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  1. Barney Rubble

    Backline Setup and Structure

    Totally agree. I saw the numbers from whately. What a [censored], it means nothing unless he has all other clubs to compare with.
  2. Barney Rubble

    Backline Setup and Structure

    When we had the ball at half back. We looked upfield and our midfielders were tagged. No one free to run into space. The result was to kick to a marked man, who would drop a mark. The hawks then grabbed the ball and had choices in the corridor all on their own. It was basic football 101
  3. Barney Rubble

    Changes v Richmond

    If Hogan is going to spend so much time up the ground We need a tall marking target. Weideman and Pedo to come in. Hunt to come in. The backline looked slow. Tyson also to come in Now who to drop. Melksham, Harmes, Frost and as much as I hate saying it. Whilst Hogan is playing up the ground Garlett is lost 5 disposals 2 kicks 3 HB
  4. Barney Rubble

    Hawks on Sunday - Predictions

    you must be really old. I was sitting over on the railway side with 2 rows of terraced seating. When Biff crunched him at the Grandstand end. you know I never even remember if it made any difference to the score.?
  5. Barney Rubble

    Changes vs Hawthorn R4

    We looked too small up fwd. on Sat. Going by form in the VFL today. Pedo or Weideman should get a run. Harmes would have to make way. Melksham may go and Hannan may be the replacement. I would love to see Brayshaw in, but I can't see 3 changes. 2 is bad enough
  6. Barney Rubble

    Changes v North Melbourne

    Brayshaw in : Harmes : out Hannan in : Bugg out Frost in : Lewis out