.
  5. I have never been a public transport fanatic !!!!
  6. He definitely doesn't look like he is enjoying footy in the backline.
  7. Over the past 25 years I have certainly had enough opportunities to write such a letter. But I live in hope that the wheels will keep turning. I have only ever supported Melbourne, and will continue to do so till the end.
  8. I was listening to SEN when it was announced one ex demon was absolutely wetting his pants with excitement. Theox. Of course I was almost doing the same but at my age you do that without any excitement.
  9. Perfect Jane02 in My HO. I am glad you left JW out. The amount of dropped chest marks apart from the first that Garlett gave him, was appalling.
  10. What was it that you saw Jesse do that I didn't see and I was 20m away. His action was to get Rowe away like a pestering blow fly. His hand was open as he pushed him away in the neck. It wasn't a strike it was a push open handed. I would back that action against anyone.
  11. That's usually the hammy before it goes twang.
  12. Pendlebury handballs to swan, who handballs to crisp he fumbles back to swan who kicks to pendlebury who handballs over to treloar who drops the ball and is cleaned up by swan who kicks to pendlebury who mis kicks and is cleaned up by viney who goals. STATISTICS MEAN NOTHING!!!
  13. We had 3 weapons back in the 60's The Drop Kick, The Torp and the flat punt. You could master anything back then you just had to practice Day in. Day out. The Drop Punt didn't come into vogue until a Chap by the name of Peter McKenna mastered it. That was the end of the Drop Kick, and now its master BB.
  14. Tim Smith
  15. Lachlan Filipovic??? From Melbourne City or Victory